Chapter 307: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 307 Their First Kiss (1)

Xiran’s mom answered: “You silly girl. Me and your dad are over ninety years old. We have lived a full life, and it’s time for us to go. There is no need to be sad.”

Xiran’s eyes brimmed with tears again when her mother said this.

Yiyao felt rather awkward to be there. She said she needed to take medicine and then she left the ward. Jingyan followed her out.

“I can’t take this bracelet. Please give it back to the old lady.” Yiyao said to Jingyan when they were alone.

Jingyan knew this would happen. He took a step backward, put his hands behind him and said: “You agreed to take it. How can you give it back. It’s none of my business. If you don’t want it, give it back to her yourself.”

It was the first time that Jingyan refused to help her. Yiyao said: “But I can’t wear it.”

“Then put it in your locker. It’s your bracelet now.” Jingyan said. “It’s the old lady’s gift for you. I can’t take it back.”

Yiyao didn’t insist on giving it back. She put the bracelet into her pocket and said to Jingyan: “Fine. I’ll keep it. You should go back now. Your families are still in the ward.”

“I’ll walk you downstairs.”

Yiyao and Jingyan then walked side by side. Yiyao said: “I know the director of this hospital. If you need his help, let me know.”

“Thank you.” Jingyan answered. He was feeling very glad at that moment, because Yiyao just met his family, and in a traditional sense, that means their relationship just took a big leap forward.

Xiran’s father regained his consciousness that afternoon. And people left the hospital when the two of them were out of danger.

Kerry was walking with his son side by side. He said: “Jingyan, you spend so much time in hospital everyday to pursue the girl. Do you still have time to think about the company?”

“The company is doing very well.” Jingyan said smilingly. “Dad, if a company stops functioning when its boss is absent, that only means the management of the company is a failure. But dad, the company you built has perfect management.”

“Stop trying to flatter me. You can pursue the girl you love. But don’t forget doing your job.” Kerry said.

“Don’t worry, dad. The managers send me emails every night, and I am still dealing with the affairs in the company.”

“That’s good.” Kerry said. He wanted to talk about Yiyao with his son, but he chose not to, because he didn’t think it is a good idea to get involved too much.

A few days later, Yiyao achieved a very good recovery. Most of the wounds were healed, except the cuts on her belly.

She was getting very impatient, and she wanted to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. But she knew her father would be very angry if she left, so she had to stay. She killed the time by practicing martial arts with Azure Dragon, and she was getting more and more bored.

Jingyan said to her: “You are getting so familiar with Azure Dragon and you can already predict his moves. Do you want to fight me?”

Yiyao and Azure Dragon stopped themselves when they heard what Jingyan said. They looked at him and asked in unison: “You can fight?”

“I also learned some martial arts when I was younger.” Jingyan said.

Azure Dragon walked to him and touched his shoulder. He said: “No. You are too skinny. She will break your backbone.”

“I don’t think so. Do you want a competition or not?” Jingyan looked at Yiyao in a provoking way.

“Sure. We have known each other for so long and we have never tried this before.” Yiyao wiped the sweat off her face. She felt excited, after all, it had been a long time since she was challenged by someone.

Jingyan smiled. “It’s too boring to have a competition without having a bet.” He said.

“How do you want to bet?”

“If I lose, you can ask me to do something for you. If you lose, I can ask you to do something for me.” Jingyan smiled slyly.

“No problem.” Yiyao said without hesitation. She didn’t believe she could lose to Jingyan.

“You didn’t even ask how are we going to compete.”

“It doesn’t matter. I won’t lose.”

Jingyan smiled. “Yiyao, you are overconfident.” He said.

Yiyao was getting excited. She asked: “So, how are we going to compete?”

Jingyan then picked up an apple from a plate and put the apple on Azure Dragon’s head, and he said: “We will do it in this room. The rule is very simple. The one who gets the apple will be the winner. Azure Dragon is the judge.” He looked at Azure Dragon and said: “Don’t move.”

