Chapter 311 – 312: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 311: Four-Winged King of Insect

“Libo Wang, there is a task for you.”

Upon saying these, Lan Yu came over: “All my staff have arrived. Now the emergency department are surrounded by the police.”

“You came just in time.” Kris Chen said, “I’m going to attract out the poisonous insect in the children’s bodies, which may cause panic. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, they’d better go away for the time being.”

“No problem!”

Lan Yu nodded. She took out the police card from her coat pocket and began to evacuate the crowd.

“We won’t leave. Why should we leave?”

“Right, my child is still here…”

The parents of the children in the emergency department were upset.

It was a matter of children’s safety. These parents won’t let their children stay here alone.

Seeing that parents got more and more agitated, Libo quickly stood out: “Please be quiet, I’m a doctor, there is no need to get excited!”

As soon as the voice was over, everyone’s eyes focused on him.

“I know you all love your son, but our doctor’s responsibility is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. How could we ask you to leave without any reason?”

“Please trust us, we will cure your children.”

While Libo was persuading everyone, many men in black came to the hospital.

These men in black looked dark, with indelible gloom between their brows.

Seeing the police outside, many people stopped.

“Damn it, there are police.”

The middle-aged head whispered a curse.

“Boss, what do we do now?” Asked the man next to him.

“Everyone stays down now.”

No matter how powerful they were, they dared not challenge the police. It was the rule in the world. Different matters, differently dealt.

“Let’s try to call them out here first.”

Upon this, the group began to murmur something.


In the emergency department, Libo talked reason and emotion into the parents.

Soon, the families of patients, doctors and nurses in the emergency department all left.

Only Lan Yu, Libo and Weidong stayed there.

Kris held a tray in his hand, shattering and igniting the insect-attracting pill whose size was a child fist.

A thick red smoke rose and divided into dozens of channels in the air and floated into the noses of these children.

A startling scene appeared, one and another fat insects crawled out from the children’s noses and ears.

Lan Yu was the first one to see this scene, making her almost scream.

“Officer Yu, hold it. Don’t yell, or you’ll disturb them.” Libo’s forehead was covered with cold sweat.

There were so many insects that the consequences could hardly be imagined.

Lan Yu quickly covered her mouth with hands and looked at the insects in horror.

After they crawled out, they shook their bodies, opened their transparent wings, and flew to the tray along the red smoke.

Upon now, the men hidden outside were also too anxious to sweat.

“Boss, it seems that the insects have been lured by something. They don’t listen to the command any more.”

“Yes, so are my poisonous insects. They are not obedient at all.”

“And mine, too…”

Seeing the panic looks of his subordinates, he was soaked in cold sweat.

The King of Insect given to him by the God Father was the same, no response at all.

Weren’t them all killed?

Hualong was so afraid that his palms were soaked with sweat.

But facing his subordinates, he could only pretend to be calm.

“Don’t worry. Let me try to call for my King of Insect.”

With a stamp of his foot, a tiny insect slipped from the mouth of his trousers.

This was definitely not calling for the King of Insect. It was clearly asking for help from the God Father.

However, all he did was very covert, no one found out.

At this time, all the insects had fallen into the tray, they twisted the fat bodies, rolling in the tray.


Why was there a golden insect here?

Kris curiously looked at the golden insect. It was not as big as other insects, but had four wings on its back. There was a large open space where it stayed.

The other insects dared not to come near.

Wasn’t this the King of Insect?

According to the records in the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions, the King of Insect was intelligent and could control common insects.

It was a treasure in the eyes of southern people.

But he had no way to control it, so he had to wipe it out.

Thinking of this, Kris’s eyes were full of killing intentions.

While insects were controlled by the Insect-Attracting Pill, Kris converged the Ultimate Yin Genuine Energy and past the move out directly.


Instantly, these poisonous insects were frozen up.

The vitality of all the insects disappeared.

At this moment, all the men in black spurted blood together.

