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Chapter 317: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 317 She’s Pregnant (1)

Xuan Zhao’s hands, which were behind her back, were clenched. “What I said is true. If you don’t believe me, you can go to look it up.” Xuan said.

“Of course I will look it up, but…” Jingyan Ye stared at her maliciously and said, “If I find out the truth is different from what you said, I will make you disappear from the world.”

A cold shiver ran down Xuan’s spine. For a moment she wanted to tell Jingyan the truth, but she clenched her teeth and didn’t do that. “Mr Ye, every word I said is true. Look it up if you want. I’m going out first.” Xuan said.

Xuan walked out of Jingyan’s office calmly and hurried back to her seat. When she sat on her chair, she was almost paralyzed.

“He is terrible. His eyes seem to devour me. What should I do? Should I tell him the truth?” Xuan thought.

When that idea came out, her herself negated it.

“I can’t tell the truth to him. I have such a good chance at last. How can I give up so easily? Just as the saying goes, nothing venture, nothing gain. I will take a chance. But Jingyan just talked with the tongue in the cheek. Did he know something?” Xuan thought.

Then Xuan suddenly thought of her ex-boyfriend. “I’d better tell him that he should say we have never had se.x if he is asked. If Jingyan knows I lost my v!rginity long ago, all lies will be exposed. Fortunately, when we fell in love, my ex-boyfriend offered to live together with me several times and I refused. Otherwise, no one will believe we haven’t had se.x.” Xuan thought.

For several days, there was no progress on the investigation of what Xuan said and no news from Yiyao Duan. Jingyan was down in the dumps and he was unable to sleep. He sent numerous messages to Yiyao and called her many times, but he didn’t receive any reply and the phone never got through, either powering off or not being in service area, or it couldn’t be connected.

Wearing a thin nightgown, Jingyan stood on the balcony on the second floor. He looked up at the bright moon and said to himself, “Yiyao, is this the end of our relationship?”

On a mound in the mountain area, Yiyao lay on a boulder and looked up at the starry sky. As soon as she went back to the army, she took her team out for training. As she was not happy, the training was intensive. The soldiers were so tried of training that they fell into a deep sleep as soon as they closed their eyes.

She put Jingyan’s phone number on the blacklist, but she could see his messages in the interceptor. At first she deleted some of the messages, but then she couldn’t help but read some messages.

There were a few lines which she read with apprehension.

“I drank a lot of wine that night and I didn’t wake up until you knocked on the door. I want to ask you how did you know which hotel and room I was?” Jingyan texted.

Yiyao read that message for a long time and she suddenly understood something. She is not stupid, on the contrary, she is very clever.

“So the girl should have sent the message to me to ask me to go the hotel. Her purpose was to have me see it all and break up with Jingyan. The reason is very simple. Women are willing to use all kinds of means to be with Jingyan, such an excellent man, no matter for the sake of his appearance, or his money.

But even if the message was from the girl, they did have se.x.

Yiyao wouldn’t forgive Jingyan for that alone.

The moon is bright at night, especially on such a quiet mound.

After training in the mountains for more than half a month, Yiyao received an order. She was ordered to bring the team back immediately to perform a special and rigorous task.

Zhuque moved nearer to Yiyao and asked, “Captain, what’s the task?”

“I don’t know.” Yiyao said.

“Last time we went to the iceberg, and will we be asked to go to a sea of fire this time?” Zhuque asked.

Yiyao took a look at him and said, “You are not a firefighter. Why should you go there?”

“Oh, that’s right.”Zhuque said.

After sitting back to his seat, Zhuque saw Xuanwu, who was next to him, stare at the phone and giggle. Zhuque gave Xuanwu a slap on the head and said, “Stop it. You’ve seen that picture a million times. We are know you have a girlfriend.”

“I like to see the picture of my girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend?” Xuanwu said.

After hearing that, Zhuque was depressed. Putting on a long face, he moved nearer to Yiyao again and said, “Captain, didn’t you say you will organize some blind dates? Why there is no progress of that?”

