Chapter 305: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 305 Secret, I Like You (1)

Yiyao Duan shrugged and said, “Do I look angry? Besides, why should I be angry with you? We had a somewhat friendship when we were kids, and we met several times when we grew up, that’s all. Why should I be angry with you?”

Jingyan Ye was stunned by what she said, but there was no way to refute it, because what she said was true.

“Yiyao, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have talked to you like that before my company last time. I shouldn’t have asked where you were. I was rushing you. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, you’ve already said it and I’ve forgave you as well.” Yiyao looked at him indifferently.

Seeing Yiyao like this, Jingyan couldn’t say the words he’d been saving in his heart. Looking at the green spots around her eyelid, he worried, “How’s your wound?”

“As I said just now, it will recover soon.”

“Do you hate me now?” Jingyan’s eyes were extremely pitiful, and his heart softened when he set eyes on Yiyao.

She sighed and said, “Jingyan, I don’t hate you.”

Jingyan was like a wounded child, “But you don’t pay attention to me now, because I confessed to you, or because I told you the secret…”

“Jingyan, I know that you like me, and I think about it seriously afterwards. It is impossible for us. Since it’s impossible for us, why should I give you hope?” Yiyao was a straightforward person, saying what she wanted to say.

“Why is it impossible for us?”

Yiyao put up the facts to reason with him, “You see, we don’t know each other very well. You don’t know what my temper is and I don’t know what your personality is. This is only one of the reasons. Second, you are a big boss. What you need is an ordinary good girl who can accompany you to any occasion and work and live with you. I obviously can’t do that. I may be called away at any time, and I don’t want to be asked where I went and what I did every time I come back.”

Yiyao’s last sentence was obviously talking about Jingyan. Before he could explain, she went on, “Let me talk about my standards. I just want to find a down-to-earth man to live with. When I’m away, he can guard our home. Obviously, you can’t do that…”

“Why can’t I? I can do that.” Jingyan said anxiously.

Yiyao reached out to stop him talking, “Jingyan, don’t be over-confident. You might be able to do it for a while, but can you do it for a lifetime? As for you, you are not bad-looking, your family is rich, and there are a lot of girls liking you and chasing you. I don’t want to worry about whether you are cheating on me when I’m out on a mission.”

“Yiyao, you look down on me too much. If I am such a person, why haven’t I been in any relationship for 27 years?” Jingyan’s tone became serious. He could accept the fact that Yiyao didn’t like him, but he couldn’t accept the reason.

Yiyao spread out her hands, “OK, even if you are not such a person, I don’t like you.”

“Why? What’s wrong with me? I can change.” Jingyan gave full play to the spirit of not giving up on love.

Yiyao didn’t know what to answer at first, “It’s not about you. We don’t understand each other at all, and I don’t feel much about you.”

“That is to say, as long as we meet more often to get to know each other, you may fall in love with me, right?”

“Ah?” Yiyao muddled, “When did I say that?”

“You said that we don’t know each other, so we should get more time to know each other,” Seeing Yiyao stunned, Jingyan continued quickly, “I saw you on a blind date that day, I was afraid that you would fall in love with others, so I confessed to you hurriedly. You don’t have to tell me the answer now. Let’s start with friends. No, we are friends already. It would be nice to go back to where we were as before. You don’t have to have any psychological burden. Just think of me as Jingyan Ye in your memory. Come on, let me walk with you for a while.”

Jingyan sincerely looked at her, while she looked confusedly, turning around and walking slowly.

Qinglong on the side had been listening their conversation confusedly too, but understood two things clearly: first, the bossd and this dandy had known each other since childhood; second, the dandy was skillfully eloquent.

The so-called dandy was nervous at the moment, constantly warning himself, “Don’t rush, don’t rush, since she was so resistant to relationships, I should take my time from friendship.”

After the three persons walked half a circle with their respective thoughts, Yiyao straightened out her mind. She said to Jingyan with a meaningful look, “Have I been played by you?”

Jingyan raised his hands to show his innocence, “No, no, how dare I play you? Please pretend that I didn’t say anything on the date of your blind date. We are still good friends.”

“But you have already said it.” Yiyao was taking it seriously.

