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Chapter 316: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 316 There is No Way I’m Gonna Marry You (1)

“OK, I’ll wait for you.” Xuan Zhao’s ex-boyfriend said.

After calling her ex-boyfriend, secretary Wang called her. “Xuan Zhao, why haven’t you come to work yet?” Secretary Wang said with an unpleasant tone.

“Miss Wang, I want to ask for a leave today.” Xuan said with a light smile.

“Asking for leave? Don’t you know that you have to ask for leave one day in advance?” Secretary Wang said.

“Miss Wang, there is always a contingency. And Mr Ye probably won’t be going to work today.” Xuan said implicitly.

Secretary Wang is wise. After hearing what Xuan said, Secretary Wang was stunned for two seconds and then said, “I see.”

After hanging up the phone, Xuan was refreshed. “It’s such a happy thing to let others adapt to my disposition. When I become Jingyan Ye’s wife, I will give a lesson to those who act like a snob.” Xuan thought.

After returning to her home from the hotel, Xuan put on the most beautiful clothes and wore a very delicate makeup. Shortly before noon, she went to her ex-boyfriend’s bachelor apartment.

As soon as the door opened, Xuan jumped on her ex-boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend hooked her legs expertly. Before he said something, Xuan Zhao took the initiative to kiss him.

After being stunned for half a minute, her ex-boyfriend made the first move. “Why should I reject such an initiative woman? Besides, I once loved her.” Xuan’s ex-boyfriend thought.

When they were on the bed, Xuan’s ex-boyfriend reached to fetch something from a nearby closet. Xuan stopped him and said, “Don’t wear a condom. It’s safe period.”

After hearing that, Xuan’s ex-boyfriend was very happy, because she used to let him wear it every time.

They two snuggled under the covers after having had sex. Xuan’s ex-boyfriend hooked her chin and asked, “What’s wrong with you today?”

Xuan took a look at him and said, “I miss you.”

“Miss me?” Xuan’s ex-boyfriend said with a light smile, “I think you just want to have sex. You are so horny.”

Xuan stretched her arm and moved closed to her ex-boyfriend. She breathed at him and said, “Don’t you like the way I am?”

“Of course I like the woman who come on to me.” Xuan’s ex-boyfriend said bluntly.

Xuan pinched him in the chest. “What if I don’t get pregnant this time? Let’s do it again.” Xuan thought in her heart. Then she kissed her ex-boyfriend again. As she kissed, she said, “Would you like to do it again?”

Xuan’s ex-boyfriend rolled over and pressed her under him, saying, “I will keep you company to the end.”

After another fierce sex intercourse, Xuan lost all her strength. In fact, she could have sex with others, but she thought it’s disgusting. She thought she would feel more comfortable to have sex with her ex-boyfriend.

“Hey, don’t think I am here to be together with you again.” Xun leant into her ex-boyfriend’s arms and said.

After hearing that, Xuan’s ex-boyfriend’s eyes dimmed a little. “I know you are just here to satisfy your libido. That’s OK. We each take what we need. You are always welcomed when I haven’t found a girlfriend.” Xuan’s ex-boyfriend said.

“In your dream!” Xuan said.

“My period has just over and these days is ovulation period. It looks like I’ll have to have sex with this man for a few more days for the plan to go smoothly. Fortunately, we know each other, otherwise, I couldn’t bear to have sex with him.” Xuan though in her heart.

Jingyan didn’t know how long he sat on the roadside. Suddenly a car pulled up beside him. By the sound of the engine, Jingyan knew it’s his sister’s limited-edition sports car.

Sure enough, he hears the voice of Chuxue Ye. “Brother, why are you sitting here? You didn’t go home last night, and you didn’t go to work this morning. You don’t answer the phone. Mom and dad are worried about you.” Chuxue said.

Jingyan raised his head and said with a hoarse voice, “Ruyi, I am tired.”

After seeing that, Chuxue was sad. “The last time he was so decadent was when he was at odds with Yiyao Duan. Why he looks more decadent this time?” Chuxue thought.

“OK. I’ll take you home. You should have a good rest at home. Come on, stand up.” Chuxue said.