“Boss, my insect has been killed.”

“Mine too…”

With that, one by one fell to the ground!

In the blink of an eye, only Hualong was left alone.

He was in a daze.

They had all been killed?

It was over. It destroyed the plan of the God Father. Now the God Father must be outrageous.

Thinking of the God Father’s killing without blinking an eye, he couldn’t help shivering.

Wait a minute, he was OK, which meant that the King of Insect was still alive.

If the King of Insect was dead, he would be dead too.

Thinking of this, he braced himself to walk over.

“Stop there. It’s not allowed to come here for the time being.” A policeman said to Hualong.

“Please, officer, I have a stomachache, and I need to see a doctor.” As saying this, he held his stomach in his arms, and his face showed pain.


He checked him out up and down, and then said to the walkie-talkie, “Captain, there is a patient outside who needs to see a doctor. Can he go in now?”

Hualong cocked up his ears to listen. Soon, there was a reply at the end of the walkie talkie: “Just a moment. It will be ready soon.”

“Well, you hang in there for a little bit.”

“Sir, I’m really in pain. Can you be really nice here?”

“Sorry I can’t, you go to other departments first.”

“No way, I’m going in now!” Upon now, Hualong’s eyes turned cold, he was about to rush in. His power was in the return-to-nature stage, so if he acted seriously now, these policemen were not his rivals at all.

“Stop him!”

He was so fast that he rushed to the door of the emergency department in the blink of an eye.

Just then, he stopped abruptly, and the expression on his face froze.


A big mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth and then he fell to the ground.

Then, everything became dark for him, and he lost consciousness completely.

“Come on, help. Someone has fainted.”

Lan Yu’s voice came from the walkie talkie: “OK, let the family members outside come in. The children are all right.”

At this time, the children lying in the hospital bed slowly woke up, but their spirits were a little down, which was the sequela from the King of Insect sucking their energy and blood.

On the bright side, they were still young. As long as they had a good rest, they could get better soon.

“Baby, you wake up at last. It scares mommy to death.”

“My pumpkin, daddy’s soul is lost because of you.”

Looking at the parents holding their children and crying with joy, Kris was also very moved. What a great and tough job of being a parent in the world!

“Thank you, doctor!”

“Yes, thank you, doctor!”

“Save the dying and heal the wounded, you are a wonderful doctor…”

Looking at the patient’s family members, Libo repeatedly waved his hands: “I cannot take all the credits, you should thank these miracle doctors…”

“Well, you deserve all the credits. There’s nothing to be embarrassed of.” Kris slapped him on the shoulder with a smile.

To be frank, Kris was not a doctor. This time, he just recognized that it was Poisonous Insect.

Libo deserved all these praises.

If it was not for Libo’s unconditional trust, the treatment was impossible to go on.

“The miracle doctor, I cannot take it…” Libo excitedly looked at Kris, who was indifferent to fame and wealth. He should be the real miracle doctor.

Dong Wei was also looking at Kris with admiration. Up to now, he was convinced.

He secretly vowed in his heart that he would become a miracle doctor like Kris in the future.

“Well, if there’s nothing more, I will leave now.”

Then he was about to leave.

At this moment, several nurses pushed a man in black to come in.

“Hurry, there’s a patient vomiting blood and falling to the ground…”

Looking at the man on the hospital bed, Kris’s heart suddenly burst out. The Four-Winged King of Insect hiding in his arms became restless to convey a message of uneasiness to him.

What was going on?

Why did the King of Insect become restless when it saw this man?

Did it…know this man?

You knew him?

Kris asked in a low voice.


The King of Insect in his arms responded.

Kris’s face suddenly sank, it seemed that this is the man behind the scenes.

He quickly attached himself to Lan Yu’s ear and whispered some words. Lan Yu’s face changed greatly.

“Are you serious?”

“Well, 80% sure!” Kris nodded.

