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Chapter 311: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 311 I’m Determined to Change for You (1)

“Boy, what a lousy idea you’ve given! Well, I can’t help you now.” Kerry said somewhat angrily.

Jingyan Ye pulled a wry face and said, “Dad, have some pillow talk with mom when you go to bed. I’m a boy, and it doesn’t matter if I kneel for a while, but Ruyi is a girl, it’s a bad thing if she gets some injuries for this.”

“OK. Go on kneeling and I’ll go to talk with your mother.” Kerry said. Kerry pointed to Ruyi as he left and said, “You are so troublesome.”

After Kerry left, Chuxue Ye smiled and said, “The time seems not so awful with you by my side.”

Jingyan looked at her unhappily. Then he moved closer to Chuxue and asked in a low voice, “Were you really drunk that night or were you half-loath and half-consenting?”

Chuxue’s face turned red immediately. She pushed him away and said both shyly and angrily, “Fuck, how can you ask me so?”

“Ha, you’ve learned some dirty talk. You must have learned it from Zhao Nangong.” Jingyan said.

As soon as Jingyan said that, his phone rang. He took his phone out of his pocket and looked at it, then he burst into laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Chuxue looked at him warily and said.

“Speak of the devil.” Jingyan said.

After hearing that, Chuxue’s facial expression changed suddenly. As she tried to grab the phone, she said, “Don’t answer it.”

“OK. I won’t answer it. Don’t grab my phone.” Jingyan said. When they scrambled for the phone, they pressed the answer key somehow.

Chuxue became silent immediately. Jingyan cleared his throat and said in all seriousness, “Hello?”

“Jingyan Ye, I’m Zhao Nangong. Has Chuxue gone home yet?” Zhao said.

Chuxue? What an affectionate address! Jingyan glared at Chuxue.

“She is at home.” Jingyan said.

“Can I talk to her?” Zhao asked.

“No.” Jingyan refused him flatly.

Zhao was very disappointed. “Well, I’m relieved as she’s at home.” Zhao said.

Jingyan despised Zhao very much. “Zhao Nangong, you mustn’t mess with my sister any more. Even if something happened to you two, nothing will come of it.” Jingyan warned Zhao.

Zhao was stunned and he regained his senses after a long time. “You’ve known that?” Zhao asked.

“Not only do I know, but my whole family knows. Zhao Nangong, I don’t care if you really likes my sister or you just wants to have fun, please find someone else. If you ever dare lay a finger on my sister again, I’ll cut off you hand.” Jingyan said.

Zhao foresaw some bad results and asked, “Jingyan, is Chuxue all right?”

Jingyan snorted and said, “Thanks to you, she got her leg broken by my dad. I advise you to be careful too. Although my father has been more good-natured these years, he has never been kind to the members of Nangong family. It’s possible that he will make you disappear accidentally when he is angry someday.”

After threatening Zhao, Jingyan hung up the phone.

“This guy cares about you.” Jingyan quipped.

“I don’t need his attention.” Chuxue said angrily, “I will thank God as long as he doesn’t give me grief.”

“You have a lot of self-knowledge.” Jingyan said.

“I’ve always been so.” Chuxue said. Chuxue’s knees were numb and she wobbled to move her knees. “What the hell did Hao Nangong do that father and mother hate him so much?” Chuxue said.

“We’d better not ask what happened to the previous generation.” Jingyan sighed and said, “I’m so tired, and I have to kneel here with you.”

“Hee, hee, you are my brother and you should join in with me to take a risk. By the way, has Yiyao Duan left yet?” Chuxue said.

“Yes. If she hasn’t left, I won’t waste my time here.” Jingyan said.

Chuxue snorted. Then Henry came over with two cotton pads and said in a low voice, “Just kneel on these pads. It’s cold in autumn. Don’t hurt your knees.”

“Thank you, Henry. We’d better kneel on the ground. If mom knows we are cheating, we might need to kneel until dawn.” Chuxue said.

Jingyan nodded and said, “That’s right. Henry, don’t worry about us.”

