Chapter 307 – 308: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 307: Encountering Yuan Liu

On the following day, the news about Marry Su’s mother and she were removed from the Su family had spread throughout Westeriver City.

Although the Su family was still a family that was at the bottom of the second-class at present, it had a lot more influence than before.

Marry Su and Jane Tang both completely became jokes.

Some people bold exposed things happened two decades ago.

Yanjing Cui and Changhe Su grew up together as childhood sweethearts, but the Cui family had been in ruins for more than a decade.

As the second youngest son of the Su family, Changhe insisted on marrying Yanjing, and the old lady failed to resist him, so she compromised.

They were about getting married to each other at that time, but the Su family had developed to its ceilings and even had 2 million dollars shortfall.

Two million dollars two decades ago could compare to tens of millions present, and in the sake of the Su family, the relationship was dissolved by the old lady, and Changhe was forced to marry Jane the precious daughter in the Tang family because at that time, the Tang family was in its heyday.

As a result, Yanjing was so angry that she went to the U.S.

The thing had been spread by people, and finally, Jane had become the mistress.

Jane was furious when got known this.

“Nonsense, this is complete nonsense!” Jane gritted her teeth and said, “Obviously it was Changhe who begged to marry me in a deadly manner, if it wasn’t for his sincerity, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry him.”

Things were not what had been spread by people.

The Tang family back then was definitely of a higher status than the current Su family, and as the only eldest daughter of the Tang family, she had come to the age of being married.

Back then, Jane’s father was still alive.

And he cherished his only daughter and was afraid that his daughter would be wronged.

So at that time, the Tang family advertised to the outside world that who would be his son-in-law, a dowry of three million dollars, three shops, and a villa would be received.

As this news spread, a lot of wooers who wanted to marry Jane visited her family.

And Changhe was one of them.

But at that time, Changhe was also known as a beautiful man in Westriver City. He was good at talking and romantic, so Jane fell in love with him in no time.

Three months passed before Jane got married in a grand style.

In the end, Jane’s father did exactly what he said at that time, not a penny less.

Including the villa where they initially lived in, which was a part of the dowry.

On the second day of marriage, the old lady came and wanted Jane to give her the three million dollars on her hand, Jane was still in love at the time, and with a few words from Changhe, she gave the money to the old lady.

She regretted so munch when she recalled that.

Three shops, which were at the most prosperous area of Westriver City, if it wasn’t for Changhe asking for money, again and again, she wouldn’t have sold the shops.

If they were not sold, she could collect three to four million dollars per year as rental income.

Hearing this, Mary was also trembling with anger.

This was the Perfect father in her heat, such a villain.

Whatever reasons he had, for abandoning his wife and daughter, he was not a man.

Also, the Su family, who deceive them and hurt them over and over again, and finally chased them away mercilessly.

Those were the things they had done.

“Do you know the reason that I got only you, only one child for those years?”Jane looked at Marry with complicated feelings, “Back then, you asked me why the other children got siblings, but you got none.”

“I wanted to have another baby, but I was afraid at that time,” Jane said sadly, “Six months after the marriage, I found that your father cheated on me. The affairs about your father and that bitch came to my ears, And I wanted to divorce your father, but I didn’t have my period for two months till then. I was afraid of being pregnant, so I went to the hospital for a check. As a result, “Anything can go wrong, will go wrong,” I was pregnant for two months. We even could hear the heartbeat of the fetus.”

“so I was scared and compromised. I thought your father would stop cheating on me, and then return to the family. But I was wrong, thoroughly. In the beginning, when he went abroad, he would come back home when three or four days passed. But gradually, he got worse, and the longest period I didn’t see him was three years.”

“Then I understood that the bastard was born, and he was accompanying that bastard.” tears blurred her vision, “This incident tormented me endlessly, like someone took a file and kept sharpening it on my heart, so at that time I was very strict with you, I demanded that you be first and do well in everything. I wanted you to be good.”

“And when you grow up, I’m afraid you’ll be lied to and bullied, and I’m afraid you’ll follow in my footsteps, so…”

She looked at Kris, and there were regret, self-recrimination, and relief expressed from her eyes, “So I found Kris and made him my son-in-law. Although he has no money, he is very honest; although he is not very successful, he is sincere to you, and he is diligent in running the house daily, helps you wash clothes, cooks delicious food for you, and even takes care of me.”

“But now, I think that as a mother of yours, I am selfish and don’t respect you or think about your feelings.”

“Mom, I don’t blame you.” Marry cried and shook her head, “I’m living a good life now, and I’m in a good relationship with Kris, I didn’t understand you before, but now I do.”

She didn’t know how her mother had managed to keep going all these years, but she knew she must have had a hard time.

“Mom, those things are passed. Now I’m a grown-up, and I can take care of you.”