“Then take it that I was drunk and talking gibberish. Of course, these words are true. Don’t take it to heart for the time being though. As for the things happened in front of my company, I was being foolish. If you want to hit me or scold me, it’s totally up to you. If I say a no, I’m not a man.” Jingyan said it devoutly. As long as he could ask for Yiyao’s forgiveness and they could go back to the previous state, he would like to jump off a build if Yiyao asked him to do so. He would not die anyway.

Yiyao finally showed a smile on her face and said softly, “Jingyan, why are you wasting time on me? You’re 27, an age not too young, it’s time for you to get married.”

“I’m waiting for you…” the words came out of Jingyan’s mouth uncontrolled. Upon saying that, he patted his forehead and apologized, “Sorry, I forgot.”

“Don’t wait for me. I don’t know when I can get married. I think the girl at the gate of your company from last time was pretty good. She was tall and thin, good-looking, good temperament.” Yiyao’s words were sincere. She didn’t have much affection for Jingyan now, so naturally, she said what she thought of.

“At the gate of my company?” Jingyan thought in retrospect, “Oh, you mean Qing Nangong. She has a project that is cooperating with our company. We are not familiar with each other personally. It happened that day we met and said a few things about work.”

After explanation, Jingyan suddenly realized that Yiyao might misunderstand him because of she saw Qing Nangong at that day?!

That was why she was harsh on Jingyan?!

“Yiyao, I really have nothing to do with her, you must not misunderstand me.” Jingyan reiterated to stress again.

Yiyao looked a little embarrassed. It turned out that that girl was a work associate. She got him wrong at the time. However, she would not admit that she misunderstood him, which was a shame to her. So, she pretended to be indifferent and said, “I didn’t misunderstand you. I just think that girl is pretty and well-matched with you. You two can have a try.”

Jingyan curled his lips and said, “Which part do we match? It’s not a match at all.” In his heart, only Yiyao and he were the best match.

Qinglong suddenly cut in, “I think the girl from the other day was more beautiful.”

“Which one?” Jingyan was confused. How could there be another girl?

Yiyao kept winking at Qinglong, implying him not to talk. But Qinglong didn’t see it. When he was about to say “the girl with purple eyes”, from not far away came clear and crisp voices.


The three raised their heads. A peach-blossoming lovely girl with white dress, long-hair over shoulder and brightly-shining purple eyes walked cheerfully towards them.

Qinglong froze in place. It was just a look from a distance that day and he thought her as good-looking. Now seeing her closely, it was like a fairy coming down to earth.

In Yiyao’s eyes, there also slipped a touch of amazement. She was appreciating the fairy coming.

Only Jingyan looked annoyed, “What are you doing here?”

Chuxue Ye recognized at a glance that the girl next to her brother was the little friend her brother had been missing. She was filled with joy that her brother’s little friend was in this hospital too. That was great lucky news, because her brother would not put on a cold face every day from now on.

“Brother, dad said you came to see grandpa today. Why didn’t you take me along with you?” Chuxue said that, but her eyes kept drifting to Yiyao.

“Aren’t you busy?”

“You didn’t ask me, how do you know I was busy?” Chuxue’s purple eyes were shining. She walked to Yiyao and said with a smile, “This must be Miss Duan. I finally meet you. Hello, I’m Chuxue Ye, Jingyan Ye’s sister.”

Yiyao suddenly came to senses, they were brother and sister?

Right, Jingyan seemed to have told her that he had a sister, but he did not mention that his sister was a big-time beauty.

Chapter 305 Secret, I Like You (2)

“Hello, I’m Yiyao Duan.”Yiyao found back her voice, but her eyes couldn’t help looking at Chuxue Ye, wondering why her skin was so white, her hair was so shiny, and her figure was so good.

Chuxue had long been used to such eyesight and said with a mischievous smile, “I’ve known you for a long time. Your name is like thunder to me.”

Yiyao was very surprised, “How do you know me?”

Chuxue glanced at Jingyan. Seeing that he didn’t stop her, she took Yiyao’s arm closely and said, “Thanks to my brother. Since I had a memory, I knew that my brother had a childhood sweetheart named Yiyao Duan. As long as there was a letter from you, he would do nothing on that day. If he didn’t read the letter ten times, he won’t let go of it…”

“Ruyi, if you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb.” Jingyan Ye said. He would not feel embarrassed if he himself said that, but it was hard not to feel shy when it was said from a third person, not to mention in front of others.

