Chapter 319 – 320: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 319: Invasion to Five Poisons Sect

In the night, Shengyuan Yao again destroyed Kris Chen.

Then he roughly put four or five blood ginseng into Kris’s mouth.

Out of confidence in his own strength, he had no doubt that Kris would break through his acupoints.

After Kris chewed and swallowed the bloody ginseng, he frowned subconsciously and sniffed in the air: “What’s the smell?”

Hearing this, Kris felt nervous for a minute.

Fortunately, before Shengyuan came here, he wiped the marks off the wooden bed.

Looking at the bloodstains all over Kris’s body, he snorted coldly and took out a Ganoderma lucidum from his pocket. After forcing Kris to swallow it, he left the pharmacy.

When Shengyuan left, Kris was completely relieved.

He had to leave tonight. Sooner or later, he would be sucked dry.

Here, it had to be said that the demon body was very powerful. For other people, even if there was blood ginseng, the speed of blood production could not keep up with the speed of blood loss.

It seemed that he need to work harder to practice the demon body in the future.

However, the top priority was to break through the Conception and Governor vessels.

On the other hand, he gathered the Spiritual Power.

At this time, he tried to get through the Genuine Energy in the navel elixir field. Upon this point, two-thirds of the Conception and Governor vessels had been opened up by him. He could completely break through the acupoints with one vigorous effort.

Just as he was concentrating on the acupoints, Yinyin slipped in quietly.

“Big man, tell me a story…”

Saying that, a fragrant wind came, and a enchanting body entangled towards him.

“Bad girl, can you stop it?”

“I don’t care, I want you to tell me a story.” Yinyin hummed: “If you don’t, I’ll go to my father right and let him kill you.”

“You… I’ll do it.”

What’s the big deal of having a father in the Back-to-Self stage?

Kris resisted his anger, thinking coaxing her away after telling the story.

Twenty minutes later, the story of sleeping beauty was over.

“All right, that’s it. Go now.” Kris said impatiently.

“Big man, I want another story.” Yinyin pressed on Kris and pleaded.

“I… well, I’m telling you another one.” Holding back his anger, Kris told another story: “Well, is that alright now?”

“Big man, can I stay here with you?”


Hearing this, Kris immediately sat up, “No, you must go now.”

Were you kidding? The Conception and Governor vessels were about to get through. How could he escape when she stayed here?

“No, I’m staying here. If you drive me away. I’m going to daddy now…”

Dad, Dad, again!

Kris became angry instantly.

He lifted his hand and hit her buttocks heavily.


“If you don’t leave now, I will punish you.”


“You go ahead, it’s not that you haven’t done it before. If you can, you can even kill me.”

As she talked, she was lying on the wooden bed and puckered up her buttocks.

“Shameless, aren’t you?”

Kris gave a cold smile. In that case, don’t blame him.

“Kris, what are you doing? Don’t… Don’t… hm…”

A crying voice filled with tears came from her mouth.

“If you’re not afraid that your father finds out, you can speak up and we’ll die together.”


Didn’t you like this, then satisfied you!

If you lighted the oil lamp at this moment, I was sure you could see Kris’s eyes turning scarlet.

What kind of eyes were they?

Full of cruelty, ruthlessness, indifference, sadism, desire, and violence.


Yinyin covered her mouth and didn’t let herself make a sound.

Outside, a team of guarding disciples were patrolling the village constantly. Who would have thought that their Saintess was actually under a man’s crotch in this little pharmacy.

After a long while, Kris felt the soft body under his own stiffened, and immediately his whole body was paralyzed on the wooden bed.

“Kris…give me a break, I’ll go, I’ll go now…”

“Set me on fire, and then you want to go?”

With a cold smile, Kris launched another expedition.


After another long while, a low roar came from the pharmacy.

Wind and rain stopped again.

Kris shook his head.

What happened just now? He felt as if he had become someone else, ruthless and cruel.

