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Chapter 319: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 319 I Really Want to See You(1)

After more than half a month of getting along with them, Yiyao Duan became familiar with the people around her. And she also knew that the female security guard had to find someone to replace her because she suddenly got sick and was hospitalized. She might return to the army after being on duty for two months at most.

Compared with being a security guard, Yiyao still liked being in the army more. Although the former got the promotion faster.

At night, Yiyao sat alone on the garden bench, thinking: Now that I’m going to the Sky City tomorrow, is it possible that I run into him? But it’s better for me not to run into him because I have nothing to say to him.

There were footsteps behind her, and she knew it was the head of the guard, Eagle, without even turning around.

“How come you are free at this moment?” Yiyao asked with a slight smile.

He then came over and sat next to her, with his hands in his trouser pockets, being quite leisure and casual. His resolute face revealed calmness, which was rarely found at such an young age.

He asked: “How do you know it’s me?”

Yiyao said calmly, “Not to mention you, as long as it is someone I know, I can tell who it is by hearing the sound of their footsteps within three meters.”

Eagle looked at her with slight admiration, saying:“No wonder it is said that you are the powerful figure of the C Army, you really deserve the reputation.”

“No, it’s all my comrades’ overpraise.” Yiyao smiled lightly.

The girl under the moonlight was not as harsh as she was during the day. Her facial line was very soft, her skin was as clear as a piece of paper, and her long eyelashes blinked. She was really beautiful.

Suddenly, Eagle felt sorry for her. He thought: Girls as old as her are either married or in love, while she has to fight in immense dangers and difficulties.

After noticing his strange expression, she turned around and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I’m wondering if you have a boyfriend.”

“Huh?” Yiyao didn’t expect that the head of the guard who was always serious and indifferent asked her such a question.

Eagle then asked her, “Is the question strange?”

“Yes.” Yiyao laughed. “What about you, do you have a girlfriend?”

Eagle shrugged his shoulders and sighed, “My parents introduced a few girls to me before, and I liked one of them and we were together for a few months. But in the end, she dumped me because she thought I was too busy with my work and had no time for her. And I haven’t found a girlfriend since.”

“Then you’re better than me. I’ve never been in love before.” Yiyao remembered a certain person, smiling bitterly, “I did like someone before, but it’s over between us before we even start our relationship.”

Eagle turned his head to look at the sky, and said in a low voice, “That’s his loss, for ordinary men can not deserve a girl like you.”

“Well, if my father heard what you just said, he would both be happy and annoyed. He even would like me to find a man to marry tomorrow.”

“Commander Duan does not really think like that, right?”

Then Yiyao complained, “Last time he even let me go on a blind date. He always says that he would be sorry to my mother if I can’t get married, making me dare not to see him now. In fact, why do people have to get married? Being single is also very good, since I can live a leisure life and I can only mind my own business. When I get old, I can be directly sent into the nursing home and be sprinkled into the sea after being cremated to become ashed when I die, then this life is also considered to be over.”

Eagle looked at her in surprise, “Nowadays, many girls are thinking about how to marry a good man, I didn’t expect you to think like this.”

“Have you ever been in the battlefield?” Yiyao suddenly asked.

Eagle shook his head, saying:“No.”

Yiyao then said meaningfully, “If you had been to the battlefield, you would feel that your life is a grace everyday after watching your comrades die. Today I am still here to talk to you, but maybe next month I will disappear, so why cause trouble for others?”

Eagle had also been in the army , so of course he could understand her feelings.

After patting her shoulder, Eagle got up and said, “Well, don’t think too much, you have work to do tomorrow. Get some rest now.”

“Yes, I will.”

Then he left, and only Yiyao sat on the bench. She said to herself, “This is good, at least you won’t have to part with her now that you are with her, and she can also take care of you. Pretty good.”

The next day.

Xuan Zhao got up early. Although she was pregnant, she still went to the company to work everyday, because she didn’t want the people of the Ye family to think that she was effeminate, and she could only see Jingyan Ye at the company.

Venus pulled her forearm, saying: “Wait, I’ll ask the driver of the family to send you there.”

Xuan immediately refused, “No need, Mrs.Ye, I don’t want to be so ostentatious and cause any gossip for Mr. Ye.”

Venus felt quite relieved, saying: “But you’re pregnant, and you can’t go there by bus.” At that time, Chuxue Ye happened to come down from upstairs, then Venus told her, “Eat your breakfast now, and send Xuan to the company later.”

But Chuxue said reluctantly, “Why do I need to send her?”

“Your store is right in front of the company, if you don’t send her to the company, who else could it be?”

Chuxue pouted, “I drive very fast. Now that she is pregnant, if something happens, I can’t pay the price.”

“Ruyi, how can you talk like that?” Venus became angry at once.