Chuxue hid next to Yiyao, “You only know how to bully me and behave as good as a kitty in front of Yiyao.”

“I bullied you?” Jingyan didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry, “Miss Ye, it’s my blessing if you don’t bully me. Aren’t you going to visit grandpa? Why not hurry up and go? “

Chuxue finally seized the opportunity to get to know Yiyao in person, how could she give up easily? She said with a smile, “No hurry, I want to spend some time with Yiyao.” She caught the sight of the young man behind Yiyao then. His skin was a little black, but he gave out an upright demeanor. When he noticed her watching him, his face blushed instantly, and turned to look away.

Chuxue felt funny, the young man was quite shy.

“Hello, I’m Chuxue Ye.” Chuxue reached out elegantly. Her hands were as delicate as jade, very beautiful.

Azure Dragon turned his head around, his face becoming redder, and started stuttering. He rubbed his big hand on his trouser before he took the delicate hand. However, it was just a little touch and immediately was released. He was afraid that he would break the fairy’s hand with a little bit of force.

“Hello, you can call me Azure Dragon.” Azure Dragon didn’t introduce his real name. They usually used code names to refer to themselves.

Chuxue smiled brightly and said with a little surprise, “Another ancient beast.”

Azure Dragon looked at her suspiciously, why did she say “another”?

Chuxue continued, “I have two cousins. They are twins. Their nicknames together are called Qilin. I often call them little beasts.”

“Oh, well.” Azure Dragon was somewhat at a loss under her eyes.

Jingyan didn’t want his sister to get into any unnecessary relationship. He pulled her over and whispered in her ear, “Go away now, or I won’t help you if you ask me for anything in the future.”

With a little pout, Chuxue stared back at him, “You win this time.”

“Yiyao, you and my brother take your time. I need to go visit my grandfather now. I’ll come to you to have fun when I’m free.” “Don’t push me, I can go myself… “

After pushing his sister several meters away, Jingyan came back to Yiyao, “Sorry, that girl loves to make trouble. Don’t mind her.”

“She seems to have a good character.” Yiyao said a compliment.

Jingyan had no choice but to smile bitterly. “She was spoiled by us. You haven’t seen her playing tricks, we are all victims, and no one in our family could control her.”

Yiyao looked at the beautiful figure and said unbelievably, “How possible?”

“I’m not her opponent anyway. I could only control her sometimes by exchanging conditions with her.”

Yiyao looked back at him, eyes full of surprise.

Jingyan suddenly approached and said to her ear, “Her superpowers are several times stronger than mine.”

Yiyao was more shocked. “She also has superpowers?”

Jingyan did not hide, “Yes.”

Yiyao became curious. Such a beautiful and lovely girl had unnatural powers hidden in her body.

“By the way,” Jingyan asked Azure Dragon, “Who is the girl you just mentioned?”

Before Azure Dragon opened his mouth, he noticed Yiyao’s warning eyes and immediately changed his mind, “I don’t know her, just a beautiful girl that the boss and I saw the other day.”

“Oh, your off days are sort of leisure…”

Azure Dragon laughed a little. Fortunately, the boss warned him. If he disclosed that they had mis-regarded Jingyan’s sister as his girlfriend and the boss had been upset about it, it would be too shameful.

“Well, I’m done walking. Azure Dragon and I need to go back.” Yiyao’s brain suddenly received a message involving a field she was not very good at. She needed to prepare for it carefully.

“I’ll send you back.”

The three of them climbed to the sixth floor in one breath. Jingyan took her to the door of the ward, “You have a good rest. I’ll go to see my grandpa.”

“OK,” Yiyao waved to him, “Go ahead.”

Jingyan originally wanted to wait for Azure Dragon to leave, so he could say a few words to Yiyao alone. Unexpectedly, Azure Dragon swaggered into the ward and lied on the sofa straightly.

“He, lives in this ward too?” Jingyan tried to sound casual.

“Yes, it’s a waste of money to open a separate room. Goodbye.” Yiyao didn’t say much and slammed the door of the ward.