“So I am just a stake. What if you kick me?” Azure Dragon took the apple off his head and complained. He knew Yiyao wouldn’t hurt him, but he was worried about Jingyan, because Jingyan doesn’t look like someone who has good control over his body.

Jingyan said seriously: “Don’t worry. I won’ hurt you.”

Azure Dragon said: “Can you think of something else? I just want to stand by and watch.”

“Azure Dragon, put that apple on your head!” Yiyao said.

“Yes!” Azure Dragon didn’t dare to say no to Yiyao. He put the apple back on helplessly.

Jingyan removed his coat. He was wearing a t-shirt inside, and he isn’t even big enough to fill the shirt. He isn’t muscular, but he is well-proportioned. And he looks like a model.

Jingyan did some warm-up exercise and said: “Let’s begin!”

Yiyao stared at Jingyan coldly. At that moment, Jingyan is only her enemy.

Azure Dragon counted: “Three! Two! One! Go!”

The ward is not very spacious, and there are tables and chairs, so the two of them didn’t have lots of space, which made their competition more challenging and difficult.

The moment Azure Dragon said go, he could feel their fists flying around his head. Azure Dragon was frightened and he shut his eyes tightly. When he opened his eyes again, he found Yiyao and Jingyan were already fighting each other. And he was very surprised by Jingyan’s performance.

Chapter 307 Their First Kiss (2)

Azure Dragon was so shocked by Jingyan’s performance that his jaw dropped. It was like Jingyan had transformed into someone else. His movements are so fast, fierce and deft. Every time Yiyao got close to the apple, Jingyan would appear between the apple and her, and then they would grapple with each other again.

It had been a long time since Yiyao met such a formidable opponent. Azure Dragon finally stopped worrying that Jingyan would injure him accidentally.

The two of them kept on fighting. The competition between them grew more and more fierce. Jingyan’s movements were now so fast that Azure Dragon couldn’t even capture his movements with his naked eyes. That was because Jingyan used his super power. He realized there was no way he could win against Yiyao without using super power, but since Azure Dragon was watching, he didn’t use too much of his super power.

Yiyao was getting more and more excited. She is a soldier in the special forces and she is a well-trained fighter. At first, she didn’t fight Jingyan with all her might because she didn’t believe Jingyan is a match for her. But gradually, she realized Jingyan is much more formidable than she imagined. So now, she was fighting back as hard as she could.

Azure Dragon stared at the two of them unblinkingly. They were so fast and Azure Dragon could only see two big shadows moving around the room. One moment they were fighting in front of him, and the next second they were already behind the table.

Ten minutes later, Jingyan noticed sweat glistened on Yiyao’s forehead. He decided to put an end to the fight as quickly as possible, because he knew Yiyao was still not fully recovered from her injuries. So, after dodging her kick, he charged towards Azure Dragon to grab the apple, but before he could touch the apple, Yiyao grabbed him and pulled him back into the fight.

Jingyan didn’t give up. He knew he must win this competition. He must win that bet. So he controlled Yiyao with one arm and reached for the apple with the other. Yiyao tried to break away from him but she failed, and in the end, Jingyan grabbed the apple. He won.

Jingyan was so glad. He looked at Yiyao proudly and showed her the apple. He said: “Thank you, Miss Duan. It was a good fight.”

Yiyao lost the competition, but she didn’t feel bad at all. Because she hadn’t met such a worthy opponent for such a long time, and she enjoyed the fight very much.

“I lost. What do you want me to do?” Yiyao said. She accepted the result decently.

Jingyan said: “I need to think about it. This victory didn’t come easily.”

“Fine. Tell me when you make up your mind.”

Azure Dragon was so shocked by the fight and he hadn’t recovered yet. He just felt he was filled with admiration for Jingyan. He grabbed Jingyan’s hand tightly and looked at Jingyan, his eyes sparkling. He said: “Jingyan, you are so amazing! You just beat our leader! I can’t believe it! Why are you still so humble when you are so cool! Oh my god! I am so excited! I am crying! I need to calm down! Calm down!”

Yiyao said: “Why are you so happy with the fact that I lost?”