“Kris, thank you for forgiving me, Mom apologizes again.” Said Jane bending down again.

Kris was relieved with a sigh, and went upward to help her up, “Mom, it’s all in the past, from now on, you can enjoy yourself at home in peace, Mary and I will definitely be filial to you.”

In fact, Kris didn’t hate her, especially after this incident happened, all that unhappiness in his heart also vanished.

But, it was unacceptable for the Su family hurt my wife and mother-in-law.

Kris smirked silently and got a plan.


Just then, there rang the doorbell.

“I got this.”

Kris was confused that who would that be at such a time.

As he opened the door, a woman was looking gaunt standing in front of the door.

“Yuan Liu?”

Kris was surprised.

“ are you doing, Kris? Is marry at home?”

“Honey? Who is that?”

Marry stood up from the sofa, wiped her tears, and went check.

Jane on the sofa was afraid of being seen, so she went to the bedroom.

“Hey, Yuan, what wind brings you here?” Marry went to Yuan with surprising. Marry took Yuan’s hands, “ Come on, get in.”

Sitting on the sofa, Yuan was very reserved and looked a little bit embarrassed.

Even with the heavy makeup on her face, she couldn’t hide the dark circles under her eyes and the exhaustion all over her face.

“Marry, am I bothering you?.”

“No, not at all,” Marry sat beside her and asked, “ How is your business of real estate sale?

“Um, good.”

“Come, and get some water,” Kris passed her a glass of water.

“Thanks,” taking the cup, she thanked again, then she put the cup down. It seemed that there were words about to come out from her mouth.

Marry also noticed Yuan’s unnatural appearance and asked, “Yuan, why are you so worried?”

Hearing Marry’s words, Yuan couldn’t hold up anymore and instantly burst into tears.

She clutched Marry’s hands, and cried, “Marry, I have no alternative but ask you for help.”

“Don’t worry. Take it easy,” Kris took a seat and said. His voice was like magic that made her calm.

“Could you guys lend me two hundred thousand dollars? My daughter is in the hospital. The doctor told me that if my daughter couldn’t get surgery ASAP, she will…”

Yuan broke down and had been living with her daughter since the divorce, so it could say that her daughter was her life, and if anything happened to her daughter, she would not want to go on either.

Half an hour later, the three people arrived at the First People’s Hospital.

In the hospital room, a nice little girl of four or five sat on the bed, her head tied in a pillow and a Barbie doll in her hand.

The one who was accompanying her was Yuan’s mom.

“Mom, this is Kris, and this is Marry.”

“Glad to meet you.” Dongmei Li smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Aunty.” Marry nodded her head to greet back.

Yuan walk up to Little Nuomi, and introduced her, “This is uncle Kris, and this is aunty Marry. Say hi to them.”

“Nice to meet you, uncle Kris, aunty Marry.”Little Nuomi spelled. With her big sparkling eyes, she was so lovely that words couldn’t express.

When the first sight on her, marry was attracted by her. Because she was so lovely as a doll.

Walking to Little Nuomi, marry said, “Hi, Little Nuomi, look what we’ve got you.”

As she saying, she took out the Barbie doll set hidden behind her.

“Wow, so many dolls.”

“You like them?”

“Yes!” Little Nuomi nodded her head, “ Aunty, is this for me?”

“Of course, it is for you.” Marry handed the Barbie doll set to her, but Little Nuomi didn’t

accept it until she got permission from Yuan.

“Thank you, aunty.” Little Nuomi said sweetly.

This kid was polite, she would ask for permission before accepting things from others, which showed that Yuan had taught her well.

“Hi everyone!”

Not a long time before a doctor came in, and followed by a nurse.

Yuan and her mom stood up and made room for the doctor consciously.

The doctor looked young, probably not even thirty, and he held a stethoscope in his hand and put it on Little Nuomi’s chest, and she didn’t cry, but instead comforted herself, “Uncle doctor is treating me, Little Nuomi is not afraid! Thank you, uncle.”

Everybody in the room laughed after hearing her words.

Dong Wei did like this little girl. He took out a red flower from nowhere.

“Wow. Wh at a beautiful flower it is!”

“Take it, it is for you. I promised.”

After handing the flower to Little Nuomi, Dong said to Yuan, “The child is currently stable, but the surgery must be brought up to schedule in the next few days, or else the child will likely go blind when the tumor in the skull grows larger and presses the child’s nerves.”

Hearing this, Yuan was shocked and said, “Doctor, you must save my daughter, I’ve got enough money .”

Chapter 308: Little Nuomi Was Sick

“Don’t worry, it’s our duty.”Dong Wei smiled, then he said “Little Nuomi could have operation when her condition gets better.”

Little Nuomi suddenly cried out from playing when Dong Wei hadn’t finished his words.

