Chapter 315 – 316: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 315: Yinyin Yao

Kris Chen who lost too much blood almost choked to death.

“Eat these herbs.”

Waiting for Kris to chew and swallow these herbs difficultly, he pulled out a blood ginseng, and then stuffed it into Kris’s mouth.

“This blood ginseng is good stuff, eat it quickly.”

Kris only felt nausea when the blood ginseng was stuffed into his mouth.

“If you dare to vomit it, I’ll kill you immediately.”

Hearing this, Kris kept his mouth shut to prevent himself from spitting it out.

There was no such medicinal herb as blood ginseng in reality. It was cultivated by man or it grew from the grave. After absorbing human blood and evil spirits, the ginseng would turn blood.

Ginseng was supposed to nourish the body. After it absorbed human blood, it had better efficacy.

Thinking that the blood ginseng grew from grave, Kris wanted to vomit.

After swallowing the ginseng difficultly, a majestic medicinal power instantly dissolved in his body. Along with the medicinal herbs he had taken before, he could feel the blood boiling in his body and could also hear the sound of blood flowing in his body.

“My Spiritual Power grows again?” Kris was happy that he can now see what was inside his body.

He closed his eyes, and the structure of his body clearly appeared in his mind. These were all images created by Spiritual Power, not what he saw with his eyes.

Could it be that just when the King of Deadliest Insect with Six Wings sucked his heart blood, he was mentally stimulated after he endured pain that normal people couldn’t endure, and that’s why he achieved a breakthrough in his abilities?

Being able to see the internal structure of the body was the stage that many practitioners dream of. It was said that only Practitioners at the heaven-human-oneness stage can view the inside of body.

Seeing Kris closed his eyes tightly, Shengyuan Yao didn’t give herbs to him, but started to sit down to treat internal injuries.

One night later, Shengyuan’s internal injury recovered a little. He let the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings penetrate into Kris’s heart again and suck his blood. Kris was awake in his sleep due to the pain.

Shengyuan’s complexion got better day by day, which made him overjoyed.

He took a handful of medicine from his pocket, stuffed them into Kris’s mouth, and then picked him up and started flying between the trees.

It was about a thousand kilometers from here to the South. Shengyuan took Kris along the road during the day and treated injures at night. They did not reach the South until the fifth day.

Kris had been enduring inhuman pain every day these days. He took medicine every day to make blood. He was sucked by the the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings and the King of Deadliest Insect with Six Wings in turn. Kris finally understood what Shengyuan’s blood pig meant.

Looking at the rolling mountains around him, he really wanted to cry. “The South is famous for having hundreds of thousands of mountains. Who knows where it is.” Kris thought.

With Kris in his hand, Shengyuan walked fast, and soon they came to a village.

“God Father.”

The guard guarding at the gate of the village hurriedly knelt on the ground and saluted Shengyuan Yao.

Shengyuan nodded and walked in directly.

Once Kris entered the village, he felt that his vision suddenly became bright and open. This village is very large, and it is full of stilted buildings with the characteristics of The South.

It is not so much a village as it is a township. At least one thousand households live here. No one could expect that there are so many people living in the mountains.

A team of people in black patrolled the stockade with weapons in hand. When they saw Shengyuan Yao, they immediately knelt on the ground and saluted.

“Go, let everyone come here.” Shengyuan said to a young man.

“Yes, God Father.”

After a while, Shengyuan took Kris to a hall, and he left Kris aside, and sat in the noblest position.

Not long after, the sound of footsteps sounded outside. A young girl dressed in southern folk costume and silver ornaments on her head walked in with bare feet.

“Dad, you’re back.” said the girl.

The others knelt on the ground and bowed to Shengyuan.

“Yinyin, come here.”

Seeing the young girl, Shengyuan smiled benevolently.

This young girl was none other than his daughter, Yiyin Yao, who was also the Saintess of the Five Poisons Sect.

“Dad, do you bring me a gift?” Yinyin asked.

Shengyuan pointed at Kris who was lying on the ground, “He is your new toy. You can do whatever you want with him. Just don’t kill him.”