The feeling of being out of control made him worried.

“Kris, you’re finally well… I’m going, I’m going now!”

She rustled and got dressed, clamped her legs, and limped out of the pharmacy.

When she left, Kris suppressed his doubts and sat crossed on the bed to start hitting acupoints.


After his unremitting efforts, Kris finally broke through the Conception and Governor vessels.

Once again, the vigorous Genuine Energy was running the whole body again without one trace of obscurity.


Kris gently pushed the door open. At this time, the whole village was shrouded in fog. Except for the faint light of fire, there was nothing at all.

He speculated that it should be one or two o’clock in the morning, during which all the people in the village had fell into a deep sleep and the patrol disciples were tired also. It was a good chance to escape.

He jumped lightly and walked against the wall. Kris, dressing in black, was like a drop of ink dripping into the ink bottle.

As soon as the patrol disciple changed his post, Kris rushed out.

Since he was robbed and taken here by Shengyuan Yao, he had kept the route firmly in his mind all the way.

While thinking about the route, while running wildly. After running for more than ten kilometres, he found a big stone to sit on for a rest.

Ha ha ha ha…

He finally escaped.

At this point he just wanted to scream.

Just as he was about to yell out his depression, there was a flash of fire not far ahead.

What was that?

Did they find him running away?

Kris was so shocked that he jumped off the stone.

No, this could not possibly be Shengyuan Yao’s people. These people were in groups in a long line. It looked like they were on their way to some place.

How could there be so many people in the night?

Kris Chen was hiding behind a big rock and would not be found as long as he didn’t make a sound.

Slowly, the group came. Through the light of the fire, Kris saw these people clearly.

Their costumes were very strange, which should be the unique costumes of the ethnic minorities in southern Xinjiang.

What’s more strange was that each of them was carrying a long bow and a machete behind them.

“Stop, everyone!”

At this point, the Chief of the team called out, and all of them stopped.

“Chief Zhang, what happened?” Hu Wang, the Chief of Wang’s Village, asked.

“We’re arriving at the Five Poisons Sect. Let’s put out the torches now, so they couldn’t find us.” Qifeng Zhang said.

“Chief Zhang was right.” the Chief of Lijia’s Village nodded and said, “Everybody, put out the torches.”

After that, the people behind him extinguished their torches one after another. Thousands of people left only one torch, which was the torch in Qifeng’s hand.

“Before we get into the Five Poisons Sect, let’s make a plan.”

Qifeng jumped onto a big stone nearby and said, “My brothers, today is a good day for us to revenge. We will kill Shengyuan Yao and overturn the Five Poisons Sect. By then, no one will oppress us any more.”

As soon as the voice dropped, the people who were still a little sleepy suddenly came to the spirit.

“It’s heard that Shengyuan Yao’s daughter is No.1 beauty in southern Xinjiang. After we got there, let’s have a good time with her.” someone shouted from the crowd, which immediately made the crowd burst into laughter.

“Well, as long as we can kill Shengyuan Yao, his daughter will be at your disposal!”

“Oh, long live chief Zhang!”

Qifeng Zhang’s words aroused the morale of the people at once.

What the hell? That No.1 beauty was Shengyuan’s daughter?

This was an insult to him.

Hearing this, Kris couldn’t help but move his foot. Unluckily, this move broke the dead branches under his feet.


The subtle sound came to Qifeng’s ears: “Who is it?”

Kris was shocked. Was he found out?

They were only four or five meters away from the big rock where Kris was hiding, and if those people gathered around him, he was not sure of a safe retreat.

“Who is it, get out of here!”

At this moment, everyone’s face became solemn.

The palms of Kris were sweating. If he couldn’t escape, he would ran.

Just as he was trying to run, a man came out of the woods nearby.

He had his pants in his hand and said with embarrassment: “Chief…chief, it’s me who pee here.”

“What the…can’t you hold it for a while?” Qifeng jumped down from the big stone and gave the man a vicious scolding.

