Chapter 303: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 303 The Purple Princess (1)

This scene silenced the whole bar, even the DJ playing the disc stopped to play music and stood up to look over.

Chuxue clapped her hands and said to the five remaining people, “Still want to drink?”

The five people turned sober immediately, they looked at each other confusingly, not knowing what to do.

The man lying on the ground cursed loudly, “You fucking bitch, how dare you hit me, you guys! Beat her for me!”

They didn’t have other options, so they could only rush to Chuxue. Yet people only saw the red dress flying in the wind, and within a minute, all five men were lying on the ground, either holding their heads or their legs and stomachs, while the one who had beaten them up was so relaxed as if nothing had happened, standing playfully in the center with a seemingly smile on her face.

Her pointy heels stepped on the hands of the leading man, and Chuxue said with a smile on her face, “Do you scumbags think that just because you are stronger than others, you can be the king in Sky City? Do you think girls are so easy to bully? Who gave you the confidence? I’m telling you, don’t let me see you again, otherwise I’ll beat you up every time when I see you. Be fair, I don’t rely on my dad Kerry, I’ll beat you with my own fists, how about that?”

“I won’t, I won’t ……” The man was so sore that he could hardly breathe, and now he was sober, he certainly didn’t dare to be reckless anymore.

“Manager, all the damage in the bar will be compensated by them, if they don’t pay, call the police, they have to pay at least dozens of thousand Yuan, enough for them to be jailed for a few days.”

“Yes, Miss Ye.” The manager responded respectfully, even if there didn’t need to compensate for dozens of thousand Yuan, he’ll make sure they will.

When Chuxue finished here, she took her brother from the manager and headed out, someone in the crowd exclaimed her action, followed by shouts of bravo that broke through the sky, and of course the warm applause.

Chuxue almost slipped, she had seen a lot of big occasions, but for the first time she saw people cheering for her, which made her blush with embarrassment. She looked back and smiled to the crowd, then brought her brother away hurriedly.

Tucking Jingyan into the back of the car, Chuxue breathed in the cool summer breeze and felt relieved instantly.

She had never beat someone in front of so many people, because no one dared to do that to her, and there was no chance. When things like that happened, her brother and bodyguards would have solved it long ago, she’s the one to sit by and watch. Today, she finally tried, she didn’t expect to feel so good.

“It was so enjoyable.” Chuxue smiled and muttered to herself.

“Had fun?” Jingyan’s voice suddenly came over.

Chuxue was so scared that she slammed on the brakes and turned back to look at the drunken Jingyan, asking in surprise, “When did you wake up?”

Jingyan rubbed his forehead, his voice was deep, “When you took the bottle and blew his head off.”

“Then why are you still pretending to sleep? Why did you pretend to be asleep and caused me so much efforts to help you to the car?”

Jingyan teased her, “Hmph, if I don’t pretend to be asleep, how can you continue to make a show?”

Chuxue raised her chin and smiled smugly as she continued to start the car, “How about that? I haven’t disgraced our Ye family, have I?”

Jingyan said slowly, “No, Miss Ye is so powerful, she fought against six hooligans alone, it makes people’s blood boil, just watch, the headlines will come out tomorrow.”


“What do you think?” Jingyan asked rhetorically.

Chuxue bit her lip and remained silent for a long time, she then asked, “Brother, there won’t be any trouble, will there?”

Jingyan slumped down on the seat behind him, “What are you afraid of? Do you think our family can’t handle such a trivial matter? If I had been awake, I would have hit them even harder than you did. How dare them to scold my Ruyi.”

Chuxue laughed silently, she felt so warm and touched, she knew that it didn’t matter how much trouble she got into, she had her brother and father behind her. Of course she’s a smart girl who wouldn’t couldn’t get into much trouble.

The two had not yet returned home when Tianye Mu’s call came to Kerry’s mobile phone, detailing Chuxue’s heroic deeds in the bar. Kerry was overjoyed to hear this and said with a big smile, “My daughter, she did a good job.”

Venus shook her head, “You guys are really spoiling her.”

“She’s our baby girl, why should we let anyone else to spoil her?” Kerry was so proud of her.

Venus was speechless. She cherishes her baby girl, her daughter is so obedient and well-behaved, unlike Jingyan who loves to go out and play, Chuxue always stays with her and Kerry over the years, even when she needs to go on a journey, she only been away for a month or two at most, Venus feels satisfied that her daughter could do so.

Over the years, as she has grown more and more beautiful, Venus was a bit worried, as the saying goes, beauty fades like a flower. God had empowered her talents, and gifted her beauty, what would God take away from her? So far, nothing bad had happened, would it be that God had forgot her?

The following day, just as Jingyan had said, the video and photos of the lady of Ye family beating up six hooligans alone went viral on the internet.

