Chapter 313 – 314: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 313: I Am So Going To Mind This Business

It was in the manor of Chen Family. Everyone was seated in the hall. Their expression was stern and their spirit had sunk to the bottom, because it’s been five days since they heard from Lei Chen, and everyone assumed Lei Chen was dead.

Sisi Mu was overwhelmed by grief and Quan Chen sighed heavily and said: “Sisi, I’m so so sorry.”

Tianzong Chen’s eyes were swollen from all the crying. Lei Chen is not his biological son but he brought him up and he loves him dearly. But now. He would have to bury his son, only a few days after he buried his old man. His hair went white overnight.

Jie Liang walked to Sisi and said: “Sisi, don’t worry. Lei Chen is gone, but you still have us. We will take good care of you.”

Sisi could no longer suppress her feelings and she burst into tears. No one could imagine how much suffering did she go through.

On her wedding night, instead of her husband, she slept with another man and got pregnant with his son. And now the son was about to be born but her husband was dead. She was only twenty-two, and she couldn’t be a widow.

Is she really a jinx as some people believe she is?

Some members of Chen Family didn’t say anything against her but their eyes reflected their hatred of her. When they saw her, instead of saying hi, they avoided her.

When Lei Chen was alive, they didn’t make their opinion of her obvious, but now Lei Chen was dead, and they began talking about her in private.

Some people say she is a jinx just like Kris and she brought shame and bad luck to Chen Family. And she was to be blamed for both the old man’s death and her husband’s death. Some people say that the child she is carrying is probably another jinx.

Chenyuan Hou stood up when she heard what Jie Liang said to Sisi.

She said: “Why would we take care of her? Did we even have one peaceful day since this woman was married into Chen Family? No, we didn’t! She slept with Kris on her wedding day and got pregnant with Kris’s kid! What a shame! She ruined Chen Family’s fame and everyone felt ashamed because of her. The old man was dead because of this woman and Kris!”

“She brought shame to the family, killed grandpa, and now even her husband was dead because of her. Chen Family doesn’t want such a jinx!”

When she finished, a momentary silence fell upon the hall. And three seconds later, the silence was broken by a huge uproar.

“She is right!”

“Kick her out of Chen Family!”

“I knew she is not a good woman the day she got into the family! Look at how flirty she is! I think she seduced Kris that night!”

“I agree.”

They talked nonstop.

Sisi’s mind went blank when she heard their accusations, and she said: “ I didn’t seduce Kris and I didn’t kill grandpa!”

“Shut up, all of you!!” Tianzong slapped his palm violently against the table and said: “You want the family to be more chaotic?”

Yuan Chen then walked to Tianzong and said: “Of course we want the family to be better. Just think about it: the child in her belly is a shame to Chen Family. How would the other people think about us and talk about us if she gave birth to the kid? There are hundreds of members in our family and every member will live in the shadow of this shame if the kid is born!”

“I don’t allow that to happen!”

“Me neither!”

“We can’t take it!”

All of a sudden, everyone raised his hand and even some female members of the family looked at Sisi coldly.

“!” Tianzong shivered with anger. Now he realized he had no authority over this crowd. He didn’t have any glorious deed to assert his authority.

“Are you trying to rebel?” Jie Liang stood up and shouted. “Did you hear our leader? Why can’t we talk this through peacefully like rational adults!”

“Yeah!” Quan Chen also stood up. “If you keep yelling, you shall be punished according to our rules!”

“Why? We are trying to make our family better. Why should we be punished?”

“Yeah! Why?”

“We object!”

Jie Liang smiled meaningfully when she heard them. Then she walked to Tianzong and said: “Dad, they do have a good point!”

When she finished, everyone lapsed into silence. Sisi looked at her in astonishment. She couldn’t believe even Jie Liang took her as a jinx.

“What do you mean?”

“Dad, Yuan Chen was right. People will absolutely regard Lei Chen as a laugh stock if Sisi gives birth to the child, even though he has passed away. Besides, Sisi slept with Kris. It is a fact known to many people, and it is also the fact that killed grandpa. We inherited this great family from grandpa and our ancestors, and how can we ruin the fame of this family? How shall we meet our forefathers if we destroy everything they tried their best to create?”

Everyone nodded to what Jie Liang said.

“She is right! We can’t do this to our forefathers!”

“We can’t allow this family to be shamed!”

Sisi was frightened. She said fearfully: “Jie Liang. You can’t do this to me.”

