Chapter 309 – 310: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 309: King of Deadliest Insect


King of Deadliest Insect?!

Dong Wei looked at Kris Chen like a fool and said, “I’m afraid your mind has been blinded by reading too many martial arts fictions!”

Dongmei Li frowned at this. Although she didn’t know what King of Deadliest Insect is,she did’t believe it could get into people’s head?

It is impossible !

Libo Wang has been a doctor for decades, and he has heard some secret stories. He once heard that the elders of the older generation said that there were a group of people in the Miao Autonomous Region who are good at using poisonous insects.

They neither believe in traditional Chinese medical science nor Western medicine, they only believe in Miao(an ethnic group in Hunan Province of China) medicine.

Therefore, when he heard Kris Chen said it was King of Deadliest Insect, he did not question it at all.

Mary Su’s face was burning with anxiety, and she said in a low voice, “Kris, there is no King of Deadliest Insect at all in the world, so please do not make any fuss.”

” Doctor, do you know what kind of insect this is?”

“Teacher, what the hell is King of Deadliest Insect.” Dong was curious about this.

Kris shook his head: “I don’t know. I have to see what it looks like in order to distinguish its kind.”

It was also the first time for Kris to get closer contact with King of Deadliest Insect in real life.

And he began recalling the introduction of such insect as recorded in the ancient medicine book, and the breeding method.

The method of breeding King of Deadliest Insect is to put various kinds of poisonous insects into a closed container and then the insects will fight with each other. And the last one survived one is called King of Deadliest Insect.

The King of Deadliest Insect is not only fierce, but also evil. Because it is the only one survived.

This can well explain why the face of Little Nuomi (King of Deadliest Insect) is with dark air over its face.

There is a magic pill in The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions, and its name is the Bug-Attracting Pill!

As long as you crush the Bug-Attracting Pill pill into powder, and then ignite it, then King of Deadliest Insect will be led out.

“You wait here. Don’t move Little Nuomi. I’ll be right back.” He patted Mary’s hand and ran out directly.

The Bug-Attracting Pill pill is one kind of intermediate magical pills. The main ingredient is very simple, namely the blood essence of a Practitioner.

The higher the practitioner’s practice stage is the better the efficacy of pill is.

Kris took a taxi to the Huanyu Goup.

“Do not disturb me, I have something urgent to deal with.”

After he told Xue Mi something, he directly locked the door of the office.

In addition to blood essence, he also needed some auxiliary medicinal materials which he had had already.

After taking out the small refinery box, Kris needed dips of his own blood, so he used knife and cut his finger without hesitation.

Half an hour later, there was s sound in the small box, then he lifted the lid, and inside it lying three blood red pills.


Kris wrapped up the pills, and the cut on the finger had scabbed.

Then Kris went out of Huanyu Group and took a taxi to the First People’s Hospital.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting!” Kris came in hurriedly.

“Doctor, you came at length.” Libo looked grim and added: “During your absence, Little Nuomi’s condition got worsened again .”

Kris was anxious hearing that, so he picked up the iron medicine plate, took out one Bug-Attracting Pill from his pocket, and ground it into powder with his Genuine Energy.

Looking at the red powder in the iron plate, people were surprised.

It is easy to crush magical pills, but crushing them into minute powder is not easy.

“This must be achieved by using internal strength as predecessors had said in the book before! “Doctor Libo thus shouted in his heart.

Then Kris took out the lighter and lit the powder.

Then Kris quickly put the iron plate beside the kid Little Nuomi.

Then he saw a red smoke rising from the plate, as if being pulled upward by some force, the smoke was directly inhaled into Little Nuomi’s nose.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the ward took a deep breath.

Wasn’t this amazing?

The heat stored in Libo ‘s eyes was almost burning.

“Fuck, quack trick!” Dong Wei sneered with cold face.

At this moment, Little Nuomi’s body was shaken by some force suddenly.

Slowly, a chubby insect resembling a silkworm crawled out of her nose.

Mary was so scared that she buried her mouth.

My god, the worm was crawling out of Little Nuomi’s nose.

Dongmei and Yuan Liu were so scared seeing this “harmless” little worm coming out. And they couldn’t help but shudder.

No… it’s possible, it’s not true.

Dong kept shaking his head, this scene had exceeded his cognition, which instantly he subverted his worldview.

“It’s amazing.” the doctor Libo cried with amazement.

Then at that time, King of Deadliest Insect slowly wriggled on Little Nuomi’s face, and all the red smoke was inhaled by this little creature.

Immediately after its fat body shook for a while, a pair of transparent wings appeared on its back.


It fluttered its wings and flew to the plate which containing Bug-attracting powder.

