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Chapter 313: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 313 He with Beauties (1)

Jingyan smiled, “She’s pretty, but I think you don’t know her. I’m done eating, bye.”

After saying that, Jingyan wiped the corner of his mouth and got up to go to the front desk to pay the bill.

The beauty watched his back, the jealousy in her heart was growing wildly, she kept reassuring herself that it was okay, it was okay, her purpose was almost achieved anyway. But she still couldn’t help being jealous, what kind of woman could have such a perfect man.

This time, Yehuang Group’s partners in the United States came here to discuss the latest project progress, they had a feast, then Jingyan sent them to the best hotel in Sky City to stay.

But he didn’t know that just before he went in the hotel, a minivan also stopped at the entrance of the hotel, and a sexy beauty peeked out from the van and entered the hotel quickly.

A few of Yehuang’s partners were drunk and they forced Jingyan to karaoke in to the hotel, Jingyan had no choice but to accompany them, therefore, it was already late at night when he left the hotel.

He never thought that his behavior would be misled completely by someone ulterior.

The next day, Jingyan was still sleeping when the sound of knocking on the door woke him up.

“Who is it.” Jingyan rolled over and asked in a daze.

“Brother, it’s me, open the door ” Chuxue said anxiously.

Jingyan waved his hand, the door opened with a click, and Chuxue, wearing cartoon pajamas and holding a cell phone, rushed in and slapped her brother on his back, “Brother, don’t sleep, hurry up, you have a scandal.”

“Nonsense, Yiyao has not even returned, who can I have a scandal with?” Jingyan didn’t even open his eyes, mumbling.

Chuxue shook his shoulders, “Really, you are in the headlines, the media said you kept B-list stars as your mistress.”

Jingyan sat up hastily, “What did you say? What did I do?”

“Keeping mistress! The cyber space is going crazy. You can see for yourself.” Chuxue opened her phone and handed it to her brother.

Jingyan looked at the phone bare-chested, and the big headline on it read, Actress Jing Yang hitched a ride with the new president of Yehuang Group. Further down the page, a large section was devoted to the relationship between the two.

There are also several photos attached, in which Jingyan held her at the entrance of the hotel, danced with her sweetly, ate lunch together, and the last one was the most shattering, in which they entered the hotel one after the other.

Although the article was made up, it written in a way that rise people’s random thoughts. It said that Jingyan refused all ladies’ invitations, only danced with Jing Yang because he has affection for her for a long time.

After Jingyan and Jing Yang spent three hours together in the hotel, Jingyan left hurriedly, but Jing Yang stayed until dawn, it seemed that the two were madly in love.

Jingyan scanned the news and then he laughed out loud, “Holy shit, the reporter is way too much. Who is Jing Yang? I only meet her a few times.”

“It’s the actress in supporting role of the costume drama a while ago.”

Jingyan gave her the phone and said with some anger, “This woman is grasping all sorts of times and occasions with me for a hype deliberately.”

“Yes, I know it’s a hype, but others don’t.”

“All’s clear than ends clear, why should I care about others?” Jingyan frowned.

“Brother, are you stupid, if your girl knew about it, I’ll see what’s you can say then.”

Chuxue’s words hit Jingyan right in his heart, yeah, Yiyao always stays in the army, naturally she doesn’t know what’s behind hype and speculation, there’s nothing he could do if she really sees the news.

“Get out, get out, I need to get dressed.”

Chuxue disappeared in the room. The only thing her brother cares about is Yiyao Duan.

At breakfast, Venus asked her son who looked sad, “What’s going on with you and that actress?”

Jingyan was so upset that he put down his bowl, “Mom, I have nothing to do with her, I just learned her name from the news.”

Kerry has also experienced this kind of thing, he said, “This kind of uninvolved actress wants to take advantage of your identity, in fact, there is no need to clarify as long as the company’s interests are not damaged, because the more you explain to the public, the heater of this scandal, and you have no tangible evidence to prove that you don’t know her. Leave it alone, this matter will be over within several days.”

Jingyan frowned, “Dad, I can’t clarify to the public, but I need explain to Yiyao clearly, she doesn’t know anything, I am afraid that she believes these rumors easily.”

“Can you find her now?” Kerry asked teasingly.

Jingyan was depressed immediately, “That’s why I am so worried, no, I have to let the company declare my attitude.”

After saying that, Jingyan called Secretary Wang.

Venus totally agreed with her son, glancing faintly at her husband and saying, “You only care about the company’s interests. In fact, women are very sensitive to such things, and we prefer to believe it.”

