Chapter 304: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 304 Don’t Follow Me (1)

After hearing that, Chuxue Ye frowned. She thought for a while and then curled her lip, saying, “Is that sister an awesome person? Why can’t the doctor tell something about her to us? Forget it. Brother, let’s go to buy some flowers. I want to put them in the ward. Grandma likes flowers most and they will make her feel better.”

“OK.” Jingyan Ye nodded and said.

“Xiran Xiao, we are old friends. Let me warn you not to pry about the one you mentioned. No one will tell something about her to you, and she’s not the one you can pry about. ” The doctor said in the office.

Seeing the doctor’s serious facial expression, Xiran couldn’t help but ask, “Is she an awesome person?”

“That’s all I can say.” The doctor said with a mysterious smile.

“OK. Thank you.” Xiran said.

At that moment, Yiyao Duan lounged on a bench on the hospital lawn, basking in the sun. The doctor said it’s good to get out in the sun. Azure Dragon kept close to her and peeled an apple for her.

“Ah, I haven’t been idle for years. I do nothing except for eating and sleeping every day. Do you think I won’t know how use a gun when I am discharged from hospital?” Yiyao said lazily.

Azure Dragon grinned. “Captain, I don’t know will you know how to use gun by that time. I practice how to use it every night, anyway.”

“I’ve heard you do that. You are so mean that you don’t let me touch it.” Yiyao said unhappily.

In order to protect her, Azure Dragon made a single bed in Yiyao’s room. He put it down at night to sleep and put it away for the day. When Yiyao heard Azure Dragon practice the gun, she was eager to have a try but she couldn’t.

Azure Dragon gave the peeled apple to Yiyao and then held to apple peel and threw it into a trash can not far away. “Captain, it’s not me who are not willing to give the gun to you. The doctor said you can’t move your arm because it’s injured.” Azure Dragon sat down beside Yiyao and said.

Yiyao took a bit of the apple and said while chewing, “Need I to stay in hospital for half a month with this skin trauma? I think my father do it on purpose. He’s getting back at me.”

“Why the chief wants to get back at you?” Azure Dragon asked.

“Hum, he is angry with me because I drove the one who had a blind date with me away.” Yiyao said.

As Yiyao ate the apple, she saw a handsome boy and a beautiful girl. The girl was holding a big bunch of flowers in her arms, and the boy is tall and straight. The girl is also perfect in appearance.

Yiyao rammed her arm into Azure Dragon beside her and said, “Look, there is a beautiful girl.”

“Where is her?” Azure Dragon asked immediately.

Yiyao lifted her chin and said, “She is in front of the hospital.”

Azure Dragon’s eyes lit up at once when he saw the girl. “Oh my god, she is so beautiful. Gee, her eyes are purple. Look, captain…. Captain?” Azure Dragon said.

Azure Dragon looked back at Yiyao, whose mouth was full of apple. She looked at the direction of the gate of the hospital blankly with a complex facial expression.

“Captain, you are a woman. You don’t have to be attracted so deeply by a beautiful girl, do you?” Azure Dragon said. Azure Dragon looked at the beautiful girl again and he saw the boy next to her. He sprang from the chair and pointed to the boy and girl in the distance, saying, “Captain, isn’t he the kept man?”

Yiyao regained her senses and gave him a dirty look. She chewed the apple hard as if to vent her anger. “You are so fussy. Sit down.” Yiyao said.

Azure Dragon sat down obediently. “Captain, he is really the kept man.” Azure Dragon said excitedly.

“I saw him. You don’t have to say it so many times.” Yiyao said indignantly. She couldn’t hep but look at the boy and girl again, who were talking and laughing. She had to confess that the girl is really beautiful. And the girl is prettier than anyone she has ever seen. And more importantly, the girl’s hand was on the boy’s forearm, and he seemed to have an open face.

Azure Dragon had been watching the boy and the girl until they disappeared in the hall of the inpatient building. He turned round and said, “The girl is really good-looking. I have never seen such a beautiful girl.” Then he felt a chill next to him and shut up at once. “Captain, these business men are unreliable. He was with another girl the other day and now he has a new one. He is just a playboy. It’s fortunate that you have chosen wisely. As you are out there a lot, you don’t know if he…” Azure Dragon condemned.