At this time, Kris took out the glass jar prepared in advance and put it in.

If he his guess was right, this should be the King of Deadliest Insect that specializes in sucking human blood.

Who on earth was so cruel to put the King of Deadliest Insect on a five-year-old girl’s body?

“Yuan Liu, have you been there recently? What weird people have you met?”

Yuan Liu shook her head and said, “No.”

This was strange.

Kris touched his chin. If he hadn’t found it early, Little Nuomi’s blood might have been completely sucked up by this creature.

“You’d better not let Little Nuomi go to school recently.” Kris Chen reminded: “I doubt anyone wants to harm…”

Before he finished speaking, a woman’s cry for help came from outside: “Doctor, doctor, save my son…”

Hearing the call for help, Dong and Libo rushed out right away.

Then they saw a woman in her thirties rushing in with a four or five year old boy in her hands.

“Quick, prepare a bed for him.”

After placing the little boy on the bed, the little boy began to convulse and foam at the mouth.

“This is epilepsy?”

“Your son has epilepsy?” Libo asked.

“No, how could my son have epilepsy?” The woman shook her head in a hurry.

“Come and gently hold his limbs.” Libo quickly told the nurse next to him: “Hurry up and roll the gauze into a strip and put it in his mouth to prevent tongue from biting.”

After a few minutes, the little boy gradually was calmed down.

“Doctor, is my son okay?” the woman asked anxiously.

“It’s not clear yet.” Libo shook his head: “Take your son for a checkup.”

At this time, Kris walked over and said, “There is no need for an examination, this child is also infected by the insect.”


“Doctor, you mean, this kid also…”

“Yes, bring the child to the ward.” After speaking, Kris Chen walked into the ward.

“Go, take the patient in.”

Libo immediately asked the nurse to push the boy’s bed into Little Nuomi’s ward.

“Hey, why did you push my son to the ward? Didn’t you mean to check him up?” the woman yelled and followed.

As soon as she entered the door, she was stunned: “Little Nuomi’s Mother, why are you here?”

As she said, she looked at the bed and said in surprise: “What happened to Little Nuomi?”

Following the sound, Yuan Liu immediately called out: “Little Zongzi’s mother, why are you here?”

The people in the ward are dumbfounded, what’s going on, are they friends?

“Hey, I took Little Zongzi to buy clothes today, and he started to convulse as he walked. I was almost scared to death.” The woman’s heart was racing saying this, and the tears on her face were still clearly visible.

“Are you friends?” Kris Chen asked with a frown.

“Well, this little boy is called Little Zongzi, and Little Nuomi is his classmate.” Yuan Liu said.


Oh No, there must be a problem with this!

Kris’s face darkened. Since this little boy named Little Zongzi and Little Nuomi were classmates, and he was also poisoned. Does that mean that many children in the kindergarten had been poisoned?

Who on earth was this person, so cruel to the extent as to kill kids?

Regardless of the fact that Holy Dragon Cult Sect and The Sun and moon holy cult are cults, but they also have their own bottom line. As for children, pregnant women, and the elderly, they will never touch group of people.

Thinking of this, Kris Chen did the same and took out a Bug-Attracting Pill again from his pocket, crushed it into powder, and ignited it.

“What are you doing?”

The woman just wanted to stop Kris, several people in the ward stood up at the same time: “Don’t move!”

The woman froze and said with some embarrassment, “Well, I won’t move, I won’t move.”

Just when she was wondering what would be going on, a chubby bug crawled out of his son’s nose.


She let out a scream. Oh, the thing was not good, that, the insect was frightened by her.

The bug paused for a second and wanted to withdraw back.

It wanted to escape, no way!

Kris quickly unscrewed the glass jar and put the bug “King of Deadliest Insect” in it.

After closing the lid, Kris glanced at the woman and felt angry at her.

The frightened worm had returned to its place and became more ferocious.

Sure enough, the two Kings of Deadliest Insects in the glass jar were being fighting together.

At this time, Little Nuomi, who had not woken up, heard the woman’s scream and woke up.


Little Nuomi shouted weakly.

“Good baby, you finally woke up.”

Yuan Liu hugged him quickly, and Dongmei also started crying.

“Come here.” Kris said to Libo the doctor, then walked out of the ward.

“Oh, you are a genius doctor.” Libo looked at Kris Chen respectfully, his eyes full of enthusiasm.

He took the last Bug-Attracting Pill from his pocket and handed it over: “This is the Bug-Attracting Pill, you put it away.”

After receiving the magical pills, Libo was a little bit at a loss.

“You have also seen that now, two children with the same infection were admitted to the hospital. I guess there will be more children be sent to the hospital for treatment. If they are in the same conditions as Little Nuomi and Little Zongzi, you should know how to take care of them.”