After sitting by the roadside for a long time, Jingyan’s legs have gone numb. As soon as he stood up, he almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Chuxue held him up.

Putting Jingyan to the back seat of the car, Chuxue shook her head helplessly. “My brother is good in everything, but he likes Yiyao so much that when there is something happens to Yiyao, he can’t control himself. I don’t know what terrible thing happens this time.” Chuxue thought.

When they arrived at Ye’s villa, Jingyan went upstairs out of his wits. Looking at the view of Jingyan’s back, Kerry, Venus and Chuxue were worried.

“What happened last night? Pingan seems not to be in shape.” Venus said apprehensively.

“I was shocked when I found my brother by the side of the road. He looked like a wooden person.” Chuxue said.

“Ruyi, as you are on good terms with Pingan, go and ask him what happened. We are anxious but unable to do anything as we don’t know anything.” Venus said.

“OK. I will go and ask him.” Chuxue said.

Chuxue trotted upstairs and knocked on Jingyan’s door. “Brother, it’s me.” Chuxue said.

Without hearing a response, Chuxue said, “I’m coming in.”

When Chuxue entered the room, she saw Jingyan lying on the his side on the bed with his clothes on, and staring blankly ahead. Chuxue was distressed to see that. Chuxue knelt beside the bed and said in a low voice, “Brother, what happened? You can talk it with me. You will suffer if you keep it to yourself.”

Jingyan didn’t even move his eyes and he didn’t speak for a long time.

“Brother, did Yiyao make you sad?” Chuxue asked.

This time Jingyan moved his eyes, which was full of sadness.

After knowing she guessed it right, Chuxue sat cross-legged in front of the bed. “Brother, I am quite envious of you having such a childhood sweetheart. At least you have one to care about and you can think of her when you are bored. But what about me? I don’t have one to care about for since childhood.” Chuxue said.

As for Zhao Nangong, although he hasn’t appeared in front of Chuxue, he sent message like “Good morning”, “Good night”, “It’s cold and should wear more clothes” to Chuxue every day. He occasionally asked people to send a give to Chuxue.

Chuxue didn’t reply any of his message. As for the gifts, if she doesn’t like them or don’t want to take them home, she gave them to other girls.

But when Chuxue heard that Zhao was hospitalized and had an operation after he was beaten up, Chuxue sympathized with him and didn’t hate him so much.

Just when Chuxue was immersed in her emotions, she heard Jingyan said with a hoarse voice, “I made her sad.”

“Ah?” Chuxue said. She didn’t ring a bell. After thinking for a while, she knew Jingyan was answering her last question. “My brother is nice to Yiyao. How could he make her sad?” Yiyao wondered.

“Brother, what did you do to her?” Chuxue asked carefully.

Jingyan was so sad. “I had sex with another woman.” Jingyan smiled wryly and said in a self-mockery way.

Chapter 316 There is No Way I’m Gonna Marry You (2)

“Ah?” Chuxue Ye gave a cry. Then she knelt on the ground again, asking in disbelief, “Brother, what did you say?”

Jingyan Ye smiled mildly and then tears ran down his cheeks.

“I drank too much wine last night and somehow I went to the hotel with another woman.” Jingyan said. After pausing and looking at the void for a while, Jingyan added, “In the morning, Yiyao Duan came to the hotel and saw me with the woman…”

Chuxue opened her eyes wide and said after bring silent for a long time, “Brother, how could you do such a thing?”

Jingyan covered his face with his hands and said, “I don’t know. I was drunk and I didn’t know anything…”

“You…” Chuxue said. Chuxue wanted to give Jingyan a punch and walked around the room angrily. “You are screwed. If I were Yiyao, I won’t forgive you in my life. How could you…even if you were drunk, you couldn’t have sex with another woman.” Chuxue said.

Jingyan was very regretful. “I might treat that woman as Yiyao, so…” Jingyan said.

Chuxue put one hand in her waist. Her sympathy for her brother was gone and she became angry. “Well, even if you had sex with that woman, how could you ask Yiyao to find you early in the morning? Are you courting your death?” Chuxue said.

