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Chapter 312: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 312 She Is My Girlfriend (1)

When most people live a peaceful life, there are always some people who make sacrifice in places others don’t see.

When Jingyan Ye was enjoying breakfast in warm sunshine, Yiyao Duan and her comrades were crawling in the snowy Kunlun Mountain.

After the gang of foreign outlaws broke through the border defense, they were chased around and had to hide in the Kunlun Mountain which is covered with snow and ice all year round and rarely visited by people. However, it is the paradise of antelopes, wolves, brown bears and snow leopards.

Yiyao Duan led the team into this snowy mountain two days ago, but they did not find any clues until now. Although she wore eyeglasses, a mask and a thick cotton jacket, her hands and feet were still frostbitten, and her face was blown red by the wind.

After trekking for four hours, Yiyao Duan heard her teammate’s voice coming from the headset, “No. 1, I found a clue here.”

“What?” Yiyao Duan’s sharp eyes gleamed.

“I found seven discarded boxes of instant noodle and the packaging of ham sausages, which I deduce were left behind three days ago and were covered by snow.”

“Good, follow the clue, and report to me immediately if there is new information.”


The northwest wind howled and it felt like the wind was cutting people’s skin with a knife. The whole land seemed to be covered by snow. Only the occasional appearance of an antelope could make her feel the existence of living things.

She thought she was going to return empty-handed again today, but she didn’t expect to hear a vague human voice when it was getting dark.

“This is No. 1. There is something unusual. Be alert.”

Moving slowly in the direction of the voice, Yiyao Duan saw a snow cave where the voice came from. She muttered a curse. She wondered why she couldn’t find these outlaws. It turned out they were hiding halfway up the Kunlun Mountain. She took out the map and looked at it. From here to the mainland, they only needed to go over two more snowy peaks. Fortunately she had found them.

She informed her teammates through the headset to concentrate in her direction, and Yiyao Duan lurked down again to wait quietly.

It was unclear what people inside the cave were talking about, but it was certain that they weren’t speaking Chinese.

A few minutes later, Azure Dragon and Rosefinch came to her silently, “Captain, what’s wrong?”

Yiyao Duan pointed to the snow cave, “There are people inside.”

Azure Dragon was excited, “I’ll go to scout the area.”

“Be safe.”


A dozen other teammates also arrived. Yiyao Duan warned them in the headset, “The gangsters have chemical weapons. Be extremely careful and try to capture them alive. Use silenced pistols, or the big sound will cause an avalanche.”


Azure Dragon was an excellent scout who quickly returned, panting slightly and said, “Captain, there are four people inside, all foreigners. They are eating. There are four large bags beside them. I don’t know what’s inside.”

“Four people?” Yiyao Duan was surprised and turned her head to ask another warrior, “You found seven boxes for instant noodle in the morning?”


The number given by the headquarter was 15, which meant there were still 11 people missing. Forget it, she thought, catch these four people first.

“Let’s replenish our physical energy. We’ll act when they’re asleep at night.”


In order to conceal themselves, Yiyao Duan and the others wore white outdoor jackets. When they got down, they successfully integrated with the environment.

The warriors pulled out the frozen beef from their pockets and gnawed on it for two bites. When they had trouble swallowing it, they would stuffed a handful of snow as water. It soon became dark in the mountains. There was only howling wind in the air.

Yiyao Duan was lying on the snow, her legs almost frozen.

Time gradually passed. The fire in the snow cave went out, and the gangsters inside had slept.

After waiting for another hour, Yiyao Duan gave the order, “Go.”

A dozen warriors who looked like snowmen agilely stood up and slowly approached the snow cave. Because they were wearing night vision goggles, they could see clearly even at night.

The four people inside were sleeping soundly, with their backpacks at hand.

“Wake up.” Yiyao Duan kicked one of them with her foot.

All four of them were awakened. They opened their eyes, only to see over ten guns pointed at them.

“Who are you and where do you come from?” Yiyao Duan asked in English.

The four men pretended they didn’t understand, holding up their hands and shaking their heads.