Henry stood aside helplessly and looked at them lovingly.

After a while, there came a shocking news, Zhao came.

“Fuck, what’s he doing here?” Chuxue said.

“Don’t worry. I will go and have a look.” Henry said to comfort her.

“Henry, hurry up and don’t let him in.” Chuxue said.

“Are you in such a hurry because you are worried that dad might break Zhao’s leg if Zhao comes in?” Jingyan said provocatively.

“Of course not. I am afraid that mom would faint out of anger.” Chuxue said.

As soon as Chuxue said that, Kerry was n their sights. He looked at the oddly-looking Jingyan and Chuxue, and then asked Henry, “What happened.”

Chuxue desperately winked at Henry, but he had to tell the truth. “Zhao is here.”

“Who?” Kerry said in surprise.

“Zhao, Hao’s son.” Henry said.

Kerry was very angry. “That’s good. I just want to meet him. I didn’t expect he would come on to me himself. Let him in.” Kerry said loudly.

Chuxue pinched Jingyan’s arm hard and said in a low voice, “It’s all you fault. Why you told him that my leg was broken?”

“I didn’t know he is bold enough to come here.” Jingyan said.

Soon, a tall figure ran over in the moonlight. The fact that he did run showed how worried he was. Zhao was stunned for a few seconds when he saw Jingyan and Chuxue kneel on the ground. Then he ran to Chuxue at once and knelt on the ground, asking anxiously, “Are you all right? Did you get hurt?”

“What are you doing here?” Chuxue asked very angrily.

“Your brother said…” Zhao said. In the middle of the words, Zhao was kicked fly by Kerry. Zhao was flat on his stomach and his teeth almost hit the slate.

“Bastard, how dare you come to my house?” Kerry scolded angrily.

Zhao got up from the ground and knelt beside Chuxue. He looked up and said firmly, “Uncle, I will be responsible for Chuxue.”

“I don’t need you to be responsible for me.” Chuxue said.

Chapter 311 I’m Determined to Change for You (2)

Zhao Nangong ignored Chuxue and said to Kerry again, “Uncle, it’s my fault. I was out of my mind to do that fucking things. But I really like Chuxue. I hope you can give me a chance. I will love her with all my heart.”

Chuxue was very angry and said, “Shut up, Zhao Nangong. I don’t need you to be responsible for me. How many times do I have to say this before you understand?”

Kerry looked at Zhao and Chuxue coldly. “Zhao Nangong, do you think we live in the feudal society? Do you think I will marry my daughter to you as you’ve had sex? You are talking idiotic nonsense. I tell you, it’s impossible for Ye family to have anything to do with Nangong family.” Kerry said.

Zhao had expected this outcome, so he was not surprised. “Uncle, I know your and my father have feuds, but we, younger generation, should not continue your hatred.” Zhao said sincerely.

Kerry didn’t want to talk nonsense with Zhao, and he said to Henry, “What are you waiting for? Break one of his legs and carry him back to Nangong family.”

“Yes, sir Kerry.” Henry said. Henry knew what had happened before and so he had no sympathy for Zhao. Henry turned at once to call the bodyguards.

Jingyan, Chuxue and Zhao didn’t expect that Kerry really meant to hit Zhao, so they were a little nervous. “Dad, is that appropriate?” Jingyan said.

“What’s wrong with that?” Kerry glowered and said.

“He is the only son of Nangong family…” Jingyan said.

“Hum, even if Hao Nangong is here, I will not hesitate to hit him.” Kerry said. Then Kerry looked at Zhao and sneered coldly, saying, “Of course, you can get out of here now and never come here again.”

Zhao showed no sign of fear and looked at Kerry straight in the eyes, saying, “It will be worth it if you can cool off after you break one of my legs.”

Chuxue was stunned and said, “Are you crazy?”

Zhao turned his head and looked at Chuxue with deep eyes, saying, “I’m crazy. I’ve been crazy since I met you at the bar the other night.”

