Chapter 31 – 32: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 31: The purchase program.

Doris replied to Bar Martin with a serious face, “What?”

“I need a female companion to attend a banquet with me. May I ask you to go?” Barr Martin smiled at her.

“I have a husband.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Barr did not care about it at all, “Doesn’t he mean nothing to you?”

Eva Gray nodded her head and said: “Of course! You’ll get divorced sooner or later!”

Back then, she thought the chairman of the Marquis group was the best candidate for her future son-in-law, but it had been too long, which made Eva believed that compared with the secret chairman, Barr Martin who was right in front of her was more practical.

“Mom, I said I had no plan on divorcing.”

Doris was fully aware of the change of Colin Ward, and she found that her husband was not so unendurable. She intended to accept Colin and be with him as a real couple.

Her words pissed Eva off though, “Colin Ward is just a piece of shit! Look at your father! He’s a loser, too! Look at me now! I’m telling you, with this kind of man, your life will be miserable!”

Baker Lee: “…”

“Colin Ward is not a loser, mom. This house and my car, he bought them both! And he has a job now!”

Doris tried to prove her husband was qualified, but Eva just did not care.

“So what? What about his salary? Can he support his family? This house and that car didn’t mean anything! The money he used might even be a loan!”

Hearing this, Doris just bit her lips tightly. She knew Eva could not be reasoned right now, because ultimately, her mother just despised Colin’s family background and did not believe at all that her husband would have the ability.

“She’s going. I’ll make the call for her.” Eva turned to Barr and said.

Doris was going to say something more, while Barr Martin cut in, “Doris, don’t worry. It’s only a banquet, and nothing more. You’ll do this favor for me, right?”

“Doris, he just promised to help you, but look at you now! Just do the man the favor!” Eva spoke to her daughter.

Having no other way, Doris had to nod her head.

After that, she did not want to stay here anymore and went back to her own house.

When she opened the door, Doris found Colin Ward was chatting and laughing with a man she did not know, which disappointed her a lot. She compromised for her husband, while her husband was just having fun and did not care.

“Doris.” Colin heard the sound and saw Doris walked in.

“Ms. Ward.” Lenard Wang greeted her as well.

“So, they released you.” Doris said indifferently.

Colin nodded his head and thought she was being worried, “It’s fine, now. Don’t worry.”

“Good, I’m going to bed.” And she just went upstairs to the bedroom after saying that.

Colin did not know what caused her upset like this.

Wasn’t he released?

Why was she still unhappy?

Was it because of the project?

Lenard who saw this knew it was time to leave, so he stood up and said: “Alright, I guess I’ll catch up with you later then.”

“Yeah, I’ll meet you next time.” Colin smiled at him and nodded his head.

In the morning, Fox Lee showed up fatuously in the police station with a fancy suit.

“What’s your business?” The police officer who stood guard stopped him.

“Get out of my way.” Fox Lee answered impatiently.

The police officer raised his voice, “I said what’s your business!”

“I’m here to see Captain Liu, so don’t mess around with me!”

Hearing his words, the two police officers looked at each other and then grinned at Fox, “So you must be his friend! Come on in, please!”

Fox then walked in with a supercilious look, but next second, his hands were cuffed.

“What are you doing?”

The police officers said: “Captain Liu was captured because of bribery, but he never told us the name of the people who gave him the money until you showed up yourself. You’re such a good citizen!”

Looking at the handcuff on his hand, Fox Lee tired to struggle but still, he was suppressed by the police officers and sent straight to the interrogation room.

Colin Ward asked Lenard Wang to come into his office.

When Lenard came in and saw Colin, he was stunned, “You are the chairman of Marquis group!?”

Colin smiled slightly, “Yeah, I was promoted just a few days ago.”

Lenard Wang: “…”

“Okay, I’ll go straight to the point, Lenard. I’m aware of your ability and ambition, so let’s do it together!” Colin looked at Lenard seriously as he spoke.

Lenard was very excited. He and Colin Ward were both men with abilities but had no supports, while now, with such an excellent opportunity coming, he was so pleased that he even wanted to kiss Colin on the face right away.

But still, Lenard calmed himself down quickly and asked: “You gotta know, I have no other supports. Will it still be okay?”

“Of course, or why would I tell you who I am?”

“Okay! Since you believed in me, I’ll never let you down then!”

For the next two days, Lenard Wang became a senior executive first, and then the two of them stayed in Colin’s office, collecting data.

Before Nina White could understand what was going on, they purchased plenty of companies and factories which were about to be eliminated and go into liquidation.

Two people, three days, two billion…

Nina could not talk this to Colin, for he would never listen to her, while on the fourth day, she was unable to hold it, so she called to Abe Ward and told him about this madness of his son.

“I’ll do something. You keep your eyes on him.” That was how Abe told her.

And on the fifth day, the company that was selling to Colin and Lenard changed their mind.

“Never mind, we had it enough.” Colin stretched himself and said.

“Yeah, otherwise, we will definitely earn less.”

Hearing their conversation, Nina White who stood aside rolled her eyes.

“Nina, could you take care of the rest, please?” Collin turned to Nina and said.

“Sure thing, Mr. Ward.”

Nina went out of the office and Col in then said to Lenard, “Come on, let’s go and celebrate.”