“Yes, sir!” Libo ‘s took Kris’s words like taking an important “order”.

“Don’t tell anything about this to anyone.” Kris warned Libo again: “This is my mobile number. Call me if something happens.”

“Yes, understood!”

Libo took the number handed by Kris Chen as if it was a treasure.

The King of Deadliest Insect was caught by Kris, and the bad guy behind the case must have felt it, and this matter would definitely not be easily fixed.

After entering the ward, Kris said: “Sweetheart, you stay with Yuan Liu in the hospital first, I will pick you up later.”

“Honey, be safe “

Outside the ward, Mary held Kris and looked at him worriedly.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Kris kissed her forehead and said: “You have also seen Little Nuomi and Little Zongzi being poisoned. If I don’t find the murderer behind, more children will suffer.”

“Honey, shall we call the police, okay?” Mary buried her head in his arms and was very scared. She was afraid that Kris Chen would be put himself in danger. If anything happened to him, she wouldn’t want to live alone. .

Call the police?

This sounded a good idea!

Mary’s words reminded Kris that he took out his cell phone from his pocket and called the police…

Chapter 310: Fulfilling the Return-to-Nature Stage

Meanwhile, in a hidden cave crowded with people, of which two men suddenly opened their eyes and one of them coughed out large amount of blood, then withered.

“God Father, my…my insect was found and killed…” Said then man who just coughed out blood, after which he passed out.


There came a grim voice in the darkness, followed by a hug swarm of flying bugs that immediately cover the man.

Before even having a chance of screaming, there was nothing left of the man but his bones.

The other man was terrified to hell and started trembling in fear. He turned to the where the voice came and begged:”Please, God Father, show mercy! My insect is still alive, it can still tell me where he is!”

The scarlet-red eyes open and immediately brought down the temperature in the cave.

Others opened their eyes as well, in horror though. They all looked into the darkness, to the man who had merged into it.


One cold answer, then the bugs covered the man.


The scream echoed in the cave, leaving everyone trembling.

“Go finish your job, and don’t catch the attention of six major schools like you idiots did last time.”

“Yes, God Father!”

Meanwhile, Lan Yu got to the hospital as fast as she could.

She was surprised when she caught sight of the King of Deadliest captured in a glass tube.

Then she realized what it meant, the significance.

“Whoever controls this thing must have found out that I have captured it.” Said Kris,”Our enemies our lurking in darkness while we’re walking under the sun, that’s no good for us. We must find the one who gave them these orders asap.”

Lan Yu nodded and walked to Yuan Liu’s side and asked some questions, though it was always Dongmei, Little Nuomi’s mother, that took Little Nuomi to and from school.

“Oh! You just reminded me of something!” Said Little Zongzi’s mother, clapped her hands and continued:”There was a guy who sold snacks at the gate of Little Zongzi’s school around half a month a ago.”

“Oh? How much can you recall? How old is he and what dose her look like?”

“None, it’s been too long. But he spoke with a heavy accent, didn’t sound like he’s from around.”

“Not from around?”

Kris and Mary looked to each other and continued:”Did you recognize the accent?”

“Pretty much, he sounded like a southerner.”


That was it: this snack guy was definitely the owner of the insect in the tube.

“Yes! There was such a man near the school that day!” Dongmei patted on her head and said:”I was there to pick my kid, and she kept asking me for snack so I got her some.”

Dongmei seemed a bi worried:”Do you think the snack was booby-trapped?”

Lan Yu nodded, looking stern:”Based on the evidence we have gathered so far, probably.”

She continued:”Did any other kids buy his snacks?”

“Likely, we stayed in school playing for a while and by the time we left the school, that man’s stock was sold out.”

Sold out?

Then there were a lot of kids who were also at risk.

Everyone in the ward took a deep breath.

“Kris, come with me!” Said Lan Yu as she dashed out of the ward.

“Honey, I’ll go with you!” Mary stepped up to Kris and said.

“Babe, stay here, I’ll be back very soon.” Said Kris to Mary, then he followed Lan Yu out.

After they hopped on a car, Kris asked:”Where are we going?”

“The kindergarten.”

Then the engine roared and they drove away.

Jinqiao kindergarten, southern suburb of Westriver City.

The security guard let them in and called the principal to them after Lan Yu showed him their identity and intention.

The principal, a forty something woman, greeted them and said:”Greetings, officer Yu, I’m Qin Jiang, the principal of this kindergarten.”

“Greetings, principal Jiang.” Lan Yu answered and continued:”We need your cooperation, show us the footage in your security camera, please.”

“Okay, please follow me.”

She took them to the monitor room and showed them the footage.