These words jarred Kerry’s ears. “Give him a good beating.” Kerry said.

As soon as Kerry said that, four or five bodyguards hit Zhao with both their hands and legs. Zhao held his head in his hands in silence. If Zhao fought back, these bodyguards were no match for him. But he knew if he fights back, he will never be allowed in here again.

Hearing the noise, Venus ran out of the villa. Seeing the bodyguards are fighting a young man, Venus asked in surprise, “What’s going on here?”

“Hao’s fucking son is here. I’m giving him a lesson.” Kerry said indignantly.

Venus opened her mouth wide and said, “How dare he come here? Hum, do they think we are easy to be bullied? Give him a good hit!”

As these bodyguards are able-bodied, Zhao’s face was full of injuries within a few minutes. Chuxue tensed up when he saw the resolute face of Zhao.

“Zhao, as long as you say you’ll never see my daughter again, I can let you go now.” Kerry sneered and said.

Though Zhao was beaten feebly, he said firmly, “It’s impossible for me not to see her again. I like her and I must marry her.”

“You are just a fiend in human shape and what qualifies do you have to marry her? I don’t underestimate you, but your father was many times stronger than you when he was in your age.” Kerry said sarcastically.

Zhao gritted his teeth. He began to regret his idleness of those years. If he had followed his father’s instructions, he wouldn’t have been so lowly in front of Kerry that he couldn’t even say a word to retort.

After seeing Zhao breathe feebly and blood pour out of his mouth, Chuxue was worried. “Dad, stop hitting him. It’s not all his fault. I also did something wrong.” Chuxue said to intercede for Zhao.

After hearing that, Kerry was very angry. “Why you still stand up for this bastard?” Kerry said.

“Dad, I am not stand up for him. I am an adult and I can bear the consequences of the mistakes I made. I beg you not hit him again. If you hit him again, you will kill him.” Chuxue said . There was a note of worry in her voice.

“That’s right, dad. It’s not easy for us to live in peace with Nangong family for so many years. If something bad happens, we can handle with the dirty tricks of Nangong family, but what about mom?” Jingyan said.

Kerry clenched his fists. He knew what Jingyan said is true. They could handle with the dirty tricks of Nangong family, but Venus couldn’t.

“Stop!” Kerry said. As soon as Kerry said that, the bodyguards stopped hitting Zhao. Zhao clenched on his chest, coughing and vomiting blood.

Kerry waved his hand and said, “Throw him to the gate of the house of Nangong family.”

“OK.” The bodyguards said.

Then Zhao was lifted up and carried to the door of Ye’s villa. He struggled to look back at the slender figure and he smiled. He thought Chuxue cares about him.

When Zhao left, Venus was much less angry. Seeing Jingyan and Chuxue kneel down on the ground, Venus sighed and said, “You’re all grown up. Your father and I can’t control you. You can do what you want from now on.”

“Mom…” Chuxue said. A lump came into Chuxue’s throat and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Venus, unable to bear to see her like that, stepped forward to help her up. “Girl, you are in charge of your life. We won’t be with you and protect forever.” Venus said.

“Mom, don’t say that. When you say that, I think you are going to abandon me.” Chuxue said with sobs.

“I wish you would not make me angry anymore.” Venus said. Then Venus thought of something and whispered in Chuxue’s ear, “Did you use condoms that night?”

Chuxue’s face turned red immediately. She bit her lower lip and shook her head.

“Have you eaten pills?” Venus asked again.

Chuxue nodded. When she went to Mu family today and passed by a drugstore, she brought the pill and took it.

Venus rubbed her fingers against Chuxue’s face and said, “As a girl, you have to learn to protect yourself, do you know?”

“Mom, I know.” Chuxue said.

“Well, it’s rather late. Go to take a shower and sleep.” Venus said.

After seeing the matter was solved, Jingyan got up from the ground. He had a slight tingling in the calf. He was going to spend some time in missing Yiyao Duan, but the accidents one after another have dispelled his sentiments. After taking a bath, he went to bed and thought where Yiyao was and then fell asleep immediately.