Then Little Nuomi began to twitch, she showed the whites of her eyes, foam came out from her mouth and her chest rose and fell fiercely.

“Doctor Wei, Look at Little Nuomi.” Dongmei shouted in a hurry and caught Little Nuomi’s hand.

Yuan Liu was pale because of fear. She was panic. She wondered why Little Nuomi’s disease occurred again all of a sudden because her recent tests showed her condition was getting better these days.

“Quickly, Little Nuomi was attacked. Put the tongue depressor in her mouth in case she bit herself.” Dong Wei was also frightened. Obviously he was shocked by Little Nuomi’s behavior.

But he made the right decision at the first time “Press Little Nuomi’s limbs gently and wipe foreign matter in her mouth with a towel in case of inhaling that in her trachea and lead to asphyxia at last.”

The nurse beside him hurried up to clean the foam on Little Nuomi’s mouth with gauze.

Mary was frightened as well.

Dong Wei was heavily sweating. He was shocked that Little Nuomi’s twitching face turned blue, and her tremble body became quiet down. So that he began to perform CPR for her.

But soon, Little Nuomi fainted no matter what kind of method he used to save her.

Kris frowned seeing that. He thought of Lin Li who was invaded by Disha when he looked at Little Nuomi.

He observed Little Nuomi carefully and there was some black energy on her face.

Was it evil spirit?

According to Spirit-observing Technique in Eight Diagrams and Geomancy, the black energy was evil spirit. And Little Nuomi’s evil spirit was even worse than Lin Li’s.

How could a four or five years old girl …?

“Yuan Liu, I want to know when did Little Nuomi began to be like this?”

“Half month ago.” Yuan Liu was frightened so that she began to cry when she said that.

“What’s the matter regarding the tumor the doctor mentioned just now?”

“You are so annoying.” Dong Wei shouted impatiently “Can’t you see I’m rescuing her? You are noisy.”

“Kris, be quiet.” Mary pulled Kris and said “It’s not the right time to talk now.”

It became tensed and gloomy in the ward. Dong Wei stopped after two minutes’ press. He sighed seeing Little Nuomi’s face turned red gradually and her breath became smooth, then he said “Finally she is fine.”

He took out the tongue depressor from Little Nuomi’s mouth and said seriously “Little Nuomi’s condition is getting worse, we can’t delay her operation any more.”

He looked to the nurse and said “Ask the director to come to check her condition because she is not good now.”

The nurse ran out hearing that.

Both Yuan Liu and her mother were panic.

“Doctor, please save my daughter.” Yuan Liu bent on her knees as she talked.

“What are you doing here?” Dong Wei held her up and said “It’s my duty to save my patient.”

Yuan Liu nodded with gratitude.

“Doctor, why Little Nuomi didn’t wake up?” Dongmei Li asked with confusion. Normally Little Nuomi would soon wake up after she was attacked, but this time she didn’t wake up soon as usual.

“It’s okay, she will wake up soon.“ Dong Wei wiped his sweat and said “Wait here first,later our Director will come to check her condition.”

“No, it’s too late.”

Kris went forward at this time and said “Yuan Liu, Little Nuomi’s disease is not epilepsy caused by brain tumor but evil spirit.”


Dong Wei was pissed off hearing that.

Would the result of scientific diagnosis be wrong?

“Do you know what are you talking about? Evil spirit? Don’t talk nonsense here. ” Dong Wei hated people who talk nonsense here. Many patients believed in such words each year and missed the best treatment time.

“Kris, don’t talk nonsense.” Mary got angry because it was hospital here. Why Kris talked about evil spirit.

How could Kris talk nonsense in life-and-death time.

Dongmei was unhappy hearing that, then she said “Are you a charlatan? Yuan Liu, is he your friend? Did he cheat you?”

Yuan Liu bit her lip and looked at Kris carefully. It seemed she was asking Kris “Are you kidding me?”

Was Kris kidding them? Obviously no.

He said seriously “She began to be like this half month ago, why you send her here recently? You’d better tell me more details, it’s related to Little Nuomi’s life.”

“Bah, bah, bah, good luck, good luck.” Dongmei stood up and cursed Kris “Do you know how to talk like a human? Our Little Nuomi will be fine.”

Kris didn’t talk but looking at Yuan Liu frankly.

“Little Nuomi’s symptoms are not obvious at first. About one month ago, she kept shivering after she came back from kindergarten. And she told me she was cold. I though she was cold because of season change, so I didn’t pay much attention. I asked her to put on thick clothes. ” Yuan Liu said with guilty “She was fine after that. And she was normal next two days. But she told me she was cold the third day.”