Everyone thought that Chuxue was just a beautiful princess from a wealthy family, but they never expected her to have such a cool character, especially what she had said to those rogues has attracted countless fans for her, and many netizens praised her to be masculine, and even wanted to marry her.

Nestled on the sofa, Chuxue was eating an apple while reading the comments, giggling with glee and excitement.

“Come on, you’ve been reading all morning, and you’re still laughing.”

Chuxue leaned close to Venus and said smilingly, “Mom, the netizens are so funny, they are calling me husband and saying that I made them pregnant.”

Venus poked her head and smiled dotingly, “Fortunately, no one got killed this time.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

“That’s good for you, you’re the one who reassures me the most,” Venus asked after a moment, lowering her voice, “What happened to your brother yesterday? I saw that he went to work in the morning without eating breakfast.”

Chuxue said as she browsed her phone, “I don’t know, he didn’t say anything, but I guess it must have something to do with ladies again.”

Venus nodded, “I thought so too, aye, why don’t you go to work today?”

“Not now, let me be proud for a while.”

Venus got up and headed out, she thought of something and said, “Right, tomorrow is the weekend, let’s go see your grandpa Xiao.”

Only then did Chuxue put down the phone in her hand, looked up and asked, “Why is Grandpa Xiao still uncured?”

“It’s getting worse, yesterday he has transferred to the military hospital, I heard that the medical treatment is better there.”

“Oh, got it.”

Jingyan was out of sorts all day, from time to time the scene of seeing Yiyao Duan yesterday came to his mind, and suddenly many questions shrouded his heart.

Why did her face look so pale? Why was that man holding her waist? And when she got on the car, why did she tell the man she would get on by herself? Or maybe, the man was supposed to help her get into the car?

Why did he have to help her get into the car? And compared to her usual movements, she was much slower when she got on the car yesterday ……

Did she …… get hurt?

Chapter 303 The Purple Princess (2)

The moment he thought of this possibility, Jingyan’s heart was in turmoil, he was so regret that why did he have to be so impulsive? It was good enough that she came to find him, so why did he have to speak to her so rude? Why did he even ask her where she had gone?

It’s done. She must have thought he was an unreasonable man. Obviously he was too worried about her, why couldn’t he express clearly?

Thinking what she said in the last, Jingyan’s heart shrank as she said, goodbye, Jingyan.

Maybe she didn’t want to see him again.

She hated people who didn’t understand her. Just look at the way she treated that blind date, she simply refused that man just because of different eating habit, not to mention the fact that he had just said he would understand her after his confession to her.

Jingyan was so desperate. What’s for his sober of twenty years? He just acted impulsively for once, but he made a huge mistake.

He closed his eyes for a long time, Jingyan picked up his mobile phone and called his father.

He couldn’t just leave it at that, he had to find Yiyao Duan and get things right, even if her answer was still the same, he had to find her first and see that she was safe and sound.

“Pingan, what is it?”

“Dad, are you busy now?”

“No, I’m not busy, I’m having tea with your uncle.”

Jingyan hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “Dad, can you help me find Yiyao Duan?”

Kerry remained silence for a while, then he asked, “You still want to find her?”

“Well, there are some things I need to find out.”

“Didn’t you see her yesterday?”

Jingyan stood up hastily and asked him in surprise, “How do you know?”

He hadn’t told any family about this matter.

Kerry didn’t conceal it either, “Last night when you went for a drink, I was told that someone in the military was checking your background, no one was investigating you before but yesterday someone did, so I think this should have something to do with your meeting with her.”

Jingyan was startled, naturally Yiyao Duan wouldn’t investigate him in the dark, it should be her father. So, had Yiyao Duan told his father about him?

“Jingyan? Why aren’t you talking?”

Jingyan regained his composure, “Dad, so can you find her?”

Kerry sighed and said, “Jingyan, not everyone in the military can we look into, and dad guess that Yiyao Duan do have a background, it’s even more impossible for us to find out, so ……”

Kerry didn’t continue, but Jingyan already knew what his father meant.

That window of hope had been locked tightly, his father has always been strong and impeccable in his heart, since his father said there’s nothing he could do, so ……

“I know dad, please continue to drink tea.”

Kerry felt too harsh hear the lost voice of his son, he said, “Pingan, if you really want to see her, daddy will try, but I can’t promise you.”

“Thank you, dad.”

After hanging up the phone, Kerry sighed. Tianye Mu asked him curiously, “What happened? How come you got involved with the military?”

Kerry told him the whole story.

“I didn’t expect this kid to be so infatuated.” Tianye Mu exclaimed.

“You are resourceful, is there anything you can do?” Kerry poured him a cup of tea.

Tianye Mu knocked on the wooden table with his fingers, “I’m familiar with people from the business and political circle, I really don’t have any contacts with the military community.”

