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Chapter 318: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 318 You Must Abort the Child (1)

“You have a sweet mouth!” Venus said.

Kerry lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to have a taste?”

After hearing that, Venus blushed. She was both shy and angry. “What Ruyi said is right. You don’t behave yourself as an elder.” Venus said.

“Gee, I’m in my home…” Kerry said. Then Kerry saw Henry take Xuan Zhao in from the corner of his eyes. He stopped smiling immediately and said to Venus, “Xuan is coming.”

Venus turned to look. Behind Henry, a girl in a pink windbreaker approached. She looks beautiful and slender.

It turned out that she is Xuan Zhao.

Unlike Kerry, Venus had no malice towards Xuan. In Venus opinion, it’s all Jingyan’s fault. She thought Xuan is a victim. As Venus had a similar experience with Xuan, she was kind to Xuan.

When Xuan came up to them, Venus noticed that her eyes were red, as if she had cried.

“Sir Kerry, Venus, this is Xuan.” Henry said.

Xuan looked up and Kerry and Venus. “Hello, Mr Ye, Mrs Ye.” Xuan said politely.

“Hello,” Venus said with a smile, “What do you want to see us about?”

Xuan’s tears rolled down her cheeks. “I didn’t mean to disturb you both, but only you can decide this for me.” Xuan said in a lovingly pathetic way.

Venus pitied Xuan when she saw that Xuan was as big as her daughter. “Just tell us what it is. Don’t cry.” Venus said.

“You must know what happened more than a month ago. Although I like Jingyan Ye very much, I know he doesn’t like me. So I treat what happened as a dream and I try to forget it. Today I find out I am pregnant, but Jingyan asked me to abort the child.” Xuan said as she cried.

Kerry and Venus looked at each other in surprise. “You said you are pregnant?” Venus asked.

Xuan nodded and said, “Yes. I just know it today. Jingyan didn’t believe me and took me to the hospital to do a check-up. The fetus is 35 days old.”

After hearing that, Kerry and Venus didn’t know whether they should be happy or worried. It would be nice to have a grandson, of course, but Xuan is not their son’s cup of tea.

After feeling it’s pitiful for Xuan to stand in the wind, Venus walked up to Xuan and held her hand. Venus drew Xuan to the bench and said, “Don’t stand as you are pregnant. Sit down and tell us what you want to say.”

“Thank you, Mrs Ye.” Xuan said in a chocked voice.

“Don’t cry and wipe your tears away.” Venus handed Xuan a piece of toilet paper and said, “Your name is Xuan Zhao, right?”

Xuan nodded.

Venus looked up at Kerry and then said to comfort Xuan, “Well, our Ye family has always been very liberal. This is the business of you and Jingyan, and you are supposed to deal with it yourself. But now that you’re pregnant, that’s another story. Just tell us first what’s in your mind.”

“I want to keep this baby. This is my first baby.” Xuan sobbed and said.

Venus knows what it’s like to be a mother. She held Xuan’s hands and said, “Girl, don’t be sad. Although we are elders, we can’t make decisions by our own in this matter. Just stay here and let’s discuss it in the evening when Jingyan is back.”

“Mrs Ye, I won’t abort my child.” Xuan took Venus’s hands and said firmly.

“You can rest assured that Ye family won’t bully you. We will give you a satisfactory answer.” Venus said.

Xuan looked sad, but she was secretly pleased in her heart. “I heard that in Ye family, the person with the most say is not the once famous Kerry, but the graceful woman with a kindly face in front of me. Therefore, I will be one step closer to success if I gain her trust. Now it turns out that the rumor is true.” Xuan thought.

Kerry looked down at Xuan, who was crying. He always though it was too much of a coincidence, but he couldn’t say anything, because he had o evidence.

Xuan had been staying at Ye’s villa that afternoon. The maid brought her the freshest fruit. She saw the gorgeous decoration, received princess-like treatment, and experienced the plush sofa. She finally understood why so many women want to marry into a wealthy family. Having seen Ye’s villa, she looked down upon on her small and humble two-bedroom apartment.

Xuan made up her mind that he would use this opportunity to stay at Ye’s villa.

Venus didn’t want Xuan to be bored, so she brought a cup of hot water to her and talked with her. “Xuan, where are you come from?” Venus asked.

Xuan wanted to narrow the distance between herself and Venus, so she said lovingly, “I live in Sky City and I met Jingyan when I was a child.”

“Really?” Venus said. Venus was not surprised to hear that, because she thought Jingyan could impress everyone with his appearance.

