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Kristen and Bryant were suddenly like this, and Chuck was no different. He could only comfort on both sides, because last night, Chuck was a little guilty about Kristen, so first, she was pulled to the side.
How can I take a plane after this noise?

“What did I do? Let’s go!” Kristen struggled angrily and shook Chuck’s hand away. “Why had she come over?”
Kristen was really annoyed. She was treated like other people by Chuck last night. She was angry. Today she was with other people. The key is that this woman is so young. She is about the same age as Chuck. She is bigger than both of them.

Kristen suddenly felt out of place here.

“She is my classmate, she has her own business, just go to Huagang together.” Chuck thought, what did Bryant go to Huagang for no reason? There must be something for yourself!

By the way, she came to Huagang together, so Chuck would do whatever she wanted. “President Kristen, don’t be angry. If you are angry, you will not look good, and there will be wrinkles.” Chuck pleased.
He just wanted to get in quickly, and dragging on like this, enough time to go through security. “Huh, do you want you to flatter?” Kristen hummed softly.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, “You are so good, President Kristen.” Kristen is still very coaxing, at least Chuck began to think so.
“Well, you’re a ghost.” Kristen was annoyed. “I tell you, I have my own business when I go to Huagang. It’s better not to let her follow.”
“Okay, let me talk to her,” Chuck went to Bryant alone.

Kristen hummed, seeing Chuck comforting Bryant, and comforting herself exactly the same. She was not angry, and Kristen didn’t want to see too much and pulled her luggage to the entrance of the elevator.
Fortunately, Bryant pouted and reluctantly agreed. Although she was very unhappy in her heart, she did not unreasonably make trouble. She whispered, “Chuck, do you like young women?”
“Why do you say that?” Chuck was surprised.

“Don’t like it, then why did you bring Kristen over?” Bryant turned her head to look at Kristen, whispering in her heart, isn’t it just a little bigger in front? I am the same age as you are.

“There is something else about Kristen, just to get together,” Chuck explained, joking, like Kristen? Chuck really didn’t have that idea. Last night was an accident that he couldn’t help himself.

But I like being a little older. Chuck thinks it is true that Yvette is his child-law, about five years older than himself, but he can’t see that Yvette is particularly young, with good skin and good personality. What about Chuck? Would you like it? And Logan… is also a little older than Chuck.
But is Yvette not a young woman? Logan is not counted, Aunt Logan is not married, how can it be considered a young woman?
“Then you promise me, you won’t like Kristen,” Bryant said seriously.

Chuck feels crying and laughing. What kind of mind is Bryant? Of course, Chuck said that, but muttered, “You let me say that? Why?”
“Why just say a word, oh, stop talking, go in and go through the security check,” Bryant blushed, and her heart accelerated, yes, why did he make him promise that?

Bryant took the luggage to the elevator, Chuck sighed with relief. The three went up from the elevator, waited for the flight after the security check, and got on the plane after a while.
They are all first-class, which is for sure.

After sleeping, I woke up and went to Huagang. Everyone left the airport. Chuck called Betty and asked where is Yvette in Huagang?
How to say that Huagang is so big, it is impossible to find all of them. It is possible to find them for several years. The key is that they may not be found for several years. Betty said, “Master, the two people who follow Yvette at this time, continue to be in Follow up, I will send you the specific location at night.”

Mainly, Betty didn’t know how to say it. After all, Yvette was beaten by her cousin, but the two people who monitored it were all in their eyes. If that’s said, shouldn’t be Chuck angry?
Betty thinks it’s better to be cautious.

What’s more, she can’t contact the two people who monitored Yvette now. For the time being, Betty has to find a way.
“Master, you have fun in Huagang first,” Betty said.

How can Chuck have that thought? Forget it, find a place to eat, at least Chuck especially wants to see Yvette, otherwise, he can’t sleep tonight.

Hanging up the phone, Betty immediately found a way to contact the person monitoring Yvette, but a few minutes later, Betty felt bad…

“Starved to death, go to dinner first,” Bryant suggested that she had a friend here, but would go there later.

Chuck had to consider the meaning of Kristen, she was expressionless, Chuck could only comfort her, Kristen hummed, “No need to say good things, anyway, I will play by myself with her, not with you anymore.”
Chuck thinks it works. Anyway, Chuck doesn’t even think about it, and he has no time to play. “Come on, President Kristen, have a good time,” Chuck said.
“You, bastard! Break me away, and let me play with this little girl, right?” Kristen was annoyed, Chuck didn’t comfort her, actually said so? Let yourself go?
“No, you said it yourself.” Chuck collapsed. Why was Kristen so unreasonable? She herself said to play alone!
“Good, disgusting person! Have fun with yourself! Have fun, jerk!” Kristen dragged the suitcase angrily and went out, and got into a car and left.

Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. This is a Mercedes-Benz private car. It should be arranged by Kristen. After all, she is so rich. There must be someone who knows here on Huagang! Yes, Kristen had already arranged the schedule last night, and she also wanted to relax, but Chuck said just now, Kristen cleared the fire, “You play casually, I have some industries in Huagang, but You play with other women, what should I do? Die!”
Kristen closed her eyes in exasperation.

The driver of the car said, “President Kristen, are you not ordering a couple’s set meal at the restaurant. I have prepared it for you. The red wine is also Rafi in 1982 according to your requirements. The steak is also airlifted from the United States. you……”
“No, no!” Kristen said angrily.

“But the restaurant has already done it.” The driver whispered, this is Kristen’s restaurant, she called last night.
“Then I will eat alone.” Kristen hummed softly.

The driver was surprised. What’s wrong with President Kristen? Kristen left suddenly, Bryant smiled, “Why is she leaving?” Chuck gave her a white look, “What’s your business?”
Bryant pouted, “Ask me, let’s go, the two of us go to dinner. I know the food in one place is delicious.”
Chuck was also hungry and agreed. Bryant hadn’t known how many times she had been to Huagang. She took Chuck and left, but when he left, Chuck’s mobile phone rang. It was Kristen’s. Chuck answered with doubt. , “President Kristen, you are…”
“Chuck, I ask you, do you insist on being with that little girl?” Kristen thought more and more angry, why? Everything is ready, why should I eat alone?

“No, I will separate from her later,” Chuck originally intended.

“Okay, I will wait for you for an hour and after you separate from her. I will send a car to pick you up. Let’s… eat together again,” said Kristen.
Where is this enough?
“We are ready to eat.”

“Then remember to eat more.” Kristen hung up the phone in exasperation.

Chuck whispered here, why is Kristen a little different? Such a fire for no reason? Just now Kristen gritted his teeth, but Chuck didn’t understand. Did Kristen come to relatives? So in a bad mood?

Chuck shook his head and was too lazy to think about it. He followed Bryant in a black car and went to the place to eat. Bryant muttered along the way. Chuck thought the woman was annoying for the first time, I am embarrassed to say that I can only bear it. When I arrived at the place to eat, Chuck hurriedly finished his meal and was ready to separate from Bryant. “What are you talking about?” Bryant was shocked and aggrieved. “You promised me something, come to Huagang, and you leave after a meal?”

This was Bryant’s special grievance. She was thinking about where to go with Chuck. Her friends had made an appointment. Thinking about playing at least a week?
“Well, I have other things,” Chuck said.

“How can you do this?” Bryant was wronged to cry.

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