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Yvette was beaten. She was not an opponent of her cousin. At this time, her eyes were full of hate and cold!

Cousin slapped it out and hit Yvette’s face heavily. Yvette’s face was numb. She fell to the ground with blood in her mouth. Yvette stared at him!
“A dog needs a company?” Cousin grabbed Yvette’s hair. If grandpa died, then all his family property must be his own. This woman is his threat!
Must find a way to eradicate!

Yvette saw that, and his cousin was stubborn about herself, but how should she escape here? Cousin stubbornly grabbed Yvette’s neck, “It’s a superb beauty, if you are not my cousin, then I will not let you go, but… a pity, a pity!”

Indeed, when he first saw Yvette at first glance, even he who had seen too many women was also amazed. Yvette’s appearance and figure were the best!
It is a pity that she is his cousin.

Her cousin took out a sharp dagger from his waist and pierced Yvette’s heart…

Chuck drove back to the square. He parked his car and was ready to ask Yolanda about the recent square and the land.
There shouldn’t be any problems. Chuck still feels relieved when working with Yolanda. Pay close attention to Yvette’s affairs again. If necessary, he still has to go to Huagang.

Otherwise, if Yvette has an accident, Chuck will really regret it!

However, Chuck opened the door and the phone rang. Chuck took it out and looked at it. It was Queenie. Chuck hurriedly answered. What happened to Queenie?
Chuck answered and asked Queenie if something happened?

“No, I’m fine, it’s about to start school.” Queenie struggled for a long time and called his phone out. Yes, it’s time to start school!
Sophomore soon.

Chuck has a headache, why did he forget this? He sighed, if Yvette is usually there, Yvette must have reminded himself to start school, Chuck also fantasizes, if it starts, then he has a good relationship with Yvette, if he can be in the Yvette office, That was really a stimulus.
However, now Yvette will not care about him, let alone he see himself, this is Chuck sighed.

If nothing happens, he will still be good with Yvette.

Yvette is still her teacher and wife, and he can cheat herself during the exam, but it is not. Chuck sighed, “Well, I know. I will try to come when I start school.”

Chuck felt that he might have to drop out of school. Yvette was not his teacher, and he felt that studying was boring.
“Okay, Chuck, how are you doing recently?” Queenie worried, how to say, the school is about to start, but Chuck did not move at all, she thought Chuck was not reading, after all, Chuck is so rich!
Chuck was speechless and said a few words.

Next, briefly, hang up the phone, Chuck thought, will Yvette return to continue to be a teacher? It’s a pity that she has a high degree and a great teaching experience.

Chuck thought Yvette, but went to school immediately, what should I do? Go, still not? Go, but Yvette is gone, no? So would mom say it?
Chuck had a headache. When he opened the door and was about to go up, he suddenly heard the sound of the car horn. Chuck looked puzzled and found that a luxury Mercedes-Benz honked the horn, but a woman was sitting in the driver’s seat.
Kristen? What is she doing in her own square?

Kristen opened the car door, she stared at Chuck, swayed her long legs, and came over. Since she knew Chuck was back from training last time, she didn’t see Chuck, she waited for so many days. At last, Chuck finally appeared.
“President Kristen, you are…” Chuck was a little ignorant. Why was Kristen so annoyed? Doesn’t it seem to bother her?
How long has it been since I met?

“Who told you to call me the president? You can’t do it in the square? It won’t appear for so long.” Kristen said coldly.
He didn’t care about his headache, mainly because he had no time. Yvette was really helpless, and all his thoughts were gone.

“Why not talking?” Kristen came over. “Sorry.” Chuck compromised.
Kristen’s eyes were on, and the anger in her heart was less than half of it. She hummed and her voice became smaller. “Why are you sorry to me?”
“I made you angry.” Chuck thought, no mood to quarrel with her, mainly because Kristen’s clothes are very beautiful today, tight jeans, perfect display of her figure.

“Want me to say good things?” Kristen hummed, and her voice was a little softer. “What happened? Can you tell me, can I help you,”
Originally Kristen wanted to scold Chuck for a meal. Suddenly Chuck’s attitude was so good, she was also dumbfounded. At least you have to resist!
Even if you don’t resist, how can you continue to get angry?
She really said that she was very busy recently, but she came here every day, and she was basically on the phone to handle things. She didn’t understand herself. Why do she come here every day?
See Chuck? Kristen thought that he was ridiculous. What did Chuck do? Can’t see? What did he do to himself? Thinking of this, Kristen was silent. She didn’t know what the magic was. Has Chuck didn’t save herself twice. Need it?
What happened to Yvette and Kristen said, Chuck shook his head, “It’s fine.”

“Huh, kindly be a donkey liver and lungs!” Kristen hummed, Chuck was hungry, “President Kristen, I invite you to dinner.”
“Don’t call me the president,” Kristen was annoyed, and soon his voice returned to normal, saying, “Why do you want me to eat?”
“I’m hungry.” Chuck turned and left.

Kristen hummed, waiting for you for so long, it was normal to eat a meal. Kristen followed Chuck upstairs to the elevator. Chuck thought of being in the elevator several times and peeking behind Yvette. This situation reminded Chuck of that time.

“What are you looking at again?” Kristen scolded, Chuck recovered, and sighed, thinking of Yvette, sighing again and again, without saying a word, and even more without a back-to- mouth.
Kristen was surprised, he didn’t say much about him, he didn’t usually watch less, he must say, but why is it so quiet today?
What happened to him?

“What’s wrong with you?” Kristen said with a tone of concern, Chuck smiled bitterly, “I’m sorry.”
Kristen accidentally heard that he said sorry? Has he a fever?

Chuck did not continue to speak and sighed out of the elevator. Kristen was puzzled. What happened to him?
He and Chuck casually went to a restaurant above the square to eat. Chuck was also unhappy. Kristen was even more strange. This is the first time to have dinner with Chuck?

Kristen herself feels incredible, she really has very few, basically did not eat with men younger than herself, she thinks, mainly because Chuck rescued herself twice. Others didn’t.

Kristen’s face turned red unconsciously. She hasn’t seen Chuck recently. She basically dreams about everything every night. It’s all about Chuck. What she dreamed most about was that the assistant took the medicine at that time. He was rescued by Chuck and brought to the hotel, but not Chuck left, but Chuck saw his figure and couldn’t help what he did.
Afterwards, he was awake and slapped him with a cold face, and the dream woke up.

Then the next day basically continued, and Kristen didn’t remember. She slapped Chuck in the dream. How much did Kristen feel like she was enchanted? How could she just dream like that? And you want to play Chuck so much?
Chuck looked up, “Why are you blushing?”

“Do you want to manage?” Kristen lowered her mouth, feeling ashamed.

Of course, Chuck did not know how many times Kristen beat him in the dream. He saw that Kristen had finished eating, and he went to check out. Kristen came out. She wanted to ask Chuck what happened? So sullen, Kristen was even more distracted to deal with her own affairs.
Is it easy to meet again, no quarrel, can you call to meet? Kristen said, “Chuck, what’s wrong with you?”
Chuck suddenly looked back, “President Kristen, please do me a favour!”

“What do you want me to help?” Kristen was subconsciously nervous. This disgusting person would propose to sleep himself?

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