Ye family became quiet, but Nangong family went ballistic.

After throwing Zhao at the door of Nangong’s villa, the bodyguards left. Seeing the one being thrown is the young master, the guards asked some people to carry him in immediately. They didn’t see who throw the young master there.

Zhao fell into a coma on the way when he was sent home. Seeing his son was beaten like that, Hao stamped with fury. He said he would kill the one who hit his son while told the guards to send his son to hospital.

After Zhao was admitted to the emergency room, the doctor said that his spleen had ruptured and a surgery was needed as soon as possible. Then Zhao was pushed into the operating room.

Zhao’s mother, Ya Wen, is a poised and elegant woman. She wiped her tears and said, “Who did Zhao offend? How did he get beaten up like that?”

Hugged his wife, Hao shivered out of anger. “No matter who hit him, I will not leave the matter at that. Is there anyone who dares to hit the young master of Nangong family. Is the one who hit Zhao courting his death?” Hao said.

A few hours later, the surgery was over.

“There wasn’t much bleeding from the spleen. He was sent here in time and operation is a success.” The doctor said wearily.

“Doctor, than you.” Hao said.

In the vip ward, Zhao was pale and fainted. It’s getting lighter outside and a new day had begun.

Chapter 311 I’m Determined to Change for You (3)

When Zhao Nangong opened his eyes, the nurse was changing fresh dressing for his wounds.

“Ah, you are awake.” The nurse said with a smile.

Hao Nangong and Ya Wen hurried to the bedside. “Son, you finally wake up. You almost scare mom to death.” Ya said with eyes drowned in tears.

“Zhao, who beat you up like that?” Hao asked angrily.

Zhao shook his head and said feebly, “Dad, stop asking.”

Hao was stunned. “This is not my son’s style of doing things. Isn’t he supposed to take his revenge?” Hao thought.

“Who the hell hit you? Why are you standing up for him? If you don’t tell me, I will send someone to look it up. I will know who he is in the end and by then…” Hao said.

“Dad,” Zhao interrupted Hao and said. After being silent for a while, Zhao said, “Dad, I deserve this beating and I have no complaints. Don’t pursue the matter.”

Hao and Ya looked at each other. “What on earth happened? Why my son’s temperament changed so quickly? It’s so strange.” They thought.

“Zhao, you are my son. How can I don’t pursue it when your spleen was ruptured? If I don’t pursue it, anyone will bully me in the future. Just tell me who is bold enough to hit you. I will maim him.” Hao said.

Zhao sighed helplessly. After the nurse went out, Zhao said slowly, “It’s Kerry.”

Zhao felt he didn’t hear it clearly and asked again, “Who is he?”

“Kerry.” Zhao repeated. Then Zhao saw his father, who was angry, became surprised, incredulous and then became angry again.

“Kerry? Why he hit you?” Hao asked in surprise. Ye family and Nangong family only care about their own business in those years. When they meet each other, they pretend not to see each other. Why did the bastard beat up Zhao?

With a complex facial expression, Zhao opened his mouth but he didn’t say anything. “Dad, ask no more question. It’s all my fault.”

“Even if it’s all you fault, as an elder, should he make a fuss and beat you up so severely?” Ya said angrily. Zhao is her only precious son.

Hao grasped the crux of the matter and asked, “Wait. What had you done that he hit you?” He knew his son is a makebate and his son must have done something wrong that Kerry hit him.

Zhao turned his head without saying anything.

“If you don’t tell me, I’ll go and ask Kerry.” Hao said and pretended to walk outside. Sure enough, his son stopped him.

“Dad, don’t do that.” Zhao implored and said.

Hao was very anxious and said, “Just tell me what you’ve down.”

“I… I…” Zhao minced his words for a long time and finally said, “I forced Chuxue Ye to have sex with me.”

Both Han and Ya were stunned. “Who? Chuxue?” Hao said.