Yiyao looked out of the window and said, “It’s under preparation. It will be held as soon as the task is over.”

“Really? That’s nice.” Zhuque said. Then Zhuque exchanged his experiences with others happily. Yiyao was lost in thought. She thought if she should go to the blind date to find a boyfriend.

When it was just dark, Yiyao arrived at the military chief’s office.

“Chief!” Yiyao shouted loudly.

“Come in!” The chief said.

Yiyao pushed the door open and saluted. “Chief, Red Flame is reporting for duty.” Yiyao said.

Jun Duan beckoned her and said, “Just sit down.”

Yiyao walked leisurely to sit down opposite Jun. She then picked up a banana on the table and began to peel it. “Chief, what’s the hurry?”

“Take a look by yourself.” Jun said.

Yiyao took the doc.ument handed over by her father and read it. Then she stood up and asked with her eyes wide open, “Chief, is this the task?”

“Of course it is.” Jun said.

“But why should we go? There should be a lot of people around the leader.” Yiyao said.

Jun beckoned her to sit down and said, “As you are a girl, it’s more convenient for you to be with the leader. Besides, you can’t always be on the front line. Your future physical condition will not allow you to be on the front line even if you want to do that. This task is paving your way ahead. It’s helpful to you to know some leaders.”

Yiyao didn’t refute, because what her father said is true. Special forces soldiers need excellent sk!lls and physical qualities. Although she is now unbeatable, the functions of her body will decline with age and she will not be fit for frontline work beyond 30.

“Dad, when will we go to perform the task?” Yiyao asked.

“The others don’t need to go. You go to perform the task alone. You will go to perform the task tomorrow morning and someone will arrange that for you.” Jun said.

Yiyao saluted and said, “Yes, sir.”

“This is a special task. You have to do everything you can to keep the lady safe.” Jun said seriously.

“I guarantee to fulfill the task.” Yiyao said with a strong facial expression. Then Yiyao said with a smile, “Dad, I’m leaving now.”

“Stop! I haven’t finished my question. What’s the rush?” Jun shouted to stop Yiyao, who had rushed to the door. After hearing that, Yiyao stopped reluctantly.

“Anything else?” Yiyao asked.

“You went to training after you returned from Sky City. I had no time to ask you what happened between you and Jingyan…” Jun said.

Chapter 317 She’s Pregnant (2)

Yiyao Duan knew her father wanted to ask about it, so she hurriedly interrupted him and said, “Father, let’s talk about it after I finish the task. I’m leaving now.”

Then before Commander Duan said something, she ran out of the office like a shot.

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Jun sighed helplessly when he saw Yiyao look like that. “It seemed that there’s something wrong between Yiyao and Jingyan Ye, otherwise she wouldn’t avoid this as taboo. I should help Yiyao find a boyfriend. After the Spring Festival, she will be 29 years old, so she can’t put off finding a boyfriend any longer.” Jun thought.

After arranging the training, Yiyao boarded on the helicopter to pick her up with a backpack the next morning.

“I have seen this noble and gentle lady on TV before, and I didn’t expect to see her with my own eyes in my lifetime.” Yiyao thought. Yiyao, who has experienced a lot of things, was very excited to see that lady.

After a series of ID checks and security checks, Yiyao was met by a handsome man in a black suit.

“Hello, I’m the lady’s chief of guard. You can call me Eagle.” The man said.

“Hello, I’m Yiyao Duan from C Army. My code name is Red Flame.” Yiyao said.

Eagle led her in and said, “The lady is meeting guests. Let me tell you about the task first.”

“OK.” Yiyao said.

“Half a month later, the leading cadre and the lady will go to Sky City for investigation. Your only task is to provide close escort for the lady. Then no matter what happens, you must protect the lady’s safety.” Eagle said gravely and seriously.

“I understand.” Yiyao said.

Eagle led her to a small room next to the reception room. Then Eagle said with a smile, “I read your information before you come. I know you are a very good soldier. This half a month, you need to be familiar with the lady’s living habits and all the knowledge of being a guard.”

“OK.” Yiyao said.