“What about my sister-in-law?”

“I’m not sure, I haven’t heard her mention it either.” Something suddenly occurred to Tianye Mu, “Right, the old man was transferred to the military hospital this time thanks to an old acquaintance, you know, the military hospital does not accept social patients, maybe we can ask that acquaintance.”

“That would be great! Then please, come on, I’ll pour you another cup of tea.”

He said with a smile, “Don’t ask me to do it, you’re going to see the old man tomorrow, aren’t you? Pingan can ask by himself. If he can’t handle it alone, how can he achieve big things.”

“You’re right, let him ask for himself.”

Yehuang Group.

When it was time for dinner, perhaps because of he’s drunken yesterday, Jingyan didn’t have much of an appetite and had an important file to handle, so he didn’t go to dinner, which of course only the people in the secretariat would know.

Xuan Zhao thought about it and decided to order a meal from the hotel.

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Xuan Zhao stepped into the president’s office, carrying a meal in her hand.

Jingyan was working on his desk, he raised his head indifferently and asked, “What?”

Xuan Zhao mustered up the courage, “Mr. Ye, I ordered a meal for you, it’s not good for your health if you don’t eat dinner, and you have a meeting this afternoon, I’m afraid your body won’t…”

Jingyan was reading a report and didn’t listen to what she was saying at all, so he didn’t answer. Xuan Zhao stood awkwardly, what did he mean, why didn’t he talk? Should she stay here or go out?

A few minutes later, Jingyan finished reading the report and looked up to see her standing uneasily with take-out in her hand, so he pointed to the rest area, “Put it there.”

Xuan Zhao was stunned, but then she became delighted and said immediately, “Yes, Mr. Ye, you can eat while it’s hot, it’s good for your stomach, just let me know when you’re done and I’ll come in to clean up.”

Jingyan answered in a muffled voice and didn’t say anything more. Xuan Zhao put down the food and went out with light footsteps.

She thought that Jingyan was going to refuse her directly again, but she didn’t expect him to accept this time, so it seemed like a good start.

In the evening, Jingyan returned home and listened to his father talk about what his uncle had said, his eyes, which had been obscure for many days, finally lit up, “Uncle is right, this is my own business, I will go personally and beg my aunt tomorrow.”

Chapter 303 The Purple Princess (3)

It’s well known that Xiran Xiao dotes Jingyan the most.

With a little bit of hope, Jingyan felt the stone in his heart lighten, so he gobbled up at night.

Early the next morning, the family packed up and drove to the only military hospital in Sky City.

The old man was over ninety years old, and his illness has gotten worse for the past two years, his condition was so urgent that he couldn’t control it, so he told Xiran Xiao that he wanted to go back home, go back to his motherland, and if he died, he wanted to be buried next to his parents’ graves.

Xiran Xiao did not want to see her father pass away like that, and after returning to China, she found for many famous doctors for him, and after transferred many times, finally came to the Sky City Military Hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, the four members of the Mu family and the old lady of Xiao family were all there, and the old master of Xiao family was lying in bed with his eyes squinted slightly, not knowing if he was asleep.

Because the two families only had one precious daughter, Chuxue is the beloved child of the old lady, she waved when she saw Chuxue coming, “Little girl is here, come over and let the old lady take a look.”

Chuxue walked to her quickly and snuggled into her arms, smiling and saying, “Grandma, I miss you so much, and I miss grandpa too.”

The old lady poked her head lightly and whined like a child, “Good at talking, but you don’t come to see us even though you miss us.”

“Grandma, I’ve been too busy lately, I’ll come to see you and grandpa every day from now on, as long as you don’t mind.” Chuxue squatted beside her, tilting her head in a very good manner.

The old lady laughed, “Yes, you’re quite busy, busy being a heroine, aren’t you?”

Chuxue was surprised, “Grandma, you watched that video too?”

Xiran Xiao said, “Yes, the old lady saw it early yesterday morning and praised you for doing the right thing.”

Chuxue smiled arrogantly, took the old master’s hand and whispered to him, “Grandpa, Ruyi is here to see you.”

The old master squinted his cloudy eyes feebly, hearing Chuxue’s words, he moved his lips but unable to hear what he said clearly. Chuxue’s heart plunged, she’s on the verge of tears.

“The old master can hear you, but he can’t talk, look, he’s blinking at you,” The old lady’s tone was peaceful and she’s still smiling, not much sadness could be sensed, yet only those who’re closed to her knew that she slept next to the old man every night, holding his hands tightly.

Feeling so depressed in her heart, Venus pulled Xiran to a corner and asked softly, “What is the current condition of the old man’s health?”

