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Chapter 309: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 309 A Big Drunken Mistake (1)

He cleared his throat and said rather seriously, “I’m Zhao Nangong.”

Jingyan Ye suddenly stood up from the sofa, “Who are you?”

“Zhao Nangong.”

Jingyan could barely keep a straight face, “Oh, it’s you. Why do you want to see my sister?”

“Well…I need to talk to her.” He seemed to sense he was suppressing his laughter, so he got a little embarrassed.

“Then why do you call me?” Jingyan deliberately asked.

“I called her several times, but it seems she has turned off her phone.”

Jingyan finally laughed out, “Oh, well, she is not at home.”


Jingyan said seriously before he hung up the phone, “Kid, I’m warning you, don’t hit on my sister or I’ll break your legs.”

Venus Mu looked at him in puzzlement, “Who is it?”

Jingyan threw his phone on the sofa and laughed, “It’s the kid of Nangong family. He wants to see Ruyi.”

“Nangong family?” Venus frowned and thought for a while before she realized what he was talking about, “You mean Hao Nangong’ s son?”

“Yeah, who else could it be?” Jingyan sat back on the sofa, “My goodness, how did Ruyi get to know him?”

“I really need to talk to her when she’s back. I’ve told her many times that she shouldn’t get involved with Nangong family. Why does she not listen to me?” Venus threw the flowers on the table in anger and said to Jingyan, “Call Ruyi and tell her to come back immediately.”

As soon as Jingyan saw that his mother was angry, he immediately called his sister, but no one answered.

“The phone is off.” Jingyan said, with the phone in his hand.

Venus calmed down a little bit and picked up another flower, “If she dares to have anything with that kid, I won’t forgive her.”

Jingyan patted his mother’s back and comforted, “Mom, take it easy. We don’t know what’s going on yet. Maybe it’s Zhao who pesters her. We’ll know everything when she gets back.”

At this moment, Kerry Ye came in with the dog. Seeing his wife in anger, he asked his son, “You piss off your mother?”

“No, no, no. Don’t blame me.” Jingyan explained.

“It’s not him, it’s your baby girl.” Venus was mad when she said so.

Kerry looked surprised and walked to his wife, “What happened?”

“Hao’s son, he was looking for Ruyi and he even called Pingan just now to ask him about her. Do you think this is a big deal?”

Kerry face also changed, “This kid, what does he want?”

Jingyan once again tried to calm them down, “Dad, when Ruyi comes back, we’ll know it. Don’t get mad.”

He knew something about what happened among them years ago. He also knew Hao had done many dishonorable things to win his mother over, and even almost caused him not to be born, so he understood his parents’ feelings.

Kerry snorted, “No matter what the kid wants, I will not let him have any relationship with Ruyi. Does he think he deserve Ruiyi?”

Although it had been the past, but it didn’t mean that Kerry had gone back with Hao. It would never happen, never.

“By the way, shouldn’t you be in the hospital now? Why are you here?”

“Yiyao went on a mission.” Jingyan said simply, afraid that his father would take it out on him. Sure enough, as he finished this, he heard Kerry say, “You, there are so many well brought up girls in sky City, and even girls from other cities, but why do you fancy a soldier? Even if she eventually becomes a general, so what? Can she take care of her family? Can she take care of you? Ye family will be yours and hers at last, but do you think she can she be a good wife?”

This was the first time that his father said something bad about Yiyao in front of him, so Jingyan got mad, “Dad, even if you are willing to give her the company, she may not want it. I have always liked her, you know this. If you always think of this, why not say it before? What is the point of saying it now? I need to tell you, I care nothing about her family or anything else. Even if a princess stands in front of me, I only want Yiyao.”

Kerry was so angry that he was ready to beat him, “Hey, kid, how dare you talk to me like this?”

Jingyan jumped off the sofa, instantly teleporting and yelled, “This is what I think about. And you don’t need to convince me. I will only marry Yiyao in this life. What you said about taking care of the family and taking care of me, did you really want my mom to do this when you asked her to marry you?”

Kerry didn’t know what to say. Of course, he loved her, so he married her.

“What? Why not keep saying? If you can marry my mother because of love, why can’t I? Why should I deserve to marry someone I don’t love? It’s not fair.”

Kerry pointed at his son, “Come here.”