“I need a few men and bring the handcuffs along.” Lan Yu said to the walkie talkie.

Soon four policemen came in from outside.

“Boss Lan!”

“Go, handcuff the man in the hospital bed!”


Four staff looked at Lan Yu surprisingly.

“Why are you watching me? Cuff him.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


After Lan Yu left, the children were discharged one after another.

Little Nuomi and Little Zongzi also recovered a lot.

“Thank you, Kris.”

Saying that, Yuan Liu and the mother of Littler Zongzi knelt together on the ground.

“What are you doing?”

Kris quickly helped them up and said with a bitter smile, “Please get up.”

“Mr. Chen, I don’t know what to do without you.” the mother said excitedly: “Please give me a chance to thank you.”

Yuan Liu didn’t say anything, but she looked very grateful.

“Yuan, Mrs., it’s too much.”

Mary stepped forward, held the two women and said, “Little Nuomi and Little Zongzi are so cute, I believe that other people would help them too. In the future, if you have any difficulties, find my husband, in Westriver, he is kind of resourceful.”

“Mary, I don’t know what to say to thank you.” “It’s my greatest honor to know you couple in my life,” Yuan Liu said.

Listening to her best friend’s words, Mary was deeply moved.

At this moment, the four-winged King of Insect in his arms became uneasy again.

Even more anxious than watching the man in black just now.

Chapter 312: Kris Was Being Caught

After telling Mary Su about his leaving, Kris Chen hurried out of the hospital with the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings.

As soon as he went out of the hospital, the Four Wings in his arms shouted more violently.

“Tweet tweet tweet tweet”

Kris looked around and did not find anyone suspicious.

Unless his enemy really had great power, or it would be very hard not to be found by Kris with his strong power now.

Or the enemy was in Back-to-self stage?

Certainly he was. Since it was only the Practitioner of the Back-to-self stage that could make the Four Wings so scared.

Damn it.

He felt as if he was trapped in a plot that was manipulated by a Practitioner in Back-to-self stage, which was quite beyond his expectation.

Now that he was in public and the enemy hid himself behind the scenes, Kris thought that he couldn’t always be in the place with lots of people.

The Four Wings shouted even louder, so Kris found a deserted alley and walked inside.

Soon after he entered in, he felt a kind of gloomy and cold air and the hairs on his body pricked up immediately.

Even the Four Wings in his arms stopped shouting.

Then he turned immediately and saw a tall man dressed in black with a cold and gloomy expression standing behind him.

Unlike a normal person, he looked deadly pale, without any vitality.

And the white of his eye took up more than a half of his pupil, which was like the eyes of the fish.

What’s more, he was like a dead man with his pale skin.

“You finally came out.” Kris looked at this man in a panic.

This man was definitely the most powerful enemy he had seen for so long, whose imposing manner was even stronger than the one of Zaitian Long and Shentong Wang.

He was definitely the Practitioner of the Back-to-self stage.

“You’ve really got some nerve.” The man looked at Kris, saying with a cold voice.

“Are you t he one who put the insect in those children’s body?” Kris was planning his escape as he spoke.

“Kind of funny, are you trying to escape?” The man in black sneered and then a current of air made Kris could not move.”


Then a dark shadow ran directly toward Kris and he was strangled without having time to make reaction.

“Tell me, how do you want to die?”


So this was the strongest Practitioner of Back-to-self stage?

This man was so powerful that Kris even had no chance to fight back.

Kris began to breath with difficulty.

Would he die today in this deserted alley?

No, he was not resigned to die in this way.

He couldn’t just sit there and wait for death. He must fight back.

Just as he intended to gather the strength of his Tianmo body, the Four Wings in his arms suddenly made a sound.


Hearing the sound, the man changed his expression at once and then loosened his hands.


Kris panted violently after escaped with bare life.

“How could the Four Wings be here?” After the man waved, the little insect flew from Kris’s arms onto the man’s hands: “Where is Hualong Liao? Is he dead? How could you stay with him?”