“Sisi, Lei Chen is gone now, and this kid is just a burden to you. You don’t want the kid to be despised the moment he is born, do you? Besides, you are still young, and a few years later, if you fall in love with someone, you can marry him and we won’t object. But who will marry you when you have a kid?” Jie Liang said to her, smilingly.

“No, no! I will not abort this child!” Sisi shouted. Jie Liang’s smile sent a chill through her.

“Dad, second brother! Say something!!! Let me keep me kid!!!” Sisi knelt on the ground and begged frantically.

“Sisi, please understand us. We can’t let Lei Chen become a laugh stock.” Tears were streaming down Tianzong’s face and he turned his face around. He didn’t want Sisi to keep the child in the first place. But Lei Chen wanted to keep it so he could do nothing about it, and now Lei Chen passed away, there is no need to keep the kid.

He stood up and said: “Sisi, don’t blame me. Jie Liang was right. You are still young and you shall marry again. Get rid of the child, and three years later, you can get married.”

“No, dad, please don’t do this! Lei Chen couldn’t be dead and I couldn’t loss this baby!” Sisi knocked her head on the ground heavily and continuously.

She fell into despair. She looked at them, and she found everyone cold, cruel, and horrifying.

Some girls shed a few tears for her, but what difference does that make? No sacrifice is too heavy if it is made for the family.

“What is going on here?” A woman’s voice was heard from behind all of a sudden. And everyone looked around and found a tall policewoman was walking in.

“Lan Yu? Why is she here?” Quan Chen and Jie Liang looked at each other. They knew something bad would happen.

“Officer Yu, why are you here?” Quan Chen asked. His brow furrowed.

“I’m here to visit my master.” Lan Yu said.

“I see.” Jie Liang said smilingly, and she walked in front of Sisi and blocked her from Lan Yu’s view. “Yuan Chen, take officer to her master.”

Yuan Chen nodded and said: “Officer, please follow me.”

“Thank you.”

When Lan Yu was about to leave with Yuan Chen, Sisi sat up. She knew it was her only chance to save the kid.

“Officer Yu, please help me! Help me!” Sisi was kneeling on the ground, and she reached her hands towards Lan Yu.

Lan Yu froze, and then her face set. She walked to Sisi hurriedly, but Jie Liang held Sisi up before Lan Yu could do so. And she said: “Sisi, why are you so careless.”

“Officer Yu. It’s OK. She just fell on the ground.”

“Yeah, officer Yu, you can go visit Qingyuan master now and we will take good care of Sisi.”

“Is that so? How could a pregnant woman fall when there are so many people around her?” Lan Yu didn’t believe them.

“Officer Yu, help me. They want to kill my baby!”

“What?” Lan Yu looked at her belly, and saw Sisi was already heavily pregnant. How can they abort this kid at this time? It will be as good as murder a person.

“What do you wanna do? This is murder! You understand?” Lan Yu’s face darkened completely. She walked towards Sisi step by step.

Jie Liang forgot about her politeness when she saw Lan Yu was getting serious. She said: “Officer Yu, this is my family’s business, and don’t you think you are in no position to mind our business?”

Everyone looked at Lan Yu.

“Officer, this in none of your business. Please leave here.” Quan Chen stopped Lan Yu.

Lan Yu smiled. “I am so going to mind this business!”

Chapter 314: The Seventh Wing

“Officer Yu, are you too nosy?” Tianzong Chen stood up and said coldly, “This is my family matters in which you’re in a position to interfere. “

I ain’t in a position?

Lan Yu said with an icy smile, “As a police officer, I have to do something as someone is calling for help. “

Then she walked over and pulled Sisi Mu up to her.

Sisi quickly hid behind her and sobbed, “Save me, officer! They wanna coerce me into abortion!”

“It is for your own good, Sisi. ” Quan Chen said impatiently, “Why are you so stubborn?”

“You should listen to us, Sisi. You gonna have to have an abortion. “

“He would be a scourge if you persist in having it.”

“You wanna Lei Chen to roll in his grave?”

Hearing such malicious persuasion of Chen family, Lan Yu got angry as well.

Are those guys all getting crazy? Compel a woman to get an abortion? Is this a murder?

At this, it occurred to Quan Chen there are rumors in The Academy of Six Major Schools that Kris Chen and Lan Yu have some affairs, and thus he stepped forward and said, “Officer Yu, I’m afraid that you have no idea about the father of Sisi’s baby. Listen, his father is Kris Chen. “

Lan Yu gave an unconscious glance to Sisi’s belly, and Sisi unconsciously covered her belly with her hands and said vigilantly, “Officer, what do you gonna do?”