“Azure Dragon, you talk too much.” Yiyao said coldly. At that moment, she was upset. Although she had nothing to do with Jingyan anymore, she felt it’s ridiculous when she thought what she promised to him that day.

In fact, she had no idea what kind of person Jingyan is. All she remembers about Jingyan is that he was a cute little boy more than 20 years ago. They have only met two or three times so far. She was so touched by his sweet words that she almost agreed to be his girlfriend. She thought she is stupid. She forgot that people always change. She knew nothing of his disposition and what he likes and doesn’t like.

“Forget it, we won’t see each other again anyway. He will continue to be a rich boy and I will continue to be a soldier in various training fields and battlefields. That’s not bad.” Yiyao thought.

After straightened out her thinking, she was less angry. “It’s time to change fresh dressing for the wound. Let’s go back to the ward.” Yiyao said to Azure Dragon.

“OK.” Azure Dragon said. He daren’t to say more and supported Yiyao to walk to the inpatient department.

In the following days, although Jingyan went to the hospital frequently, he hasn’t met Yiyao. That’s because his grandfather was in the third floor and Yiyao was in the sixth floor.

After a few days of recuperation, Yiyao’s injuries were almost healed. The stab wound to her abdomen was still somewhat serious, but the wound on her arm, back and chest scabbed. She was really too idle and she didn’t get used to it.

Yiyao rolled up her sleeves to reveal the brown scab and said, “Doctor, when exactly can I leave the hospital? Look, I’m all right. Can you let me leave the hospital?”

The doctor had a callous ear for what Yiyao said. “No, the wounds on your abdomen and leg are not healed yet. The chief told me that you can’t leave the hospital until you are all right.” The doctor said with a smile.

Yiyao jumped out of bed and said, “I’ll go to find the dean.”

Azure Dragon held her immediately and said, “Oh, captain, can you not be in such a rush?”

“Fuck, I’m not pregnant. Should I walk so slowly to nourish the fetus?” Yiyao said. Yiyao likes to say dirty words when she is upset. Anyway, she is surrounded by men who often talk dirty words.

The doctor shook his head helplessly and said, “It’s useless for you to find the dean. He…eh.. you are really going…”

“I’m a man of action and of course I’m going.” Yiyao said and passed the doctor.

“You can go to find him if you want. But walk slowly. No one will stop you.” The doctor shouted at the view of her back.

When Yiyao arrived at the dean’s office, she cut to the chase, “Uncle Zhao, when exactly can I leave the hospital?”

“Not now.” The dean smiled kindly and said.

“Tell me the exact time. My soldiers are waiting for me.” Yiyao said.

“I’ll let you go when all your wounds are healed.” The dean said.

Yiyao jumped two times on the spot and said, “See, I’m alive and kicking. I’m all right.” Yiyao said.

“That won’t do either. I daren’t disobey the chief’s orders.” The dead said.

Yiyao was extremely depressed. She’s like the Monkey King under the Five Finger Mountain. There is no proper place where she can give full play to her skills.

Dejectedly, he returned to the ward. In a short while, she received the call of Jun Duan.

“Did you go to find the dean a again?” Jun asked.

“Uncle Zhao files a suit so quickly.” Yiyao complained in a low voice. Then she said seriously, “Dad, my soldiers will raise a rumpus if I don’t go back.”

“Don’t worry, they are as good as gold.” Jun said.

“How’s that possible?” Yiyao asked in surprise.

Jun laughed silently and said, “I gave the order that I will send you abroad to keep peace if anyone of them makes trouble. They are afraid that you will go abroad, so they are as good as rabbits.”

After hearing that, she felt warm inside because her soldiers care about her.

“Just stay in the hospital to heal your wounds. There will be a big task for you after a month, so you must be in a good health.” Jun said.

After hearing that, Yiyao was very excited. “Dad, what the task is?” Yiyao said.

“I can’t tell it to you now.” Jun said. After a pause, Jun said with a soft tone, “Yiyao, the reason why I ask you to stay at the hospital until your wounds are healed is that the task is very difficult. You can only succeed and not fail. Do you understand?”

Yiyao put on a serious look and stood straight, saying, “Dad, don’t worry. I will stay at the hospital until I recovered.”

“Good girl. I am busy and I’ll hang up the phone.” Jun said.