“It’s OK. It’s OK. A false alarm.” Hu Wang waved his hand and said.

Kris was also relieved. He almost jumped out just now.

“Let’s go!”

Qifeng went to the front of the team, put out the torch, and led the group to the Five Poisons Sect.

Watching the group away, Kris hesitated.

Follow or run away?

That crazy girl, she used whip and poison on me, why was he going to save her?

And Shengyuan Yao, who was a big devil, made the King of Deadliest Insert suck his blood every day.

Let them die.

However, the thought of the village being attacked by those people and the girl would be tortured by these men, he was very upset.

Shit, follow them.

Kris sighed, still too soft-hearted.

All the way, Kris followed these people, daring not to get too close.

After walking for about an hour, they came to the village.

It was about three o’clock in the morning. The whole village was silent. It was when people slept the deepest.

“Brothers, go!”

“Kill them all!”

The gatekeepers on the earth wall was leaning against the wall. When they heard the shouts of killing, they woke up with a start.

Before sending out the warning, they was shot by the people below with bows and arrows.


Qifeng jumped onto the wall. Such a low wall was a piece of cake for him.

Draw out the machete and chop down the disciples of Five Poisons Sect.

“Open the door!”


The gate of the earth wall opened and thousands of people rushed in.

“Dong Dong Dong Dong!”

With the copper drums sounding, the patrol disciples found the intruder and yelled, “Get up, there ‘s an invasion!”

The sound of fighting broke the silence of the village, and the Five Poisons Sect members in their sleep were awakened.

Before they could get dressed, the fire set the house on fire.

“Come on, put out the fire. The house is on fire.”

There were all stilted buildings in the village, it was easy to catch fire. These people brought kerosene and easily light the house.

“Kill them all, brothers, and find Shengyuan Yao!”

Looking at the hell on earth in front of him, Kris felt creepy.

These people kept fighting and killing. The girl was in danger! Kris remembered suddenly and rushed towards her immediately.

Chapter 320: Shengyuan’s Deadly Enemy

In the meantime, Qifeng Zhang, Hu Wang and other people came to the top area of the stockaded village with irresistible force.

It was exactly where Shengyuan Yao lived.

“Shengyuan, your great days past, come out quickly.”

Hundreds of people surrounded Shengyuan’s house in a hurry.

“Get out of the house, or we will burn your house.”

But no matter how noisy was the clamour, nothing stirred in the house.

“Dad, let’s rush in upon them to kill them.”

Yinyin Yao clenched teeth in the room, she longed for killing them now.

Then she found some people she was familiar from the gap of the window.

She said unbelievably “Dad, Five Major Wizard Kings betrayed our sect unexpectedly. ”

Then Shengyuan, who was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, opened his eyes.

“Yinyin, stay in the room like a lamb.”

“Dad, I want to fight with them, too.”

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“No.” Yinyin said fearlessly.

“Okay, you are worthy of the daughter of me.”

Then he went out with laughter.

“Disperse quickly, Shengyuan is coming.”


As his words fell, all the people outside stepped back.

“As the saying goes, A thief from within is hard to guard against. Wizard King Wu, Wizard King Xie, Wizard King She, Wizard King Zhu and Wizard King Ha, do you know what result you will get for betraying me?”

“Shengyuan, what else you want to say at the moment? You’d better fold your hands for capture. Then we would leave you a whole body after you die for the sake of our friendship for years.”

The man, with full beard, who was talking named Guang Xie, he used to be a Wizard King of Five Poisons Sect. He was in control of scorpion Banner.

“Do you know how many wicked things we did for you? Do you know how many times I woke up because of nightmare at night?” Gong Wu abused while pointing at Shengyuan’s nose. “Our sect never used a human being for culturing of deadliest insect expect you through our thousand years’ history in Southern part. What’s more cruel, you even used an infant to culture the insect.”

