Chapter 321 – 322: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 321: A Tangled Warfare

Was it the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings?

Many people recognized the insect on Yinyin Yao’s shoulder.

Unbelievable. Shengyuan Yao was incredible enough to cultivate Supreme Deadliest Insect, unexpectedly he cultivated another King of Deadliest Insect.

The people originally intended to catch Yinyin stopped their pace. Someone shouted “Don’t act rashly.”

Then they stepped backward for several moves.


Kris Chen breathed a sigh of relief. He was wondering why Shengyuan didn’t have something up his sleeve just now.


At that time, the Supreme Deadliest Insect moaned. It was hurt and not yet recovered.

And it supposed to grow its seventh wing, but the granulomas retracted now. And one of its wings was broken because of the attack of so many King of Deadliest Insects.


Shengyuan squirted a mouthful of blood.

Shengyuan was in a serious situation. It made Shengyuan’s condition worse when Supreme Deadliest Insect was injured.


Guang Xie was overjoyed, then he said “Grab Yinyin, Shengyuan is dying.”

“Act quickly. What are you afraid? It’s just a King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings, let your King of Deadliest Insects in to drug it.

Good idea.

Then from next moment, all kinds of King of Deadliest Insects went to Yinyin directly.

“Insect-dispersing Powder.”

As her words fell, Yinyin grasped a handful of powder from her bag and sprinkled it in the air.

Insect-dispersing Powder was specially cultured by Yinyin.

Buzz, buzz.

As the Insect-dispersing Powder was sprinkled in the air, King of Deadliest Insects did moved backward. But these people brought too many King of Deadliest Insects with them.

Therefore, no matter how hard the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings tried to fight, the insects couldn’t be killed completely. There were too many King of Deadliest Insects.

It’s getting more and more critical.

Shengyuan sank his face. He tried to surpass the foreign genuine energy in his body with his strong genuine energy and defend the eight men at the same time.

He jerked his hand then thousands of King of Deadliest Insects flied out from his sleeve.

Hum, hum

A crowd of King of Deadliest Insects as big as bees flied to them.

“Men-eating bees?”

Guang Xie was surprised to see that. Then he shouted “They are men-eating bees. They are King of Deadliest Insects Shengyuan specially cultured, Don’t show mercy anymore.”

As his words fell, a tiny scorpion climbed from him, soon lots of black scorpions climbed out from the ground under him.

The other seven people didn’t show mercy anymore seeing the scene.

They all tried their best to fight with Shengyuan.

All kinds of poisonous insects like Spider with red hair, snake with cockscomb, poisonous toad, centipede with hundred feet, men-eating fly rushed in from different directions.

Kris’ scalp tingled with countless insects.


The insects were so horrible. It was like the insect-house was poked.

Although the men-eating bees were formidable, they were killed by numerous poisonous insects.

“ Chirps.”

And the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings was exhausted for it killed countless King of Deadliest Insects.


It fell down on the ground after it moaned.

It was powerful, but it could only nurse a grievance when it faced millions even tens of millions of poisonous insects.

Yinyin picked it up and put it into her bag seeing it was going to be swallowed by numerous poisonous insects.

“Haha… Shengyuan, do you have any other trick now?” Guang Xie laughed and asked.

At the other side, the King Deadliest Insect and Supreme Deadliest Insect began their final fight.


Supreme Deadliest Insect moaned again, and it lost a wing again.


Another mouthful blood was split from Shengyuan.


Yinyin cried and shouted “Daddy, are you okay?”

At the exact moment, when no one noticed, a black shadow got around to the rear of Yinyin.

“Heihei, I got you.” The man hugged her and said excitedly.

“Let me go. Jinyuan, let me go quickly.”

“Jinyuan, you are looking for death.”

Shengyuan’s eyes turned red immediately. He didn’t care about the foreign genuine energy and Supreme Deadliest Insect anymore.


Guang Xie and other people were rippled off by a strong air billow.



Shengyuan came to Jinyuan in a flash.


Jinyuan’s throat was cut off with a gentle pinch, he didn’t even moan.


“Yinyin, puff…”

The foreign genuine energy in Shengyuan went ballistic completely, so that Shengyuan couldn’t surpass it anymore.