After hung up the phone, Yiyao threw the phone on the bed. Her agitation vanished, and a smile came over her face. After seeing her facial expression, Azure Dragon knew there must be some good news. “Captain, is there a task for us?” Azure Dragon moved close to her and said.

“You are so sensitive.” Yiyao said.

“That’s the look you wear when there is a task for us.” Azure Dragon said.

Yiyao raised her eyebrows and asked, “What kind of look is it?”

“You look like a fox who steals the chicken.” Azure Dragon said boldly.

As Yiyao was in good mood, she paid no attention to what he said. “I will start training again this afternoon.” Yiyao said in high spirits.

“This is a hospital. How do you train?” Azure Dragon asked.

“Are you stupid? My injuries are not healed yet. I will start by running and then regain my strength.” Yiyao said.

“That’s right.” Azure Dragon said.

Yiyao noticed it’s time for meal and said, “Let’s go out and eat. I’ll treat you today. I’ve been eating hospital food for days. It’s too light.”

“But the doctor don’t let you go out.” Azure Dragon said staggeringly.

“I just go out for a meal. I won’t escape.” Yiyao said. After taking money from her wallet, she walked out of the ward. Azure Dragon couldn’t stop her, so he followed her.

In order to exercise, Yiyao took the stairs these days. When they walked to the third floor, they heard a quarrel, which was accompanied by the cry of a girl.

“What’s going on? Let’s go and have a look.” Yiyao said.

Chapter 304 Don’t Follow Me (2)

When they walked to the corridor, they saw one of the wards was surrounded by many people. They stepped forward and looked into the ward through the crowd. A patient’s family member was scolding a young nurse, “Why are you crying? Can’t we say your attitude is bad?”

The nurse sobbed and tried to defend herself in a low voice, “I don’t have a bad attitude.”

“How dare you talk back? Go and call your leader over.” The patient’s family member said.

At that moment, a female nurse in a white gown jostled Yiyao Duan and went into the ward. “What’s the matter? I’m her leader.” The female nurse said.

“What’s the matter with this little nurse? Who the dirty look she is showing to? She cried after we said a word. Do you know who our old man is? Did we spend all that money just to see your dirty look?” The patient’s family member said arrogantly.

The head nurse was used to this kind of situation and didn’t want to make a scene. She said to the little nurse, “Apologize to the patient’s family member.”

The little nurse bit her lip and looked ill-affected, but she had to bow to make an apology. “I’m sorry.” The little nurse said.

“Is that all? She is perfunctory.” The patient’s family member said.

“So what do you want?” The head nurse looked at the patient’s family member coldly and said.

“Hey, everybody, do you see the attitude of them? We are patients and we are not here to see your dirty look. Do you believe I will lodge a complaint?” The patient’s family member said in a more arrogant and domineering way.

The head nurse’s face went white out of anger. Yiyao pushed through the crowd and went into the ward. She looked at the patient’s family member coldly and said, “Who is the old man of your family?”

After hearing that, the patient’s family member was stunned for a few seconds. Seeing Yiyao is a young girl, the patient’s family member said disdainfully, “You don’t know about him even if I tell you.”

Yiyao snorted and said, “He is a either rich man or an official. If he is a rich man, I can kick him out of here easily, because this is a military hospital and soldiers have priority. If he is an official, I want to know which civil servant is so arrogant.”

Frightened by Yiyao’s imposing manner, the patient’s family member took two steps back. “Who are you…” The patient’s family member said less arrogantly.

“You don’t have to know who I am.” Yiyao interrupted the patient’s family member and said, “Just tell me who the old man of your family is. I’ve never seen such a grumpy family member of the patient.”

The patient’s family member was about to speak when another man pulled him at his sleeve. The patient’s family member swallowed the words on his lips.

The atmosphere was a little quiet and even the little nurse stopped crying.

“Since you don’t want to say, can the little nurse leave as she apologized?” Yiyao said.

The patient’s family member stared at Yiyao angrily. After a while, the patient’s family member said, “Yes.”

Yiyao took a piece of paper out of her pocket and gave it to the little nurse. “Stop crying. Don’t quarrel with such a person.” Yiyao said.

“Thank you.” The little nurse said.

After seeing the matter was settled, the head nurse said to the people around the door, “Stop standing here and go back.”

