Chapter 320: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 320 Accident, Chance Favors Only the Prepared Mind(1)

“Of course, chance favors only the prepared mind.”

Jingyan Ye put forward a bold request after seeing that the atmosphere was quite good, “Commander, everyone was so excited before you came, and they ask me to do them a favor.”

The Commander was interested in his words and said: “Oh? What kind of favor? Tell me, I’ll see if I can help.”

Jingyan said with embarrassment, “They all want to take a picture with you.”

“Okay, this is simple.” As soon as he said the words, everyone in the workshop became quite excited and they all cheered and came to the Commander, while the senior officials of the provincial Party committee and municipal Party committee all backed off. Then some of the hundreds of young people sat on the ground, and others stood next to the Commander, who were all very happy.

Seriously, taking a picture with the Commander was worth bragging for a lifetime.

After taking the photo, everyone politely bent down to thank the Commander.

Then they saw the Commander off, who said to Jingyan as he walked, “The comrade in the city once said that Yehuang Group is not only the city’s big tax-payer, but also the entire province’s economic bellwether. So I thought the manager of the company was at least fifty years old, but I didn’t expect you to be a handsome young man.”

Jingyan modestly said, “You overpraise me, I still have a lot to learn.”

“It’s good for the young people to have such an attitude.”

“Thank you.”

It was getting late and the evening sunlight filled the sky.

The Commander turned around a second before getting into the car and said, “There is a simple reception dinner in the evening, why don’t you come as well.”

Jingyan was surprised and hurried to said, “Okay.”

The surrounding provincial and municipal senior officials were also quite shocked, for they had never seen the Commander invite a young man before, which showed how much the Commander liked Jingyan.

The reception was held in a high-profile hotel in the city. When Yiyao Duan escorted the first lady to walk into the banquet hall, except for the security guards, only the provincial senior officials were waiting here.

After exchanging pleasantries with other people, the first lady sat on the sofa in the lounge area, and the secretary came up to inform her, “Madam, the Commander will be here in ten minutes.”

Then she nodded, “Okay, I see.”

Yiyao stood behind her and observed the environment outside the window, thinking that this banquet hall was also specially chosen so that there weren’t any high-rise buildings within five hundred meters so that there wouldn’t be a high point for shoot.

Then the senior official respectfully served good tea and then stood by the side, waiting for orders.

Ten minutes later, tanglesome footsteps were heard from afar, and the Supreme Chief Executive arrived. Sure enough, after the door was pushed open, the Commander walked in, surrounded by a large crowd of people.

The first lady walked over gracefully and smiled and nodded when those who followed the Commander bowed to greet her.

“When did you all return?” The Commander asked with concern and walked towards the seat of the guest of honor, guided by the official.

She smiled lightly and answered: “I just returned as well.”

Yiyao keenly observed the situation around and suddenly, the man that appeared in the doorway made her raise her eyebrow.

Perhaps he felt her gaze, Jingyan turned around and froze at once after seeing her, and he felt ecstatic, thinking: Why ……why is she here?

As he was about to go forward to talk to her, Yiyao looked away as if she had seen a stranger, and she quickly left after whispering a sentence to the headset.

Jingyan hurried to chase after her, being afraid that in the blink of an eye she would disappear, but when he saw Yiyao standing in the corner with a young man, cuddling up to the man’s ear and whispering something to him, he felt distraught, as if his heart had been violently clutched by a pair of hands.

“Mr. Ye, why are you standing here? Go over now.” Someone around him reminded.

Jingyan came back to his senses and he realized what kind of situation he was in. He did not dare to go up and disturb her because he was also afraid that Yiyao was busy working, so he had to go back to the banquet first and find a corner to sit down, then he kept staring at her.

He then thought: Is she not a soldier of special forces? Why would she appear here?

Dose she come to be on duty?

This seems to be the most reasonable explanation.

There were only three tables in the banquet hall, except for Jingyan, the rest guests were all provincial and municipal senior officials. And he sat at a table with a few officials he knew well in the city.

