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Chapter 315: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 315 We Don’t Need To Meet Again (1)

Yiyao Duan pursed her lips and looked at her subordinates. “Are you speaking for Jingyan Ye or are you stopping me from being with him?”

“Boss, I’m on your side of course. You have to think carefully.”

Yiyao sighed, “Why liking someone is so complicated?”

“I don’t know either. I haven’t had a girlfriend yet.” Azure Dragon said in dismay.

“Right, how can I forget about you guys’ marriage. Well, when we’re back this time, I’ll report to the management about organizing matchmaking meetings for you guys. Then you must make good use of the opportunity.”

Azure Dragon’s eyes turned bright, “Really?”

“When did I ever let you down?”

“Great, ha ha. Don’t worry, boss. I’ll make a good performance then and succeed in getting a girl.”

Noticing the ice cream in his hand almost finished, she gave the one in her hand to him. “Not only you, but all the others need to put out all efforts then.”

“Yes, I’ll tell everyone about that,” said Azure Dragon. He was happily eating the ice cream, seeing an amusement park besides and saying excitedly, “Boss, let’s go to the amusement park to play.”

“OK.” Yiyao strode in the direction of the amusement park. As for Jingyan and related things, wait for tomorrow after a sleep. Maybe after the sleep, she would change her mind.

People’s mood swung too much at night, so it was better not to make a decision at night.


After Yiyao hung up the phone, Jingyan was heartbroken. He drank another bottle of wine. This time, he was a bit drunk, leaning on the sofa to rest with his eyes closed.

At this moment, a woman sat down next to him. The voice sounded familiar, “Mr. Ye, are you OK?”

Jingyan struggled to open his eyes, glanced at her and said drunkenly, “Xuan Zhao?”

“It’s me, Mr. Ye. Are you ok? Let me take you back.”

Because he was an acquaintance, Jingyan was much less vigilant. He shook his head and said, “No, I don’t want to go back. If my father knew about it, he would laugh at me and scold me.”

A flash of light shined in Xuan’s eyes. She leaned forward and said in a soft voice, “Do you want to drink more? I’ll drink with you.”

“Well, yes, I’m not drunk.” Jingyan said faintly with his eyes closed.

Xuan waved to the bar counter, and a pretty waitress came over. She bent her waist low, exposing two thirds of her chest and saying, “What can I do for you?”

“Another bottle of whiskey.” Xuan said with an elegant indifference.

“OK.” When the waitress left, she looked at Jingyan. Such a wealthy noble man, which woman didn’t like?

Seeing Jingyan’s eyes closed all the time and his cheeks flushed, Xuan couldn’t help being nervous and excited. After waiting for so long and planning so many things, now was the best timing.

The waitress brought the wine. While Jingyan had opened his eyes, Xuan dropped a small white pill into the glass when she slipped her hand across the glass. She shook the glass quietly until the pill melted into the water completely, and then she handed it over to Jingyan, saying softly, “Mr. Ye, have another drink.”

Jingyan was already drunk deeply, losing his reason. He took the glass and drank it up.

Xuan’s fingers turned white as she held the glass. Afraid that Jingyan was not drunk enough, she added another glass of wine to him and poured one for herself. “Mr. Ye, I’d like to propose a toast to you. Thank you for taking care of me.”

Jingyan did not speak. He raised his head and drank the wine again.

After three drinks in a row, Jingyan was completely drunk and his head was even more dizzy.

Seeing that it was about the timing, Xuan went to the bar and settled the bill. Then she carried Jingyan’s tall body to stagger out of the bar.

Although the money for wine cost her three-month salary, Xuan didn’t care about it at the thought of the reward she would get later.

Xuan took a car by the side of the road and went straight to the nearest hotel. After throwing Jingyan on the bed, Xuan sat by the bed panting. Drunk people were really too heavy.

Perhaps feeling hot and dry, Jingyan turned over. He called out “Yiyao, don’t go”, and then fell into a deep sleep.

Xuan stripped the man of all his clothes, not even leaving his underwear. When she did these things, she was so blushed that she was about to bleed.

“Jingyan, I like you so much. Why can’t you see me? What’s good about that woman? From today on, you will be mine.” With that, Xuan lowered her head and kissed him on the lips, then went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Naked into the quilt, she hugged Jingyan tightly. Her kisses fell on his lips, his throat and his chest. The man drank too much, and with her sleeping pills, no matter how she lured, the man did not respond. He was just snoring and sleeping.

Xuan looked at Jingyan quietly. No way, she was going to think of a sure way.

With a flash of intelligence, Xuan got out of bed and took out her eyebrow trimming knife from her bag. She bit her teeth and cut her finger mercilessly.