Zhao said “yes” in a low voice. Zhao said that because he didn’t want his parents to have any prejudice against Chuxue, so he had to lay all the blame on him.

Hao pointed at him and asked incredibly, “You mean you and Kerry’s daughter…”

Zhao bit his lower lip and said “yes” resolutely.

“Bastard!” Hao changed his attitude suddenly and said. Hao was so angry and said, “How dare you have sex with her?”

Zhao lowered his head and let his father scold him.

Hao shivered with anger. Venus is the woman he once loved. Although he no longer wanted to be with Venus, she has been carefully treasured in his heart. Because of Venus, Hao paid some attention her daughter. He knew her daughter’s nickname is Ruyi, who is beautiful, sort of like Venus. Ruyi studies hard and she is upright. When Hao was free and saw the news about Ye family, he thought it’s warm and sweet.

He never thought his son would have something to do with Ruyi. He just wanted to look at Venus from a distance and that’s enough.

He didn’t expect that his son would do such a thing…

“Zhao Nangong, I told you when you was a child not to mess with people of Ye family. Why don’t you just listen to me? Do you want to ruin all our family?” Hao scolded harshly. Maybe he was so angry that his eyes dulled and he almost fell over to the ground. Luckily, his wife held him up.

“Calm down. Things have come to this and it’s useless no matter how you scold him.” Ya said. Ya helped Hao to sit down on a chair. Then she turned her head to look at Zhao and scolded, “We turn a blind eye to your misbehavior as we know those women are not qualified to marry you. But you should have the sense of propriety. Is Chuxue who you can mess with?”

“Mom, I love her.” Zhao said.

“Hum,” Hao sneered and said, “If you like her, you should try to be with her fair and square. Why did you use this dirty trick?”

“Dad, I know I was wrong.” Zhao said. He made no excuse, but an apology.

“It’s fortunate that you are still alive after you have had sex with Kerry’s daughter.” Hao sat on the chair disappointedly and said, “Zhao, you’ve been letting me down all these years. When are you going to behave like an adult?”

After being silent for a while, Zhao said, “Dad, I’ve straighten out my thinking and I will learn from you in the future.”

After hearing that, Hao was surprised. “What do you want to learn from me?” Hao asked.

“I will learn everything from you. I want to be an impressive person. I don’t want people to think I am a coward who only depends on you and good for nothing.” Zhao said.

Hao was more surprised and his disappointment disappeared. “It’s strange that you didn’t listen to my words no matter how I scolded you and you decided to endeavor and change yourself after you were hit by Kerry.” Hao said with shinning eyes.

Zhao looked at his father and said seriously, “Dad, I want to marry Chuxue.”

Hao was stunned and he suddenly knew why his son changed in his personality. His son might have been mocked at by Kerry.

“Zhao, there are so many people in Sky City who want to marry Chuxue. Besides, we have feuds with Ye family. How can she marry you. What qualities do you have to do that?” Hao said.

“So I want to change and I want to work hard. Dad, I mean it.” Zhao said.

After hearing that, Ya couldn’t help be unhappy. She thought his husband and his son were both fascinated by women of Ye family. The thought that Venus might be his son’s mother-in-law made her feel uncomfortable.

“I don’t agree you to marry Chuxue.” Ya said directly.

“Mother, why?” Zhao said in surprise.

Ya took a look at her husband calmly and said with her lips curled, “I just don’t want you to marry her.”

Hao knew why his wife disagreed. “It’s been years and are you still jealous?” Hao said with a light smile.

“What need I to be jealous about? I am afraid that someone won’t able to control himself.” Ya said with a contemptuous smile.

“That’s impossible. Don’t have a bee in your head.” Hao said to comfort his wife, “It’s a good thing that our son wants to change himself. It’s uncertain whether he can marry Chuxue or not. Why are you jealous?”

Ya gave him a ferocious stare and said nothing more.

Zhao could vaguely guess the meaning of his parents’ dialogue but he could say nothing. He only hoped he could get better soon and make some achievements to show Kerry and make Chuxue change her impression of him.

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