Yiyao and Eagle were standing in an imperceptible corner, but she could always feel that someone was staring at her, and she knew who it was without the need of looking.

After a brief moment of surprise, Yiyao became calm again. And even if he kept looking at her, she still pretended that she didn’t notice him. However, the observant Eagle noticed Jingyan’s stare.

“That man has looked at you several times, do you know him?” Eagle asked in a low voice by her ear.

Yiyao nodded, “I know him, he’s my classmate before.”

“No wonder.”

Yiyao didn’t want to say more, it was all in the past anyway.

Jingyan did not eat much at all. When he saw that she was so close with another man, he felt extremely jealous, and how could he still have the mood to eat?

But it was still worth it now that he could meet her here by chance. It was worth more than having dinner with the ultimate boss.

After the meal, Yiyao and Eagle escorted the two distinguished guests out. When she walked pass Jingyan, she did not even look at him. At this point, Jingyan finally knew what her mission was this time.

At the same time, he also realized a problem: The inspection tour will end tomorrow, that is to say, Yiyao will leave the city tomorrow afternoon, and he completely does not know when he can see her again.

No, he must go and see her tonight, even if she hits him and scolds him, he has to go to see her.

Then he walked to a senior official who was close to him, and he asked when there was no one around: “Director Zhao, which hotel will the Commander live in tonight?”

Director Zhao said at once, “Guobin Hotel, the host hotel of municipal government.”


“What’s wrong?”

Jingyan casually found a reason, “Nothing, I just want to know which hotel has such a privilege, and our company would like to learn from it.”

Director Zhao patted his shoulder, saying: “Thank you for your hard work today, hurry up and go home.”

“Well, you too.”

Chapter 320 Accident, Chance Favors Only the Prepared Mind(2)

Walking to the vicinity of Guobin Hotel, Jingyan Ye found a coffee shop at the fork road after seeing the entire street was blockaded, and asked for a cup of blue mountain coffee in there, quietly waiting.

It was not hard to go in there and find her, but what should he say when he saw her?

Should he beg for her forgiveness? Or tell her that he loves her?

No, this would only make Yiyao Duan hate him more.

Never mind. He just wanted to take a good look at her, just for one more time.

As time passed, the waiter said very gently after refilling the third cup of coffee for him: “Sorry sir, we are closed.”

Jingyan paid the bill, and it was 11 o’clock at night.

She probably was still awake at this time.

Wait a little bit longer.

So he stood in the dark and waited. And when it was midnight, he disappeared at once after he saw that no one was around.

After searching for several rooms, Jingyan managed to find the girl’s room, which was dark inside and had the smell of food in the air. By the light of the moon outside, he saw that the lunchbox on the coffee table was still open, in which more than half of the rice was left .

Is she too tired to eat? Jingyan thought, feeling sorry for her.

Then he stepped forward and sat down beside her bed. The girl’s eyes were closed, and her eyebrow frowned. She seemed to be sleeping uncomfortably.

Jingyan reached out his hand to touch her face, but before he could touch it, a dagger was placed against his heart at once, and then he saw Yiyao open her eyes.

Seeing the person in front of her, Yiyao was slightly surprised, “It’s you?”

“Yiyao.” Jingyan called her lovingly.

Putting away the dagger, Yiyao straightened up and asked in a cold voice, “What are you doing here?”

“I want to take a look at you.”

Yiyao was quite indifferent, “You have seen me, you can go now.”

Jingyan felt a little heartache and he whispered, “Yiyao, I’m sorry ……”

“Jingyan, you are not sorry to me, we are not boyfriend and girlfriend from the beginning to the end, so it has nothing to do with me for you to sleep with anyone.”

“Yiyao, don’t say that ……”

Yiyao felt heartache again, for she hated it the most when he spoke in such tones, as if he had suffered too much, which made her could not help but be soft-hearted every time.

“Jingyan, I don’t have anything to say to you anymore. I’m going to sleep, just go away now.”

