Chapter 31 – 32: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 31: Kerry’s Fury

Venus was stunned. Kerry had already stridden over to her and snatched the picture frame from her hand. Seeing that she was held by Tianye and smiling so happily in the photo, he got angry and sneered, “Heh, you two are really intimate. He’s holding you so tight, you sure he is treating you as his sister?”

What does he mean? He has been humiliating her every day.

And now he even slandered her brother and she have devious relation.

Venus was enraged by Kerry’s words, she felt like a fishbone was getting stuck in her throat and gritted her teeth, “Kerry Ye, what’s your problem? He’s just my brother, you can keep humiliating me as you want, but don’t calumniate my brother!”

Venus was about to snatch back the photo frame, however, Kerry raised his hand high and just wouldn’t give it to her.

“Humiliate you?” Kerry sneered disdainfully, “Who is the one who pretended to be an innocent white flower, but lost her virginity before marriage? Who came home in the middle of the night after having sex with other people? Who’s the dissolute woman who keeps on seducing different men?”

Venus was startled by what he said, and then immediately realized that after she left, Yiyao Mu must had made up something about her, no wonder Kerry looked so angry.

“If you choose to believe Yiyao instead of me, then what else should I explain to you? You won’t believe me anyway!” Venus retorted.

“Really?” Kerry narrowed his eyes and asked, “You’re blaming me for not trusting you? Well, then tell me, who took your virginity? Your ex-boyfriend Zihang Lu? Or…”

Venus almost broke down and shouted, “I don’t know! I don’t know who he is! It was too dark that night and I couldn’t see clear! I don’t know who he is!”

Hearing her answer, Kerry’s eyes blazed with fury, and he slammed the picture frame onto the floor, the frame broke.

“How could you do this? You are being irrational!”

Venus also got furious, this photo was her brother’s stuff, which contains the beautiful memory of her brother and her….

She bent to a squat and tried to pick up the photo in a hurry. But Kerry reached out his arm and pulled her back, then he threw her against the wall angrily.

“Mmm…” Venus was smashed into the wall. She bowed down, trembling in pain, with tears in her eyes.

“You slut! Bitch! You don’t even know who that man was, and getting fucked by him. Why didn’t you fight back?” Kerry growled and went forward again to capture her hand.

Venus moved aside subconsciously to avoid his touching, but slipped and fell to the ground. The tiny pieces of glass on the ground stabbed into her back and arms.

“Ah!” Venus screamed, feeling the pain from her back.

Kerry frowned and complained impatiently, “How stupid!”

Saying this, he went forward and wanted to check the condition of her wounds.

Venus was already in a bad mood because of Yiyao and Xinyi. Later her back was burning after hitting the wall, and now she even fell on the glass and her arms got hurt, which made her more painful at the moment. She was about to crack.

“Kerry Ye, go away! Don’t touch me! It’s all because of you!” Venus cried and scolded, “If you were not existed, I wouldn’t have to be forced to get married, I wouldn’t have to be humiliated and tortured by you every day, my room won’t be occupied by Yiyao, and my brother’s frame won’t be broken! You bastard, it’s all because of you! So please, get away from me…”

Chapter 32: An Eposide In The Room

Venus Mu, despite the pain in her body, picked up the picture lying under the broken glasses, and found the picture was intact, and she gave a sigh of relief.

She lost her brother, but at least she had a picture of him…..

What she did was a rather pathetic sight in Kerry Ye’s eyes, and his anger that almost subsided was inflamed again. He said coldly: “How is it my fault? You should blame your brother, who did something that shall not be done.”

When he finished, he left the room determinedly without even looking at her again.

When Kerry left, Venus sat alone in Tianye Mu’s room, and tears brimmed again in her eyes. She wiped her tears and placed the picture in a proper place. Then she removed the glass pieces on her arms and back, and stopped the bleeding. Because she couldn’t see her back, she only cleaned her back randomly.

When everything was done, Venus left Tianye’s room and went downstairs to look for Changrui Mu. Her uncle told her clearly that they learned something new about her brother.

The room adjunct to Tianye’s room once belonged to her, but then Yiyao Mu became its new owner.

Venus passed that room when she was about to go downstairs, but the door was opened, and she heard something unpleasant from the room.

She looked inside, and found Kerry was sitting on a sofa, and Yiyao was flirting with him. She held his arm tightly and seemed to have the desire to press her whole body against him.

“Kerry, let me tell you something. My cousin was once a real bitch. On the surface she looked fine, but the truth is that she had relationships with many men, not only Zihang Lu, there is….” Yiyao’s voice was so teasing, far different from the way she usually talked.

“Whatever, I don’t want to hear anything about that woman.” A little impatience could be sensed from Kerry’s tone.

“Fine. Then let’s talk about me. Kerry, I’m different from my cousin. I’m younger, and I like you a lot. I also know a lot about you. You went on three financial channels. You are the biggest son of Ye Family and you grow up in America, and……”

“Enough!” Kerry got impatient with her nagging, and he frowned.

“En….Kerry…” Yiyao was about to apply her most effective technique. She murmured, groaned, and pocked Kerry’s pectorals with her finger, and tried to seduce him. “I can do whatever you want me to do…..”

Her implication couldn’t be more obvious, but Kerry only stared at her, saying nothing.

Yiyao had no idea what this man was thinking, but since he didn’t push her away, she tried even harder. “Kerry, do you want to dance for you? You know I can dance.”

Venus was surprised. Since when did Yiyao learn how to dance? But Yiyao then said softly: “ I can strip. Do you want to see?”

“Damn” Venus said suddenly. But she didn’t say it intentionally. She swore.

The people inside looked towards Venus when they heard the noise, and when Yiyao saw it was Venus, she got so angry. “Bloody bitch. Ruined my plan.”

But Kerry didn’t seem to be surprised. He smiled meaningfully and held Yiyao into his arms and whispered in her ears: “Yeah, I want to see you dance.”

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