Jingyan, you can’t escape from my palm.

After finishing what she wanted to do, Xuan went to sleep contentedly holding Jingyan.

The next day, Yiyao woke up very early. After calming down for a night, she felt that she still wanted to give it another try and trust Jingyan this time. After all, it was not easy to find someone you liked and liked you.

Nesting in bed to call out Jingyan’s phone number, she hung up as soon as she called out. She said many decisive and hurtful words yesterday that she didn’t know what to say now. She preferred to send a message first.

In the hotel, Xuan woke up early as well. The man who she had dreamed for a long time was sleeping by her naked side, how could she sleep at all? At the moment, she was staring at the man close at hand. Creator was really amazing. Why was there such a perfect man? And this man was hers from today on.

All of a sudden, Jingyan’s mobile phone beeped, which was a text message prompt tone. Seeing that he was sleeping heavily, Xuan carefully took the phone over him. The name shown on the screen was “My Baby”.

Xuan got stabbed in the eye. Was that woman?

The phone had fingerprint unlock. Xuan wanted to know what Yiyao had sent. She boldly took Jingyan’s right hand and tried the fingers one by one. When it came to the thumb, the phone was unlocked.

Xuan’s heart almost jumped out. She held back her ecstasy and quickly turned on the phone. The text message said: Are you awake?

Xuan hesitated for a moment and typed out a few words: Yes.

For fear that the other party suddenly called, Xuan turned the phone into mute mode. Half a minute later, a message came in, still from “My Baby”: Where are you? I want to talk to you.

Chapter 315 We Don’t Need To Meet Again (2)

Xuan Zhao looked at this line of words, which made her so happy that she almost flew up. When people are lucky, even God helps her. With hands shaking, she typed the next line: I drank too much last night, now I’m at a hotel, come over.

She also attached the address and room number of the hotel.

Soon, the reply message was back, only one word: OK.

There was not even punctuation.

After doing all these, Xuan deleted all the SMS records, including those put in the dustbin. Then she turned the phone back to ring mode, wiped her fingerprints, and put the phone back in place.

Now she had to carefully think it through. When Jingyan Ye woke up, what kind of expression and attitude she would use to face him.

Yiyao Duan made up her mind. She wanted to have a frank talk with Jingyan to show her mind and her worries. This was the first boy she liked. She wanted to take it seriously and hoped to have a good ending.

Meticulously making up, she changed into the best windbreaker she brought this time. Yiyao went out to look for the boy she liked according to the address he just sent.

The morning air in Sky City was very fresh, with the fragrance of green grass. Yiyao took a deep breath and felt refreshed.

Yiyao got in a taxi car, and said the address of the hotel. The driver stepped on the accelerator and drove to the destination.

Meanwhile, Jingyan’s powerful biological clock woke him up from his hangover.

The first thing to wake up with him was his sense of touch. When he moved his hand, he found that the skin under his hand was soft and warm. His brain woke up instantly. When he opened his eyes, Xuan’s sleeping face was right in front of him.

Jingyan’s brain exploded. This…what was going on? Why was Xuan Zhao in his bed? What did happen last night?

He looked down at both of them. They were naked and he seemed… not wear underwear.

Jingyan suddenly sat up from the bed and shook his head hard. He hoped that it was just a dream. When he woke up, the nightmare would wake up too. He shook his head several times, as soon as he opened his eyes, Xuan was still sleeping beside him.

Looking up around, he saw that this was supposed to be a hotel, and the clothes of the two were scattered on the ground. Jingyan grabbed the pants on the bed corner and put them on quickly. Then he pushed Xuan hard.

The woman pretended to wake up from a deep sleep. First, she looked confused for a while, then quickly pulled the quilt up to her neck, saying with shame, “Mr. Ye, you…you wake up.”

“What happened yesterday?” Jingyan asked in a cold voice while wearing clothes.

Xuan looked at him with sad and shy eyes, and said in a soft voice, “I went to the bar with my friends yesterday and met you. I went over to ask you if you need any help. I didn’t know that you had drunk too much, and you pulled me to drink with you. Then…then…you brought me to the hotel… “

Every more word she said, Jingyan’s face turned blacker. He had never been drunk, so he didn’t know what it was like to be drunk. But if something happened last night, why didn’t he feel at all.

“Is what you said true?” Jingyan asked coldly.

Xuan’s tears immediately rolled down, “Mr. Ye, how could I lie about such a thing?”

Seeing her tears, Jingyan was upset. If it was true, Xuan was also a victim. He was not in a position at all to blame her.

Xuan wiped her weeping tears, “You had been calling Yiyao last night, and you took me as her. I know you always like that girl. Don’t worry, I won’t pester you.”