“What I said is true.” Chuxue was the loyal supporter of her brother, besides, she liked Yiyao more.

Xuan said awkwardly, “No need. The villa is not far from the bus stop, I’ll arrive there after walking for a few minutes.

“No, just let Ruyi take you there, she also goes to her store anyway.” After comforting Xuan, Venus turned around and glared at her daughter.

Chuxue reluctantly agreed under her mother’s serious gaze.

“Okay, okay. Anyway, I won’t care if anything happens to her.” Saying those words, Chuxue ran to have breakfast, and she even asked the cook to pack one.

Although Xuan smiled, she was full of anger, thinking: How come she treats me so badly now that I have never offended her?

Chuxue’s car was a sports car, which was very fast. Before they left, Venus told her: “Drive slowly and be careful on the road.”

“Mom, this is a sports car, driving it slowly will only be laughed by those experienced drivers. I’m leaving now.”

Chapter 319 I Really Want to See You (2)

Chuxue Ye wore sunglasses and was quite indifferent all the way. She did not intend to chat at all, and Xuan Zhao dared not to speak when she saw her serious expression although she had tried to talk with her for several times.

Then Xuan thought: Venus can be fooled, but I can not fool Chuxue. This girl is very observant, so I’d better speak less and do less things in front of her.

She drove very fast to the company, then she parked her car in front of her store and got off of the car with her breakfast, ignoring Xuan.

Xuan had the intention to please her, so she hurried to come up and say to her:“Do you always send breakfast to Mr. Ye?”

Chuxue lifted her chin and said indifferently, “Yes.”

“If you are busy, I will bring it to him for you.”

Chuxue sneered in her heart, saying“I’m not busy. Anyway, I don’t have much to do in the morning.”


Then Chuxue walked into the president’s elevator, and turned around to say to Xuan after she just walked in: “The staff’s elevator is next to this elevator.”

Xuan’s face turned red, then she walked out of the elevator and said, bowing her head: “Sorry, I am wrong.” She seemed to be obedient, but in her heart, she cursed Chuxue for a thousand times: Let’s wait and see what I will do to you when I become the mistress of the Ye family.

Usually Chuxue was not so arrogant and domineering, and she would not say anything if other people followed into the elevator. But she did not like this Xuan, so she deliberately caused her trouble.

When she arrived at the president’s office, Jingyan Ye was looking at today’s schedule, whose face was pale and eyelids were blue. And when he looked up and saw his sister, he asked in a hoarse voice, “Why are you here?”

“Knowing that you must have not had your breakfast, I specially brought it from home.”

“I don’t have an appetite.”

Chuxue opened the meal box, of which a few small steamed stuffed buns were on the first layer, a plate of side dish was on the second layer, and the preserved egg and lean meat porridge was on the bottom. Then she said: “Try to eat some anyway. It is not common for your sister to do a good thing, if you do not eat, I will be quite embarrassed.”

Then Jingyan had to take the chopsticks and the spoon and said: “Well, I will do you a favor.”

Chuxue smiled and sat on the table, then she said worriedly after noticing his haggard look, “Did you drink again last night?”

“I drank some because I can’t sleep without drinking.”

“I know you do not feel well, but you also have to take care of your body. You are only 27 years old this year, and your life is still long, maybe someday you will meet Yiyao Duan again, so you must make sure that you have the strength to chase her at that time.”

Jingyan looked up at her after eating a spoon of porridge, then he teased, “When have you become an emotional expert?”

“I’m not joking,” Chuxue stood on tiptoe, “Anyway, I don’t like this Xuan as my sister-in-law. I still like Yiyao, who is so attractive and charming, and only such a girl can be worthy of my brother.”

“Are you here to send me breakfast, or to send me a knife to hurt me, which keeps poking at my chest? If you continue to say, I’m afraid that I can’t eat this breakfast anymore.” Jingyan looked at her helplessly.

“Fine, fine, I won’t say anything. Eat your breakfast now. Then Chuxue suddenly remembered the thing about tomorrow and asked curiously, “Brother, will that big shot really visit our company tomorrow?”

“That’s the initial plan, but I don’t know if it will change.”

Chuxue said, “I also want to see them. Usually I can only see them in News broadcast on TV, but now they will come here in person, which makes me be excited enough when I just think of it. I heard that the first lady is also coming?”

Jingyan nodded, “Yes she will first visit the school for deaf-mutes tomorrow.”

“Is that the one we funded?” Chuxue asked in surprise.


Chuxue then got excited, “Brother, can You help me? I want to go see her.”

But Jingyan was quite serious, “Do you think she is someone you can see at any time? Don’t be silly.”

“But we are patrons of the school and I can attend the activity as a patron. Aren’t you going to the factory to wait for them? Then I’ll go to the school.” Chuxue pulled her brother’s arm and said in coquetry after seeing that her brother was quite indifferent, “Brother, can you just help me? I have not met any big shot. Just let me go there, okay? I beg you.”