“I didn’t ask her to find me.” Jingyan said. After saying that, Jingyan sat up from the bed abruptly. “Well, how did Yiyao know which hotel and room I was in?” Jingyan said with a confused facial expression.

“Didn’t you tell her where you were?” Chuxue asked.

“Of course not. I went to drink wine on the spur of the moment. After I got drunk, I didn’t even know where I was. How could I tell her where I was?” Jingyan said.

A light flashed in Chuxue’s eyes and she sat by the bed, saying, “Brother, were you framed by others? Maybe nothing happened between you and that woman.”

Jingyan turned to look at her. He wished to speak but stopped on a second thought.

“Just tell me everything.” Chuxue said angrily.

“There was blood on the bed.” Jingyan said implicitly.

Chuxue was embarrassed. She suddenly thought of something and her face was slightly hot.

At that moment, the atmosphere froze. They two both had their own thoughts. Two minutes later, they said in unison, “This matter is not that simple.”

They both were stunned for a while and saw the firm look in each other’s eyes. Jingyan’s sadness and disappointment were gone. He got out of the bed immediately and said, “I’ll go to look it up.”

Chuxue followed him and said without getting embarrassed, “You can’t be forced to have sex with another woman somewhat…”

Jingyan stopped and turned to stare at her, saying, “Are you talking about yourself?”

“I was really drunk… Well, you’d better talk a shower before you go to look it up. I can smell the drink on you.” Chuxue said shamelessly.

Jingyan lowered his head and raised his sleeve and smelled it. It was so smelly. Besides, there was also the smell of that woman on him. Then he went to the other side and went into the bathroom.

Chuxue went downstairs quickly to tell her parents what had happened.

The changes of the facial expressions of Kerry and Venus were similar to Chuxue’s. They were worried at the beginning, and became serious later.

“You two are…” Venus was too angry to finish what she wanted to say. Kerry soothed Venus’s back and said, “Don’t be angry.”

“You are not a good person too. You all made some mistakes when you were drunk.” Venus said. Venus remembered how she and Kerry met for the first time. Although the result is good, they went through untold hardships.

Kerry admitted his mistake immediately and said, “It’s my fault. Don’t be angry, lest your blood pressure rises again.

Chuxue did not dare to argue. She bowed her head obediently and let her mother vent her anger.

“Where is Pingan?” Venus asked angrily.

Chuxue pointed upstairs and said, “He is taking a shower.”

“Hum! He himself made Yiyao, such a good girl, angry and he will be regretful.” Venus said.

“Mom, my brother and I both think this matter is not that simple. He might have been framed by that woman.” Yiyao said.

“Even if he has been framed, he did have sex with that woman. What’s rebuttable?” Venus said.

Kerry opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but as Chuxue was there, he didn’t say anything.

As Jingyan didn’t go downstairs yet, Venus vented all her anger on Chuxue. “I heard that Zhao Nangong was hospitalized after he was beaten up by your father. You didn’t go to the hospital to see him, did you?” Venus said.

Chuxue waved her hands immediately and said, “I don’t want to see him anymore. How can I go to the hospital to see him?”

“That’s more like it.” Venus said.

As they three talked, Jingyan went downstairs hurriedly with wet hair. He changed his clothes and regained some of his wits.

“Stop!” Kerry said.

Jingyan stopped and said, “Dad, I have something urgent to do.”

“No matter what urgent things you have, you must listen to my words first.” Kerry said. Kerry walked up to Jingyan and put an arm around Jingyan’s shoulder in the surprised eyes of Jingyan. Then Kerry walked out of the villa with Jingyan. “Ruyi told me what had happened. According to my experience, men can do nothing except for being in drunken brawls and sleeping when they are drunk, so you might not have had sex with that woman. Do you understand?” Kerry said.

A light flashed in Jingyan’s eyes. He nodded his head heavily and said, “Dad, I see.”

After saying that, Kerry was about to leave, but he was held by Kerry.