Hearing Xuan’s words, Jingyan believed it a little bit. If he took her as Yiyao, this kind of thing might happen. But he was still puzzled, because except for the headache, his body had no feeling at all.

“Don’t cry now.” Jingyan faintly comforted.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Jingyan thought it was the hotel’s service staff and opened the door without thinking about it. However, he didn’t see the smug smile on the corner of Xuan’s mouth.

As soon as the door opened, Jingyan froze in place.

She…why was she here?

“Jingyan, I’m here to talk to you. What I said yesterday was not what I really meant.” Yiyao said straight to the point. Finding his face stiff, she asked in doubt, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Mr. Ye? Who is it? ” Inside came a woman’s soft voice.

The blood all over Yiyao’s body gathered up. Instantaneously her eyes became cold suddenly. She lifted her feet and went inside. Senses came back to Jingyan then and he hurriedly followed up.

On the wide bed, a woman with bare shoulders covered by the quilt was curled up at the head of the bed. Her wet eyes were filled with the light of fear. She looked at Yiyao in surprise and asked Jingyan in a low voice, “Mr. Ye, who is she?”

Yiyao’s ears were buzzing, and the string in her heart was finally broken. She laughed a few times and looked at the man indifferently and sadly, “Jingyan Ye, that’s what you said you like me? That’s how you like me?”

Jingyan looked into her eyes, completely at a loss, “Yiyao, let me explain.”

“Well, you explain. I’ll listen.” Yiyao endured heartache and gnawed her teeth in anger.

“After you left yesterday, I was very upset so I went to the bar. I drank too much and I don’t remember what happened next. I don’t remember when she came. I don’t remember…” Jingyan stammered to explain, because he saw Yiyao’s eyes getting colder and colder.

“Don’t remember?” Yiyao interrupted him, “It’s so lame. Your “don’t remember” can write off the thing that has already happened?”

“I’m really…” Jingyan’s eyes became wet. He wanted to hold the girl’s arm, but she roared, “Don’t touch me with your dirty hands.”

The slender fingers trembled in the air, slowly clenching into a fist.

Yiyao’s eyes were gradually moist. “Jingyan Ye, I thought about it all night last night. I found that I like you, and maybe we can have a try. But what were you doing? I haven’t given you my heart yet, you just throw it on the ground, I, Yiyao Duan is a person who can be so casually insulted?”

Looking at the girl’s silent tears, Jingyan’s heart was dying of pain, and his eyes couldn’t help but got wet as well. “Yiyao, I’m wrong, I’m sorry, I’m a jerk, but can you wait for me to figure this thing out?”

Chapter 315 We Don’t Need To Meet Again (3)

“Is there anything else unclear about this? ” Yiyao Duan wiped her tears and pointed to Xuan, who was shivering on the bed. “Are you telling me that you spent time talking for the whole night under the quilt?”

Saying that, Yiyao pulled off the quilt. Xuan Zhao covered up her privacy in a panic. In addition, the touch of bright red on the white sheet was particularly dazzling to eyes.

Yiyao saw it, and Jingyan saw it too.

The air seemed to solidify at the moment. Half a minute later, Yiyao smiled with tears, “Jingyan Ye, I was wrong about you. From now on, we don’t need to meet again. We are not even friends.”

With that, Yiyao turned and left disheartened. Jingyan ran up and hugged her from behind, his face burying in her neck, saying with crying voice, “Yiyao, I’m wrong, I’m wrong…”

Cold tears slipped into her collar, and Yiyao’s tears also fell, “Let me go.”

“No, no, as soon as I let go, you will be gone.”

Yiyao let her tears fall uncontrolled, “What does it change if you don’t let go? Beg me to forgive you? Jingyan Ye, I, Yiyao Duan is not such a generous person.”

If Jingyan hadn’t confessed to her before, Yiyao would laugh it as a joke. However, the current situation was that he said he liked her while sleeping with other women. If Yiyao could forgive him, she would not be Yiyao Duan.

Jingyan hugged her tightly and didn’t speak. Yiyao got angry. A over-shoulder fall, she threw the man on the ground and went away.

Jingyan didn’t care about the pain, got up and chased after Yiyao. The moment the elevator door closed, he put a hand between it. The elevator door opened. In addition to Yiyao, there was a hotel staff.

“Sir, it is very dangerous for you to do so.” The staff reminded politely.

Jingyan’s only attention was in Yiyao. His eyes focused on her thin back. The staff noticed that the atmosphere was not right and shut up.

Only then did Jingyan find that Yiyao was wearing a beautiful beige windbreaker, a woman-like style she rarely wore.