“Are you fucking pretending to be dumb?” Yiyao Duan went up and punched them, and the one closest to her was knocked unconscious.

“Open their backpacks.”

Just at that moment, one gangster pulled out the dagger at his feet and rushed forward. But within merely half a minute, the four people were tied tightly like dumplings.

The four backpacks contained few things. There were compasses, maps, pistols, compressed cookies and beef, but not what Yiyao Duan wanted.

Azure Dragon squatted in front of one gangster and asked in a stern voice, “What’s your name? Where are you from?”

“We… we are here to climb the mountain.” The man stammered in English.

They brought pistols to climb the snowy mountain? Plus, there were quite a few bullets.

“Zhuque, take pictures of them and transmit photos back to headquarters for comparison.”

“Got it.”

Yiyao Duan sneered and threatened, “For your information, if you obediently confess, I’ll consider handing you over to our headquarter alive. But if you still keep this attitude, I’m sure the wolves and snow leopards will be very interested in you if I break your legs and throw you out there.”

“It is illegal for you to do so.” The man said seriously.

“Illegal?” Yiyao Duan smiled treacherously, “Nobody knows you are here except us and beasts. If you are all devoured by the beasts, who knows we have broken the law?”

“Captain Duan is right. It is a burden to bring them. Let’s feed them to the wolves and forget about it.” Yiyao Duan’s comrades were taking up the chant.

A few minutes later, Yiyao Duan got the confirmation from the headquarters that the four people were indeed outlaws.

Yiyao Duan grabbed a man by the collar and said fiercely and angrily, “You killed our men and still want to get away with it? Say, where are the rest of people in your gang?”

The man glanced at Yiyao Duan with contempt and turned his head away.

“You’re not going to tell, are you? Don’t you think I will shoot you right now?” Yiyao Duan said and put the gun against his chest.

The man didn’t care about his life at all, “You can kill me if you want, but I won’t tell you anything, because soon there will be countless Chinese people to die with us. Hahahahahaha ……”

Yiyao Duan punched him on the head. But she did not expect him to be so weak and immediately pass out.

“You guys aren’t going to say anything either?” Yiyao Duan grabbed another person.

He spat on the ground, “We fought for honor and didn’t think of going back when we came here.”

“What a tough guy.” Yiyao Duan let go of him and said to the warriors, “Beat him to death and throw out to feed wolves.”

Chapter 312 She Is My Girlfriend (2)

Azure Dragon’s heart thumped. He pulled Yiyao Duan to the side, “Are we really gonna beat him to death? If the superiors know it, how are you gonna explain? “

Yiyao Duan looked at him, “How can you be this inflexible? I am not a fool. I am just threatening them. If they still refuse to tell us, we can knock them out and tie them up, and notify the headquarter to pick them up.”

“Right, let’s first tease these people. Anyway, we can not leave at night and might as well rest in this snow cave.”

“That’s right.”

Yiyao Duan knew that soldiers hit very hard, so she slowly stopped them in fear of beating the gangsters to death, “Okay, stop, save your strength.”

“Captain, we just let them get away with it so easily?” Zhuque was very upset. They had spent quite a few days catching these four people.

“Who said we would let them get away with it?” Yiyao Duan smiled and winked at Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon understood and stuck his gun in the waist, “We still have a long night ahead. Let’s have fun slowly. What’s the rush?”

“Hahahaha, yeah, have fun slowly.” All the soldiers laughed.

The three sober foreigners looked at soldiers in horror and kept rubbing the ground in an attempt to back up, “What… what do you want to do?”

Azure Dragon rubbed his hands together, “Have fun, of course. I think this guy is not bad looking. Let’s start from him.”

The man referred to turned blue in the face, “A soldier can be killed but not humiliated! You… you are Chinese soldiers, how can you do such shameful things?”

“Oh wow, your Chinese was not bad. You know our famous saying.” Azure Dragon mocked him, “Come on, guys, let’s do it.”