Kerry put on a smile immediately, “Yes, yes, yes, my wife is right.”


Nine o’clock in the morning. A declaration hung on the website of Yehuang Group that stated Jingyan, the president of Yehuang, had no relationship with Ms. Jing Yang, and that all the contents of the article were false and fabricated. The photos were also just coincidental. Jingyan did not know Jing Yang at all.

It went viral online.

This matter was speculated by media and influencers immediately. Jing Yang didn’t say anything, yet a bunch of people posted online said that the rich and powerful Ye family abandoned Jing Yang due to her identity, and scolded Jingyan for being a jerk.

Jingyan laughed due to anger, in fact, he really didn’t care what the netizens think, the important thing for him was that Yiyao have to believe him.

And he did not know that at this time, the woman in his heart, was desperately chasing the last two foreign outlaws in a snowy land.

“Stand right there, or I’ll shoot.” Yiyao shouted sternly.

How could criminals listen to her, they keep running forward.

Yiyao couldn’t wait any longer, she made a decisive move. A bullet pierced through the cold air and shot one of them from behind, and the man then fell to the ground.

His partner noticed it and stopped immediately, he turned around and said viciously, “Stop right there, or I’ll die with you.”

Chapter 313 He with Beauties (2)

Yiyao Duan stopped chasing at a second, because she saw the man’s hand pressing tightly on a glass bottle, which was filled with a light blue gas.

“Drop all the guns.” The man spoke fluent Mandarin.

“You put down the stuff, I’ll let you go.” Yiyao’s eyes were filled with murderous intention.

The man laughed coldly, “Do you think I’m a three-year-old child? If you don’t want to die, put the gun down.”

“You can tell that to yourself.” Yiyao clutched her gun.

The man’s expression was a bit crazy, “Fine, then we’ll die together, it’s worth it for me to have so many people to die with.” After saying that, he was about to press the tiny bottle cap.

Yiyao pulled the trigger immediately and shot him in his wrist, the man screamed in pain and threw out the bottle.

“Grab the bottle.” Yiyao shouted.

Some soldiers rushed for that bottle, and someone caught it right before it fell to the ground. The man took advantage of their defenselessness and pulled out his gun wanting to shoot at the bottle, but Yiyao found out immediately and shot him. He was too resilient and pulled the trigger just before he breathed his last.

Of course, this shot did not hit anything, but the loud sound of the gunshot spread throughout the glacial valley.

Azure Dragon went up to search for valuable items on the man, a small snowball rolled to his feet, he raised his head in shock and yelled, “Damn, Captain, retreat now, the avalanche.”

Yiyao also heard the rustling sound of falling snow, she cursed at a low voice and shouted to her brothers, “Bring the small bottle, go down the mountain now.”

The huge blocks of snow balls rolled down in a second, Yiyao rushed at her best, the death was chasing after them, neither of them dared to slow down a bit.

Suddenly, a jeep appeared in front of them, and Yiyao was surprised that it was the person who came to pick them up.

The jeep made a quick U-turn in the snowy land and shouted at them, “Get in!”

More than a dozen people flew onto the jeep, some people leapt into the car directly, some people held the door and stood beside the car, and the car flew out when everyone was here.

The death was gradually left behind, and everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In the evening, Jingyan was watching the news in the living room, which happened to report the avalanche at Kunlun Snowy Mountain.

“It is said that the avalanche was caused by man-made factors, fortunately there were no casualties ……”

For some reason, Jingyan was terrified seeing this report, he always felt that this has something to do with Yiyao. No casualties? If she was on a secret mission, how would it be reported even if there were casualties?

The person who was always remembered by Jingyan was locked in a room with her teammates. All members were credited with second class due to the outstanding completion of the mission, yet they were locked in a room separately after the announcement of the commendation order.

This has always been the tradition that if you shot to kill someone, all your packages needed to be burned, and you need to stay in a room alone to make all ruthless factors dissipated, so you can regain their composure.

After a whole day, compared to her previous days in the room alone, what Yiyao thought about most this time was Jingyan, she wondered what was he doing now, and she needed to go back and check on him.

The day she left the room, Jun Duan came to pick her personally, looking at her daughter who had lost a lot of weight and her cheeks were red with cold, he felt so sad.

Her pupils are either working or already get married, dressing themselves beautifully, while how life rolls for his daughter, is it fair to her?

When Yiyao saw her father, she smiled and hugged his arm, “Yo, I’m really flattered today, the chief came to pick me personally.”

“I’m the chief, but I’m also your father.” Rarely, Jun Duan said warmly.