But he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her with deep emotion, with no intention of leaving at all, “You sleep, I will not say anything.”

“You……” Yiyao was angry with him. She suddenly remembered something and suppressed her anger and said, “Jingyan, you should leave me alone, I have been into someone.”

Jingyan grabbed her wrist, and he suddenly became quite desperate, “That’s impossible. We’ve only been separated for a month.”

Yiyao sneered, “What’s impossible about it? It only takes a second for a man and a woman to fall in love, so a month is quite enough.”

“Who is it?” Jingyan remembered that person in the banquet hall and asked, “Is it the man you were standing with today?”

Yiyao recalled and understood that he seemed to be talking about Eagle, so she made use of this opportunity and said, “Yes, it’s him.”

“I don’t believe it!” Jingyan once again felt heartbroken, as if he had heard the sound of his heart falling to the ground and shattering.

“It’s true. I met him when I took this order, and later I found that the two of us have the same three views, can understand each other’s work, and have the same habit of diet, and he is even good-looking. So I have no reason to reject him.”

Hearing the beloved girl talking about the merits of other men, Jingyan felt even more jealous. Then on the spur of the moment, he fiercely pulled Yiyao into his arms and kissed her with his much strength.

It was a painful kiss, full of his missing to her. Jingyan eagerly prised open her teeth with his tongue and swept her lips and tongue, anxiously and fiercely, as if he had wanted to eat her into his stomach so that no one else could come and snatch her from him.

Yiyao was shocked by his sudden move, first she froze for a few seconds, and when she tried to resist later, her hands were already tightly clamped by Jingyan’s big hands, so she couldn’t move at all.

They had fought before, and Yiyao could not beat him at all. The reason why she was able to beat him the first few times was just Jingyan was off guard to take her anger out on him.

Now, Jingyan had the intention to suppress her, so Yiyao naturally had no power to fight back.

His kiss was fierce and vicious, as if he was biting her.

Yiyao was in pain and pushed him away with all her strength, “Jingyan Ye, are you mad?”

But Jingyan held her into his arms, not letting her go no matter how much she struggled.

“I am mad, I have been mad since the day you left.” Jingyan hugged her and confessed by her ear, “Yiyao, I also want to forget you and pretend that I don’t know you, but I can’t do it. I can’t sleep every night, and even though I fall asleep, my dreams are full of the view of your back. I can’t help it, Yiyao, I just can’t.”

His voice was by her ears, and each sentence crashed into her heart, but she didn’t want to compromise anymore because she found that when she did, something different would always happen the next time she saw him.

“Then what do you want?” Yiyao asked indifferently.

Jingyan hugged her and didn’t let her go, “I know I’m a jerk, and I can’t explain what happened last time. Yiyao, can you give me one more chance? Just once.”

But Yiyao was very determined, “No way, there’s no chance. I have a boyfriend.”

Jingyan was stunned again, and he let go of her after a long time. He looked down on the ground. Although she could not tell what expression he had from his eyes in the dark, Yiyao could still feel his sadness and grief.

But she had no other way and she couldn’t forget the scene she saw when she entered the hotel.

“Just go.” Yiyao said ruthlessly.

Jingyan gritted his teeth and said in a hoarse voice, “I’ll come to see you off tomorrow.”

Yiyao hated to procrastinate in speaking and doing things, so she said directly: “No need.”

Jingyan looked at her with deep emotion, and he said after being silent for a long time, “You take care of yourself.” Then he disappeared into the air.

Yiyao dumbly looked at the air, although she knew he had special ability, she still had some difficulty accepting that he just disappeared into thin air. Then she reached out her hand and touched the place where he had just sat. It was still warm.

When he came back to the apartment, Jingyan lied on the bed. Then he smiled bitterly, thinking: Why did I go to see her now that I have already knew the result. I’m simply asking for trouble.

He turned on his cell phone, and a dozen messages came in. After he clicked on them, he found that they all came from his sister, Chuxue Ye, and most of which had the same content.

Brother, call me back after you see the message.

Brother, guess who I saw?