“Fuck, I am a toy in their eyes?” Kris was stunned when he heard that.

“Thank you, dad.” Yinyin walked to Kris and couldn’t help but cover her nose, “You stink.”

Then she ordered to the two believers, “Take him down and take a bath.”

“Yes, Saintess.”

Two strong believers carried Kris up from the ground, and Yingyin followed them out.

When Yinyin left, the smile on Shengyuan’s face instantly disappeared, “Are the people of the Seventy-Two Village and One-O-Eight Cave at peace during my absence?”

“Half of them didn’t give us blood pigs as they should have.”


Hearing this, Shengyuan’s eyes grew colder, “Tell them, if their leader doesn’t come to see me in three days, they will all be killed.”

Hearing Shengyuan’s words, the people kneeling on the ground all couldn’t help but shiver.

Then they replied together, “Yes, God Father.”

Within this mountain, no one dared to disobey Shengyuan Yao of Five Poisons Sect.

After Kris was carried to the stream by two strong men, Yingyin said to the two followers, “Throw him into the water.”

As soon as she finished, Kris was thrown into the stream which was no higher than his knees.

His entire body’s acupoints were now hit, causing him not to move, “”Is this a bath? This is going to kill me.”

He tried to call for help, but as soon as he opened his mouth, water kept pouring into his mouth.

“Whether I went to The Sun-Moon Holy Cult or the Holy Dragon Scripture, I can leave safely, but this time I’ll die there?”

Just then, a pair of soft hands reached into the water and pulled him up by his collar.

Kris spat out the water and took a big breath.

“You’re pretty good looking after washing your face. You are much better than the bloody pig my father brought back before. I just don’t know if you’re strong enough to be my toy.”

She said as she pressed Kris’ body into the water again before lifting him up. Once Kris had gotten a change of breath, she pressed Kris into the water again.

She did this about six times. She felt it was fun to watch Kris as he was dying.

The two believers who were waiting on the sidelines sweated profusely, “That’s cruel.”

It wasn’t until the seventh time that she probably got bored and threw Kris on the water, “Take him to get changed and bring him to the pharmacy.”

The two men were busy pulling Kris out of the water. He felt sick to his lungs.

“This little girl look so cute, but how could she be so cruel?” He thought.

After Kris was taken to the pharmacy by the two men, they started undressing him.

Kris was stunned and asked in fear, “Why are you undressing me? I have hemorrhoids. I also have a contagious disease. You’d better stay away from me.”

After they heard Kris’ words, they stripped him even faster. Then they gave Kris a set of clothing of the South.

Now Kris realized that they helped him change clothes.

“Where are you guys taking me?”

The two men placed Kris on a wooden bed and then tied his hands and feet.

“Why are you tying me up?”

One of them took a piece of cloth and gagged his mouth. After doing this, the two believers left the pharmacy.

After they left, Kris started to observe the room carefully.

Above the beams hung all sorts of instruments of torture, such as knives, axes, pincers, and whips. On another wall was a row of wooden shelves with all kinds of herbs on them.

Another wall was horrible. There were glass jars containing strange poisonous insects. This was clearly a torture room.

Just at this time the door was pushed open and a pleasant bell rang out. It was the devilish girl. The sound was from the bells worn on her feet.

“Hi, I’m coming.” She said and closed the door, walked to Kris, and looked at him condescendingly.

Kris finally got a good look at the girl’s face. She was fair and had big eyes. In Kris’s eyes she was pretty good looking.

Especially when she was wearing the ethnic costumes of the South, she was attractive. That short blouse couldn’t cover her waist at all. What was even more adorable was that there was a ruby attached to her belly button.

The next second, he was in no mood to admire the beauty of this girl.

Yinyin stepped aside and took down the whip that was hanging on the beam. Then she whipped Kris suddenly.

Kris’s skin was instantly red and swollen, and he felt a sharp pain that spread throughout his body.

Kris couldn’t fight back and even couldn’t move. He was in a state of agony.

He was whipped about five times in a row, and then Yinyin threw the whip aside and said angrily when she found Kris didn’t move, “Boring, you didn’t even scream.”

Then she took off the cloth that had been stuffed in his mouth.