With a “Ding”, the elevator reached the first floor, Yiyao strode out. Jingyan quickly followed. He did not know what he was going to do by following her. He did not dare to ask for forgiveness, which would be an insult to her. But he didn’t want to watch her go, so he just followed her in silence.

It was not eight o’clock, there were already a lot of people on the street. Most of them were in a hurry. Autumn wind blew people into shivering. Jingyan only wore a white shirt, and he had been following Yiyao. It was like the first time that he confessed to her after her blind date, passing by one street after another.

Last time was to hope, this time to despair.

Jingyan’s heart was being severely cut piece by piece.

He knew that after today he would perhaps never see the girl again, which was the biggest and cruelest punishment for him.

Yiyao was no better. She thought herself ridiculous. She hurried to the man to confess her feelings. However, she was slapped heavily in the face, but why did he send a text message to let herself come over?

Oh, was it to humiliate her? Revenge on her refusal to him before?

Jingyan Ye, I didn’t know that you were such a mean man.

A relationship that hadn’t started ended in this way, Yiyao was sad and frustrated. The violent factors in her blood needed urgently to find a vent.

She stopped and turned around. Yiyao snapped, “What the hell are you doing following me? Get lost!”

Jingyan looked at her with remorse and sadness, but did not speak. Passers-by cast curious looks. It looked like a fight between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

After shouting at him, Yiyao turned around and moved on. Not knowing how long she had been walking, her anger in her heart had dissipated a lot. She called Azure Dragon.

“Come and pick me up.”

“Boss, where are you?”

Yiyao’s fire broke out eventually, “Can’t you read the damn location on your mobile phone?”

Having no idea what had happened, Azure Dragon said in a hurry, “OK, boss, don’t be angry. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Standing on the street, Yiyao looked at the surrounding tall and gorgeous buildings. Suddenly she felt that she was so out of place with this place and with the people here. She needed to return to where she belonged as soon as possible.

Jingyan stared at her affectionately. It was the time to part. He didn’t want her to go, but he didn’t have any qualifications or power to keep her stay.

More than 20 minutes later, a military green jeep stopped by the side of the road. Yiyao went up to open the door, while her arm was grabbed by Jingyan.

“Let go.” Yiyao said coldly.

Jingyan bit his lip and said in a low voice, “Yiyao, I dare not ask for your forgiveness. I just hope that you will be safe in the future, without any worries and difficulties.”

“Thank you for your blessing. I will live a hundred-year-old. Now let go.” Yiyao’s sharp eyebrows and sharp eyes looked away. She was a neat person. When she saw the naked woman on the bed, her heart had put a full stop to the budding feeling.

Jingyan’s hand didn’t let go. Although reason told him to let go, emotionally he just couldn’t.

With her other hand, Yiyao broke off his fingers one by one. When she got in the car, she caught the wet corner of the man’s eyes, which stabbed her heart fiercely.


Seeing that the two were like breaking up and the boss sadder than ever, Azure Dragon did not dare to delay and followed the command to start the car. This time, Jingyan didn’t chase. He was standing on the roadside and quietly looking at the direction Yiyao left until the car disappeared. Then, the last trace of strength seemed to be drained from him. He sat down on the curb in a daze, his head was buried between his arms, hanging low.

No one knew what he was doing. His back looked so lonely and sad though.

In the car, Yiyao’s tears ran down uncontrollably, more and more. Azure Dragon was shocked. He had never seen the boss so sad. She had cried before, when one of their men died during a mission, but this time…

Azure Dragon passed tissue paper to her and said indignantly, “Boss, did that bastard bully you? I’ll go back and avenge you.”

Hearing this, Yiyao cried even harder, which made Azure Dragon increasingly panicked. He pulled over the car, “Boss, don’t scare me. What’s going on?”

Yiyao kept sobbing, but did not tell him what she saw this morning.

The couple, one was left alone in coldness and despair on the roadside and the other was crying violently in the car, while the initiator of evil Xuan Zhao, however, jumped and laughed excitedly on the bed. It was great, Jingyan was hers.

After a lone excitement, Xuan gradually calmed down.

No, it was not enough to get him to bed. The best way to get hold of Jingyan and live in Ye’s villa was to be pregnant with Ye’s child. But according to Jingyan’s character, he would not touch her finger again for sure.

So, what should she do?

Lying in bed thinking for a long time, Xuan made her mind and called her ex-boyfriend.

“What are you doing?” Xuan said softly.

Ex-boyfriend was confused for a moment. After breaking up, the two of them had little contact, “I…I’m going to work.”

“I want to see you at noon.”

“What’s the matter?”

Xuan bit her teeth, her voice sounding soft as water. “I miss you. Shall I go to your place to see you at noon?”

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