When Qingyuan talked about it, Lan Yu thought she would never believe such gossip. But the meeting with Sisi Mu has shaken her resolution.

Lan’s face was dark with sadness, and a kind of unspeakable gloom swept her heart.

Noticing Lan’s silence, Quan Chen was sneering secretly since it was quite clear that the woman had affairs with that damn guy.

“Just as what you see, a scourge would absolutely be disdained by others. Officer Yu, you’d better keep far from this. Now you shall go to meet Qingyuan as if nothing had gone. “

“Come here, Sisi, come to me. I promise we would request an experienced doctor to ease your misery. “Jie Liang walked over with her high heels.

Suddenly, a sword appeared in Lan Yu’s hand before she had gone far.

“Stop or I won’t be polite!”


A light of sword flashed out and left a mark in front of Jie Liang’s feet.


Jie Liang screamed to stepped several paces back.

“How reckless!”

“How dare you!”

“It’s our spot! How dare you to be rude in our place!”

Each guy of Chen Family opened fierce verbal fire but no one dared to go forward.

Lan Yu made her genuine energy visible. It was unexpected for Chen family that Officer Yu was a practitioner in the innate-power stage.

Except the dead master, all members of Chen Family are just disciples in the acquired stage which couldn’t rival Lan Yu.

“I would never give up the baby!” Lan Yu took Sisi’s hand and walked straight toward the back of the hall.


Tianzong Chen trembled with rage since nobody dares to block a woman among hundreds of his family members.

Shame. What a shame!

But it didn’t help because Lan Yu was eldest sister of Emei School.

The death of the old master of Chen Family cut off support from Wudang School, and now the connection with Holy Dragon Cult has gone as well.

Chen Family had no powerful support on its back, shuddering in the wind.

It would be really dangerous for them if they irritates Emei School.

The guys flushed crimson with anger but they daren’t to make any action instead of eyeing the two women off.

Lan Yu took Sisi to the backyard, while Qingyuan and Yi Fang were discussing how to rescue their disciples caught by Holy Dragon Cult.

The two didn’t work out an effective plan for a long time. It was too difficult for them to go to the rescue since the camp of Holy Dragon Cult was easy to defend but hard to attack. There once were thousands of disciples of six major schools trying to assault its camp, defeat.

It occurred to Yi Fang about the two days in which she was trapped in the Cult’s camp.

“It would be much better if Dong Zhang could give us a hand. ” Yi Fang can’t help recalling the scene where Dong Zhang fell asleep right there on her chest in that morning.

After she came back, she had the same dream every day. Every time she woke up, she was wrapped by shyness.

“Never mention that heretic. ” Qingyuan said unhappily and her fair neck turned blushing at the thought of something.

At this time, Lan Yu opened the door, “I’m coming. Senior Qingyuan, Senior Yi Fang!”

“Lan, why’re you here?” Yi Fang stood up.

“Is this Ms Mu? Please sit down here. ” Qingyuan looked at Sisi behind Lan and said.

“I wanna arrange Sisi Mu to stay with you during this time. ” Lan Yu explained what had just happened right now.

Hearing the atrocity of Chen Family, Yi Fang and Qingyuan were both angry.

“They’re really shameless! Anyway, the baby is innocent!” Qingyuan burst into anger and chopped the corner of the table, “It’s Kris’s fault, absolutely! I’ll definitely kill him one day!”

“Is Kris the man who has the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, Lan?” Yi Fang frowned in that Qingyuan talked about Kris with her in these days.

Why was Lan familiar with such a damn guy?

“Yes. “Lan nodded.

“He must have lied to you. You shall keep alert. ” Yi Fang said gently.

“Kris Chen is not such a person……” Lan said through clenched teeth.

To be honest, in Lan’s mind, everything he did was based on the principles of justice.

How he could do such thing like raping his brother’s wife?

And she knew Kris Chen masters alchemy. The bug-attracting pill is the clearest evidence.

But she don’t know why he never explains his action.

It seemed he deliberately hide something.

“Enough. You’re trying to get him out of it in front of Ms Mu?” Qingyuan said angrily, “You must have been lured by that damn guy! Did you have sex with him?”


Hearing this, Yi Fang tugged at Qingyuan’s sleeves and gestured for her to keep quiet.