Just like what Dongmei said: There was a man selling snacks near the school gate.

“Principal Jiang, you have contacts to the parents of the kids who bought snacks from him?”

“I do, but we have this regulation that no personal information of our students should be confidential.”

“You have our promise that it won’t be exposed to anyone else.” Said Kris,”Get the list and call theses parents to ask how their children are doing.”

Bizarre as it seemed, Qin got them the contacts list anyway.

Qin made two calls, both of which didn’t get through.

“One more, we’ll just go their home if this one doesn’t work.” Said Lan Yu.

Qin made another call, and finally this one got through.

“Hello, this is the principal of the Jinqiao Kindergarten, is Lu Xu’s mom speaking?”

“Yes, what…what’s up?” Replied Lu’s mom, sobbing.

“Is Lu Xu alright?”

“No…she…she’s sick, quite serious…”


Kris and Lan Yu looked to each other again, shocked.

So the two calls didn’t get through because the parents were busy with probably the same thing.

Suddenly, Kris’ phone rang, and it was a unknown number.

“Doctor, get to the hospital as fast as you can, we got a lot of kids that showed similar symptoms!”

“On my way.”

In People’s First Hospital of Westriver city, the emergency department was crowded with people.

The beds jammed the corridor, kids’ whole body was twitching and and kept foaming at the mouth. Parents were crying and the nurses were working their ass off attending to all the kids.

Pediatrics, physicians, even the surgeons all came to help.

Libo was in great anxiety for his only had one bug-attracting pill on him and there were at least thirty kids waiting to be saved.

“Come on, Kris…where the hell are you…”Murmured Libo, as sweat came down his forehead.

“Don’t be so anxious, sir, Kris, that doc…doctor, will be here soon.” Said Dong Wei, who hesitated saying the word doctor, but he also knew that it’s important to give credit when credit is due, since he was convinced of Kris capability after witnessing what he accomplished.

Meanwhile, there came the sound of siren of a cop car outside the hospital, then Kris and Lan Yu walked in, who were greeted by Libo immediately.

“Kris! Finally!”

Kris nodded and walked right in the emergency department, the scene of which made him took a deep breath.

Damn those bastards, planting insects into kids?

“Lan Yu, call your colleagues and ask them to come here protecting this place. If any anyone that looks questionable shows up just detain him!”

Then he turned to Libo and said:”Get me a quiet room and a pottery pot that used to boil medicine, quick!”

Lan Yu quickly went out to make the call, and Lidong and Dong Wei fetched the pot for Kris from traditional Chinese medicine department.

Kris said to Lidong at the entrance of Lidong’s office:”Stay here and let no one in.”

“Yes, doctor!”

Kris walked into the room and took a deep breath, putting the ingredients in the pot as he made a small cut on his hand.

The the blood dripped down into the pot slowly, meanwhile Kris started gathered his supreme genuine energy to boost the boiling.

Different from traditional method of boiling ingredients over fire, to use genuine energy was a more effective way recorded on The Medicine Book, a method only practitioners who have fulfilled the return-to-nature stage are capable of using.

After a while, Kris stopped the bleeding and covered the pot with genuine energy as he felt the ingredients were breaking down and merging into each other.

That was something that traditional method of fire could not achieve, and Kris’s mastery in this field escalated again.

Say Kris was a master in it, at that moment he had reached Danzong level, on which one could perfectly mix the ingredients and bring the medical effects to the limit without introducing any impurities in it. With the help of the scripture of the Sun-Moon holy Cult and the Holy Dragon Cult, the genuine energy became infinite, and the impurities were all driven out of the medicine.


The barricade in Kris shattered, his genuine energy grew even stronger, nearly tangible.

The energy was condensed harder, then the purple sturdy energy appeared and gathered around Kris, enclosing him in a wall of sturdy energy.

The return-to-nature stage was fulfilled!

It happened nearly the same moment Kris reached Danzong level.

Libo, who’s still waiting outside, felt a intimidating power pressing on him thought he had no idea what happened in the room.

What the heck?

Libo thought it was because he was too nervous, which caused illusion.

Inside the office, Kris opened his eyes as energy gleamed in it.

The pot failed to contain his power and blast into pieces.

Then a giant red pill appeared from it and kept spinning in the air.

This giant bug-attracting pill was of the worth of more than thirty people’s need, that was enough.

Grabbed the pill in his hand, Kris rose to his feet, laughed as he looked to the pieces of the pot on the ground:”So I’ll need a bigger one, and made of bronze.”

He was met with Libo’s anxious voice as he walked out the room:”Doctor!”

“Let’s go save the kids.”

Again, Libo was shocked by Kris’ capability, which made him not even dare look into Kris’ eyes.

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