“I was in primary school then. One afternoon after school I was bullied by some senior students, and Jingyan passed by and fought off those students. I have remembered Jingyan ever since.” Xuan said. Xuan didn’t want to hide her family background, because she knew the people of Ye family had investigated her, so she said frankly, “Later, when I went to college, my father owed gambling debts. One night, the creditor found me and asked me to pay for the debts. It’s Jingyan and his sister who saved me. Then I made up my mind to study hard to work at Jingyan’s company one day. Finally I made it.”

Venus had no idea that Jingyan and Xuan met before. From what Xuan said, Venus knew she is a hard working girl, because it’s hard to be a employee of Yehuang Group.

“How about your parents?” Venus asked.

“My parents divorced years ago and I have been living with my mother. Two days ago, my grandmother was ill and my mother went to the countryside to take care of my grandmother.” Xuan said.

Venus sighed and said, “You are a poor girl!”

Xuan smiled and said, “Mrs Ye, I don’t think I am poor. After all, I still have a good job and I can support myself. But if I have to raise a child…” When she finished speaking, her smiled disappeared and she looked worried.

Venus patted her on the hand and said, “Don’t worry. We won’t turn a blind eye to the child if you give birth to it. After all, the child has the blood of Ye family.”

Xuan smiled and said, “Thank you, Mrs Ye. I am not afraid that I can’t afford to raise the child. I’m afraid that I can’t take care of the child. It’s my first time to be a mother.”

“Silly girl, all mothers have to learn from knowing nothing. Besides, we can help you take care of the child.” Venus said.

After hearing that, Xuan nodded and smiled at Venus gratefully.

Chapter 318 You Must Abort the Child (2)

In the evening, just before dinner, Jingyan Ye came home exhausted. Without looking at the living room, he said, “I don’t want to eat dinner.” Then he went upstairs. After he took a few steps, Venus said, “Pingan, come here first.”

“Mom, I’m tired today. I want…” Jingyan said as he turned. Then he saw Xuan Zhao, standing in the living room, and said coldly, “What are you doing here?”

Xuan immediately hided behind Venus, like a frightened rabbit.

“Why are you so fierce? Who makes you angry? Come here.” Venus said unpleasantly.

As soon as Jingyan saw Xuan, he knew her intention of coming here. “No wonder she didn’t go to work this afternoon and her phone was off. It turns out that she comes to my home to get succor.” Jingyan thought.

Helplessly, Jingyan walked to the living room and sat down on the sofa wearily. “Mom, shall I take care of this myself?” Jingyan said patiently.

Venus snorted and said, “What do you want to do? Ask Xuan to abort the child?”

Jingyan looked up at Xuan, and didn’t say anything.

“I taught you when you were little that you should be responsible as you are a man. It’s your fault what happened that night. How can you ask Xuan to abort the child? Do you have any idea how bad an abortion can be for a woman?” Venus said indignantly. Then Venus noticed that Jingyan was tired and there were heavy dark circles under his eyelids, so her heart was softened. Venus sat down beside Jingyan and said, “Pingan, I know what you are thinking. But now that things have happened, why don’t we find a way to have it both ways?”

Jingyan clasped his hands together and didn’t speak for a long time.

“I don’t want this child. It’s OK to call me a man who cheats on a woman or say I am irresponsible. I just don’t want this child. With this child, I will be stuck with Xuan forever. I am afraid I won’t even be qualified to say I love Yiyao Duan when I see her next time.” Jingyan thought.

The atmosphere was at an impasse and no one wanted to compromise. Kerry was sitting beside reading the newspaper as if it had nothing to do with him and he was just a spectator.

Kerry didn’t want to make his wife angry or embarrass his son, so the best thing to do was to shut up.

“I am back.” Ruyi’s voice came from the door, “Oh, why are there so many people today?”

Ruyi skipped into the living room and saw Xuan sitting in the corner of the sofa. Although Ruyi didn’t know Xuan well, she knew who Xuan is when she saw Jingyan’s facial expression.

“Nothing happened for the past more than a month. Why is she here now?” Ruyi thought.

Chuxue Ye sat next to Jingyan and asked Venus with a smile, “Mom, who is she?”

“She is Xuan Zhao.” Venus said.

“Xuan Zhao?” Chuxue pretended to be confused and wagged her head to think for a long time, saying, “Oh, I remember that she is the one who took my brother to the hotel when my brother was drunk.”