Jingyan was quite afraid of her coquetry, so he said: “Okay, okay, I really can’t stand you. I’ll call and communicate with the school. Now that the leaders of the school have had everything arranged now, it is not that simple for you to suddenly come there.”

“Brother, I know you’re the best to me!”

Jingyan then shook his head and smiled, “I don’t want to be good to you at all. But you are my own sister no matter how.”

“You take your time, don’t forget to help me after you finish your meal. I’m going down first.”

“Go now, you are quite annoying.”

Then his office became quiet at once. Jingyan put the spoon down after he took a few bites of food. He really did not have a good appetite today.

This day was exceptionally busy for Jingyan, who came to the factory to check every detail to make sure that nothing would go wrong tomorrow.

The whole Sky City seemed to be immersed in an atmosphere of tension and excitement.The streets were cleaner than usual with the blooming flowers and green grass. And everyone was preparing with enthusiasm to welcome tomorrow’s respectful guests.

The sun rose slowly from the east and a plane took off from Capital City and headed into the clouds.

Yiyao sat at the cabin door of the plane, looking at the tiny villages and cities outside the window, and she suddenly sighed with emotion in her heart, hoping that everything would go well this time and she could return to the army in the end.

More than two hours later, the plane landed at the dedicated airport in the Sky City. Then Yiyao put up her spirit to start her work. The lady was very kind to wave and shake hands with the receiving personnel, while Yiyao was still very calm, observing the surrounding situation.

More than ten bullet-proof cars came to the city hall along the way. Then the senior officer went to a meeting, while the first lady went to the school for deaf-mutes to condole according to the schedule.

Yiyao sat in the passenger seat and the first lady sat in the back and asked her with a smile, “Yiyao, have you ever been to Sky City before?”

“I went to kindergarten here, and I have come here once or twice after I grew up.”

“What a coincidence! Sky City is a very nice city, with a beautiful environment and fast economic development.”

Yiyao said, “I also feel that it has changed a lot.”

Of course, besides Yiyao, eight bruisers were also the first lady’s security guards. But Yiyao was the closest to her.

When they arrived at the school, Yiyao got out of the car and opened the door for the first lady after she saw that other security guards got off and informed her that it was safe.

“Welcome……” The teachers and students who had stood at the entrance long time ago were all cheering excitedly after seeing the first lady.

The first lady walked up and shook hands with them one by one, telling them in a slight voice:“Hello, you’ ve had a long day.” What followed was a series of visiting activities, but no matter where she went, Yiyao kept a meter’s distance from her and kept an eye on the surrounding situation.

The school prepared a program for the deaf children to perform on the stage, and under the stage, the first lady was surrounded by other small children to watch them sing and dance. They applauded for the children enthusiastically after they finished their performance, but Yiyao didn’t listen to their singing at all at all.

After they sang, the first lady went up to the stage and gave small gifts to each performer. She also squatted down and communicated with the performers in sign language, and then she came down with the youngest child in her arms, with the expression full of motherly love.

Yiyao looked at this scene and thought: Perhaps the people of the country love her so much because of her kindness to people.

The school for the deaf-mutes was the largest one in Sky City and over a thousand deaf children were sent from all over the country to here to study, most of which went to school for free. Although there were many children in the school, the school was very well equipped and had good conditions, which were even better than those of the ordinary schools.

After visiting the school,the first lady praised: “ You manage such a big school quite well.”

The principal hastily smiled and said, “This is also thanks to the relevant departments, as well as the funding from the caring enterprises and enthusiastic people in the society that solved our funding problem. Otherwise it would be difficult for us to achieve our goal no matter how many plans we have.”

“You are right, it is useless to have a single ambition without funds. If you have any difficulties in the future, let someone write to me, and I will raise money for you.”

The principal was quite surprised, but he still controlled himself and said with a smile, “You don’t have to worry about the money, we have signed a donation contract with a company in Sky City, and no matter how much money we lack, they will give us a donation as long as we have a necessary item.”

Chapter 319 I Really Want to See You (3)

“Oh?” The lady was surprised, “Day-to-day operations cost a lot and I’m wondering which company will actually cooperate with you on a long-term basis.”

The principal said respectfully, “It’s our biggest company in Sky City, Yehuang Group.”

“Yehuang?” The lady repeated, “I think I’ve heard of this company.”

Doing Yehuang a favor would make them get the funds easier in the future, so the principle asked tentatively, “Madam, the man in charge is here. Do you want to see him?”

The lady smiled, “I certainly want to say hi to such a warm-hearted businessman.”