Amid the foreigner’s frightened and puzzled gaze, two soldiers quickly took off his shoes, then balled up the socks and shoved them directly into his mouth.

Before he could understand what was happening, he felt an itch in his feet. And when he couldn’t help laughing, he got the disgusting taste of the smelly socks, which made him want to vomit.

Azure Dragon pulled out a small furry ball out of nowhere and threw it to his teammates. This made the foreigner even more painful. He wanted to stay away from their tickling, but he was pressed onto the ground with legs tied. So he could only lie twisted on the freezing ground, so he really wanted to die. For him, this was more painful than being beaten.

The other two foreigners looked at him in horror and felt as if they were the ones who were being tortured.

“Stop.” Yiyao Duan walked to the foreigner, pinched out the socks in his mouth and asked, “Is there anything you want to say?”

“No.” The man was panting, tears streaming down from his eyes.

So Yiyao Duan stuffed his mouth with socks again and asked the soldiers to continue.

A few minutes later, the man finally couldn’t hold on anymore and whimpered to Yiyao Duan.

“Want to talk now?” Yiyao Duan asked.

He nodded his head desperately.

“Azure Dragon, take him out and get things straight.”

“Okay.” Azure Dragon took the man by his collar and dragged him out. As the ground was covered with ice and snow, so it didn’t take much effort.

Yiyao Duan walked to the other two foreigners, “Do you want to say something or not?”

They two looked at each other and said angrily, “We won’t betray our organization.”

“Torture them.” Ordered Yiyao Duan. She didn’t want to waste time talking with them.


So on and so forth for half an hour, these two foreigners also surrendered.

After questioning three foreigners one by one, soldiers compared the route they confessed and found that it was exactly the same.

“Okay, inform the headquarter to come to pick up them.”


With the route, Yiyao Duan and her teammates no longer looked like headless flies with no directions, and they moved much faster.

It was late autumn in Sky City.

Jingyan Ye always thought of Yiyao Duan during his busy work. She had left for seven days and he still hadn’t heard from her. He wanted to inquire about her whereabouts but had no place to go.

Secretary Wang knocked at the door and then came in, “President Ye, there is a business party tonight that you are invited to.”

“Who’s hosting it?” Jingyan Ye put down his phone and on the screen was the picture of Yiyao Duan turning back in front of the mirror.

“Tianyu Media.”

“Okay, bring it over.”

Before Secretary Wang left the room, he asked with concern, “President Ye, do you need a female companion?”

Jingyan Ye frowned, “What do you mean?”

“I guess there will be a ball or something like that.”

“Alright. I’ll bring my sister.” Jingyan Ye still cared about this kind of protocol.

Secretary Wang smiled faintly, “Miss Ye is always the most suitable.”

“You can leave now and send her a new outfit by the way. She should be at the dessert store now.” Jingyan Ye turned his attention back to work.

“I see.”

However, before long, Secretary Wang came in again with a frown, “President Ye, Miss Ye is not in the store. I called her and she said she had plans for the evening and could not accompany you.”

Jingyan Ye threw down the mouse in his hand, rubbed sore eyes with his fingers, “Then forget it, I will go alone.”

Secretary Wang hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you need a secretary to accompany you?”

Jingyan Ye looked indifferent and refused decisively, “No need.”

“All right.” Secretary Wang answered and walked out of the room. He thought to himself, it seemed that President Ye didn’t have feelings for Xuan Zhao. He had better cope with business affairs according to company regulations. He didn’t want to be involved in their affairs.

Chapter 312 She Is My Girlfriend (3)

At 8 p.m., Jingyan Ye, wearing a suit, appeared at the entrance of the hotel where the party was held. In front of him walked a beautiful woman in a long light pink dress, revealing her shoulders and long legs, and under her feet were a pair of silver stilettos.

He was astonished by the fact that women were willing to wear so little in such cold weather, only to look beautiful. Luckily, Yiyao Duan was unlike them. Instead of wearing revealing clothes, She always wore more clothes than others.