His strength increased with every word he spoke.

“Tweet tweet tweet tweet”

The Four Wings trembled with fear, and uttered a few whines.

“Oh? So that’s it!”

A look of surprise came into the man’s eyes after he heard its whine.

“No wonder you stay with him.”

Since he could cultivate himself by virtue of the insect, he instantly understood what the Four Wings tried to express.

After looking Kris up and down, he sneered and said: “I was almost fooled by you. I didn’t expect you to reach the Fulfilled period of The return-to-nature stage at such a young age. Good, very good.”

Kris was horrified by the expression in his eyes, and he wondered if this man with dead fish eyes had any special interests.

“Tweet tweet”

“Fine, go, remember not to suck him to death.”

As soon as he finished saying, the Four Wings turned into a a beam of light and wormed its way into Kris’s heart.

Boom boom boom boom!

Then came a sharp pain in his heart.

Fuck, he was poisoned by the insect.

Damn it, this little thing was really cruel now that it should suck his blood. So it was pretending to be weak just now.

After seeing Kris’s face turn pale with pain, the man was very satisfied and said: “Not bad, this blood pig is really good.”

“Bloke, now that you ruined my plan, today I will make you feel that you are in hell. ”

As soon as he finished saying, a voice suddenly said: “Shengyuan Yao, you finally showed up, today is your day to die!”

Then a woman and three men floated down from the sky.

“You guys are really haunting.”

“Today we will avenge those innocent dead villagers that you killed!” Then Ying Guo, the president of the Emei School turned her hand over and then the magic sword of Emei School, the Sword of Heaven appeared in her hand.

“We won’t let you run away this time!”

Wuji Zhang, the president of Wudang School, Shen Qiao, the president of Gaibang School and the enlightened master, one of the Four great god monk of Shaolin School all started to show their Kung fu.

Among those four people, except the enlightened master was in Preliminary period of Back-to-self stage, the other three were all in the Middle period of the Back-to-self stage.

Therefore, of course it was a piece of cake for a master of Preliminary period of Back-to-self stage and three people of Middle period of Back-to-self stage to siege a Practitioner of Later period of Back-to-self stage.

Shengyuan sneered and said: “You so-called respectable people just like to bully the minority by virtue of your large number, but today I have no time to play this game with you.”

The man had fought with the six major schools the last time when he plundered those children.

Besides, at that time, not only were most of the fighters he had brought with him dead, but he himself was badly hurt.

Otherwise these days he wouldn’t have hidden in a cave to heal his wounds.

Without the supplement of qi and blood, his wound could not recover at all.

Therefore, he had to take the risk to heal his wounds, by letting Hualong Liao and others to plunder qi and blood again.

But the fool was found out anyway.

“Shit! He wants to run away!”

“Stop him! Don’t let him go!”

But it was too late by the time they made reaction.

Shengyuan laughed, and the overwhelming Deadly Insects flew out from his sleeve.

“I’m leaving. When I come back next time, I will definitely massacre all of you.” As he saying, Shengyuan grabbed Kris from the ground, jumped to his feet and left the alley.

Three minutes later, the four people finally knocked out the Deadly Insects.

Looking at the corpses of the insects all over the ground, Ying Guo was very angry: “Damn it! He ran away again!”

“Let’s go back and tell everyone to be careful about the South!” After saying that, Shen Qiao turned and left.

“What Lord Qiao said is quite true, the Southern Five Poisons Sect stages a comeback after being silent for five hundred years.” The enlightened master sighed and said: “First came The Holy Dragon Cult and The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, then came the Five Poisons Sect. The martial arts circles will be in a riot again.”


In the First People’s Hospital of Westriver City, Mary became anxious after waiting for Kris for a long time.

Why didn’t he come back after such a long time?

Then she called Kris, but no one answered.

“Mary, don’t worry. He must have been in such a hurry that he has no time to answer the phone.” Yuan Liu comforted her by her side.