Yiyao said in surprise, “Dad, what’s wrong with you today? So kind, is there any hard bone for me to chew again?”

Jun Duan remained silent for a moment and said, “Yiyao, have you ever thought about leaving the army?”

The girl stopped and looked seriously at her vicissitudes-ridden father, “Dad, what do you mean by that?”

Jun Duan reached out and touched the wound on her face, he said heartily, “I suddenly feel that you are having a hard time like this. Girls should live a happy and easy life, study, work, fall in love and then get married, not like you who bounces between life and death. If your mother knew you were living like this, she would have blamed me.”

“Dad, I don’t feel hard at all, I feel good.”

Jun Duan sighed helplessly, “At first you joined the army to avenge your mother, this matter has long been over, you have done well over the years, in fact ……”

“Dad,” Yiyao looked at her father seriously, “you are also a soldier, how can you think like this?”

“I’m a soldier, but I’m also a father.” Jun Duan looked conflicted, “That day when I saw the avalanche, I was thinking, if you died, what can I do?”

“Dad, I’m fine, right? I’m an adult, I know what I want.” Yiyao said seriously, “I like to be a soldier and protect the people I want to protect, you should stop persuading me. If one day I don’t want to be a soldier anymore, I will apply for demobilization by myself.”

“You demobilize yourself? Oh, then I’ll have to wait until the next life.”

Yiyao hugged her dad’s arm and showed a little girl-like expression, “Dad, how did I do in this mission?”

“Very good, didn’t you receive all the commendation orders?”

Yiyao blinked, “Dad, can you give me a few days off, I have something to do.”

Jun Duan turned his head to looked at her, “You want to go find that Jingyan, right?”

“Yes.” Yiyao didn’t hide from her father, she knew very well that her father must have investigated all of Jingyan’s background and he approved Jingyan, otherwise how could Jingyan go in and out of the military hospital so frequently?

Jun Duan’s attitude suddenly changed, “That kind of man is not suitable for you.”

Yiyao was startled, “Dad, how did you suddenly ……” His attitude changed so sudden.

“I said last time, man in the business circle won’t settle down for a woman, you said you are just friends, so I leave it to be, but what do you mean now? Still friends?”

Yiyao was a little bit shy, “Dad, actually he is not bad.”

“Nnot bad? He just cheats innocent girls like you.” Jun Duan was stern.

Yiyao sensed that something was wrong and asked, “Dad, what’s wrong? Why are you so angry?”

Jun Duan took out his cell phone and gave it to her, “Search it for yourself, Jingyan’s scandal with the female celebrity is all over the internet, and you still say he’s not bad, huh.”

Yiyao doubted that, she searched Jingyan Ye in the web and the first thing that came out was Jingyan kept the actress Jing Yang as his mistress.

Her head was like being punched, buzzing. When he stayed with her, he showed so much love for her, why was he with another woman after she left for a month?

Dancing, eating, and …… getting a room?

Chapter 313 He with Beauties (3)

Jingyan, good for you, I really underestimated you.

She felt her heart was like being poked a hole, she was very reluctant to believe that this’s Jingyan, because it’s not the Jingyan she knew, but the photos were real, how could that lie?

After catching her breath and reading the first cover, she saw a link below which was a declaration from Jingyan.

Declaration for what?

She clicked the declaration, which said that Jingyan and Jing Yang just happened to meet, they were not even a friend, how could he keep her as a mistress? The matter is simply a one-sided hype of the actress Jing Yang.

She was angry before, but now confused as to whose words to believe. One said she was the mistress, the other said they were clean, perhaps it was because Jingyan performed too well recently, Yiyao still favored him in her heart.

“Dad, I think this …… should be this actress’s hype.” Yiyao said hesitantly.

Jun Duan glared at his daughter, “There is no smoke without fire, if he really does not know this actress, how would he dance and eat with her? Are all the photos fake?”

Yiyao was dumbfounded by her father’s words, and after thinking about it she said, “Dad, I want to ask him face to face.”

Without seeing things with her own eyes, Yiyao didn’t want to draw a conclusion so quickly, although she was really angry.

Jun Duan was exasperated at his daughter, “Why do you have to be so stubborn? Is it because he sent you meals for a few days that you followed him no matter what?”

Yiyao was firm, “Dad, I don’t believe Jingyan is such a person, it’s as easy as turning his hands over if he wants to have a relationship with any actress, why would he trouble himself to send me meals? What does he want from me?”

Jun Duan was serious and irritated, “I’m also curious to know what exactly he wants from you.”

“Dad, give me a few days, I want to ask him personally.”