Eagle had a more favorable impression for her and said, “To be a guard is to do a lot of things and speak little. Is there anything else you want to ask?”

After thinking for a while, Yiyao asked somewhat excitedly, “Do I need to say something when I see the lady later?”

Eagle smiled and said, “No. Just say whatever the lady asks you. Don’t be nervous. The lady is quite affable.”

“How can I not be nervous? I never dreamed that I would see her in person.” Yiyao said. Then she took a deep breath, but before she finished doing that, the door was opened. A dignified and graceful woman said to Yiyao and Eagle with a smile, “The lady’s guests are gone, and you two can go in.”

“Let’s go. This is Miss Chen, lady’s housekeeper.” Eagle said.

“Hello, I’m Yiyao Duan.” Yiyao said to Miss Chen politely.

Miss Chen greeted Yiyao with a nod and said, “Hello.”

When the door of the reception room was opened, a high-end and elegant layout spread out before eyes. The crimson, rosewood tables and chairs, and the painting on the wall, all show the overwhelming heaviness of history.

The lady was sitting on the beige sofa reading a book. She wore a pale blue handmade silk cheongsam and her hair was neatly coiled at the back. She looked up when she heard the sound of footsteps.

Yiyao’s palms were sweating. There was only one thought in her mind. “How beautiful the lady is! She is not only beautiful in her appearance, but also has a noble and elegant inward beauty that is outwardly attractive.” Yiyao thought.

Although the lady just smiled faintly, Yiyao couldn’t help but respect her. This is the aura of a superior and no one beats.

“Lady, this is your guard, Yiyao Duan.” Eagle said.

Yiyao walked up to the lady and saluted, saying, “Hello, lady.”

The lady smiled and held out her hand. Yiyao immediately shook hands with the lady.

“Hello. You are very good-looking.” The lady said with a smile.

Yiyao felt extremely flattered and said with red face, “Thank you.”

“Don’t be nervous.” The lady let go of Yiyao’s hand and said, “Your name is Yiyao Duan, right? I will call you Miss Duan. How old are you?”

“Lady, I am 28.” Yiyao said.

“Are you married?” The lady asked.

“Not yet.” Yiyao said.

“There is no need to worry about that. Nowadays young people don’t get married at a young age. A nice girl like you needs a nice husband.” The lady said like an ordinary elder.

Yiyao said nothing but giggled.

“Well, I don’t have anything for you to do and you can go to rest now. You can ask Miss Chen if you have any question.” The lady said.

“Yes, lady.” Yiyao said.

The lady sat down and went on reading. “The girl looks good. Her eyes are clear.” The lady said to Miss Chen next to her.

“As she is sent to protect you, she is certainly good.” Miss Chen said.

Yiyao heaved a heavy sigh after she walked out of the reception room with Eagle. Within minutes, her back was we.t.

“It’s normal to be nervous when you see the lady for the first time. You won’t be nervous when you see her more often.” Eagle said. Eagle is a person who has had the experience, so he knew how Yiyao felt.

Yiyao smiled and nodded her head.

Then Eagle took her to where she lives and told her a lot more about what the guards need to know.

Yiyao’s learning ability and adaptability are very good. In just two days, she knew when the lady gets up for a walk, have meals, meet guests and go to bed.

Yiyao’s main job is to protect the lady when she is at various events. As the lady didn’t have any events these two days, Yiyao tried her best to cram all kinds of knowledge.

Chapter 317 She’s Pregnant (3)

The third day in the evening, when Yiyao Duan was walking with the lady, she saw her intermediate officer for the first time.

The officer had just returned from a visit to a remote mountain area. He wore a black suit and smiled warmly.

“You are back.” The lady said with a tender smile.

The officer walked up to the lady and took her hand. The officer walked slowly with the lady and said, “Yes, I have just come back.”

Yiyao once imagined what it would be like for the two most powerful men in the country to get along together. Yiyao didn’t expect them to be so warm and sweet, like an ordinary couple.

“I cooked your favorite chicken soup and b.raised pork ribs in brown sauce at noon. Eat more later.” The lady said.