Brother, why are you still power off.


Her words were full of excitement and joy. Jingyan then closed his eyes, thinking that his sister should have seen Yiyao in the deaf- mutes school and that was why she was so anxious to report this thing to him.

He could still feel Yiyao’s smell on his lips, and once he recalled the words she said:“I have a boyfriend.” , Jingyan felt more and more painful. He knew that her purpose was to make him give up on her, no matter she said those words sincerely or deliberately to deceive him.

However, let him forget the person whom he had loved and treasured in his heart for more than twenty years was as painful as ripping out his entire heart.

How could he do that?

Yiyao, Yiyao, what should I do?

If you hadn’t appeared in the summer of that year, perhaps I wouldn’t have fallen in love with you, and I wouldn’t have pestered you.

The bright moon outside was as clear as a veil, but it was hard to heal his wounded heart.

The next morning, Jingyan was awakened by the ear-splitting ringing of his cell phone, then he heard a scream from the phone after he picked it up: “Oh my God, brother, you finally turn on your phone.”

Jingyan quickly took the phone away and threw it on the bed, complaining:“You’re too noisy!”

“Brother, guess who I saw yesterday?” Chuxue still was quite exhilarated, which was very rare.

Jingyan said calmly, “Yiyao.”

Chuxue was stunned at once and she said, being a little frustrated: “How do you know?”

“Because I saw her as well.”

“Then did you talk? Did you……”

Jingyan hung up the phone before Chuxue finished the last two words. He was not suitable to hear that name frequently with his current state.

In the villa of the Ye family.

Chuxue jumped in anger, “Ah——he hung up on me! This bastard Pingan should hang up on me! I have even been worried about him for the whole night.”

Venus Mu laughed beside her, “Your brother received big leaders yesterday, I’m afraid he’s very tired now. You should not disturb him.”

“Hum, he is not tired because of receiving leaders,” Chuxue saw Xuan Zhao come out of the kitchen with a plate of dishes and said loudly on purpose, “He saw Yiyao yesterday. In my opinion, he is tired because they stayed together for a long time last night.”

Xuan paused for a second, who became jealous in her heart at once. But she still managed to smile as she came to the table.

Seeing the awkwardness of the atmosphere, Venus hurried to stop her daughter, “Ruyi, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“How can you say I’m talking nonsense? It’s what my brother just told me.” Chuxue said those words to piss them off on purpose.

“Then you can’t talk like that in front of everyone. Xuan is still pregnant.”

Seeing that her mother always defended this phony woman, Chuxue became angry at once and she stood up from her chair, “Mom, that’s how I used to talk! So I can’t even say the truth after this woman lives in our house?”

“I don’t mean that. It’s just because that Xuan is pregnant now, and it would make her feel bad for you to say those words out loud, which is not good for the baby.”

But Chuxue became even more angry, saying: “The baby, the baby, only she can give birth to a child? I think he may not even be one of our Ye family’s biological children, you better be careful not to raise a grandson for other people.”

In fact, Chuxue inadvertently told the truth. And Xuan was so panic that her face turned pale and she almost fainted though her hand held the edge of the table tightly.

Venus hurried to hold her and said angrily to her daughter, “Ruyi, you are getting more and more presumptuous!”

Chapter 320 Accident, Chance Favors Only the Prepared Mind(3)

Chuxue Ye had wanted to go away and live outside, being out of sight and out of mind. But she then thought: Now that her brother has moved out, Xuan Zhao will definitely fool her mother around if she moves out again! She will not let that kind of thing happen.

So she sat down on the chair and ate her breakfast, being quite leisurely: “Mother, what makes you think that I’m being presumptuous? You’ve taught me to tell the truth since my childhood, and now I’m telling the truth!”

“You……” Not knowing what to do with her daughter, Venus Mu had to appease Xuan first: “Don’t be so busy, we have cooks. Sit down now, the fetus is unstable and the pregnant woman is most likely to have abortion in the first trimester.