What’s more, Supreme Deadliest Insect with six wings was badly hurt. Therefore, Shengyuan was dying.

“Yinyin, run away.”

Shengyuan fell down on the ground without finishing his words.

“Haha, Shengyuan died. He died. We won.”

Gong Wu split a mouthful blood, then he climbed to get up.

The other seven people also climbed to get up.

Though they were badly hurt, fortunately their insects of fate were fine. They were injured slightly even if they were hurt.

Supreme Deadliest Insect with six wings only left three wings during the fight with countless King of Deadliest Insects.

Supreme Deadliest Insect with six wings moaned seeing Shengyuan’s fall, then it dropped from the air.

Yinyin cried and hugged Shengyuan “Daddy, wake up, daddy.”

“Haha, Supreme Deadliest Insect with six wings belongs to me now. ”

Guang Xie’s eyes glittered with greed.

It was Supreme Deadliest Insect, if his King Scorpion with Four Tails swallowed it, then his scorpion would evolve into King Scorpion with Six Tails.

As long as one’s insect of fate evolved into Supreme Deadliest Insect, his practice will be improved to Back-to-self stage.

“You want to have the Supreme Deadliest Insect? Dream on.”


Gong Wu shot out a sharp knife suddenly.

Guang Xie never expected that Gong Wu would shoot him.


The knife pierced Guang Xie’s heart.


The knife carried Artiaris toxicaria, thus Guang Xie didn’t even have a chance to talk before he fell.

As Guang Xie died, his insect of fate, King Scorpion with Four Tails, died immediately.

Gong Wu’s centipede with hundred feet swallowed King Scorpion with Four Tails instantly.

Others showed fear from their eyes seeing this.

Soon centipede with hundred feet finished King Scorpion with Four Tails completely.


Not long later, centipede with hundred feet bent over to decorticate.


People present sucked in a breath.

Gong Wu’s centipede with hundred feet already decorticated for four times, it would be the fifth time if he decorticated again.

Decorticating six times the centipede with hundred feet will involve into centipede with thousand feet, then it would be a new Supreme Deadliest Insect.

“Act quickly, we can’t let it decorticate successfully.”

Qifeng Zhang said in a hurry “We will be in danger if it succeeds.”

As his words fell, Hu Wang, Ming Zhu, Meixin Ha, and leaders of Yang and Li family took out their weapons immediately and rushed to Gong Wu.

“You guys want to kill me? Dream on.”

Gong Wu would not give them the chance to kill him for he prepared himself in advance.

He took his centipede with hundred feet back with a dodge.

As long as his centipede with hundred feet could unshell, he could not only be recovered but also improve his practice to Fulfilled period of The return-to-nature stage.

And he would be next Shengyuan if his insect swallowed Supreme Deadliest Insect with six wings.

He would be the God Father of Five Poisons Sect.

Puff puff.

Three knives were sent at once.

The leaders of Both Yang and Li family were hit by surprise then they fell down.

Hu Wang prepared himself in advance thus he avoided the knife.

“Come here, let’s see who is faster. My knife or you?”

Gong Wu took out three knives and stared at the three men.

This time the three men held back from taking action against Gong Wu for the fear of injuring themselves.

Ming Zhu knew clearly how powerful Gong Wu’s unique skill. It’s said that his knife could even kill a fly hundreds of meters away.

In the short gap, Gong Wu’s centipede with hundred feet unshelled successfully.

His momentum was improved instantly as he entered Fulfilled period of The return-to-nature stage.

Qifeng, Hu Wang, Ming Zhu, Meixin were desperate now feeling the momentum of Gong Wu.

The village heads and cave masters beside them dared not to talk.

“Die, or work for me? ” Gong Wu looked at them proudly. Then he said “As long as you advocate me as the God Father of Five Poisons Sect, I will forgive your past misdeeds.”

The four looked at each other and sighed. Then they went down on their knees and said “Your majesty God Father”

“Your majesty God Father”.

The village heads and cave masters beside bent down on their knees as well.

“Haha, Good. ” Gong Wu laughed proudly. He never expected that he could be God Father one day. You could never escape from luck.

“Bah, even you want to be God father?”

An abnormal sound came to Gong Wu from his back at the moment.

“You are such a shameless guy. You betrayed my daddy, how could you be God Father?”