When Jingyan Ye passed by the woman, she suddenly sprained her ankle and fell towards him. He held her instinctively, and she threw herself into his arms. Jingyan Ye frowned as a smell of expensive perfume reached his nostrils. He did not like the smell of this perfume. To be more accurate, he did not like the smell of any perfumes, because Yiyao Duan did not wear perfume.

The beautiful woman was so frightened that she immediately stood up straight, bowed her head and said to him, “Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome.”He answered in a clear yet cold tone.

The beautiful woman raised her head and a touch of surprise flashed across her eyes. She then smiled extremely softly, “Mr. Ye, thank you so much.”

Jingyan Ye nodded at her and lifted his feet to continue walking towards the venue.

The woman looked at him obsessively and smiled complacently. He looked even more handsome than his photos, and his nobleness was something that other playboys from rich families couldn’t compete with.

As soon as Jingyan Ye stepped into the wine party, he attracted a lot of attention.

He was only 27, but had already taken control of Yehuang Group. He was now the most legendary and popular young talent in Sky City. Hearing that he had no girlfriend, many powerful families had naturally considered him the perfect candidate for their son-in-law.

“Mr. Ye, it is my great honor to have you here.” The president of Tianyu Media came forward to greet him and shook his hand warmly.

“It’s very kind of you to say so, Mr. Shen.” Jingyan Ye answered politely, and then let go of his hand.

“Seeing you really makes me realize how time flies. Time and tide do wait for no man.” Mr. Shen said emotionally as he led Jingyan Ye inside.

Jingyan Ye smiled faintly, “Don’t say so. You are still in your prime.”

Mr. Shen reminisced about the past, “When I first met you, you were in middle school, but in the blink of an eye, you are now in charge of Yehuang. I am jealous of your father for having such an excellent son.”

“Your son is very excellent, too. I heard that he had invested in a movie, making a lot of money.”

“Hahahaha, he likes to take a shot.”

They talked and laughed all the way to the center of the wine party. A beautiful woman in a white dress came to them. She had beautiful eyes which curved like crescent moons when she smiled. “Uncle.” She called out to Mr. Shen.

“Xiaoying, this is Jingyan Ye, the president of Yehuang Group. Mr. Ye, this is my niece.”

“Nice to meet you.” Jingyan Ye’s smile gradually faded.

“Nice to meet you, too.” Xiaoying said with a smile, “You are an impressive man, managing such a big company at a young age. My father and my uncle often praise you.”

“I’m flattered.” Jingyan Ye bowed and gave a faint smile.

Mr. Shen had achieved his goal, so he said with a smile, “You two can have a chat. I’ll go greet the guests.”

“Go ahead, Mr. Shen.”

“Xiaoying, take good care of Mr. Ye.”

“All right, uncle.”

Jingyan Ye looked at Mr. Shen and his niece and smiled helplessly to himself. He originally came here to get to know more people in the business circle because he was too young and his business connections were inherited from his father. Nevertheless, he didn’t expect the host had his own purpose.

Xiaoying took a glass of red wine for him, “Mr. Ye, this is a good wine that my uncle has treasured for many years. Have a try.”

Jingyan Ye took it, “Thank you.”

“What do you like to do?” Xiao Ying took the initiative to make conversation.

“I like working.”

“What about in your spare time? Something like playing golf, climbing mountains or swimming?”

Jingyan Ye suddenly thought of someone, and a dazzling smile appeared in his face, “I like to cook.”

Xiaoying’s eyes instantly lit up, “You know how to cook?”

“Is it strange to know how to cook?” Jingyan Ye asked.

Xiaoying hastened to explain, “No, no, it’s just that I didn’t expect a man of noble status like you would cook by yourself.”

“I’m just an ordinary person.” Jingyan Ye answered without any emotions. He finally saw a business partner he had met before, so he said to Xiaoying, “Excuse me for leaving for a while.”

Before hearing her answer, Jingyan Ye put down his glass of red wine and walked past her. Yet Jingyan Ye had already stolen her heart during this short conversation. Oh my god, a man who could cook! Xiaoying instantly fell in love with such a considerate man.

