The more Chuck thinks the colder his eyes became. For Yvette, Chuck will never allow anyone to hurt her! !
“I said, she had left an hour ago. If you don’t believe it, you can go up and find it yourself, security, let him go up!” the man ordered.
Chuck frowned, this building is so big, when was it found?

Yvette really left? The man turned around and left, but Chuck suddenly saw that the man had a wound on his hand, and Chuck grabbed him.
This is a tooth injury, that is, his arm was bitten. The men’s eyes are irritated, yes!
When he was about to stab Yvette with a dagger, it might have been Yvette’s desperate resistance, biting the man’s hand. The man couldn’t stand the pain, and Yvette also kicked the man underneath.

Of course, he can’t stand it, how could it be? He almost passed out at that time. Yvette seized the opportunity to run. The man chased him out and found that Bryant away without knowing where to go.
He was irritated. At such a good opportunity, he did not kill Yvette, who threatened his inherited family property. He had called people to look for it, hoping to have results.

In the past few days, he is going to go to the country of the United States. He must first start to be strong. He must first tell the people in his family that his grandfather is dead, and then he will inherit all his property!
“I ask you how did this injury come from?” Chuck stared at him!

The anger in my heart was ignited, Yvette must not have anything to do!

The man wanted to kill Chuck very much, but he felt that there might be Karen Lee’s people nearby, so he had to leave quickly, otherwise, if Karen Lee would come over, he couldn’t run away, and this hiding place would be abandoned.
The man’s eyes cooled down, “Yvette bit, she bit me and then ran out, you don’t believe it, you can watch the surveillance, the security guard, show him the surveillance!”
The man shook his head and opened Chuck. This was the last compromise he made. “Don’t leave.” Chuck must not let him go, the man frowned, and said nothing.

Chuck saw the security guard and immediately mobilized the monitoring screen. Chuck really saw it. After more than an hour, Yvette came out of the elevator, and she was covering her stomach, her face was red, and there was blood in her mouth!
Chuck saw clearly, was she beaten? Bryant couldn’t help seeing it and found Yvette so miserable, she was also horrified.
Chuck was angry, “c!!”

The man turned around and left, Chuck chased out, and the man had already got on the bus and left.
“Hey, be careful.” Bryant chased out, and Chuck actually chased other people’s sports cars. How could this be caught up?

Bryant chased beside Chuck, panting, “Don’t chase, aren’t you looking for someone? Your wife has escaped, you’re looking for it!”
Chuck regained his mood, yes, this man hit Yvette, Chuck wanted to kill him, but this is not the time to kill, you must find Yvette and say it again, because, from the monitoring screen, Yvette is in a very good situation not optimistic!
Chuck called Betty. “Hello, Sister Li, is there anyone here in Huagang?”

“Yes, young master, I have let people pass, you wait.” Betty has already ordered people.

“Okay, Yvette was beaten and escaped. See if you can mobilize all the monitoring pictures here. I want to find Yvette!” Chuck said.
Bryant was shocked, but this is Huagang, can the surveillance on the street be arbitrarily mobilized? Who is Chuck? Anyway, Bryant was dumbfounded.
“Okay, Master, I call people, but President Logan has a good relationship with Huagang. Young Master is anxious. You can call President Logan first, and I’m starting to prepare for Young Master here.” Betty said, Karen Lee soon after returning to China, the forces have not penetrated the Huagang side, which is temporarily incomparable with Logan who has been staying in China, but in the United States, in the world, the status of Karen Lee is indescribably high! Now that Karen Lee has returned to his country, then forces will penetrate.
Chuck hung up and called Aunt Logan.

Aunt Logan was particularly eaten in China. When the phone was connected, it was Logan’s gentle voice, “Chuck…”
“Aunt Logan, I’m in Huagang now. I am searching for Yvette and it depends on the monitoring of a place. Can you help me?” Chuck was anxious.
“Okay, don’t worry, Chuck, I’ll call you first, three minutes, wait for me three minutes, Chuck.”

Chuck was relieved, the phone hung up, Chuck was waiting, and the furious Bryant came over, “Chuck don’t you start looking for?”
“Wait for the call,” Chuck said.

Waiting for the call? Who are you waiting for?

Bryant was even more ignorant and felt that the gap between her and Chuck was too great. If people were in Huagang, could they actually mobilize street surveillance?

This is beyond Bryant’s perception. She can do it in the sea market, but not in Huagang. How much money does Chuck have?
Bryant could not imagine.

Kristen hummed. She ate, but she didn’t have much appetite. She drove out and drove herself. It was too boring. What are you doing here?
“It’s a bastard, a disgusting person.” Kristen murmured as she stopped and sighed. She was walking on the street, but she saw a person in a corner as if she was lying down, Kristen walked over, this is a woman, she squatted down, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Call you to call the police ?”
Kristen pushed her, but the woman didn’t respond. Kristen was surprised. She turned the woman over and she was stunned.
This woman seems to have seen it, where is it? Kristen thought of it, yes, Chuck’s square!!
That’s right, Yvette escaped from his cousin’s company and was so badly injured. She worried that her cousin would chase it out and ran all the way. Yvette fainted.

Kristen was surprised, so would Yvette be tortured like this? She felt compassion, “Hey, wake up, wake up.”
Kristen shook Yvette, and suddenly Yvette woke up and grabbed Kristen’s neck. Kristen was scared, “What are you doing? I’m not a bad guy!”

Yvette, who was not so conscious, opened her eyes. She saw that Kristen was all vague, but she felt that it was not a bad person. Yvette collapsed again, “Don’t send me to the hospital…” Kristen breathed a sigh of relief. She rubbed her neck and it hurt. How could a woman have such great strength? She hesitated and should call Chuck. She thought that Chuck came to Huagang for the sake of Yvette.
When she was in the square, she often saw Chuck and Yvette together. Is Yvette the wife of Chuck? And yesterday, she was this woman’s substitute?

To be honest, Kristen was a bit cold and felt that she didn’t want to manage it, but she couldn’t help her from saving her life. She took out her mobile phone to call Chuck, but he didn’t answer it for the first time.
Chuck is waiting for Logan’s call, how to answer it?

He did not answer? Kristen was angry, called again, and answered, but Kristen said “Hey.” The voice of Chuck was on the phone. “President Kristen, I am not available now, I will call you later,”

Kristen is angry, is your wife here with me? What are you still doing? Kristen hummed and made one last call. During the conversation, Kristen was angry and hung up directly.

She looked down at the unconscious Yvette, sighed, and raised her hand to support her. Yvette’s figure was hot, but not heavy. The height of one meter seven was only one hundred and ten pounds. Kristen could barely support her, after all for Kristen there was no less exercise during Queenie.

She helped Yvette into the car, and Kristen drove Yvette to the place where she lived. She didn’t know what to do. After all, Yvette said that she would not go to the hospital.

When they arrived, Kristen helped Yvette get off the bus and entered the room. Kristen was already breathless. After putting Yvette on, she sat down to rest. Yvette was injured like this, and she took out her mobile phone to Huagang, called a private doctor and asked people to come to treatment. She was worried that Yvette would die like this.

After finishing the doctor’s call, Kristen felt relieved. The doctor said that she would come over soon. She waited in the room and decided to call Chuck again, but he still didn’t answer the call. Kristen almost fell down.
“Asshole, I will kill you!” Kristen was angry, but at this time, Yvette was in a coma and had a dream. She said dreams, and her eyes closed with tears, “Hubby, I am very sad, you killed my grandfather……”
Kristen was shocked!

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