“Yes! Sure! Finally, you lost to a man! This is so inspiring!” Azure Dragon hugged Jingyan tightly. “My brother! Now you have my permission to date my leader.”

Yiyao kicked him and said: “When did you have a say in my relationship?”

“I think all our brothers will allow him to date you! He is the only man who can win against you!” Azure Dragon said excitedly.

Jingyan smiled. He said: “I was just lucky. Yiyao is truly a tough opponent.”

“You don’t need to be humble. I lost. And I don’t feel bad about it.” Yiyao is always very strict with herself, but she also demands herself to be a good loser.

“Actually….” Jingyan leaned close to her and whispered: “I used my super power. Or I will never win this fight.”

Yiyao widened her eyes. No wonder his movements could be so fast.

“If you think it is not okay to use my super power, we can….”

“What are you talking about? Being able to use super power is also one of your abilities. Of course you can use it.” Yiyao said. “And another thing, me and Azure Dragon are going to do more exercises for the following days, and I want you to be here to help us. I can pay you.”

“Pay me?” Jingyan laughed. “You think I need to be paid?

“Then what do you want? I can’t ask you to help us without giving you anything.”

Azure Dragon giggled and said: “I think you know what does he want.”

Yiyao arched her brows and glared at Azure Dragon, who then escaped the ward.

Now, there were only the two of them in the ward. Jingyan poured a glass of water for her. He wore a very serious expression and said: “You don’t need to give me anything. I just want you to get more and more powerful, so that you can protect yourself and never get hurt. I think I would also enter the army if I didn’t have Yehuang Group, so that I can stay beside you all the time and protect you, but I can’t. I will be less worried about you if you can protect yourself fully.”

Chapter 307 Their First Kiss (3)

Yiyao looked at the man standing in front of her. She never believed Jingyan would be willing to make such a huge sacrifice for her. She didn’t feel moved. She just felt there was no way through which she could repay his love, which is so deep and profound.

She looked at his delicate features, and she was suddenly seized by a desire to kiss him.

“Close your eyes.” She said softly.

Jingyan didn’t know what she would do. He closed his eyes slowly. Then, he could feel Yiyao was walking close to him, and then he could feel her gently breath. His heart pounded violently, and his hands clenched.

The next thing he knew, her hot lips were pressed against his. Jingyan felt his mind went blank. His blood was racing rapidly to his face. He had never been so happy before. But a few seconds later, her lips moved away, and the softness disappeared.

“This is what I can do for you.” Yiyao said. Her face blushed. Her eyes were sparkling.

Jingyan stared at her lips. He wanted more.

Yiyao’s heart was also beating violently. She turned around to escape his gaze, but Jingyan grabbed her arm, and pulled her back into his arms. He then lifted her chin and kissed on her lips.

Yiyao was shocked. She tried to break away from him but he hugged her even more tightly. She had never kissed anyone before, and she didn’t know how to kiss at all.

Jingyan was, of course, having a very good time. He wanted to kiss her the first time he met her. And now, he was finally doing it. He felt her lips are so sweet and soft.

Yiyao was gradually taken over by her emotions. She let her guard down and enjoyed this kiss. She put her arms around Jingyan’s waist and kissed him back.

Some time later, Jingyan forced himself to move his lips away from hers. He looked at her. Her cheeks were crimson, her eyes were twinkling, and her lips were luscious.

Suddenly, someone in the hall broke a glass. Yiyao was frightened and all her senses came back to her. She realized Jingyan was staring at her, and her arms were around Jingyan’s waist.

Yiyao tried to break away from him again but she failed. “What are you……” She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t even dare to look into Jingyan’s eyes.

Jingyan put his hand under her chin and forced her face up. He said seriously: “You seduced me.”

Yiyao blushed scarlet. She said: “No! I didn’t!”

“Then why did you kiss me?”

“I told you! It is how I repay you!”

“I see.” Jingyan said. “But one little kiss is just not enough. So I took more.”

“You should first ask me whether I am willing to give you more.” Yiyao was in a confused state of mind.