“Don’t stop me. ” Qingyuan smiled coldly, “Last time in the camp of Holy Dragon Cult, did you commit yourself to that heretic, Dong Zhang? My senior sister must be blind to adopt you a scourge as her disciple! It’s a shame that you’re the eldest sister of the Emei School. “

“Shut up, you’re going too far!” Yi Fang frowned, “Without Lan taking the plunge, we’ve already died in Kunlun Mountain. “

Hearing Qingyuan’s words, Lan instantly came crashing down.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Why did she make such a big sacrifice? It’s all for saving them.

It’s OK that she wasn’t considerate, but why she scolded her? And even she took her late master as the example which has touched her red line.

“Alright, alright. It’s me. I am nosy. I’m guilty. I humiliated you so that I got such a result. ” Lan smiled miserably, “Dong Zhang wouldn’t never allow such injustice for me if he was here. “

“Sinner! I can’t believe that you’re eager that scourge!” Qingyuan glared at Lan, “How dare you disobey our principle in this way?” Yi Fang hugged Lan quickly, and softly eased her, “It’s OK, my sweetie. We knew how big sacrifice you have made. It’s all for us. We knew that. “

“Yi Fang……”

Lan Yu wailed in her arms.

Sisi Mu on the side stopped crying, staring at the scene at a loss.


At night, something happened in the mountains.

The bonfire took the chill off Kris. He lied near the fire like a dead dog after the major acupuncture points in his body were blocked.

On the other side, a pale-looking man was trying to heal himself with his inner energy.

At that moment, his breath was in disorder, which showed clearly that he was got injured.

“Hey bro, could you help keep me farther from the bonfire? My hair is almost on fire. ” Kris said with a bitter expression.

Hearing his voice, Shengyuan opened his bloodshot eyes.

“Come here. “

He gestured to a golden insect to fly away Kris and to his side.

Bullshit, Kris thought, the damn bug got plump by sucking my blood.

Kris was filled with remorse that he should have driven it at the very beginning.

Alright. Now it has boomeranged on him.


When Kris got into remorse, it happened something magic.

When the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings fluttered its wings, a cloud of bloody mist rose and was pulled to be inhaled by Shengyuan Yao immediately.

After one minute later, the insect stopped flying.

“Chirp, chirp. “

Even its voice turned weak.

By sucking the energy and blood of the insect, Shengyuan looked better.

Ten minutes later, he took a deep breath with relief and looked at Kris with surprising pleasure.

“Your energy was so powerful. It works surprisingly well. It must like your blood!”

Then he opened his mouth and took out a yellow silkworm chrysalis.

“Chirp. “

The chrysalis voiced in a shrill tone, and the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings scared to gave out an anguish cry and cowered.

What the hell is it?

Why did the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings was frightened?

Then the chrysalis began to crack, and a crimson bug wriggled out.

There were three gold lines on its back.

“Chirp. “

It shook its body after a scream, and surprisingly stretched six wings!

On my god!

It was the Supreme Deadliest Insect!

That was why the insect with four wings was so scared.

How terrible! Did he put the Supreme Deadliest Insect into……


Shengyuan turned the Supreme Deadliest Insect into a red light and sent it into Kris’ heart.

A kind of stinging pain encroached Kris.

Beads of sweat dotted his forhead.

He could clearly feel that his blood was sucked continuously by the insect.

His hands and legs gradually turned colder and colder, and the body temperature drops accordingly.

Around three minutes later, Shengyuan said, “Enough. Don’t be so greedy. It’s hard to find another blood pig as well as him. “

Supreme Deadliest Insect had already got its consciousness except the ability to speak.

Hearing Shengyuan’s words, it murmured as if voicing its protest.

It was reluctant to come out of Kris’ body.

At this time, its body turned redder to see through, and the gold lines on its back got brighter.

Shengyuan was quite elated. At this speed, the seventh wing of Supreme Deadliest Insect would sprout in a few days.

At that time, his Supreme Deadliest Insect could pose threats to the Practitioners in the back-to-self stage and fulfilled period.

Why he went out from the South and was devoted to kidnap virgin boys and girls was all for the wings of the Supreme Deadliest Insect.

Worrying that all he had done were at risk of failing, he can’t believe that he got the treasure in the end.

As the saying goes, you can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching,and yet by a lucky chance you may find the lost thing without even looking for it.

Even though all his followers had died, he cared nothing only if the Supreme Deadliest Insect could grow the seventh wing.

“Sleep. “

Then Supreme Deadliest Insect shook its body and folded its wings.

Then it huddled up and wrapped itself into the chrysalis again.

Shengyuan swallowed it.

Then, he lifted Kris happily and roughly stuffed his mouth with a handful of herbal medicine.

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