Jingyan then moved to another position, “I won’t.”

Kerry’s eyes instantly turned purple, making Jingyan a little scared. Then they began to chase after each other inside the large villa.

Jingyan’ s voice came from the air, “Mom, help me. What I’m saying is the truth.”

Venus still focused on arranging flowers, smiling, “I’m just an ordinary person and I can’t do anything to you.”

After a while, Kerry appeared on the sofa, gasping, “Kid, don’t let me catch you.”

Jingyan appeared in mid-air, “Dad, I’ll come down. Let’s talk about it, OK? Don’t get mad.”

“Okay, I agree.” Kerry waved his hand.

Jingyan, however, did not believe him, so he turned to his mom for help, “Mom, see this? He promised.”

“All right. Come down. he won’t do anything to you.”

Jingyan then got back to the ground. Seeing Kerry rolling up his sleeves, he stopped, “Dad, you’ve promised me.”

“What? Are you afraid? I’m just helping your mom arranging the flowers.” Kerry sneered.

Jingyan pursed his lips and sat across from them, trying to make his father understand him, “Dad, what I just said is the truth. I want to spend my rest of life with her. You need to respect me, right?”

Kerry took a glance at him, “Hey, it’s for your sake.”

“If you really want me to be happy, don’t get involved in us. I’ve grown up and I have my own judgment.”

“Okay, okay, I don’t care. You can do whatever you like. I won’t trouble you.”

Jingyan smiled in relief. Thank God.

It was getting dark outside. And they were all waiting for Chuxue. Sitting at the table, they didn’t start eating. It wasn’t until eight o’clock that she showed up.

Chapter 309 A Big Drunken Mistake (2)

She tiptoed into the room, before making sure that there was no one there. Then she rushed upstairs. But after taking a few steps, someone appeared in front of her, blocking her way.

“Ouch! You scared me!” Chuxue Ye patted her chest, for now she didn’t want to face her families.

Jingyan Ye grabbed her collar and brought her downstairs, “Let’s go. Mom and dad have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Chuxue apparently was shocked, “Waiting for me?”

“That’s right,” Jingyan was ready to gloat.

Chuxue asked cautiously, “What for?”

“Today, Zhao Nangong called me. What do you think?”

Chuxue cursed inside, “Is he crazy?”

“Alright, let’s go. Tell the truth and they may forgive you.” Jingyan held her wrist and took her to the dining room.

Chuxue tugged her brother’s clothes and whispered, “Brother, brother, help me. No matter what I say, help me, please. I will definitely return the favor.”

Jingyan looked cold, “What exactly has happened?”

Chuxue was about to cry, “I’m afraid I made a mistake. A serious one.”

Jingyan glared at her, “I think you are going to be grounded.”

“Help me, please.” For the first time, Chuxue sincerely begged him.

Jingyan, of course, didn’t want to see his sister being punished. He really loved her, so he agreed, “Okay, okay, I promise you.”

“Thank you so much, brother.”

They came to the dining room and the dishes had long been turned cold. So, the maid warmed them up.

Kerry Ye and Venus Mu looked quite sullen and Kerry asked in a cold voice, “Why do you come back this late?”

Chuxue stood straight and replied sweetly, “There were too many things to do in my dessert store. I’m busy today.”

“Why did you turn off the phone?”

Chuxue pretended to be surprised, “My phone is off?” Then she took it out and had a look, “Oh, the battery is dead.”

“Answer me, how did you and that bastard of Nangong family get know each other?” Kerry went right to the point.

Chuxue pretended not to understand his question, “Dad, who are you talking about?”

“Hao Nangong’ s son, Zhao Nangong.”

Chuxue suddenly realized, “Oh, that kid. We met each other when we were in high school.”

“Tell me the truth, OK? Answer me, why did he call Pingan to ask for you?” Kerry was losing his patience.

Chuxue was wimpy, “I don’t know.”

“Say it or not? If you don’t say it, I’ll ask him to come here and tell me.”

“Dad…” Chuxue called Kerry softly and looked at her mother, who looked worse than her dad.

“Pingan, call him. I don’t care it’s humiliating or not…”

Chuxue got anxious, kneeling down on the ground, “Dad, Mom, I’m sorry. I’ll tell you everything.”