He turned around and found Yinyin was staring at him with hatred.

“Oh, I almost forget you.” Gong Wu looked at Yinyin and said. He looked obscene.

“Come to Uncle Wu.” he gave a forced smile, he wanted to have sex with her since long ago.

Finally he could own her because Shengyuan died now.

“Five Poison Powder.”

Yinyin sprinkled a handled of white powder.

But her was so slow that Gong Wu blew the powder to another direction easily without hiding from it.

“You are not cute if you act like this. Come to Uncle.” then Gong Wu wanted to hold her hand.

Yinyin wanted to avoid his hand, but she couldn’t because she was controlled by a strong momentum.

She was despairing when Gong Wu’s hand almost touched her.

At the close call, Kris jumped down from the roof near by.

“The Sun-Moon Rotation Skill.”


Ultimate Yin Genuine Energy and Ultimate Yang Genuine Energy hit Gong Wu as Kris’ words fell.

Gong Wu never expected that there was a man on the roof.

He defended it in panic.

But he didn’t know how formidable the skill was.

The Sun-Moon Rotation Skill was the unique skill of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult. Its power was greatly improved as Kris’ practice improved.

It smashed Gong Wu’s arms, and arbitrary genuine energy went into his body and broke his heart and pulse.

He died not even have a chance to cry out.

Qifeng, Hu Wang, Ming Zhu and Meixin were stunned.

Where did the guy come from?

They swallowed slobber seeing Gong Wu lost his breath.

It changed too quickly.

Gong Wu might be the God Father with shortest reign time, less than one minute. Then he was stroke dead by a young man.

“Brother, brother.”

Yinyin was dull seeing Kris’ back.

Kris turned back hearing Yinyin’s voice. He smiled then said “Silly girl.”

“Brother, where did you go? ” Yinyin hugged him directly and began to cry loudly.

“I’m sorry, I’m late.”

Chapter 322: Past Events in the South

“Ultimate Yin Palm!”

Kris Chen condensed the Ultimate Yin Genuine Energy into his palm, and took a shot at the King of Deadliest insect army. In a blink, millions of King of Deadliest Insects were frozen.

He divided the rotation of the sun and the moon into Ultimate Yin and Ultimate Yang. In this way, their power could be maximized and Genuine Energy could be saved.

Qifeng Zhang and other three were almost desperate.

With Gong Wu just died, another one more powerful than Gong showed up.

The boy was young, yet his accomplishments were so high.

After killing the King of Deadliest Insect army, Yinyin Yao raised her head and glared at them: “Kris, kill them, avenge my father!”

“Saintess, please forgive us. We were bewitched by Guang Xie. Please spare our lives.”

Qifeng and other three knelt on the ground and kowtowed nonstop.

Their leader nearby also knelt on the ground, kowtowing and begging for mercy:”Forgive me, forgive me…”

Kris understood.

It must be Guang and his people taking advantage of Shengyuan Yao’s absence and cooperating with these outsiders


“Yin… Yinyin…”


“You’re not dead?” Yinyin ran to Shengyuan and said, “You scared me to death!.”

“Help me up.”

After Yinyin helped him up, Shengyuan said in a deep voice: “Four traitors, do you know what happened to traitors?”

Upon that, the Supreme Deadliest Insect, who had fallen to the ground, flew up unsteadily.

Kris’s pupils shrunk a little, thinking what an insidious fox Shengyuan was.

He fell down and pretended to be dead.

This man was too insidious.

“God Father, we should die, we deserve to die.” Qifeng knelt on the ground and kowtowed: “All of this is Guang Xie and Gong Wu’s faults.”

“Yes, Ming Zhu and Meixin Ha were also involved. It was them who told us about your injury, and them who abetted us not to serve the blood pig. We were blinded by villains to do such a stupid thing.”

“Hope God Father could punish us with lightly, considering that we are first offenders.” Qifeng and Hu Wang said in unison.

“You two are full of bullshit!”

Ming Zhu was scared to death when he heard the words. He quickly explained: “God Father, we are forced. Guang Xie, Gong Wu and Jinyuan She jointly put pressure on the two of us. During your absence, both of us have been robbed away power by the three of them.”