When the onlookers left, Yiyao walked out of the ward and said to the head nurse, “Just change the shift and don’t let her come to this ward.”

“I know.” The head nurse said with a warm smile. As she works in the hospital, she can’t have a direct confrontation with the family member of patients. She was happy to have someone help her solve the problem. “Thank you.” The head nurse said to Yiyao.

“Don’t mention it. He is the kind of person who bullies the weak and fears the strong. I’m leaving.” Yiyao said. As soon as Yiyao turned, she froze. She saw Jingyan Ye stood behind her.

Jingyan looked at her with his deep colored eyes.

“Yiyao.” Jingyan called her, with great affection.

Now that Yiyao saw Jingyan, she couldn’t ignore him. Yiyao looked indifferent as if she saw an ordinary friend. “Oh, it’s you.” Yiyao said.

Jingyan was sad when he saw Yiyao’s indifference. He walked up to Yiyao and said, “Why are you in the hospital? Are you injured?”

“It’s just a skin trauma. I’m almost healed.” Yiyao said. Yiyao didn’t want to tangle with Jingyan, so she said to Azure Dragon, “Let’s go.”

Jingyan stood in front of her and said, “Yiyao, I’m sorry. I was to impetuous the other day. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that.”

“It’s OK. I forgive you.” Yiyao said generously. After saying that, Yiyao passed him and walked forward.

After hearing that, Jingyan was stunned. He didn’t expect that Yiyao would forgive him so soon. But he didn’t know why he was miserable after Yiyao forgave him.

Besides, Yiyao looked at him in an unaffectionate way as if she doesn’t know him.

When Jingyan regained his senses, Yiyao had passed the corner of the stairs and went downstairs. Jingyan hurriedly followed her. He was afraid that Yiyao would disappear again.

Azure Dragon was impatient when Jingyan followed them to the first floor. Azure Dragon stopped Jingyan and looked at him with disgust, saying, “Why are you always following us?”

“I want to talk to Yiyao.” Jingyan said. Jingyan’s eyes have been fixed on the view of Yiyao’s back.

“But our captain has nothing to talk with you.” Azure Dragon said. Then Azure Dragon pointed to the tip of Jingyan’s nose and warned him fiercely, “Don’t follow us again, or you will be treated badly.”

Jingyan stood where he was and watched them leave. When they were about ten meters away from him, he followed them without hesitation.

As he finally met Yiyao, he wouldn’t give up easily.

That day is Saturday and Jingyan came to the hospital to visit his grandfather Xiao. He was surprised when he heard a familiar voice in one of the wards on the third floor.

At that moment, his heart beat wildly. He hurried to that ward and it turned out to be Yiyao.

Although Yiyao stood with her back to him and she dressed plain clothes, he knew it’s her from her figure and voice.

His mood, which had been depressed for days, became better. When he saw Yiyao, he felt as if the warm sunshine came into his heart and lit up the dark side of his heart. He fixed his eyes on Yiyao as if there were only two of them left in the world.

Yiyao and Azure Dragon walked out of the gate of the hospital and walked to a Chinese restaurant nearby. “Captain, the kept man is still following us. What should we do?” Azure Dragon whispered in her ear.

“He can follow us if he wants. The road is so wide and we can’t keep him from walking on it.” Yiyao said indifferently.

“OK.” Azure Dragon said.

After entering the restaurant, they two chose a table in the corner and sat down. Yiyao couldn’t wait but ask the waiter to order. No sooner had she ordered poached spicy slices of pork than she was rebuffed by Azure Dragon.

“Captain, you can’t eat spicy food. The doctor said that specifically.” Azure Dragon said.

“This is the only spicy dish I order.” Yiyao said.

“No, I will call the chief if you insist.” Azure Dragon said resolutely.

Yiyao knocked Azure Dragon on the forehead with her chopsticks and said angrily, “You are great. You’ve learned how to file a suit.”

“I won’t let you eat it even if you beat me up.” Azure Dragon straightened his neck and said.

Yiyao knew Azure Dragon’s for her own good, and she thought of what her father said on the phone. “OK. I won’t eat spicy food. Can I eat meat?” Yiyao compromised and said.

Azure Dragon grinned and said, “Of course you can eat meat.”

Yiyao looked at the menu and ordered five or six meat dishes at a stretch. When Azure Dragon pulled the menu over, she was drooling over spicy beancurd.