Jingyan stood at the door for a long time. Wasting money? He could pay for another ward.

Thinking of this, Jingyan was about to knock on the door, but a thought suddenly sprang up. A ward didn’t cost much for one day, Azure Dragon living here must be for protecting her. Recalling the scene of Yiyao that day, he came to the conclusion that she must have been badly injured.

Luckily, he didn’t act impulsively this time, otherwise, he would be hated by Yiyao again.

Yiyao, who leaned at the door to hear the sound of footsteps far away, walked to the hospital bed. With one hand around the abdomen and the other hand holding her cheek, she was meditating.

If that was the story, did I misunderstand him? But my feelings for him now……doesn’t seem that deep.

Whatever, let it go for the time being, her priority now was to cure the injury.

Jingyan went back to the ward of master Xiao on the third floor. As soon as he went in, he was teased by Chuxue.

“Oh, there comes back our young master Ye. Let me have a look. Flowers of lover are blossoming all over on his face.”

Jingyan couldn’t hide his smile from the corner of his eyes, even not taking Chuxue’s teasing seriously. He went to master Xiao, took his old hand and said, “Grandpa, I think you look better these days.”

Xiao’s turbid eyes showed up some luster, and he could even speak, “Where’s your girlfriend?”

Jingyan was rarely shy. “Grandpa, she is not my girlfriend yet. She hasn’t said yes.”

Master Xiao laughed, “Is she beautiful?”

Jingyan nodded heavily like a child, “Very beautiful.”

“Be nice to the girl.” Said the old man, controlling his voice.

“I will, grandpa.”

He sat with master Xiao for a while, and then read the newspaper to him. Watching him fall asleep slowly, Jingyan and Chuxue left the ward quietly.

When walking to the stairway, Jingyan stopped. He really wanted to go up to see Yiyao, but he was afraid that she was taking a nap. After thinking about it, he decided not to go finally.

“If you want to go, just go. When did you become such a pussy?” Chuxue was surprised at her brother’s change. Her brother was forever crisp and sharp in front of women, but for Yiyao……

“Never mind, let’s go.” Jingyan went down the stairs.

Chuxue followed him, “Jingyan, Yiyao also stay in this hospital here? Is she hurt?”


“What a pity, I’ve been here so many times and I haven’t met her. What floor is she on?”

Jingyan looked back at her warily, “What do you want?”

Chuxue yelled innocently, “I don’t want anything. I’m just asking. Hello, you are my brother, will I harm you?”

“That’s not the reason.”

“What is then?”

Jingyan lifted up her chin and said disdainfully, “I’m afraid your face would attract unnecessary attentions. Didn’t you see that soldier’s face turned red just now? You must not go to her ward. If that man likes you after several contacts, it will be hard to deal with. If it’s someone else, I don’t care, but it’s the people around Yiyao, you stay away.”

Chapter 305 Secret, I Like You (3)

Chuxue Ye frowned, “Is it that serious?”

“Do you like his type?”

Chuxue quickly waved her hands, “No, no, I don’t like him. I don’t want to be alone in an empty house all the year round.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. Listen to your brother: this young man is a typical straightforward soldier type, I’m afraid it would be a nasty ending if you two start up a relationship.” Jingyan Ye touched her hair, and his words were full of warmth.

Chuxue sighed, “OK.”

There was a glimmer of success in Jingyan’s eyes, killing two birds with one stone.

When they got to the parking lot, they parted ways. Jingyan got into a black low-key Phaeton, while Chuxue got into a big red Ferrari.

On the way, Jingyan saw a large supermarket, stopped the car, and called Venus Mu, “Mom, what kind of soup is best for healing wounds?”

“Who is wounded?” Venus was worried.


“Ah? You met her? When?”

Jingyan simply introduced the things happened at noon, and finally said, “She was tired out of work, since she had been on business trips and eating out, so I want to make some soup for her.”

“Oh, my son knows how to take care of his girlfriend so soon, much better than his father.” After teasing her son, Venus said, “Buy a black chicken, it’s good to replenish energy and blood for a young girl, which is also good for wound healing.”

“All right, anything else?”

“No need, we have everything else at home.”