“OK. What I wanted to eat most these days is the b.raised pork ribs in brown sauce.” The officer said.

“Do you have to work at night?” The lady said.

“There’s a meeting after dinner, but it’s in the conference room. I’m not going out. I’m a little tired.” The officer said.

After walking dozens of meters, the lady turned to wave at Yiyao. When Yiyao reached her, she spoke to the officer, “This is my guard, Miss Duan.”

Yiyao saluted and said, “Hello, leading cadre. I’m Yiyao Duan from C Army.”

“Oh, you are the daughter of Jun Duan.”The officer said with a smile.

“Yes.” Yiyao said.

“I was told that she is a sharp knife of the C Army, and no man in the army could beat her. They compare her to Mulan of the C Army. I didn’t expect Jun would send her to be the guard.” The officer said to the lady.

“It turns out that Miss Duan is so good.” The lady said in surprise.

Yiyao couldn’t believe that the leading cadre knows her. She was nervous and excited. “Leading cadre, lady, I’m flattered. They just call me Mulan for fun.” Yiyao said.

“Miss Duan, don’t be modest. Some time ago you took your team to the Kunlun Mountains to block the invasion of foreign lawbreakers and you did a very good job. I signed the order of commendation myself.” The officer said.

The more the officer said, the more shy Yiyao was. “Leading cadre, don’t flatter me. It’s the contribution of my comrades, not just mine.” Yiyao said.

“Well, you are a person who don’t claim credit for yourself. It’s with soldiers like you that the common people can live in peace.” The officer said.

“This is our duty as soldier.” Yiyao looked firm and said.

At that moment, red clouds were all over the sky and the autumn wind was blowing gently. Everything was just right.

When Yiyao took over the new task, Sky City was also making all-round preparation for the leadership’s investigation. As the leading company of Sky City, Yehuang Group is one of the companies to be investigated. Therefore, Jingyan Ye not only attended various meetings in Sky City these days, but also went to inspect each b.ranch of the company to make every effort to achieve perfection.

As Jingyan got busy, he felt time passed faster. The scar on his heart also began to scab. But when he closed his eyes at night when all was still, Yiyao’s angry and desperate face emerged in his mind. His scar ached at that moment.

One morning, when Jingyan was dealing with the tedious work as usual, Xuan Zhao knocked at the door and came in.

Without looking up, Jingyan asked, “What’s the matter?”

Since the day of negotiation, Xuan has been much more enthusiastic about him, but he turned a blind eye to that. He was more indifferent to her than before.

A sheet of the hospital’s diagnosis was handed to him, and he heard a news that’s enough to blow him up.

“Mr Ye, I’m pregnant.” Xuan said.

Jingyan raised his head and his mind went blank. Looking at the faint joy on Xuan’s face, it took him a long time to say something. “What did you say?” Jingyan said.

“I am pregnant more than a month. That’s the hospital report.” Xuan said.

Jingyan looked down at the diagnostic sheet. He didn’t understand the data, but he did understand the last few words. They read Xuan’s pregnant.

Jingyan felt no pleasant surprise, and the joy in being a father. He was just shocked and incredulous.

Jingyan forced himself to calm down and threw down the papers on his hand. Then he stood up and went out, saying, “Come with me to the hospital.”

He didn’t believe it. How could it be such a coincidence? He wanted to confirm it himself.

Xuan followed him and smirked. She wasn’t afraid to go to the hospital because she’s pregnant.

Instead of driving, Jingyan hailed a taxi from the side of the road. He was afraid he would run into a fence or a tree if he drives.

Arriving at an expensive private hospital, Jingyan took Xuan to the obstetrics and gynecology department for a check-up in person. He stood next to a B-mode ultrasonic device.

Xuan lay in bed and looked at the B-mode ultrasonic device. Then she heard what she wanted to hear.

“The woman is indeed pregnant. The embryo is well developed and the fetus is almost 35 days old.” The doctor said.

Jingyan froze in place. 35 days ago was the time when they were at the hotel.

How could this happen?