She shocked them while kneeling down. God, what exactly had she done? Our princess even kneeled down, which was something she would never do.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Jingyan thought it might be more appropriate for his sister to not stand up, so he did not help her up. He then sat down on the chair nearest to her.

Kerry and Venus looked at each other, and Venus said, “Tell us.”

“The night before last, I went to the bar…”

She didn’t go there along but with Yulin Xiao. However, Yulin had something urgent to do halfway, so Chuxue was there alone.

She was beautiful and graceful. Though some knew she was the unattainable princess of Ye family, they still went up to talk to her. Of course, Chuxue did not even give them a look.

Originally, she wanted to grab a drink or two before going back. But when she was ready to leave, she heard some noise in the bar. Therefore, out of curiosity, Chuxue went up to see what was going on.

Then that’s why she didn’t come back.

Several men in expensive suits were sitting lazily on the sofa with their legs crossed, all good-looking, especially the one in the middle, almost as handsome as her brother. He was smoking a cigar, with a smile but he looked gloomy.

Kneeling down in front of them was a lady who was selling booze. But she was forced to drink and there were already three empty bottles on the table.

Chuxue understood that those playboys were teasing the lady.

How boring they were.

When she was about to leave, she heard the lady said with pain, “Gentlemen, I really can’t drink anymore. Please let me go, okay?”

“What are you talking about? Didn’t we just make a deal? You finish six bottles and we will buy them. How can you go back on your word?” A man said bitchily.

“I didn’t say I’d drink six bottles. You ordered them for me.” The girl defended.

“Hey, lady, you can’t say this. We’re just trying to help you and how can you let us down?”

The girl didn’t dare to retort, so she took the bottle and continued drinking.

However, she had the limitation. Before she could finish this bottle, she vomited all out.

Chapter 309 A Big Drunken Mistake (3)

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing?” A man jumped up, for his pants got wet because of the vomited liquor.

The girl got panicked and used her sleeve to wipe it, but she was kicked away by that man, “Bitch, don’t touch me.”

Chuxue Ye originally had reached the bar door, but her hearing was too good, so she heard the conversations clearly. Unable to put up with those playboys, she turned back and walked towards them.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.” The girl’ s face was pale, kowtowing while apologizing.

Chuxue squeezed in through the crowd and helped the girl stand up, “Why are you kowtowing to these bastards?”

Her sudden appearance made the crowd instantly quiet down. Gazed by everyone, Chuxue took out a handful of cash from her wallet and threw it on the table, looking contemptuously at the man who just shouted at the girl, “Your pants are worth at most a thousand. This is enough for you to buy a new one.” Then she took out a card and gave it to the girl, “I’ll take all the booze. Here is 50,000. Is that enough?”

The girl nodded dumbfoundedly. Chuxue waved her hand, “Go.”

Of course, the girl ran away immediately.

“Oh, Miss Ye, nice to see you. You think yourself save the girl, huh?” One first recognized who Chuxue was.

Chuxue looked at him, not bad-looking, but he was not her type, too arrogant. She’d better leave now.

“Miss Ye, don’t you think it’s none of your business?”

Chuxue looked at him, not answering.

The man continued, “We originally wanted to buy them all, but you suddenly came and took it away. Even if you’re the princess of Ye family, you can’t do something like this, right?”

Chuxue sneered. Since they knew she was from Ye family, she could not disgrace her father. She just got fed up with kind of shitty men.

“What can you do?” The man was going to be provoked.

The man had been lingering in such places for a long time, so he said, “Nothing. We do not want to make things difficult for Miss Ye. Since we meet today, how about having a drink with us?”

Chuxue lazily said, “Are you sure you wanna me to have a drink with you?”

What she said made the crowd start murmuring, for they remembered what had happened in another bar. There were several guys stopping her and wanting to have a drink with her, but in the end, they were beaten up.

The man obviously also remembered this, so he smiled awkwardly, but he couldn’t take it back, “Since…since Miss Ye do not want to drink, then…”

“Chuxue, I didn’t expect you to be such a coward.” The man with the cigar suddenly said, so she took a look at him. She felt she had met him before, but she didn’t know when and where.

“Who are you?” Ye Chuxue asked directly.

The man elegantly stood up, “Zhao Nangong.”

“Zhao?” Chuxue repeated the name again and instantly remembered he was the son of Hao Nangong.