“Psycho, why are you hitting me?”

Hearing Kris’ curses, Yinyin was stunned, her face showing excitement.

“This girl is sick? She’s happy when she’s being yelled at?” Kris was very puzzled.

“Release me now.”

Yinging had lived for twenty years and no one had dared to scold her or speak to her loud. Those blood pigs before were also so afraid of her that they didn’t dare to resist her at all.

She suddenly felt that Kris, the new blood pig, was really different.

“Let’s play a game.” Yinyin said excitedly.


Somehow, he had a horrible feeling about it.

“Don’t worry. You’re going to love this game.”

Then she trotted to the other side and carried about five glass jars down from the top of the shelf.

“See the cuties in it. You’ll need them for this game.”

She said with a soft smile, showing her cute teeth.

Chapter 316: A Game

Then Yinyin Yao took out a centipede from a glass jar with a pair of tweezers. The centipede was about one foot long and it’s as thick as a thumb. It wriggled and squirmed, and it was exceptionally nasty.

“This deadly centipede could only be found in my place. It’s so poisonous that it can kill a cow with one bite.” She then dropped it on purpose and said: “Oops, I dropped it. My bad.”

Kris rounded his eyes. He could feel something was crawling on him and then got into his collar.

“You silly girl! Take it out!”

“Oh, sorry. I’ll do it now.” Then she opened another jar and there were two toads in there. “Toads love centipedes. Don’t worry, I’ll let them catch the centipede for you.”

Then she pulled down Kris’ collar and throw the toads in. Kris was shocked. He could feel goose bumps rising all over his body. The slim of the toads was giving him a burning sensation.

Then the toads began to search for the centipede in his clothes.

“Are you enjoying this game?” Yinyin said smilingly.

“Screw you!”

Yinyin smiled. She then said: “Oh, I almost forgot. We also need to deal with the toads! Wait a second. Let me think what can we do.”

Then she produced another jar, inside which there was a venomous snake, which was even more deadly than a cobra. It’s poison is so potent that an elephant could not survive its bite.

“Are you mad? Are you trying to kill me?” Kris’s anger flared up. He couldn’t understand why such a lovely girl could be so vicious.

Yinyin smiled and said: “Now the game has begun, and you can’t pull out.” Then she put the snake inside Kris’ collar.

Kris gasped. The snake crawled. The centipede and toads were frightened. Then Kris felt an agonizing pain on his neck. Turned out, the centipede bit Kris on his neck, and a toad poked its tongue out and wreathed it around the centipede, and the snake wound itself round the toad. Kris saw this horrifying scene from the corner of his eyes.

“This is so much fun!” Yinyin exclaimed.

Soon, his neck turned purple, his heart beat violently, his vision blurred and his breathing quickened. The poison got into his body and slowly spread.

“Hi, why aren’t you moving?”

Yinyin pushed Kris, and saw his lips were pale and his neck has turned dark. She cultivated this centipede herself and average people die three or four seconds after being bitten, but Kris only fainted after being bitten by both the centipede and the toad, which surprised Yinyin a lot.

She thought to herself: “Looks like dad brought me a very special blood pig this time, and I can’t let it die so fast.” Then she took out her Icy Cicada, a deadly insect she raised which is immune to all kinds of poison, to suck the poison out of Kris. She removed the three intertwining bugs from Kris and threw them into a jar, and then placed the cicada on Kris’ wound and the cicada started its work.

Kris’ complexion went back to normal gradually, but the Icy Cicada didn’t go back to Yinyin as it should have done. Instead, it sucked Kris’ blood violently.

Kris, who was still in a coma, moaned in pain.

“Why is my cicada sucking his blood?” Yinyin could feel her cicada was enjoying what it was doing, as if Kris’ blood was helpful to it. Icy Cicada kept sucking the blood, and gradually, it turned red from white. And a minute later, the cicada flew back to Yinyin satisfied.

“Now I see why dad asked me to keep him alive.”

Yinyin stopped torturing Kris when her cicada went back o her, because she had got a long term plan, and she couldn’t let Kris die that fast.