Xuan wiped the cold liquid from her stomach with toilet paper and got off the bed. She walked silently out of the examination room. She looked worried, but in fact, she was very happy.

“Good, everything is going according to my plan. Even if I can’t be the wife of Jingyan, I will get a generous compensation.” Xuan thought.

Of course, she preferred to be Jingyan’s wife, because she could not only have a high status, but also has a lot of money.

Jingyan walked out of the examination room with a cold facial expression. He was somewhat desperate. Xuan knew that Jingyan was thinking of Yiyao, but she didn’t say anything.

Jingyan and Xuan walked out of the clinic building, the one behind the other. The sun was warm outside, but Jingyan felt like he’s in a cold place, shivering all over.

After being silent for a long time, Jingyan said coldly, “Just abort the child. I can give you as much money as you want.”

Xuan stepped back in horror. She put her hands on her belly and said, “No way. I will give birth to it.”

Jingyan stared at her and said, “We made a mistake that night, and there’s no need to perpetuate it.”

“No. It’s a mistake for you, but for me, it’s the best memory.” Xuan said. Then tears filled Xuan’s eyes and she said as she cried, “Mr Ye, you can be cruel to me, but the child is innocent. You can’t do that to the child.”

Jingyan’s heart was softened for a while, but then he said coldly, “Xuan, I don’t love you, and I won’t love the child. Do you think he will be happy after birth?”

“It doesn’t matter that you don’t love him, but I will give him all my love. I won’t abort my child. Never.” Xuan said firmly. Then she left quickly. Looking at the hasty view of her back, Jingyan was utterly confused.

“What should I do? Am I and Yiyao destined not to be together? Why is it so hard to be with the one I like?” Jingyan thought.


Ye’s villa.

Kerry was fishing by the lake, while Venus was painting on a nearby bench. Venus was painting an old man who is fishing, although Kerry was still too untrammeled and r0mantic in character to be called as an old man.

Then Henry walked up to them and said, “Sir Kerry, there is a girl at the door and she wants to see you and Venus.”

“Who is she? Do you know her?” Kerry asked lazily.

“She is Xuan Zhao, Jingyan’s secretary.” Henry said.

Venus kept her eyes on the painting and asked casually, “What is her doing here? Pingan is in the company.”

“Venus, do you forget that Jingyan was in the hotel with Xuan…” Henry whispered to remind them.

“Oh, that’s her.” Venus remembered suddenly and put down the brush on her hand and looked at Kerry, saying, “What does she want to do?”

Kerry sneered and said, “What else can she do? She must come here to ask us to pay her.” Kerry has no favorable impression for such a scheming woman. Although there’s no evidence show that nothing happened that night, Kerry trusts his instincts.

“Bring her in.” Venus said.

“OK.” Henry Said.

Venus was in no mood to paint. “It has been more than a month and I haven’t heard Pingan say anything about it. I thought it’s over, but it isn’t over yet.”

“Hum, maybe it’s just getting started.” Kerry said. As soon as Kerry said that, the fishing rod moved. Kerry quickly pulled the rod up and a plump grass carp was on the hook.

Kerry’s good mood seemed not be disturbed. He put the fish in the bucket and laughed. “Well, I’m going to show off my sk!lls tonight.” Kerry said.

“Do you know how to cook?” Venus asked.

“Don’t look down upon me. Have you forgotten that I can cook?” Kerry said.

Venus remembered the old days and said, “Ah, I remember when I pretended to be Yan Chu, you went to my apartment on purpose to bum meals off, but you cooked for me. How considerate you were!”

Kerry also remembered that incident. Kerry came up to Venus with the bucket and smiled meaningfully, saying, “In fact, I want to have se.x with you that time. Cooking is just an excuse.”

Venus pushed him away and said shyly, “We are an old married couple. Can’t you be serious?”

“I’m serious.” Kerry shrugged and said. While Venus was neatening the easel, Kerry leaned over and k!ssed her on the cheek. Then he smiled contentedly and said, “Besides, my wife is always the most beautiful woman. She is not old at all.”

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