Chapter 316 There is No Way I’m Gonna Marry You (3)

“Why are you in such a hurry? I have another question.” Kerry said. Then Kerry hooked Jingyan’s neck and asked with a smile, “Do you have any feeling when you wake up in the morning?”

Jingyan shook his head and said, “No. I drank too much wine last night and I got a headache.”

“That’s is.” Kerry patted Jingyan on the shoulder and said seriously, “Remember, if you did something to hurt that woman, you mustn’t shirk off responsibility. We can give her some money to make up to her. But if she used some dirty tricks, we won’t be fooled by her.”

After hearing that, Jingyan felt a lot more relaxed and he said naughtily to ridicule Kerry, “Dad, have you suffered a loss before? Why are you so experienced?”

“I was fooled by a woman’s dirty tricks and did a lot of bad things to your mother by then. That’s why I don’t want you to follow my same old disastrous road.” Kerry said.

“Dad, I see. I’m leaving now.” Jingyan said.

“OK.” Kerry said.

After Jingyan left, Kerry went back to the villa. “What did you say to Pingan?” Venus asked Kerry.

“Things between men. Leave us alone.” Kerry said.

Venus gave Kerry a meaningful look and said nothing more.

While Jingyan was thinking of Yiyao Duan, he called his subordinates with a spare cell phone. “Check up on Xuan Zhao, including her family background, whether she has a boyfriend, and where she has been to these days.” Jingyan said.

“Yes, boss.”

After hanging up the phone, Jingyan called Yiyao Duan on the off chance, but it seemed that he was blacklisted. In desperation, he made another phone call. “Find a military jeep in Sky City as soon as possible. The license plate number of it is 7481.” Kerry said.

“Yes, boss.”

Half a day has passed and it’s possible that Yiyao has left Sky City, but Jingyan still wanted to find her. Maybe she was still in Sky City.

When secretary Wang saw Jingyan come to the company, he was surprised. He wanted to ask Jingyan why he came to the company after he had asked for leave, but he didn’t do that after thinking for a while.

“Ask Xuan to come to my office.” Jingyan said coldly.

“She asked for leave this morning.” Secretary Wang said.

“Ask for leave? Doesn’t she have to ask for leave a day in advance?” Jingyan said.

“Well…” Secretary Wang stammered. He didn’t know whether he should say freely.

Jingyan knew secretary Wang was hiding something from him and he said with sneer, “Don’t forget who pays you.”

After hearing that, Secretary Wang was nervous. “When Xuan called me this morning to ask for leave, I said she has to ask for leave a day in advance, but she said you will also ask for leave, so…” Secretary Wang lowered his head and said.

“Hum. Secretary Wang, when a secretary can decide my schedule?” Jingyan said. As Jingyan’s voice was with majesty and coldness, secretary Wang was frightened.

“Mr Ye, I won’t do that again.” Secretary Wang said.

“Ask Xuan to come to work immediately.” Jingyan said.

“OK.” Secretary Wang said.

When secretary Wang walked out of Jingyan’s office, his palms were covered with cold sweat. “How stupid I am! How could I believe what Xuan said so easily? No matter what she said, I should have called Mr Ye to confirm first in the morning.” Secretary Wang thought.

At that moment, Xuan was taking a shower happily in her room. She was surprised when secretary Wang called her. After hanging up the phone, she got dressed quickly and went to the company. On the way to the company, she thought whether she had given the show away and Jingyan doubted her.

“What if he doubts me? He has no proof anyway.” Xuan thought.

As soon as Xuan arrived at the company, secretary Wang said seriously, “Mr Ye is looking for you.”

“Mr Wang, what does he wants me with?” Xuan asked tentatively.

“You’ll know when you come to his office.” Secretary Wang said.

Standing at the door of Jingyan’s office, Xuan took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Then a deep male voice came, “Push the door open and come in.”

“Mr Ye, are you looking for me?” Xuan said.

Jingyan raised his head and took a look at her, saying, “Where is my phone?”

“It’s in my bag.” Xuan said. Then Xuan took Jingyan’s phone out of her bag and put in on the table.

Jingyan was in such a hurry to chase Yiyao and he forgot to take his phone, so Xuan took his phone away when she left the hotel.