What Chuxue said was so profound that everyone present could not help being embarrassed. Even Xuan’s heart was racing.

“Hello, Miss Ye.” Xuan stood up and greeted Chuxue.

“Sit down.” Chuxue looked at Xuan with a faint smile on her face and said, “Although you have had sex with my brother, I have a question I’ve been keeping under my skin for a long time. I want to ask you as I see you today.”

“Go ahead, please.” Xuan said nervously.

Chuxue crossed her legs and said, “My brother was drunk that night. Why didn’t you just take him back to Ye’s villa, but took him to the hotel? Don’t you know it’s dangerous for a girl to be alone with a man at night?”

Xuan’s face turned red gradually and she said, “I didn’t think about it at that time, and I didn’t know where your house is.”

“Really? I heard you are my brother’s secretary. Why don’t you know where your boss lives?” Chuxue asked.

Xuan lowered her head nervously and said, “I didn’t do my job well. I really didn’t know where Mr Ye lives.”

“So how do you know where he lives today? By the way, you are here on your own, right?” Chuxue said.

Xuan bit her lower lip and didn’t know how to answer. She was afraid that the whole thing would be exposed, so she stood up and said to Venus, “Mrs Ye, you don’t have to press me for an answer. Since you don’t want the child, I will raise it by myself. Don’t bother taking care of the child.”

“Child? Are you pregnant?” Chuxue said in surprise. “No wonder she comes to our home. Fortunately, I was wise enough to take the pill.” Chuxue thought.

“Ruyi!” Venus said and gave Chuxue a warning look. Chuxue curled her lip and didn’t say anything more.

“Don’t be angry. Chuxue has been spoiled since she was a child. If she has any questions, she must make them clear.” Venus said softly to comfort Xuan, “Just sit down. Let’s talk about it slowly.”

Xuan didn’t mean to leave, so she sat down again.

“Pingan, just say something.” Venus poked Jingyan in the arm and said.

Jingyan opened his eyes and said emotionlessly, “I don’t want this child. You can either say I am cold-blooded or irresponsible. In a word, this is my attitude.”

What Jingyan said deadened the atmosphere again. Xuan was very sad and looked at Venus, a straw for her to clutch at. Venus couldn’t bear to see Xuan like that, but she also couldn’t scold Jingyan again and again. Then she turned to look at Kerry and said, “Just say something.”

Kerry put down the newspaper leisurely and said, “It’s up to you. I’m all yours.”

“Dad, you are such a peacemaker.” Chuxue said to tease Kerry.

Kerry winked at Chuxue and they two smiled self-consciously.

After thinking for a while, Venus said, “Since you all don’t declare where you stand, I will do that. After all, this child is related to us by blood. Xuan is also a victim. As she insists on keeping the child, we can’t do a thoughtless thing. Just keep this child. We can afford to raise a child.”

Xuan was exulted and she almost knelt to Venus. “Thank you, Mrs Ye.” Xuan said.

Venus is a kind person. Thinking that Xuan’s pregnant, and Xuan’s mother’s not with her, Venus said, “You need someone to take care of you now. So why don’t you live here…”

“Mom,” Jingyan interrupted Venus immediately and said, “She can’t live here.”

“Xuan’s mother is not with her and she needs someone to take care of her.” Venus said.

“Mom, we have so many residential holdings and she can live anywhere with a nanny. Why you ask her to live with us?” Jingyan said.

After hearing that, Venus was angry. She lost her temper with her son for the first time and said, “It all your fault. It’s not a big deal that you don’t want to be responsible for it, but how can you behave like that?”

“OK. Just let her live here. I will leave.” Jingyan said. Then he turned and walked to the door of the villa.

Chuxue was surprised by this series of events and she ran after Jingyan, saying, “Brother.”

Venus pointed to the view of Jingyan’s back and asked Kerry, “Is he venting his anger on me?”

“Don’t be angry. I will give him a lesson.” Kerry said.

“Who am I doing this for? If he hadn’t been drunk, I wouldn’t have to make peace here.” Venus shivered out of anger and said.

Seeing Jingyan leave and Venus is angry, Xuan said guiltily, “Mrs Ye, I’d better leave here. I don’t want you to come conflict with Jingyan for the sake of me. I will take a good care of the child.”

Chapter 318 You Must Abort the Child (3)

“Just let him go, he has his own thought now and even dares to talk back to his mother. Just stay outside and never come back again.” Venus was so angry that her face turned red.