Jun Duan sighed secretly, “Okay, but you at least do it after two days, when those wounds in your face are cured ……”

“No, this is how I always look like, if he can’t even accept me like this, then I don’t have to think about our relationship anymore.”

“When are you leaving?”

“This afternoon.”

Sky City.

A scandal didn’t fade away from public because of the declaration of Ye Huang Group, it was like there was a hand behind it pushing things forward, especially when Jing Yang’s haggard and weeping face appeared in front of the reporters, it seemed to confirm the fact that Jingyan had abandoned her.

Jingyan sat in his office with a dark face. This scandal was too coincidental, recently he seemed to come across her everywhere he went, and they were also shot by reporters. He’s set up, he believed that.

However, the price of hyping with Jingyan would be unaffordable.

“Secretary Wang, come in.”

Half a minute later, Secretary Wang came in, “Mr. Ye.”

“Go and find out what dramas this Jing Yang is shooting now, what variety shows she has participated in, what endorsements she has, find out all the resources she has at hand, then using our connections to stop all of them for her.” Jingyan said coldly, with ridicule and mockery in his eyes.

“Yes, I’ll go do it immediately.” Secretary Wang was shocked, he thought that President Ye would not care about these things, but it turned out that he was going to be ruthless this time.

In just two hours, Jing Yang, who thought she would earn a reputation, suddenly received a dozen phone calls to cancel their cooperation, and even the already shot variety show was notified that it would not be aired.

Jing Yang was dumbfounded, generally speaking, tycoons would turn a blind eye to the actress who hyped with them, why Jingyan pushed her so hard? Didn’t people say Jingyan is a mild person?

Her agent came over with a dark face, Jing Yang pounced on her immediately and cried, “What should I do? What should I do?”

“I don’t know!” The agent roared at her, “You made the trouble yourself, go and fix it yourself.”

“You’re my agent, you can’t leave me alone.”

The agent sat on the chair in anger and pointed at her, “I warned you when you said you wanted to do this, don’t touch people in the Ye family, but you didn’t listen and said you had some inside information, now what? Kicked the hornets’ nest, right? What is the status of the Ye family? The whole Sky City is going to tremble once the Ye family stomped its feet ……”

“I know I’m wrong, but what do I do now? I can’t be blocked, it’s so hard for me to get a little fame.” Jing Yang cried.

The agent looked at her with hatred, “What else can you do? Go to find Mr. Ye and apologize, even if he asks you to kneel, you must kneel and beg him for mercy.”

Jing Yang suddenly been enlightened, she shed tears and said, “Right, right, I’ll go to find Jingyan right now.”

After fixing her makeup and racing all the way to Yehuang Group, she was stopped by the security guard at the entrance.

“I’m here to see Mr. Ye.” Jing Yang wore sunglasses and held her chin up arrogantly, although she was panicked, she had to maintain her dignity.

“Do you have an appointment?” The guard asked coldly.

“Can’t I get in without one?”

“Sorry, you can’t enter without an appointment.” The security guard was upright, and he could see at a glance that this woman was the actress who had a scandal with Mr. Ye. The guard was pissed off, Mr. Ye liked the handsome female officer who was far better than her.

“Do you know who I am? I’m looking for Mr. Ye for an urgent matter.” Jing Yang was still acting like a big star at this time.

The security guard disdained her in his heart, but he was being difficult while looked plain, “No matter who it is, our company has rules that you can’t enter without an appointment, or you can call Mr. Ye.”

Jing Yang stomped her feet in anger, she didn’t dare to call Jingyan even if she had his number, let alone she did not.

“Woah, isn’t it the amateur actress.” A triumphant voice was heard, Jing Yang turned around to see a delicate young lady stood behind her, who wore the latest Chanel and held a Hermes limited bag in her hand, she must be a young lady of a rich family.

The young lady looked her up and down with a critical and condescending gaze, then snorted, “Not some kind of beauty, still trying to hitch a ride with my brother Jing Yang.”

Jing Yang did not know who this person was in front of her, but she was in a position where she did not dare to offend such a rich lady, so she said indifferently, “Don’t you slander me, I don’t know who is behind this matter, I am also a victim.”

“Oh, do you think everyone is a fool?” The lady stared at her with contempt, “I think you just want to take advantage of the opportunity to stick to my brother, but unfortunately, he simply doesn’t care about you, do your face still hurt by that declaration?”

Jing Yang is also a celebrity, she naturally got mad being humiliated like that, “Lady, you and I don’t know each other, and you do not have any evidence, why do you ling mud at me?”

The young lady laughed, “I want to.”

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