Hiding in the crowd, Chuxue Ye had been waiting for a long time. Once she heard this, she was really happy. Seeing the principal waving at her, she stepped forward quickly, smiling and bowing to greet, “Hello madam. I am one of the directors of Yehuang and I’m Chuxue Ye.”

The lady had seen many beautiful women. But such a surprising one was rare to see, whose purple eyes were like the shiniest diamond in the world.

“What a beautiful girl.” The lady admired.

Chuxue was a little shy to hear such compliments, “Thank you. Madam, you’re more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen.”

The lady smiled elegantly and decently, “I like you. Thank you for your company’s contribution to our society. You lead these children to a new world.”

Although Chuxue was sometimes naughty, but on such an occasion, she knew what she should do, for she represented Ye family, “Madam, this is what our company should do. My parents always teach us that earning money is not to live a better life, but to help more people in need. As long as we think about others and do good deeds, someone will come to help us when we are in trouble.”

Seeing she was good at talking, which was clear and logical, the lady liked her a lot, “Your parents is right.”

Chuxue was happy to hear this and she asked, “Madam, I have a little request.”

“Go ahead.”

Chuxue turned into her fan. “Can I take a picture with you? My mom and I like you very much, so I want to show this to her. She’ll be very happy.”

The lady laughed, “Of course.”

Chuxue immediately took out her phone from her pocket. She wanted to find someone to take a picture of her and as she wished, she saw someone she knew a few steps away. She almost jumped up in surprise.

When she was about to give her the phone, she saw Yiyao Duan shake her head, with a look to indicate “no”. Chuxue suddenly realized that she was on a mission. In order not to disturb her, she then gave the phone to the principal who was next to her.

Chuxue stood beside the lady, smiling brightly. Her purple eyes were attractive.

After taking the picture, Chuxue bowed and gave her thanks, “Thank you. This must be the most memorable day of my life.”

The lady smiled, “I’m glad to meet you.”

After that, all of Chuxue’ s attention was all on Yiyao. Seeing that she was following the lady all the time, with a vigilant and calm look, she then got to know she was her bodyguard.

God, Yiyao was so cool.

She was so anxious and excited that she wanted to inform her brother right now.

But her brother must also be busy and she couldn’t disturb him.

After the visit, Chuxue stood at the school gate to see off the lady and Yiyao. She was excited and people around her simply thought it was because she took a picture with the lady, but they didn’t know it’s also because she met Yiyao.

With the phone in her hand, she was wondering weather she should tell her brother or not.

Thinking for a while, she chose not to tell her brother. Maybe he was meeting some important guests. Anyway, even if he knew this, he couldn’t do anything. He may not be able to see her, for the place she stood was too special.

It is better to tell him later.

In fact, as soon as Yiyao walked into the school, she found Chuxue in the crowd, but her eyes were all fixed on the lady and she didn’t see her at all.

At first, Yiyao was wondering what she was doing here. Only later did she realize that she came here to ask for a photo.

In the car, the lady said to Yiyao, “That girl just now is quite interesting.”

Yiyao echoed, “Well, she’s cute.”

“Good-looking too. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone with a pair of purple eyes.”

“They are rare to see.”

YiYao thought if Chuxue knew that the lady gave her such a high praise, she would be thrilled about that.

According to the arrangement, there were two art groups to visit in the afternoon and a university to give a speech, so the schedule was tight. Lunch, therefore, would be simple.

Though it was said to be simple, but because of her status, it couldn’t be that simple.

It was a busy afternoon and Yiyao had to be fully concentrated.

Jingyan Ye was also busy.

His preparation for most of the month was for the ten minutes. When the chief and a group of high-ranking officials stepped into the workshop of high precision technology products, not only did he feel nervous, but every employee there. They were long waiting for this moment.

“Sir, this is the head of the company, Jingyan Ye.” The provincial secretary introduced.

Jingyan reached out his hand to greet, “Nice to see you, sir. I’m glad you come here.”

The chief shook his hand, appreciating, “What a young manager?”

The provincial secretary answered for Jingyan, “Though he was young, he was experienced.”

“Thank you. Sir, let me introduce our new products for you.”


As soon as he began to talk about his professions, all of his confidence returned. Standing among a group of middle-aged people, he was like the shiniest star in the sky, no matter who could not block his light.

Jingyan confidently said, “This is our company’s latest technology products, based on our own research and development. Compared to the same products of other companies, ours are more intelligent and optimized. We now mainly sell them to Europe and the United States, with the annual export value of about 2 billion. Our next step is to sell it to the whole world, at least 4 billion a year. “

The chief seemed to be satisfied with this, “Young people should have ambitions. By the way, I’ve found that most of your employees here are young people.”

Jingyan smiled, “Well, many companies like to hire experienced ones, but I like to hire graduates, for they are active and hardworking. What they need is an opportunity and I’m the one who is willing to give them this opportunity, but the prerequisite is that they should be good enough.”

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