“Oh, so it’s you. What a small world.” Chuxue sneered.

Zhao, without saying more, picked up a bottle of wine and said, “Here you are.”

Chuxue was not an idiot, “Why?”

Zhao then got closer to her and whispered, “I got to know from my father that he almost married your mother. But your father was a coward at that time and I did not expect that after more than 20 years, he’s got a daughter exactly like him.”

Chuxue was young and impulsive, so she was provoked by this. She grabbed the bottle and yelled, “Okay, I’ll drink this. But I won’t drink alone and I need you to drink with me.”

“Sure.” Zhao agreed and grabbed another bottle from the table.

Chuxue added, “Drinking is not enough. How about this? Whoever stops should kneel down on the ground and make an apology. And if they run into each other in the future, the one need to avoid another one.”

Nangong Zhao did not expect her to be so ruthless. Thinking that he wouldn’t be defeated by her, he shouted, “OK.”

After saying that, they began to drink.

Chuxue was quite good at drinking, for she and her brother Jingyan Ye sneaked into the wine cellar to drink her parents were not at home when they were kids. Over the years, she got better at this and most people she met couldn’t defeat her.

Ye family and Nangong family were both well-known families in Sky City and now a young lady from Ye family and a young master from Nangong family were having a competition, so everyone wanted to know who would be the one to kneel down.

One bottle after another… The bar manager was afraid of anything happening, so he wanted to inform their family, but he had no number.

In a short time, two drank three bottles each, but they both looked sober.

“Sir, get four more bottles, please.” The man who came with Zhao shouted at the bar.

Actually, Zhao began to feel dizzy but he just told himself to hold on. Chuxue, however, was not much better than him. After three bottles, she felt sick.

But for the sake of Ye family’s reputation, she needed to defeat him.

In a sec, she finished another bottle. She then said dizzily, “I’m going to the restroom.”

Zhao grabbed her arm, “Do you want to run away?”

Chuxue shook him off, laughing. Actually, Zhao was tempted, “You don’t believe me?”

“Why should I believe you? We don’t seem to know each other, right?”

“Hmph, whatever. Anyway, I’m going to the restroom. Follow me or not, I don’t care.”

Chuxue turned around, giving him a head toss. After asking the servant where the restroom was, she staggered towards it. After staring at her back for several minutes, Zhao followed her in the crowd’s surprised gaze.

Everyone got excited, for they didn’t expect this.

Chuxue peed and washed her face. Her skin and features were good, so she really didn’t need the makeup. Usually, she just did the skin care. Being simple was the best.

Out of the restroom, she was stopped. Taking a look at him, she found it was Zhao.

“Hey, Zhao, do you really have to do this?”

“Chuxue, let me ask you something.” Zhao gazed at her with mixed feelings, and his handsome face got blushed.

Chuxue was a little dizzy, leaning against the wall, smiling and asked, “What?”

“In high school, I wrote a letter to you, but why didn’t you reply me?” Zhao did drink too much, otherwise he would not have thought of this old story, letting alone ask her.

Chuxue frowned, “High school? You wrote to me?” She squinted and thought for a while. Then she threw up her hands and said, “All the letters I received in high school were given to my brother.”

“What? Zhao was surprised.

“It’s like this, since my elementary school, the love letters I received were given to my brother to make paper airplanes. And this continued until my high school. Anyway, I don’t want to read them.” Chuxue smiled, “So, you wrote to me? When?”

Looking at her watery eyes and wet face, he felt something called love after serval years. He went up, grabbing her by her shoulders, and kissed her.

Chuxue went blank at the moment. She had never been kissed by a man in her life, for no one dare to do so.

Subconsciously she wanted to push him away, but Zhao seemed to taste the sweetest candy in the world, so he didn’t stop but put his tongue inside…

He had dated with countless girls, so he did know how to kiss. Besides, they had drunk a lot, making themselves not know what they were doing.

In just a few moments, Chuxue fell into his arms, letting him hug her…

The girl he used to love was now in his arms, so Zhao could no longer control himself…He almost erected here…

“Let me take you out, OK?” Zhao nibbled her ear and breathed near it.

How could Chuxue resist this? She had surrendered already and she didn’t know where she was, so she nodded subconsciously.

Zhao trembled and kissed her again. Then he took her out of the bar from the back door.

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