“Oh? Is that true? “

Shengyuan sneered grimly: “So, I have wronged you?”

“I dare not. Please God Father punish me a littler lighter for old times’ sake.”

Ming and Minxin Ha was crawling on the ground. There was no little bit sense of rebelliousness now in them.

“Dad, they are no good at all. If it wasn’t for Kris, I would have been insulted by Gong.”

At this time, Yinyin said to Shengyuan like she was asking credits for Kris.

Shengyuan took a look at Kris and stood up immediately. He said to the four on the ground “Hand over your Deadliest Insects.”

“God Father, no…”

The four looked at Shengyuan in horror.

“Keep the insects, lose your life. Or, lose the insects, keep your life. I’ll give you three quarters time. In three quarters, your decapitating execution is on! “

“OK, I give up the insects.”

Qifeng gritted his teeth and called out his Four-Winged Fly King.

Hu Wang on the side also called out his Golden Four-Winged Cicada King.

Then there was Ming’s Colorful Spider and Meixin’s Golden Toad.

“Go ahead.”

Shengyuan’s voice had just dropped, a golden light came out of Yinyin’s clothes.


The King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings first flew to Qifeng, and then caught the Four-Winged Fly King with one dive.


The Four-Winged Fly King led out a sad cry, and then soundless.


Qifeng spat out a big mouthful of blood, and the whole person shriveled.

The Four-Winged Fly King lost contact with him, indicating that the Fly King had been devoured.


After eating the Fly King, the little thing made a joyful sound, and then swallowed the Four- Winged Cicada King, Colorful Spider and Golden Toad.

At this time, the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings had gained weight three times, and had the size of an adult thumb.

The King of Deadliest Insect was fed up.

It was wobbly when flying, like being drunk.

He put the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings in his sleeve, and then released the Supreme Deadliest Insect to eat all the dead insects on the ground.

“Ji ji”

The Supreme Deadliest Insect shook his body, and two new wings grew on his back.

The four people’s original life poisons were devoured, so their combat effectiveness was at least half lost.

The village and cave leaders on the side were trembling with fear. They were also afraid to give up their own original life poisons.

However, in Shengyuan’s eyes, the King of Deadliest Insect was garbage, no use at all.

After all this, one more medicine bottle appeared in his hand and he threw it in front of the four people.

This was Super Deadliest Pill, which had a strong poisonous effect. You had to take the antidote once a year, otherwise, all the seven orifices of your body would bleed to death.

Even the Natal Deadliest Insect had been handed over, what was the big deal of taking poison?

Pouring a poison pill, Qifeng took the lead in eating it.

None of the people present could escape.

“All right, go and gather the disciples of the Sect and put out the fire in the village.”

At this time, it was still dark, but the fire made the village bright like day.

If the fire could not be put out in time, the whole village would be burned to the ground.


After the crowd left, Shengyuan said to Yinyin, “Yinyin, go back to your room now and have a rest.”

Then he looked at Kris: “You, come with me.”


Yinyin looked at her dad and said, “We’ve vowed to be married without your permission.”

Shengyuan replied to his daughter expressionless: “Go back to your room first.”


Yinyin reluctantly walked to her room, step by step, with indescribable concerns.

“God Father, I…”

Kris wanted to explain the “vowed to be married without your permission” issue, but he didn’t know how. He couldn’t say that there was no such thing, he did have marital intercourse with the girl. If he admitted such a thing, then there was no solid fundamental feelings between the two.

Shengyuan didn’t speak. He turned around and left.

To be honest, Kris feared inside. Wouldn’t Shengyuan get him alone to kill him?

There was no way to escape.

Whatever it was a blessing or a disaster, he, as a man, had to face it.

Shengyuan, on the other hand, was seriously injured, but he was still a Practitioner at the Back-to-Self Stage. It was definitely beyond Kris’s imagination for what a Practitioner would do to deal with him.

Bravely, Kris went in with Shengyuan.

The room was spacious. Shengyuan took Kris to the study room. There were many books on the bookshelf. He went over and pushed the books on the shelf to one side and clicked something gently.

There seemed to be a switch here.


The bookshelves were separated automatically, and there appeared a deep passage inside.

As soon as he got closer, Kris couldn’t help shivering.

Goose bumps crawled all over his body.

