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Chapter 31: Group Leader – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Hai Su was going to ruin the Su family!

It was his grandmother who spoiled him too much, and she made such an important decision with just one word!

When the Su family’s old lady announced the investment of money, Changhe Su was in great excitement.

In the end, with the assistance of Su family’s elders who managed their finances, all of the Su family’s 400-million-dollar family funds were transferred into his personal account.

Tianhai residential area, Westriver City, many police cars were parked at the entrance. Dozens of heavily armed policemen surrounded Mingdong Wei’s house!

Mingdong’ s house was on the first floor, so it was easy to form an encirclement.

The one leading the group was a female police officer, and her uniform was tight, showing a good figure.

“Madam Lan, what’s the next step?” A police officer walked over and asked in a low voice.

Police Department of Westriver City had just received a 911 call, and there were three long, three short, and three long noises, clearly a signal asking for help.

The police officer who answered the phone at the time locked on to the number and used Skynet to find out information about the owner of the number.

The owner of this number was Mary Su, 24 years old, owning a company named Weimiao.

Lan Yu was the head of the criminal investigation of Westriver City, and she had to personally deal with such case.

“Set the cordon and tell the residents not to watch, in case the criminals to harm innocent people with a weapon!” Lan said, “Also, investigate if there are any other family members of Mary, and if there are, contact them!”

“Yes, Madam!” The police officer nodded and did as instructed.

Inside the room, Mingdong took out his phone.

He had already thought that he would record the whole process later, and when the time came, he could threaten Mary and Jane Tang with the video if they didn’t listen to him.

As soon as he turned on his phone, it showed a low battery and was about to turn off.

Fuck, why now?

Mingdong scolded the bad luck, but he still charged the phone for a while.

Right at this time, a woman’s voice could be heard from outside!

“You’re surrounded. Release the hostages for leniency!”

This frightened Mingdong to death.

He trembled to the door and looked out through the peephole. This really scared him.

Dozens of cops outside surrounded his house.

“Fuck you, bitches!” Mingdong was in a fright, and he looked towards the two, finding the cell phone that was hidden behind Mary.

He was so careless that he hadn’t even taken away their cell phones!

It’s too late to say anything now. If he got caught, he would be sentenced to life imprisonment!

He was so young that he definitely didn’t want to go to jail!

In for a penny, in for a pound. He went to the kitchen to get a fruit knife, putting it around Mary’s neck, and yelled at her, “Fuck you, bitch. I want you to die with me.”

Then he shouted at the outside, “Listen! Leave, or I’ll kill her!”

At this time, a police officer, who was observing Mingdong through his house window, ran to Lan, “Madam, he seems to be very excited, and he has already put a knife around the hostage’s neck. What are we going to do now?”

Lan didn’t say anything but ponder. There were a lot of trees, which made it very difficult for the snipers to lockdown.

Secondly, it was now at night, but there were more and more people coming to watch. Being watched by so many people, she was under a lot of pressure!

When Lan was anxious, a voice suddenly came out from the crowd.

“Mingdong, let them go. I’ll go in and be your hostage!”

The crowd followed the sound, seeing a young man riding an electric vehicle.

Everyone was stunned. This young man was so brave, for he dared to risk his life.

“Nonsense!” Lan glanced at this young man and quickly realized that he should be their family, “You are the hostage’s family, aren’t you? It’s our duty to rescue the hostages, so you just…”

“Mingdong, do you hear me?”

However, Kris Chen directly ignored Lan and kept saying, “What the hell? Kidnap two women?”

Inside, Mary heard that familiar voice, moved, realizing he was running a risk.

“Kris, don’t come in. He has a knife in his hand!”

“Mary, what are you doing?” Jane raged, “Why don’t you let him in? Then we can be free.”

“Mom… We can’t do this. He may die for it.” Mary laughed wryly.

“Die for it?” Jane said coldly, “He has been as a family member for two years. If he has a conscience, he should save us!”

Mingdong laughed, looking at Jane. This woman was really selfish. For her own safety, she could give such a shameless reason.

He should really blame for himself.

One for two? Impossible!

“Mingdong, why be a pussy?” Mingdong walked to the window and shouted through the glass, “You like my wife, but she doesn’t like you. You can’t force her to have some feelings for you, so you quickly release them, and I’ll go in to be your hostage.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

Mingdong was enraged by Kris’s words. Why could this trash get his goddess while he couldn’t?

It was like a thorn in his heart, and he felt like he was a real loser, for he couldn’t win trash.

“I’m trash?” Kris laughed and said, “Mingdong, who’s the trash now? Who is the one that has nothing to lose? Even the company has bankrupted?”

“Fuck! Shut up!” Mingdong’ s eyes were red with rage, very frightening!

Mary looked at Kris through the window, moved.

How could she not see that he was provoking Mingdong so that he could get them out?

As Kris thought, Mingdong was thoroughly enraged, so he yelled, “Didn’t you want to come in for hostages? Come on. When the knife is at your neck, you’ll have to do whatever I tell you to do!”

“Open the fucking door!”

“I will!” Mingdong was overwhelmed by anger. He held Mary in front of him so that she could block his way. He moved to the doorstep by step and opened the door.

Inside the cordon, Lan couldn’t help but take a second look at Kris.

This man was really courageous, actually willing to risk his own life to save his wife. The plot that used to be only found in novels and TV would actually happen today.

“Madam Lan, what should we do now?” The police officer next to her asked.

“Ask for more officers from the station. Disperse the crowd and get a negotiator. Make sure the hostages won’t get hurt!” Lan said, “Also, you first stop Kris. Don’t let him go in. Now the suspect was angry, and I’m afraid that Kris may get hurt!”

“Yes, Madam!” The police officer nodded.

As Lan instructed, the crowd was dispersed by some officers, but in a short time, a group of people came back again.

The people coming were Su family members!

Shortly after Changhe received the money, he received a call from the police and was informed that his wife and daughter had been kidnapped. After he reported to the Su family’s old lady, the old lady rushed to the scene with Su family members, not even caring about the birthday banquet.

They stood outside the cordon, seeing Mingdong put a knife on Mary’s neck, in great shock.

Su family’s old lady couldn’t figure it out—why the kidnapper was Mingdong?

“Officer, what’s going on? We know the kidnapper inside. He’s my future grandson-in-law, how could he do such a thing? Is there some kind of misunderstanding here?” The old lady walked to Lan and said nervously.

“A misunderstanding? There is no misunderstanding!” Lan looked at her and said, “As you can see, this person now is putting a knife on the hostage’s neck, which has threatened the hostage’s life is. He’s proven to be a criminal!”

“Why… why…” She was speechless, unable to say a single word!

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