These days, all the companies and factories were chosen by Lenard Wang, and he proved his ability to Colin once again.

The two of them got out of the building and went to a small restaurant serving BBQ near their school.


Chapter 32: Gossip

The two of them raised the beer in hands and drank.

“It has been forever since last time we came here.” Lenard Wang sighed and said.

Colin Ward nodded his head, “Tell me about it.”

They missed the old time in college, but it was long over.

“Scar?” Colin was taken back.

Looking at the direction of Colin’s gaze, Lenard saw Scar as well, “Shit, they might be looking for you. Shall we bounce?”

That Scar was beaten by Gerd Ward the other day, and so Lenard knew that there was no way this punk would let Colin go easily.

While Colin Ward shook his head and then stood up to walk to them.

Lenard was startled by his action and tried to pull him back, but Colin ignored him.

Since last time Scar was beaten the shit out of himself by Gerd Ward, he learned the habit to bring a lot of people with him when he went out, and he had been looking for Gerd these days but found nothing.

“Long time no see!”

Colin showed up from nowhere and said hello suddenly, which drew the attention of Scar at once, “You bastard!”

Scar threw the cigarette away and his people surrounded Colin immediately.

“Whoa, whoa, easy. I just want to make a deal with you.” Colin said calmly.

“Deal my ass! Kill him, boys!”

“One million!”

“Wait!” Scar stopped his people in a hurry.

“You helped me to give someone a lesson, and then I’ll give you a million-dollar.” Colin smiled at him.


“The one who bought you to cause me trouble.”

Scar was hesitating while Colin kept on saying, “Money is money, if you don’t want it, I can ask anyone else to do the job for me. ”

“One million?” Scar asked.

“One million,” Colin repeated, “Fifty as deposit now, and after it’s done, I’ll give you the rest.”


Then Scar changed his phone number with Colin before leaving, while Lenard who saw this could not help giving Colin a thumbs-up, “Man, you’re good.”

Colin smiled and then raised his chin to point the table behind them, “Nah, if that guy wasn’t here, I would definitely run.”

“Holy shit!” Lenard exclaimed.

A big, strong man wearing a black jacket was sitting there.

It was Gerd Ward.

The man looked at him and said: “Master Abe told me to protect you, but I won’t help if you ask for trouble on your own initiative.”

Colin Ward: “…”

At last, the three of them ate and drank together.

A few days later, Colin received the invitation card handed from Nina White.

“The 20th anniversary of the Martin group?” Colin raised his eyebrows.

Nina White nodded her head and explained, “The Martin group invited many celebrities and entrepreneurs.”

Colin did not like Barr Martin nor the Martin group, so he threw the invitation away and replied to her, “I’m not going.”

Nina sighed slightly and then got out of the office.

While back in Doris Lee’s company, gossip was spread.

“I heard that Ms. Lee is going to the banquet with Mr. Martin!”

“Tell me about it! Ain’t she married? Why did she choose to be someone else’s female companion?”

“She gotta be cheating on her husband!”

Doris walked to her office one step by another, but hearing the discussion of the others, she felt like she was putting her steps on sharp blades.

When she finally made it to the office, Doris felt relieved, and aggrieved, too.

She agreed to do it because she was trying to pay her debt, while not because she cheated on Colin Ward.

Colin was not aware of her being Barr’s female companion, which made the whole thing even harder for Doris.

But even if she told him that, what difference could it have?

People would still call her a cheating slut, and she still needed to go with Barr Martin…

“Sign it.” Fox Lee came in without knocking and interrupted her thoughts.

Doris just glanced at the paper thrown to the desk by Fox casually before signing.

Fox then took it over, but he did not leave, “I heard you’re gonna be Barr Martin’s female companion for the banquet. That’s a good thing. You finally think it through.”

“You’re free to go.” Doris just stared at him coldly.

Looking at her response, Fox rolled his eyes and then turned around to leave.

He came back to his own office and threw the paper to pull his tie.

That bitch!

That day, Barr Martin got him out of the police station so that he could avoid being arrested formally, but Barr had a condition, and that was when he came back, he needed to spread the words that Doris Lee was Barr Martin’s female companion for the banquet.

Fox thought it was a good chance to ruin Doris’ reputation and agreed at once. He was expecting Doris would get a demotion for this.

While on the other hand, Doris knew the spread of this news might be related to Fox Lee, but right now, that was not what worried her the most.

After her duty was over, Doris walked out of her office and the building quickly. She did not want to hear anyone talking about her anymore, but when she made it home, Colin was not there, which made her more upset.

Doris took out her phone and called Flora Lewis, “Flora, let’s find a club to drink.”

“Huh? What happened?” The voice of Flora came from the other end of the line.

“I’ll tell you later.”

Several hours later, when Colin just got home, Flora called him.

“Colin Ward, come and pick Doris up. She’s drunk.”

Hearing her words, Colin frowned, “Drunk? How? Where are you?”

“Just come first.” Flora told him an address and then hung up the phone.

Colin put on his coat in a hurry and went out of the door to take a cab.

By the time he got to the club, Flora who was supporting Doris to stand on the roadside was about to fall at any second.

“Doris.” Colin strode to them and carried Doris.

“Finally!” Flora breathed violently.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Colin then asked, “What happened? How could she be drunk like this?”

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