“Today, we are going to bring you down together with seventy-two villages and one hundred and eight caves. We have to give the ghosts died because of you an explanation.”

“God Father, this is the last time I call you as this.”

“Count me in.”

Shengyuan laughed loudly looking at Jinyuan She, Ming Zhu and Meixin Ha.

“You guys are all promoted by me. You cried to work for me, but now I became the only one who shall be blamed.”

As his words fell, the three men felt embarrassed.

Indeed, they did all these on their own, or you could say they did those thing on purpose to please Shengyuan.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s fight.” Jinyuan said with a cold face. Then he pulled out his Sliver Snake sword.

Ming Zhu and Hamei echoed in a hurry “Hurry up, Shengyuan was injured. He would kill us as usual, he would not talk nonsense if he was not injured.”

“Brothers, kill him.”

“You are courting death.”

At that time, Yinyin suddenly stood up from Shengyuan’s back, then she said “Five Poisons Powder.”


Five Poisons Powder with mortal poison was scattered by Yinyin.

“Ah… It’s so itchy.”

“My eyes hurt, my eyes.”

Two cave masters wanted to come forward to kill Shengyuan but was tainted with Five Poisons Powder.

Five Poisons Powder was cultured by Yinyin with five scarce poisons, the victim would suffer exceptional itch.

“Ah…I’m so itchy, so itchy.”

The man lay on the ground and scratched his neck constantly. Soon he was scratched, and it was horrible because he was bloody.

Another man was more serious, he took out his eyeballs. His finger kept stirring in his empty eye socket. And blood and yellowish white matter run out from his eye sockets.


He fell down directly as his words fell.


People sucked in a breath and amazed that he took out his brains.


It began to rain suddenly.

“Ah, why it rains?”

“It’s not rain, it’s blood.”


People were shocked that the cave master who was lying on the ground scratched his artery, the blood was splashed from his neck.


Kris who was on the roof not far away swallowed his clobber seeing this.

He wanted Kris to test the poison?

He would die right away if he tried it.

It was dangerous, Kris felt cold on his backbone.

“Put your king of deadliest insect out.”

Qifeng Zhang stood up and said “Don’t get near to them.”

As he was talking, he called out his insect of fate named King of Deadliest insect with four wings.

Wow wow wow

Hu Wang and leaders of Yang and Li family also called out their insects of fate.

Guang Xie’s insect of fate was King of Deadliest insect with four tails. Gong Wu’s was King of Deadliest insect with hundred feet, Jinyuan’s was a black snack and Ming Zhu’s was a colorful butterfly, Meixin’s was a Golden toad.

All their insects of fate were King of Deadliest insects. They were at the same level of King of Deadliest insect with four wings.


Yinyin exclaimed and she called out her Icy Cicada. Icy cicada was the weakest in power among all King of Deadliest insects. And it was not poisonous, unlike other King of Deadliest insects.

“Yinyin, stay here.” Shengyuan pulled her back forward. Then he spit a silkworm chrysalis next second.

It was King of Deadliest insect with six wings.


The silkworm chrysalis split then a red Emperor of Deadliest insect with six wings on its back climbed out.

It was the Emperor of Deadliest insect?

All the people present were stressful.

Especially the King of Deadliest insects in their hands moaned. The King of Deadliest insects were better, some King of Deadliest insect with three wings or two wings screamed loudly.

They were suppressed hardly facing the Emperor of Deadliest insect with six wings on the very top of the biologic chain.

“Don’t be panic, pacify your insect of fate. Though the Emperor of Deadliest insect with six wings is formidable, our insects are also powerful.”

“We own nine King of Deadliest insects so that we could beat him for sure. As long as we could kill the Emperor of Deadliest insect, Shengyuan would not be a concern of us.” Guang Xie comforted others.

For the practitioners in Southern part, their fighting capacity mainly came from their insects. The more powerful was their insect, the more powerful of them.

He must be a practitioner at The return-to-nature stage if his insect was the King of Deadliest insect.