The battery of his phone hasn’t run out. Jingyan looked at his phone and found no message nor call from Yiyao, except for the phone call he made last night.

“Anything else?” Jingyan said coldly.

Xuan was stunned for a while. Then she shook her head and said, “No.”

“You can go out.” Jingyan said. After saying that, he lowered his head to continue working. Before knowing all the information, he didn’t want to make any decision.

Xuan was stunned. Then she walked out of Jingyan’s office disappointedly. She thought Jingyan would treat her better, or say something to her, but he was no different from usual, as if nothing had happened last night.

Jingyan raised his head when he heard the door was closed. There was complicated look in his eyes.

More than two hours later, all the information of Xuan was sent to Jingyan’s mailbox.

Xuan was born in an ordinary family, and later her family owed a lot of debts because of her father’s gambling. After her parents got divorced, she has been living with her mother. She studies very hard at school and she ranks among the best every time. She also has a good interpersonal relationship. She had a boyfriend in college and broke up with him after being with him for two years for conflicting personality.

Jingyan’s eyes stopped on the line of words that she had a boyfriend and were with him for two years. Jingyan had a lot of doubts. Have they kept a distance and haven’t had sex during the two years when they were together?

Jingyan didn’t believe that.

The following material showed that Xuan had no special journey those days. She goes to work and go home regularly every day. She went to the bar for a drink with some friends last night and ran into Jingyan.

This’s no different from what she said.

Everything seemed normal. At that moment, Jingyan’s phone rang and he answered it quickly.

“Boss, the car you look for left Sky City around ten o’clock in the morning.”

Although Jingyan knew it would be that result, he still felt disappointed. He covered his heart and said, “Which direction did the car go?”

“The south.”

“Look for it again to see if you can catch up with it.” Jingyan said. Jingyan didn’t want to give up even if there was a glimmer of hope. The reason why Jingyan let Yiyao go is that he thought he’s not worthy of her, but as things changed, he must try his best to find Yiyao.

“Yes, boss.”

Sitting on the leather executive chair and pondering for a long time, Jingyan called Xuan in again.

“Just tell me what you want.” Jingyan said. He looked at Xuan as if he was looking at a stranger.

Xuan looked at Jingyan tenderly and affectionately. “I believe that you know I like you, so what happened last night was also my willingness. I don’t want anything.” Xuan said softly.

“You really don’t want anything?” Jingyan said without changing the look in his eyes.

“If you feel you owe me something, I would like to make a request.” Xuan said.

“Go ahead.” Jingyan said.

“I want to continue to work with you. Even if I will always be a secretary, I am happy.” Xuan said in a way neither fast nor slow.

Jingyan looked at her with deep eyes and sneered, saying, “Don’t you want me to marry you?”

A flash of surprise crossed Xuan’s face and it disappeared soon. Although it only lasted for two seconds, Jingyan saw it.

Repressing the joy in her heart, Xuan said calmly, “I know who I am. I don’t deserve a man like you, so I don’t dare to daydream like that.”

“Since you know it’s impossible for you to marry me, I will say nothing more.” Jingyan said.

Xuan didn’t ring a bell and didn’t know what he meant by saying that.

“I just said I am daydreaming out of politeness. Why he took that serious? Does he mean that even if I had sex with him, it’s impossible for me to be his wife? Jingyan, why are so disobliging?” Xuan thought.

When Xuan walked out of Jingyan’s office distractedly, she heard Jingyan said “wait” suddenly.

When she turned around, Jingyan looked straight into her eyes, saying, “I never like to be in debt. If what happened last night is anything as you said, I will agree to your request, but that’s all. If that’s not what you said, I will show no mercy to you.”

Though Xuan was panic in her heart, she looked calm. “Mr Ye, what do you mean by that? Do you mean I came on to you to have sex with you? I am an ordinary girl, but I won’t do such a shameful thing. Besides, I lost my virginity to you. How can you say that?” Xuan said.

“The virginity means nothing to me. I just said that to remind you in case you forget to tell something important to me.” Jingyan said contemptuously.

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