Jingyan kept saying that this was a scheme, but he found no evidence at all. Now the girl was pregnant, he didn’t want to address this problem and even said those indifferent words. How could he do that? She was very furious now.

Kerry quickly comforted Venus and then explained for Jingyan, “Don’t be mad, someone will come to inspect the company soon. I heard that he hadn’t eaten well for a few days, he must be stressful. You are his mother, of course you know him well. He will definitely apologize to you when things get down. I’ll scold him at that time.”

Hearing this, Venus calmed down and felt worried, “Even if he is stressed, how could he force a girl to abort the child? An integrate man shouldn’t do this.”

Kerry could only echo her words and said, “This is really his fault.”

Xuan had heard before that the President of Yehuang Group was a nice man who really loves his wife. Today, she was more impressed. How lucky was Mrs. Ye to marry such a man. She would be satisfied if Jingyan showed a bit love to her.

The sound of the car was heard from outside, Jingyan had really left.

Hearing this, Xuan sighed, why didn’t Jingyan like her? She was as same as Yiyao, except her family background. He didn’t want to stay with her for a single moment. Then, Chuxue walked in somewhat depressed, she stretched out her hands and said, “Brother says he will stay at the apartment these days.”

Hearing this, Venus became angry again and said, “Well, that’s fine, just let him stay there forever.” Chuxue took a glimpse of Xuan and felt unhappy, then she said, “I have no appetite, I’m going to sleep now.”

“How can you do that? You will be hungry at night.”

“Well, I’m on a diet.” She replied simply. If she was Xuan, she would definitely abort the child for Jingyan didn’t like the child at all. The child would live in suffer. If Xuan just wanted the money and acted more frankly, she wouldn’t treat her like that. Now this woman not only wanted to be the Young Lady in Ye family, but also wanted Jingyan’s love. She was really good at plotting and found a suitable helper.

Then only three people were left in the living room, Venus felt embarrassed and held Xuan’s hands, then she said, “Well, don’t mind them, come to have dinner with me.”

Xuan pretended to be worry and replied, “Madam, I’d better go, I don’t want to disturb your life.”

Venus was angry, of course she wouldn’t let her go, “It’s none of our business, you are pregnant now, you have the right to live here.”

“But, I don’t want President Ye to hate me.” Xuan said in a pitiful manner.

Venus led her to the restaurant and said, “Jingyan is stubborn, just give him some time. He will come to you when things get down.”

Xuan nodded without saying more. Then she lived in Ye family

At evening, after Kerry finished showering, Venus stretched her head and asked, “Do you think I’m impulsive today?”

Kerry wiped his hair with the towel and replied, “You finally realized that?”

“Really?” Venus quickly sat up and said with a complicated expression, “I’ve thought about that, Pingan was right, we can find a housekeeper to look after Xuan, why did I agree her to live here? I must be crazy.”

“Well, you were very angry at that time. Since she has already lived in, don’t think too much about it.” Kerry lifted her chin and kissed her on the lips, “Sleep now.”

Venus pushed his face away, after thinking for a while, she continued, “Xuan is quite well except her family background. Why don’t you like her?”

Kerry directly lifted the quilt and lied in, then he kept caressing Venus’s waist, “Well, first impression is very important, we all like Yiyao. Besides, just as Chuxue said, Xuan should bring Jingyan home, why didn’t she do that? She must have other purposes.”

“But she’s pregnant now, we can’t just ignore her.” Venus said reluctantly.

“That’s why I didn’t stop you, just let her stay here, but you have to keep an eye on her.”

Hearing this, Venus sighed, “I really worry about them, they were very obedient in their childhood, but now everything changes.”

Kerry put his head around Venus’s neck and kissed her. Then he said, “Well, that’s what we have to endure.”

“Don’t do that!” Before Venus could finish her words, Kerry directly kissed her.

It was a bit cold outside.

Jingyan was drinking on the balcony of his apartment in the city center.

After knowing that Xuan was pregnant, he was shocked and didn’t know how to deal this. How could he explain to Yiyao when next time he met her? He was not qualified to love her any more. Why could this happen? This must be the God’s punishment.

When he was young, his father always told him that life is equal. When you get some fortunes, you must lose something. He lived quite well for the last twenty years. Now, it’s time to get the punishment.

He really wanted to find Yiyao, but all he could do was to stand still and wait for her. He would either forgot her or came to her. Child should be bred with love. If the child came to this world by accident, he would gave him nothing except money.

No matter what Xuan chose to do, he wouldn’t adopt this child.

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