People’s fear for Shengyuan was alleviated a little bit hearing what Guang said.

“Don’t be afraid. Shengyuan was hurt now, so as long as we cooperate, we can kill him.”

“Kill him.”

As Gong Wu shouted, hundreds of insects went to Shengyuan.

“Go,go, go.”


The emperor of Deadliest of Insect was furious, it fluttered its six wings to fight with numerous insects.

It was the emperor in all kinds of deadliest insects.

It was unforgivable to provoke it.

“hum hum”

“buzz buzz”

“croak croak”

All kinds of wired sounds mixed together. Kris even heard cock’s crow. Those king of deadliest insects were strange.

“Go, drug Shengyuan and catch his daughter.”

Someone in the crowd shouted at that time.

In a flash, many people focused on Yinyin.

She was pretty, she was graceful.

I’d rather cut ten years’ life if I could do sex with her.

“Court death.”

Yinyin pulled out her whip to lash him. The whip crossed the sky and rolled a cave master in. He was beheaded as Yinyin puled the whip.

“Fuck, catch the bitch, we will kill her.”

Guang Xie and other people went to fight with Shengyuan then Qifeng rushed there also with their leaders of other villages.

They were all practitioners at The return-to-nature stage. Their highest level was Fulfilled period at The return-to-nature stage, and lowest level was Middle period at The return-to-nature stage.

“Accept your fate, Shengyuan.”

Jinyuan tried to stab Shengyuan with his Silver Snake Sword.

Shengyuan would not care it before, after all, he was at the later period of Back-to-self stage. These people couldn’t even touch his finger.

But Shengyuan was badly hurt this time when he had some conflict with six major schools. He thought he could recover with the blood and energy supply of Kris, but he thought it too simply.

He only expelled one genuine energy after many days’ practice. You had to know that there were four or five foreign genuine energies in his body.

Most his energy was on surpassing the genuine energy.

“Five Poison Palm.”

Shengyuan gave Jinyuan a palm across long distance.


Jinyuan flied out directly.


Blood came out from his mouth instantly.

“Let’s go together. Don’t fight alone. ” Jinyuan felt a strong energy eroded in his body. He rushed to attack some vital points for himself.

The people present dared not to move forward seeing Jinyuan who was in middle period of The return-to-nature stage was badly hit with Shengyuan’s palm.

They played all their cards.

“Palm with myriad scorpions.”

“Stab of poisonous Dragon.”

“Fist of Ice”


Eight masters rushed to Shengyuan from eight directions and left him no place to hide.


Shengyuan could only defend passively.

An intangible energy wall blocked them.

“Break it.”

“Shengyuan, let’s see how long can you persist.”

“Look at your daughter, we will catch her soon.”

“What an adorable girl she is. It must be great to take off her clothes and put her on the bed.”

Shengyuan didn’t react at all hearing their words. These rubbish really thought Shengyuan would distract by those words?


At that time, Shengyuan and the eight men already began their fight. And the Emperor of Deadliest insect with six wings and nine king of deadliest insects and hundreds of other insects were trying to kill each other.


Ordinary insects was not an opponent of the emperor of deadliest of insect. They were neither bit necks nor legs by the emperor.

The insects of fate were related to their lives. So they would not die, but they were badly hurt for sure.

The people who were chasing after Yinyin was cut to half in a flash.

But Yinyin still couldn’t get rid of them even facing half of the enemies.

She was just at Later period of The innate-power stage. The worst people of her enemies was in the early period of The innate-power stage. She couldn’t win so many people no matter how powerful she was.


Yinyin was forced to a corner after a stagger.

At the same time, the emperor deadliest of insect was fighting with other insects. It was powerful but obviously it was hurt judged from its bloody body.

Shengyuan was shocked hearing Yinyin’s scream, then he turned to her and found she was lying on the ground.


He roared and a golden light was sent out from him.


The light stopped at the shoulder of Yinyin after it went across two people.

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