“Auntie, I’m fine.” Xuan said with a smile. In the past two days, she stopped calling Venus “Mrs. Ye” and began to call her “Auntie” instead.

“Don’t say that. Your face even turned pale. Sit down now. Ruyi is often outspoken, don’t take it seriously.”

But Chuxue did not appreciate her mother’s kindness, and she torn the bread in her hands into strips, then she glanced at Xuan, saying: “Mom, you do not need to say good things for me, I don’t like her any more than my brother, so there is no need for her to like me.”

Venus became quite angry, saying: “How do you become like this? And why do you talk so sarcastic?”

Chuxue pretended to sigh, “OK, OK, anyway, now only this pregnant woman can make you feel satisfied and you just don’t like other people, right? I shut up, is that alright?”

Kerry Ye came in as Chuxue said those words. After seeing that his wife and daughter both were very angry, he could not help but ask: “What are you arguing for in the morning? Ruyi, you made your mother angry?”

Chuxue waved her hands and said in a strange voice, “Dad, of course I don’t dare to do that! I just said that my brother met Yiyao Duan yesterday, and someone got upset. Dad, don’t l have the right to speak in this family?”

Kerry’s eyelids twitched, he knew what happened now.

“Well…… have you contacted your brother?” Kerry asked to change the topic of the conversation.

“Yes, he just powered on his phone and called me back.”

“Did he say how the things went on yesterday?”

“No, I think he is very tired judging from his voice. And he hung up after only saying a few sentences.” Chuxue tossed the bread that was torn into strips in her hand on the plate, then got up while wiping her hands, “My brother is too pathetic, he lives alone outside, works hard every day, but he still has nothing to eat after coming home. I better go to take him some breakfast.”

Venus could not help but want to cry after hearing this. How could she not care about her own son? She was also very sad for their breaking down of the relationship. What’s more, she had always been doting to him since he had often been easy to get sick and have accident since his childhood.

Xuan did not say anything and she sat beside them, thinking that of course she can not move out again after she managed to live in the house of the Ye family.

Kerry also spoke for his son, “Yesterday, the workers in the company told me that Pingan acted very well, and the leader appreciated him very much, who praised him a lot. I suppose he hasn’t had a good sleep in the past few days, it’s hard for him to attend such a big scene on behalf of the company at such a young age.”

Hearing her husband say so, Venus became more uncomfortable, “Why don’t you go and persuade him to come back? He might get sick if he continues to live outside with poor food and sleep.”

“I can’t do that. He won’t listen to me now that he’s so stubborn.” Kerry unintentionally took a glance at Xuan, who was looking at somewhere else, as if she had not heard the conversation over here.

After filling the meal box, Chuxue wandered out and she stopped when she walked past Xuan, saying: “Mom, why don’t you get her a car? I don’t think I can be her full-time driver, and I am also afraid that one day I step on the gas too hard and hit a tree, leading you lose your grandson. What shall I do when the time comes and everyone blames me?”

“Chuxue Ye!” Venus shouted, who was sad for her son just a second ago and was angry with her daughter’s words now again.

After seeing that her mother was really angry, Chuxue was so afraid that she held the meal box and ran out of the house at once.

“Don’t be angry,” Kerry hurried to comfort his wife, “Ruyi is just worried about Pingan. These two children grow up together and are very close. Although they quarrel a lot when they are together, they still miss each other when they are separated.”

“She’s just spoiled by you!” Venus vented her anger on her husband.

But Kerry confidently, “Of course I should spoil my own daughter, otherwise we let other spoil her?”

“But have you heard what she just said?”

“Yes, she indeed went too far and I will seriously criticize her and teach her a lesson tonight when she comes back.”

Chuxue spoiled this originally beautiful morning. Xuan took the opportunity to say injuredly, “Auntie, I think I’d better go, I don’t want to make things difficult for you.”

After seeing that her eyes turned red, Venus thought that if others curse their children to die, they will definitely fight to relieve their anger, but Xuan put up with it and does not blame her daughter, which made her could not help but like Xuan even more.

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