Chapter 32: Rescuing the hostages – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Officer, please make sure they don’t get hurt.” Changhe Su’s forehead was sweating. He was very worried about his wife and daughter.

“Don’t worry, we must get them out safely,” Lan Yu said, “A man named Kris Chen decides to go in as a hostage and replace them.”

“Is this true?” said one of the members of the Su Family, and then they gathered around.

“Yes,” Lan Yu nodded.

“Then let him in,” Changhe said hurriedly, “Officer, Kris can be a hostage. Please make sure my wife and daughter are safe.”

“No. I can’t let him in.” Lan refused, “The suspect is very agitated now. I can’t let him in.”

At this time, the Su Family’s old lady said, “Although our Su family is not a noble family, it is still a famous family in Westriver City. Mary and her mother have never gone through anything like this. I’m really afraid that they won’t be able to bear such a terrible thing.”

After saying that, the Su Family’s old lady paused and continued, “But Kris is different. He’s a punk; he’s definitely not afraid. You let him go in and replace them as a hostage.”

“What theory is this?” After hearing her words, Lan got a little angry.

Kris was blocked by two police officers, and he couldn’t go in. He looked back at Lan and said, “Officer, I am Mary’s husband. I have a duty to protect her, so let me in.”

It was also difficult for Lan to make a decision. After all, Kris Chen volunteered to go in and replace them as a hostage. It would be a dereliction of her duty if she stopped him from going in and caused the suspect to harm the hostages.

“Officer, Kris has said that, so you just agree with his requests,” said the old lady.

“Officer, if something wrong happens to my wife and daughter, I will sue you.”

Lan sighed. After reconsidering for a moment, she nodded at Kris and agreed to his request.

Without the police officer in the way, Kris went in with long strides.

“Release them,” said Kris.

“Since you’re not afraid of death, then I’ll agree to take you hostage.” Mingdong Wei sneered. He untied Mary and Jane’s ropes and then placed the knife on Mary’s neck. When he reached Kris’s side, he pushed Mary away and placed the knife on Kris’s neck.

“You guys leave here quickly,” Kris said to Mary.

Mary’s eyes were filled with tears. She couldn’t believe that Kris was willing to be a hostage to save her.

“Mary, we should leave here quickly. Don’t worry about him, he’ll be fine.” Jane pulled Mary and walked out of the room without looking back.

The moment the two of them escaped, Changhe rushed over and hugged them both. He was so excited that his tears came out, “Are you guys okay? I was so worried about you two.”

“Dad, we’re fine, but Kris…” Mary looked at Kris worriedly. Now, Mingdong placed a knife on his neck.

Mary looked at Kris worriedly. She was surprised that Kris was even smiling. It seemed that he was not afraid at all.

“Why do you care for him?” Jane Tang said loudly, “He’s just a live-in son-in-law. If he dies, you can find a rich husband.”

“Your mother is right. Just listen to what your mother says.” The Su family’s old lady also came over and said to Mary, “Let’s go home quickly. I don’t want to stay in this place for one minute.”

At this moment, Lan could no longer endure the heartless words they spoke. She thought to herself, “These people are too ruthless.”

Kris had given his life to trade them out, and the Su Family didn’t care about even him. They were so callous.

“Is the negotiator dead? Why isn’t he here yet?” Lan was angry.

“Officer Lan, the negotiator is already on his way here. It will take a little time for him to get here.” A police officer came over and said.

“No, I’m not leaving, Kris is still inside,” Mary said stubbornly. But she was weak and couldn’t stop the Su Family’s members from pulling her away. She was soon taken away by them.

“Officer, my daughter-in-law, and granddaughter have been rescued. If there’s nothing, we’ll go back first.” The Su Family’s old lady said to Lan.

Lan really didn’t want to talk to this old lady, but when she thought that Kris Chen was still there, so she said, “But Kris Chen is still there, isn’t he your granddaughter’s husband?”

“No.” The old lady replied with hesitation. After saying that, the two servants assisted her to leave.

Kris Chen and Mingdong also heard the conversation outside.

“Kris Chen, the Su Family, doesn’t even think you’re Mary’s husband. You really are a punk.” Mingdong laughed so hard that his tears came out of his eyes.

“I don’t care. Mary and I got a marriage license. The government recognizes the two of us as a legal couple.” Kris laughed and said, “But why are you so miserable now? You seem to have been kicked out of the company by the Chen Family, right?”

“How do you know about this?” Mingdong said in surprise.

“In addition to my mother and the Chen Family’s patriarch, Mary and Jane had only just known about this matter. How did Kris know about this matter?” Mingdong thought to himself

“Did the Chen Family tell you that you messed with the wrong people?”

“Who the hell are you? How do you know so much about it?” said Mingdong. He had completely lost his mind.

“Officer Lan, the suspect, is very agitated, and he may harm the hostages. Should we take action?”

“Kris Chen is irritating the suspect at this time; does he not want to live?” Lan was anxious. She stared at the door, but the negotiator still hadn’t shown up yet. If this continued, Kris was really in danger.

“You call the negotiator and ask him why he hasn’t arrived. You ask him to arrive there in three minutes.” It only needed ten minutes to get here from the police station. Now half an hour had passed, and the negotiator still hadn’t arrived. Lan was going crazy.

Just as Lan was contemplating whether to take measures to shoot the suspect to protect the hostage, a police officer patted her on the shoulder with a shocked look, “The suspect seems to kneel down to Kris Chen.”

What? Kneeling down for Kris Chen?

Lan turned her head to look into the room and found that Mingdong had put his fruit knife down and kneeled in front of Kris Chen.

“What the hell is going on?” said Lan.

A group of policemen looked at each other, puzzled, and they were stunned now.

They had seen many cases over the years, but this was the first time they had come across a situation like today.

These officers thought this case would last for a long time today, but they didn’t expect Kris Chen to say a few words simply. The suspect was on his knees, confessing. He was much better than a negotiator.

In the room, Kris smiled and looked at Mingdong.

Just a moment ago, he told Mingdong his true identity.

At first, Mingdong didn’t believe it anyway. But when Kris showed his bank card balance, Mingdong was shocked.

It turned out that the person the Chen Family said he couldn’t mess with was Kris Chen.

There was no wonder that someone had the money to buy “Heavenly City” for Mary. It turned out that the live-in son-in-law, who the Su Family disliked, was the young master of the Chen Family.

“Eldest Young Master, please forgive me. I’m sorry that I offended you,” Mingdong was completely devastated. He simply couldn’t offend Kris, and he didn’t want to die yet. He knelt down and kowtowed, “I promise you that I won’t dare to pester Mary in the future, and I promise to disappear from your sight forever.”

Kris looked down at him and said, “I can spare you. As long as you repent sincerely, I also can let the Chen Family spare you this time. But the problem now is that you committed a crime. The police might not let you go.”

“If I confess to the crime voluntarily, I may be given a relatively light penalty.” Mingdong kneeled on the ground, his forehead bleeding.

“Fine, I promise to let you go if you go out and confess.” Kris waved his hand and said, “Remember what you said. You should disappear from my sight when you go out.”

“Thank you.” Mingdong was so relieved that he couldn’t stop kowtowing to Kris and thanking him.

Mingdong really wanted to go back to his old life. If only he could have a chance to get out of the trouble he was in now, he would rather lose ten years of his life.

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