“Hi, Mr. Bai, long time no see.”Jingyan Ye greeted aloud.

“Hey, Mr. Ye.”

After getting rid of women at the party, Jingyan Ye was much more at ease, so he stayed with his business partner the whole night. Whenever a girl came to invite him to dance, he would politely decline.

Mr. Bai felt amused and helpless at the same time, “I say you go dance for a while. You have sat with me for a long time and those women may have the desire to kill me.”

Jingyan Ye sighed, “I just want to relax. Why is this so hard?”

“Come on, you want to relax here?” Mr. Bai put down his glass and added, “You dance with the next girl who comes to invite you, as a way to lessen their resentment towards me.”

Jingyan Ye smiled bitterly, “Do I have any other choice?”


In less than a minute, a beautiful woman in a long pink dress came to invite Jingyan Ye to dance. He stood up on his long legs.

The women felt very surprised, he actually agreed? And that was after turning down so many girls from famous families.

The moment Jingyan Ye held her hand and stepped onto the dance floor, many people threw jealous looks. When the music started, Jingyan Ye put his arm around her slim waist lightly. But his eyes were cold, making it hard to guess what he was thinking about.

The woman took this great opportunity to say, “I want to thank you for what has just happened.”

Jingyan Ye was puzzled and he looked at her for the first time.

“Did you forget about it? Before the party started, I almost fell down at the entrance, and it was you who helped me.” She looked up at him with eyes full of love that could not be hidden.

Only then did Jingyan Ye start to remember. He smiled politely, “You’re welcome. It’s not a big deal.”

“It’s not a big deal to you, but to me it is. Mr. Ye, please let me treat you to dinner.”

“No, thanks. I may have no time.” Jingyan Ye refused flatly.

She smiled charmingly and asked in a flirty tone, “Even if you are busy with work, you still need to eat. Please oblige me with a chance to treat you.”

“Sorry, I’ve been very busy these day. I really have no time.”

In face of Jingyan Ye’s refusal, she did not ask again in fear of him leaving directly, which would be so humiliating to her. Besides, even though he did not agree, she still had a way to have dinner with him at the same table.

“Then I can only express my thanks verbally.” The woman said regretfully.

Jingyan Ye did not answer. He only wanted to hurry up and leave after this song. The perfume smell on this woman made him uncomfortable and want to sneeze.

As soon as the dance was over, Jingyan Ye let go of her hand, slightly bowed to show his courtesy, and then quickly left.

Mr. Bai’s solution took effect. Most women had transferred their resentment to the women with whom Jingyan Ye had a dance. Jingyan Ye never got up after sitting down until the party was over.

Back at the Ye Family’s villa, Jingyan Ye threw his suit and shirt directly onto the ground, because they smelled of that woman’s perfume.

The next day, Jingyan Ye went to a nearby restaurant for lunch and happened to run into her again.

“Mr. Ye, it seems that God is giving me an opportunity to invite you to dinner.” The woman was so happy. She pointed to the seat opposite him and asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?”

Jingyan Ye wanted to say no, but his good upbringing prevented him from uttering the words. “Go ahead.” said he.

The woman ordered the same dishes as he did and said with a smile, “What a coincidence. I happened to be here today to take pictures for a magazine and I didn’t expect to run into you.”

Jingyan Ye continued eating the rice in his bowl without replying.

The woman didn’t feel embarrassed at all. Seeing that Jingyan Ye ordered fish head with chopped pepper, Mabo tofu and spicy hot pot, all of which smelled spicy, she asked, “Do you like spicy food?”

Jingyan Ye finally showed a smile, “My girlfriend likes to eat spicy food, so I follow suit and eat a little.”

The woman’s face has hardened for two seconds, and then she smiled very gently, “You have a girlfriend?”

“Of course.” He answered, although Yiyao Duan never admitted she was his girlfriend.

Her hands clenched into fists under the table, “Your girlfriend must be very beautiful. I’m curious who she is. I wonder if I have the pleasure of meeting her.”

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