“Fine. It was my bad. I’m sorry.” Jingyan smiled at her. His eyes were lustrous. His voice was sonorous.

Yiyao broke away from him and turned back.

Jingyan looked at her. He found every single motion of hers unreasonably attractive. He lifted his arms up and wanted to hug her from behind, but he refrained himself. What happened just now was enough for one day.

“Yiyao, that was my first kiss. It was so wonderful. I will never forget.” Jingyan said in a soft voice.

Yiyao looked at him and said: “I won’t take any responsibility.”

Jingyan smiled. “Of course. But if you want me to be responsible for you, I will be very glad.”

“How can you…what….” Yiyao was still in a confused state of mind and she didn’t know what to say. She felt angry with herself, so she just grabbed Jingyan’s hand and pushed him out of the ward, and said: “Don’t come back today!”

“What about your dinner?”

“It’s none of your business! I’m not going to starve!” Yiyao slammed the door. She then turned around and leaned against the door. She thought about the kiss and a smile curved her lips.

She heard Jingyan walked away, and she went to bed and covered herself under a quilt. She touched her lips and she felt she could still taste him.

It had been twenty-eight years, and she finally had her first kiss, and she loved it. But she felt embarrassed when she remembered that she put her arms around Jingyan’s waist and kissed him back. She patted her forehead and said to herself: “Why are you so impulsive! What were you thinking!”

Jingyan was at that moment in his car. He was wild with joy and he still couldn’t believe that kiss actually happened. It was just too good to be true. He seemed calm, but he was actually rather nervous and his hands sweated profusely.

He licked his lips, and relived that sweet moment again and again in his imagination. Yiyao always projects herself as a woman who is tough and indifferent, so Jingyan was very surprised to find out that she also has a soft side. When he touched her, he felt electricity flew through his body, and he just wanted to hug her even more tightly. He had never kissed anyone before, but when he touched her, he just knew how to deliver a good kiss. Because he loves her.

Jingyan sighed with satisfaction. He felt he was getting addicted to that kind of feeling, and this addiction would never be cured.

That night, Jingyan didn’t come. Chuxue brought the dinner to Yiyao.

Yiyao looked at the stunningly beautiful girl and asked: “Why are you here? Where is your brother?”

“My brother asked me to take the dinner to you. He said tomorrow he will come and take the box.” Chuxue passed the box to Yiyao and said. “Goodbye.”


Yiyao looked at the dinner box and smiled. She realized she was falling in love with Jingyan. Just like the nurse told her, no one could resist his charm.

Chuxue went back to the car and said to Jingyan: “My job is done. Where is my picture?”

Jingyan took out a picture from his wallet and gave it to Chuxue. Chuxue said: “From now on, you can never use this ugly picture of mine to threaten me!”

Jingyan smiled. “I think it’s cute.” He said.

“I am wearing a diaper in this picture, and I am eating my toe! You think it’s cute? Then you should also take a picture like this.” Chuxue said.

“I am not stupid.” Jingyan said. He looked at Yiyao’s room and drove away.

That night, Jingyan felt restless. His head was full of the scenes of their kiss in the morning. And he felt a surge of love and desire for her. He took a cold shower, and forced himself to go to bed.

He is a mature man, and he has his sexual needs. Before he met Yiyao, he hardly thought about these issues. But since Yiyao appeared in his life, he just wants to drag Yiyao into his arms and make love to her.

That night, Yiyao appeared in his dream. She was dressed in a backless dress, and her feet were bare. She looked at him flirtatiously.

Jingyan could no longer hold it. He rushed to her and tore her dresses apart, and dragged her to his bed and made love to her passionately.

The next day when he woke up, he felt exhausted. What a dream. He thought to himself.

Maybe it was because of what happened between them yesterday, Yiyao had been avoiding Jingyan’s eyes all the time. Jingyan’s eyes, however, followed her every move. He finally asked: “What are we gonna do after breakfast?”

Yiyao didn’t answer him. Azure Dragon looked at Yiyao and then said: “This morning we will do some simple exercises, and this afternoon, you will be our training partner.”

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