“Okay.” Hearing what she said, Mary thought it made some sense, so she didn’t thought too much anymore.

On the other side, in a Private estate of Westriver City.

Yanru Sima took out her cell phone and dialed Kris’s number, thinking this Kris went too far now that he should not come to school even though he knew that she wanted to invite him for dinner.

“Not answer the phone?”

She frowned, wondering what was going on and why he stood her up again?

It was the third time that Kris stood her up, counting this time in. No man in her life had dared to stand her up before.

But the more time Kris stood her up, the more she wanted to recruit him as her subordinate.

Because for her, only recruiting the talented people could make her happy.

“Kris Chen, you can’t escape from my control.”

Though she had already known it was a little difficult, she still felt that she would definitely feel a sense of accomplishment if she could make a man like Kris surrender.

The corners of her mouth lifted slightly at the thought.


At the same time, in the Criminal Police Unit of Westriver City.

Hualong Liao sat on the cold torture-rack and was shackled tightly by anklets and handcuffs.

The treachery of the Four Wings had damaged his innate strength, which directly dropped from The return-to-nature stage to The Later period of The Innate-Power stage. And it meant that he had dropped a total of two stages.

He could barely open his eyes because the hard light irradiated on his face.

“What’s your name!”

“I’m Hualong Liao!”

“How old are you?”


“Where do you come from!”

“Liao’s Village in south.”

Lan Yu looked at the ID card, which was searched from his body.

All he said was the same as the information on his ID card, so it was normal for the ID card to pass the inspection.

“Tell me exactly the truth, why on earth did you hurt those children?”

“Officer, this is unfair! I have no idea what happened.” Hualong said with grievance: “I went to the hospital to see a doctor, but you just arrested me in there indiscriminately, I also want to ask you why you arrested me on earth!”

“Still not telling the truth, are you?” Lan Yu sneered and said: “All right, we have plenty of ways to let you tell the truth.”

Then she said to the two police officers beside her: “Keep interrogating him. I’ll get some air.”

Lan Yu stayed outside of the interrogation room for more than ten minutes when a policeman came out and said: “Captain, no matter how we threat him, he doesn’t say a word and insists that it has nothing to do with him.”

Hearing that, she frowned and thought this Hualong was unexpectedly stubborn and hard to deal.

“I’m treated unjustly, officer! I really have no idea about that thing.” Hualong begged: “How can any criminal come to the police by himself? Isn’t that looking for his own death?”

After hearing his words, all of the police in the interrogation room froze.

“Captain, what he said made some sense. Anyway, it’s not quite possible for a criminal to find the police by himself, I think maybe we arrested the wrong person.”

Lan Yu glared at him, feeling a little irritated and said: “You are so annoying! You just believe what he said without any doubt? Don’t you know that some criminals have a strong sense of anti-detection?”

The police stopped talking and nodded.

“Let’s stop here for today and interrogate him tomorrow.” Then Lan Yu went out of the room.

Now that Kris said Hualong was the backstage manipulator, then he certainly was. But the tricky part was that even if he did commit his crime, it would be hard to convict him.

How to write the criminal record by that time?

Poisoning with the insects to suck the children’s qi and blood?

If she wrote this kind of conviction of reason on the record, then her position as the captain of the criminal investigation was to be suspended the next day.

It was completely bullshit! Such a superstitious reason could not be valid at all.

Poisoning the children?

Not quite right as well. Now all those children were healthy and no symptoms were detected, even if something was detected in the hospital, it was only a sudden emergency.

Or else she had to allow this kind of people to wander freely in the society?

What if he went to another city?

Then wouldn’t more children be poisoned by him?

She couldn’t allow this kind of thing to happen.

After thinking about this matter for quite a long time, she thought maybe she should handle this thing in the way of people in martial arts circles, which was asking the master for help.

Thinking of that, she drove straight to Chen’s house.

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