“I thought she got a cold. I took temperature for her, but it was normal. It’s Autumn I can’t give her cotton-padded jacket. So I just gave her another pair of pants. ” Yuan Liu wiped her tears and said “She was normal the following days. But she told me she was cold again several days ago. I had no other ways but taking her here to do some tests. We did a Ct scan then the doctor told us she has a tumor in her brain. Epilepsy was caused because the tumor pressed the nerves in her brain.”

“No, no, it was not caused by tumor.”

Kris’ spirit was greatly improved after he practiced Tianmo Kungfu. And he understood Eight Diagrams and Geomancy much better now. So he firmly believed it was caused by evil spirit.

But what confused Kris was only Little Nuomi’s head was surrounded by black energy and other parts were not like that.

Would the evil spirit was caused by the tumor in Little Nuomi’s head?

No absolutely. If it was true, the tumor couldn’t bear the breakout of evil spirit. And Little Nuomi could not survive. Unless the root cause of the evil spirit was that tumor.

Kris was lightened up suddenly. It seemed he got some important clues. “Can I see Little Nuomi’s CT scan?”

“Enough, I can’t bear you anymore.”

If Dong Wei was not a doctor, he would beat Kris. Little Nuomi was in such a dangerous situation now and he was talking nonsense.

“Please get out of the ward. The patient needs to rest.”

“Yuan Liu, ask them to go out, I don’t want to see them.” Dongmei shouted at Yuan Liu.

“Kris, let’s go.” Mary couldn’t stay anymore, she felt her face was burning.

Kris frowned and said “I’m not talking nonsense, Little Nuomi is sick not because of the tumor.”

“Damn, are you fooling us?”

Dong Wei couldn’t help cursing “Will the CT lie? I will call the police if you don’t go.”

“I believe in him.”

Then a doctor in doctor’s overall came in.


All the people in the ward turned to him.

“What did you say, director?” Dong Wei looked at Libo Wang unbelievably. Would the CT lie?

“Could CT diagnose all diseases? ” Libo glanced at Dong Wei, then he went to Kris and said politely “Magical doctor, nice to meet you again.”


As his words fell, all the people were frozen there.

Dong Wei opened his eyes widely. His jaw was dropping because of surprise.

Did he mishear?

What did the director call him?

Magical doctor?

Oh, my gosh. Director was the best surgeon in their hospital. And their hospital ranked among top ten in Westriver City.

And he called him Magical doctor.

Dongmei was also astonished. Director Wang was Little Nuomi’s doctor in charge, and Doctor Wei was his student. Kris was a Magical doctor since Director Wang called him that.

Her granddaughter’s sickness was not caused by brain tumor?

Yuan Liu looked at Kris unbelievably and she just stood there still.

Mary looked at Kris straightly. Each time she thought she knew him better, then more mysterious things would happen to cover her eyes.

Which one was real Kris?

Kris looked at the director for two seconds, then he nodded and said “I remember you, you are Bo Wang?”

“Magical Doctor, I’m Libo Wang.”

Libo was excited that the Magical doctor still remembered him.

Kris’ excellent medical skills conquered him totally.

Who couldn’t be saved if he could save a dead person?

“Director, are you sure?” Dong Wei asked while pointing at Kris “ He is even younger than me, you call him Magical doctor?”

“Dong Wei, how did I teach you?” Libo fell his face and said”What is age? It’s just an excuse for ordinary doctors to show off. All excellent men could be your teachers. Don’t you know that? I could never be excellent as the Magical doctor the rest of my life. Shall I be proud because I am twenty years elder than him?”

“But, it can’t prove anything.” Dong Wei still didn’t believe in Libo’s words.

“Do you remember there was a patient with sudden heart attack two days ago in our hospital?”

“The patient was announced died but came to life at last?” Dong Wei answered doubtfully.

“Yes, he was saved by the Magical doctor. ” Libo sighed and said “That patient had mydriasis at that time, and all his vital signals disappeared, but the Magical doctor rescued him.”

“The patient pretended to be die?” Dong Wei curled his lips, he still didn’t believe Kris was a Magical doctor.

“Nonsense.” Libo still wanted to curse him but interrupted by Kris “Don’t talk useless things. Pay your attention to Little Nuomi if you have time to argue here.”

Libo nodded hearing that and he said with guilty “You are right.”

“He is just being a poseur.”

Kris didn’t care what Dong Wei said. He said “Can I see Little Nuomi’s CT scan?”

“Here it is.”

Yuan Liu took out a pile of Ct scan images from the cabinet beside the bed. “This is the brain CT image of Little Nuomi, we did it yesterday.”

She wanted to try just because Libo admired Kris so much no matter his medical skills were really great.

Kris observed it as he took the image. There was a tumor in the blood vessel of Little Nuomi’s brain.

But the shape of the tumor was strange, it was like a little worm on the trunk.

Little worm.

Kris was shocked that he suddenly remembered the description on the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions.

It …it was not a tumor.

But a King of Deadliest Insect.

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