Three hours later, it was getting dark. Jingyan was guarding his soup and not leaving it one step away. From the beginning of putting the ingredients into a pot, he did it himself, of course under the guidance of Venus.

When the mellow and fragrant chicken soup was poured into the lunch box, Venus sincerely sighed, “I didn’t expect that I raised my son but the first soup my son cooked in his life was for another woman.

Jingyan poured the rest soup in the pot into a bowl. With a porcelain spoon, he scooped some soup, blew it carefully, and sent it to the mouth of Venus, “However, the first one is for my mom. Have a taste mom, is it good?”

Venus sipped the soup, and her eyes were full of loving smiles. “Wow, it’s delicious. Send it to the girl quickly.”

“By the way, mom, do you still have Dr. Han’s ointment?”

“Yes, mom’s getting it for you.”

After seeing off her son, Venus nestled next to Kerry and smiled lightly, “Our son is really in love this time.”

“If you like someone, you have to give all your heart all the way, even if it doesn’t work out well in the end, you will not regret it in the future.” Kerry said based on his own experience.

Venus suddenly sat up straight, looking at her husband, whose charm grew with age, “It seems that you’ve never cooked soup for me.”

Kerry’s eyes flickered, “Is that right? I never cooked you soup?”

“No, Servant Qin used to cook it. You never did once.” Venus complained convincingly.

Kerry couldn’t get away with it, “OK, what kind of soup would you like? I’ll make it for you tomorrow.”

“Your soup is no way going to surpass my son’s soup, my son was paying 100% sincerity, while you are just being perfunctory.”

Kerry raised his eyebrows, “Is your son’s soup so delicious?”

“Yes, I’ll get it for you, there is still some left.”

Kerry grabbed his wife who was about to get up, pulled her to him and started kissing her.

Lips and teeth entangled together, showing their deep feelings through all the times of difficulties.

“Mom and dad! Get a room, OK? My little sensitive heart can’t afford it.” Chuxue, who had just entered the living room, exclaimed. Seeing that her father didn’t pay attention to her at all but kissed his wife more affectionately, she had to admit defeat, “You two continue what you are doing here, I’ll get a room.”

When Kerry tasted all the soup fragrance left between his wife’s teeth, he let go of his red-faced wife, “It’s delicious indeed. However,” Kerry bowed head, blowing air in her ear, “It’s not as delicious as you are.” After that, he picked up his wife and strode to the bedroom on the second floor. Such a romantic atmosphere must not be spoiled.

Venus blushed and gave him a soft punch on the chest. “Can you be a little restrained? We are laughed at by our children.”

However, Kerry said complacently, “Why should I be restrained in my own home? They should be happy that their parents still love each other so much.”

When he said these, they were passing by Chuxue’s bedroom. Chuxue opened the door and made a face at her father. “Dad, you are being childish as an old man.”

“Nonsense, which part of your dad is old?”

“Right, you’re not old. You’re an 18-year-old strong man, but you have to ask the wrinkles around your eyes to see whether they agree with you.”

“Go away and play yourself.” Kerry carried his wife and kicked open the bedroom door.

Chuxue suddenly felt a little lonely. She wanted to fall in love as well, but she couldn’t see clearly whether the men who approached her loved her truly or loved her beautiful skin or loved her rich background.

She was 25 years old this year, and she hadn’t been in love yet. Few people in Sky City would believe it if the news spread out, but it was the truth.

When could she meet the man she liked?

In the hospital.

Jingyan came to the sixth-floor ward with the chicken soup made out of love. Standing at the door of the ward, he tidied up his clothes and hair, raised his hand and knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, Azure Dragon opened the door. Yiyao happened to be eating.

“What are you doing here?” Yiyao took a vegetable to eat, turning around and asking him.

Jingyan showed the food box in his hand, “I made chicken soup and brought it to you.”

Yiyao was pleasantly surprised, waving and saying, “Come on, the food in the hospital is terrible.”

Jingyan thought it would be rejected by her, but unexpectedly she agreed so readily.

As soon as the food box was opened, the whole ward smelled of chicken soup fragrance, which made her mouth water just by smelling.

“So fragrant. Did you really make it yourself? ” Yiyao expressed doubts.

Jingyan didn’t ask for credits, and said with a gentle smile, “My mother did some guidance on the side. I didn’t put spicy seasoning, because it was not good for wound healing.”