Azure Dragon ordered two more vegetable dishes and a soup, and he asked the waiter to cook them quickly. “Captain, you can’t just eat meat now. You should also eat some vegetables. It’s a balanced meal.” Azure Dragon said.

Yiyao looked at him in surprise and ridiculed, “Azure Dragon, I think you will be a dietician by the day when I am discharged from the hospital. Would you like to stay at the cooking corps for some days?”

“No. I don’t know how to cut vegetables and meat. I can only eat.” Azure Dragon said immediately.

Jingyan sat at a table not far from them. Although Jingyan knew they are just comrades in arms, the flirting between her and Azure Dragon made him feel bad.

“Would you like to order, sir?” The waiter looked him in the face with a simper and said.

“I’ll have the same dishes as of that table.” Jingyan pointed to where Yiyao was and said.

The waiter looked at the direction he pointed and said “OK” before left.

Azure Dragon was unhappy with Jingyan’s tracking. Whenever Jingyan looked at them, Azure Dragon stared back at him. However, as Jingyan fixed his eyes on Yiyao, he couldn’t see Azure Dragon’s anger, which made Azure Dragon angrier.

While they were waiting for the dishes, Azure Dragon said, “Captain, you see, the kept man is still staring at us.”

“Leave him alone.” Yiyao said.

“But I am so upset that I want to give him a beating.” Azure Dragon said. Azure Dragon clenched his fists to display his strength and hoped that Jingyan can know what he meant, but Azure Dragon’s effort was in vain.

“Azure Dragon, the army and the people are as close as fish and water. Don’t ruin this relationship.” Yiyao said calmly.

“OK.” Azure Dragon said.

When the dishes served, Yiyao and Azure Dragon devoured ravenously, but Jingyan didn’t eat at all. After eating for a while, Yiyao felt it’s hot and rolled up her sleeves casually, showing the scar on her forearm. After seeing the scar, the smile on Jingyan’s face stiffened.

“There was no scar on her forearm when we went to buy clothes last time. It should be a new one.” Jingyan thought.

It occurred to Jingyan that he had grabbed her arm in his excitement at the door of the company and she shook his hand off. He thought it’s because she hates him and wouldn’t let him touch her, but it turned out that her arm was hurt.

Thinking of this reason, Jingyan regretted more

After the meal, Azure Dragon called the waiter to settle the bill.

“Your account has been settled by the gentleman over there.” The waiter said with a smile.

Without turning round, Yiyao knew who the waiter’s talking about. She was very disdainful of such a behavior.

“How mush is it altogether?” Yiyao asked.

“350 yuan.” The waiter said.

Yiyao took out four 100-yuan bills from her pocket and gave them to the waiter. “It’s perfectly justified that I pay for the meal I eat. I can afford it.” Yiyao said calmly.

The waiter was embarrassed. The waiter looked back at Jingyan and then looked at the queenly look of Yiyao. Then the waiter took Yiyao’s money submissively.

“Don’t forget to give change back to me.” Yiyao remained the waiter.

“OK. I will give it to you right now.” The waiter said.

Azure Dragon smirked. “Can’t we even afford a meal? Is he showing off his wealth?” Azure Dragon said.

Yiyao turned her head to look out of the window and couldn’t help sighing in her heart. It seemed that Jingyan was about to follow them again.

After taking the change, Yiyao and Azure Dragon was about to go back to the hospital. As she walked out of the restaurant, she didn’t look at Jingyan.

Jingyan stood up and to follow them. Maybe they’ve eaten too much, Yiyao and Azure Dragon took a walk in the hospital. Jingyan quickened his pace to follow them, but he was stopped by Azure Dragon.

“Hey, kept man, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you understand what I said? How long have you followed us?” Azure Dragon said. After hearing that Azure Dragon called him kept man, Jingyan was unhappy, but he didn’t show his unhappiness on his face.

As Azure Dragon called him that in his presence, Jingyan thought he must call him that all the time in front of Yiyao.

“I want to talk to Yiyao.” Jingyan said.

Yiyao stopped. Then she turned and swaggered up to Jingyan with her hands in her trouser pockets. “What do you want to talk with me? Make it clear all at once.” Yiyao said indifferently.

Jingyan took a deep breath and asked carefully, “Are you still mad at me?”

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