Some time later, Kris was woken by a man. It was already dark, and he found himself in a dark pharmacy where there was only a dim lamp that was sending out a terrible smell.

“Eat this.” A man opened Kris’ mouth violently and poured a bowl of black food in.

“It’s so bitter. What the hell is it?”

“Just eat it. It is the medicine our Saintess prepared for you. It is very nourishing.”

Kris ate it despite its taste, and felt warm. It was indeed medicine.

After taking some rest, Kris decided to bring Shengyuan Yao’s seal down with a technique called Spiritual Power which is recorded in Tianmo Book. Sengyuan basically sealed all Kris’ acupuncture points, and there was no way Kris could use his genuine energy without removing the seals.

And when Kris was about to do so, the door was opened. And Shengyuan walked in angrily and released the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings without saying anything. And the insect began sucking Kris’ blood immediately.

Kris shouted at it: “You damn little thing Stop being so violent!”

Then the insect froze. It looked up at Kris and it’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Kris also froze. Then he remembered that this insect had already got human intelligence, even though it is still not as smart as the King of Deadliest Insect with Six Wings.

“Can you hear me?”

“Buzz, buzz.”

“You can? That’s great.” Kris felt happy, then he said: “I didn’t kill you earlier, and why do you betray me?”

Kris wanted to kill it, but it showed it’s intention to obey Kris and gave him a timely warning at the last moment, and that’s why Kris decided to let it live.

“Buzz buzz buzz.”

Kris was shocked when he got its reply. Turned out, it didn’t want to betray Kris at all, but it couldn’t disobey Six Wings or it would be killed.

Kris sensed its fear and realized it was not afraid of Shengyuan. It was afraid of the other insect in its body.

“I have another question. Why both you and Six Wings love sucking my blood?”


“It’s delicious and nutritious? And it contains a special kind of energy that facilitates your evolution?”Kris was shocked.

“Alright. Don’t be so greedy. Come back.” Shengyuan said impatiently.

During the period of time when he was absent from Five Poisons Sect, people from Seventy-Two Village and One-O-Eight Cave were getting very excited, and he had to get fully recovered soon or there would probably be a fierce battle in three days.

Four wings flew to Shengyuan hurriedly and transferred the energy it sucked from Kris to Shengyuan unreservedly.

Kris finally figured it out. The insect was just playing the role of a transmitter of energy.

“Is that all?”

“Buzz buzz.”

“What? Icy Cicada already sucked it?”

Only Yinyin possessed Icy Cicada in Five Poisons Sect. Shengyuan had mixed feelings. He said nothing, and brought out some ginseng and put them in Kris’ mouth. Then he took off.

It was impossible for Kris to absorb the nutrition of so much ginseng. He felt his whole body was swelling and he managed to calm himself down.

He had got to bring the seal down, and the first acupuncture point he needed to break is called Baihui point. He found the point, summoned up his Spiritual Power, which then took the form of a drill, and it began drilling against the point.

The first time was a fiasco. His Spiritual Power was broken.

The second time was also a failure.

Kris didn’t give up. He summoned up his Spiritual Power for the third time, and tried to break the point. It failed again, but he obviously felt the seal was getting lose.

“It’s working.” Kris felt excited. Then he kept trying. The fourth time, fifth, sixth…….

Finally, the seal was removed after Kris tried for one hundred and one times.

Baihui Point was finally broken and he could move his fingers. He opened his eyes in ecstasy, and found it was already daytime. Kris stayed up the whole night but he didn’t feel tired at all.

Now he had broken the first point, it would be easier to break the following points. He was ready to keep doing this, but Yinyin got in with a bowl in her hand.

“You are awake.” Yinyin placed the bowl in front of Kris and said: “This is the medicine I made for you. There is snake’s bile, spider’s poison, toads’ saliva, scorpion’s tail, centipede’s legs and honey! It’s very good for your health.”

“What!” Kris’ face set. “So this was what I was drinking last night?” Kris puked violently.

“Take it away. I’ll not eat it!”

“Be good. I put lots of efforts in this. How can we continue our game if you don’t eat it?” An innocent, and cheerful smile spread across her face.

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