Xiran’s eyes were bloodshot and she looked slightly tired, “The doctor said he wouldn’t hold on long and told us to stop vain efforts so that the old man wouldn’t have to suffer from transferring. But I ……”

Seeing her burst into tears, Venus hugged her into her arms and comforted her gently, “Okay, okay, let’s listen to God, don’t cry, the old lady should be sad when she sees it.”

Twenty more years of time didn’t erode Xiran’s beauty, she’s still the same gorgeous and charming woman but now became calm and mature, and more like a noblewoman. Sometimes she is even striking up by men when she walks alone in the streets.

Xiran clenched her teeth to keep her tears from rolling down and said with a sigh, “I know it’s the law of the world, but children always want their parents to live a long and healthy life and stay with them for a long time.”

“You’re much better than us,” said Venus, taking her hand, “look at the four of us, you’re the only one with living parents, you’re much luckier than us, don’t be sad.”


While Jingyan and the Mu brothers talked about business matters, Kerry and Tianye Mu walked out of the ward and stood by the window in the hallway to discuss the old man’s afterlife in low voice.

“It’s already been arranged, the old man prefers tranquility and doesn’t want us to make it big, so when the day does come, we’ll do it simply.”

Kerry’s voice was also a bit heavy, “But what should be there still all must be there, it can’t be too simple and look too desolate for the old man.”

“That’s for sure.”

“These days Pingan and Ruyi will come over to keep the old man company, they had always bothered the old man when they were little.”

Tianye nodded, “Well, the old man likes these kids. I’m just worried about Xiran, I’m afraid she’ll be too grieved.”

“Sister-in-law is not an experienced woman, indeed, she will be grieved for a while, you should work with her more often.” Kerry looked at the lawn downstairs outside the window, a girl in johnny was walking slowly, a soldier next to her was caring for her carefully and they were saying something.

When the girl turned around and smiled, Kerry felt that she looked familiar, as if he had seen her somewhere before.

“What are you looking at?” Tianye followed his eyes and looked over, “Acquaintance?”

“Seems like I’ve seen her somewhere, but I can’t remember.” Kerry said with a frown.

Tianye didn’t care, and they returned to the ward.

Jingyan kept thinking about his request and waited for his mother and aunt to finish talking before he came over and said shyly, “Auntie, I have something want to ask for your help.”

Xiran finally smiled when she saw Jingyan, “Don’t be shy to ask for auntie’s help, just say what it is.”

Jingyan rubbed his head like a timid boy, “Auntie, do you have any connections in the military community? I want to find someone.”

Xiran understood as soon as she heard it, “Oh! You are looking for the little girl you were very close to in your childhood?”

“How do you know that, auntie?” Jingyan was surprised.

“Do you think you can hide something from me, kiddo?” Xiran teased at him and said seriously, “I just know a doctor here, I don’t have any connections in the army, why don’t I take you to ask him.”

“Will it be trouble?”

“No trouble, he happens to be on duty today, I’ll take you there.”

Jingyan was overjoyed and nodded hastily, Chuxue interrupted them at this moment, “Auntie, I want to go too.”

“Why are you going?” Jingyan glared at her.

“It’s none of your business.” Chuxue made a face at her brother, hugged Xiran’s arm and said, “Auntie, I’ll go with you.”

“No problem.” Xiran was also doting on this girl.

Jingyan shook his head speechlessly, this girl has boomed curiosity.

The three of them went downstairs and came to the doctor’s office. Xiran said that her nephew wanted to find his friend in childhood, who was also a soldier. The doctor laughed, “This is like looking for a needle in a haystack, not to mention the whole army, even a regiment and a division have many people, I can’t give you my promise. But what’s your friend’s name, maybe I’ve actually heard of her.”

“Her name is Yiyao Duan.” Jingyan said seriously.

The middle-aged doctor was stunned as if he hadn’t heard him clearly, he asked again, “What did you say, what’s her name?”

“Yiyao Duan, she’s 28 years old.” This was all the information Jingyan knew, he didn’t even know what kind of soldier Yiyao Duan was.

The middle-aged doctor’s expression turned serious and said to Xiran, “I’m really sorry, I don’t know who he’s talking about.”

Xiran seemed to see what was going on and didn’t force her friend, smiling, “It’s alright, don’t mind us, we’ll leave first then.”

“Well,” the middle-aged doctor watched them go out and called out again, “Xiran, wait a moment, I still have something to tell you.”

Xiran turned around and saw him winking at her, so she said to Jingyan and Chuxue, “You guys go up first.”

Jingyan did not show anything emotion, but in his heart, he understood that the truth was not what the doctor had said.

“Brother, why do I think this doctor knows her.” Chuxue said as she hugged his arm.

Jingyan gave her a grimace, “You see that too?”

“It’s too obvious. But why did he say he didn’t know?”

Jingyan was depressed, “Perhaps, she has a special identity.”

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