Icy cold!

The farther they went, the lower the temperature.

Through a cold and dark tunnel, the eyes were suddenly brightened after a turn-around.

A huge underground cave showed up in his sight. A huge ice jade bed was displayed in front of him, and a woman with snowy skin and noble temperament laid on the bed.

Taking a closer look, Kris found out that she actually looked a bit similar to that crazy girl.

“She is Yinyin’s mother.”

Shengyuan walked to the jade bed step by step, gently holding the woman’s hand: “She is also the love of my life.”

Looking at the woman in front of him, Shengyuan’s stone-cold expression melted, leaving only dissolved tenderness.


Kris couldn’t feel a glimmer of life from her, indicating that she had…

“You don’t understand, Chan’er is not dead. She was just poisoned by the venom.” Speaking of this, Shengyuan’s face revealed pain: “It was all my fault. If it wasn’t me persisting in attacking the Black Miao village, Chan’er would not have been killed by this venomous poison.”

Soul-Eating Insect Poison?

Kris Chen was surprised. It was recorded in Thousand Golden Prescriptions, this Soul-Eating Insect Poison was the No.1 powerful poison in the South.

Unlike other Deadliest Insect Poison, this Soul-Eating Insect Poison poisoned the soul of people.

This mysterious powerful and poison should actually exist.

Soul-poisoning, wasn’t it too mysterious?

If there was a soul, wasn’t there a ghost in the world?

And Black Miao, what was that?

“Thirteen years ago, I just became the God Father of the Five Poisons Sect. I was so ambitious that I took the disciples of Five Poisons Sect to deep in the mountains to attack Black Miao. We had a good start. Although the Black Miao people were strong, we were stronger.”

“It only took three days before we captured nearly half of Black Miao villages. But then Chan’er said that something was wrong. It went too smooth. According to the fearless characters of the Black Miao people, it was impossible for him to ask only a few people to fight us.”

“At that time, I was overwhelmed by the victory, and didn’t care that much. I even made fun of her for being too cautious. Now looking back, how naive and stupid I was.”

“What happened next?” asked Kris.


“Chan’er couldn’t persuade me, so she had to followed me and fight together. One day, we passed through one of Black Miao’s village. The people inside didn’t fight back, instead, they welcomed us in. Chan’er thought it too abnormal. I was carried away by the big victory at that time and didn’t pay attention to what she said.”

“I took many of my disciples into the village. Who knew…”

Speaking here, Shengyuan couldn’t go on any more.

It was needless to say, Kris probably guessed that they were attacked there.

“God Father, I’m curious. Why did you attack Black Miao? What was this Black Miao?”

“There were two groups of Miao people in the South, one was White Miao and the other was Black Miao. A thousand years ago, the White Miao people and the Black Miao people lived together. They cultivated and reproduced in the deep mountains together.

“Slowly, the resources of deep mountains had been unable to support the survival of Miao people of the South. At this time, the White Miao people proposed to live outside the deep mountains, while the Black Miao people were conservatives and against it. They thought that leaving the deep mountains would bring ominous destiny to them.”

“In the end, White Miao and Black Miao completely broke up. The White Miao people came to the outskirts of deep mountains and established the Five Poisons Sect. The first item of the Sect doctrines said that we should bring the Black Miao people out of the deep mountains, because life was too hard inside. “

“Then how could Auntie be poisoned by the Soul-Eating Insect Poison?”

“Well, it was all my faults, all my faults!”

Shengyuan blamed himself:” If it wasn’t for me carelessness, I wouldn’t have been caught in the conspiracies of Black Miao people, and Chan’er didn’t have to die.”

“For nearly a thousand years, the Five Poisons Sect had been suppressed several times by the six major schools. This has led to the failure of many inheritances. The Black Miao people, on the contrary, had been living in seclusion in the deep mountains for generations. Their inheritance was quite complete. Therefore, they could even refine the legendary Soul-Eating Insect Poison.”

In fact, Yao Shengyuan had not mentioned the most important point. Attacking Black Miao was not just to bring out the Black Miao people.

More importantly, they wanted to obtain the inheritance of Black Miao. This was the only way to complete the inheritance of White Miao, and empower him to cultivate a stronger King of Deadliest Insect.

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