Yiyao couldn’t wait to use the spoon to take a sip, which was too hot to make her stick her tongue out.

“Slow down.” Jingyan seldom saw her in such a girlish manner.

Yiyao blew it and then drank a big mouthful. Her eyes lit up immediately, “Mm-hmm, awesome soup.”

Jingyan was put into such a good mood, which was even happier than settling a huge business deal, “Then you must drink more, I cooked a lot.”

Azure Dragon at the side swallowed his saliva and said pitifully, “The boss can’t finish it all, can you share me some?”

Jingyan took his bowl generously, and said as he scooped out the soup, “I was afraid it won’t be enough, so I’ve brought three people’s share. You can enjoy your share.”

“Thank you.”

Jingyan smiled lightly. If you wanted to pursue a woman, it was crucial to buy off the people around her. As for using what kind of bribe, it depended on the person. This was taught by the little beasts of Mu family. Now it seemed very useful.

The two were happily enjoying the chicken soup, Jingyan noticed the dishes on their table with no oil and no meat, frowning, “You eat these?”

“Yes, how good you think the food in the hospital is.”

“I’ll send you meals from tomorrow. It’s home-made, nutritious and healthy.” Jingyan made a decision on the spot. He decided to go through the menu well when back home in the evening.

Yiyao subconsciously refused, “This is not appropriate.”

“There’s no inappropriate at all. Take it as me paying you back for saving my life.” Jingyan immediately found an excuse that she could not refuse.

Yiyao was confused, “When did I save your life?”

Jingyan watched her finish drinking, took the small bowl from her hand, added another bowl to her, and scooped out some chicken meat by the way, “You forgot? When I was traveling in Africa, I was almost eaten by some lions, it was you who saved me.”

Yiyao found out this piece of information from her many memories, nodding, “It seems that there is such a thing. But even if you want to repay me for saving your life, don’t you need to work?”

“Annual leave. I haven’t taken a vacation in two years of working. This time I will take all the holidays I had saved. Besides, there’s nothing big deal going on in the company during this period.” Seeing that she only drank up the soup, Jingyan reminded her warmly, “Don’t just take the soup, have some meat.”

“Oh…” Yiyao seemed to be thinking of something. Was that OK? After all, she was not his girlfriend.

Jingyan could tell what she was thinking by looking at her expression. He scratched his chin and said, “Don’t over-think about it. We’ve been friends for so many years, and Sky City is my territory, of course I will take good care of you. Just sending a few days’ meals is not worth taking into account.”

“Well, well, as you please.” Yiyao didn’t want to be nagged by him, because she had a hunch that he would win in the end.

Jingyan stepped into this ward for the first time. The layout was the same as that of grandpa Xiao. It was a small single room with a bathroom, a sofa and a dining table. Besides, he saw a single bed in the corner. If he guessed it right, it should be for Azure Dragon at night.

To speak from the heart, Jingyan did not approve of single man and woman living alone in a room. However, with Yiyao’s special identity and injured situation, moreover, with him still being in her black list now, he did not dare to speak much.

Under Azure Dragon’s help, there was no meat residue left in the chicken soup in the lunch box. The two had it full and lost interest in the hospital food on the table.

Jingyan directly took the garbage bag and threw away all the leftovers. Then he wiped the table clean with a wet towel, as if he was here to be a babysitter.

As for the other two people, they looked at him with crossed legs and no words. In the end, Azure Dragon said, “Ye…”

“My name is Jingyan Ye.” Jingyan introduced himself, “You can call me my name.”

“Oh, Jingyan, you are the boss of a big company. How come you do housework so skillfully?”

Jingyan calmly explained, “I went abroad to study a few years ago. I lived alone, cooked alone, and did everything by myself. Skill comes from practice.”

“Why? Don’t you rich people have nannies or something? Why did you have to do it yourself? “

Jingyan quietly looked at Yiyao and said, “There existed the kind of situation you’re talking about, but when I went abroad, my father gave me the air fare and one month’s living expenses. For the rest of the expenses, I had to earn it myself. How dare I hire a nanny?”

“What about your tuition?”

“I have a full scholarship, so that part is covered.”

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