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Chapter 321: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 321 The Pattern of Chat-Up Lines (1)

“Don’t make it too much out of it. I know you have had morning sickness since yesterday, this is the hardest time for a pregnant woman, how can I let you go? Alright, go take the meal, and I’ll have someone sent you to work.” Said Venus Mu.

“Thank you, auntie.” Replied Xuan Zhao in appreciation.

On the other side, Chuxue Ye, who was trying her best to stifle the anger, drove at a rather fast pace. Seeing that there was a red light not far away, she slammed on the brakes, but the power of inertia made the car slide out a long way and inevitably hit a luxury sports car parking in front of her.


Her forward-leaning body was pulled back by the seat belt, and she was stunned with a bit of headache due to the fierce impact. Am I a psychic who can speak to the devil? Or how could I happen to encounter a car accident as I just mentioned!

The owner of the car who just got hit stormed out and came to knock at the window.

She immediately rolled down the window after shaking her head to be clear-minded.

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see that there’s a fucking red light in front of you?” The man was furious. Anyone who was hit in the morning would probably not be in a good mood.

Knowing that it was her fault, she forced a smile, coiled up her hair, apologized in a sincere manner, and then froze the second she figured out who the owner was.

The owner was also dumbfounded, and then the replacement between an angry expression and a worried one was taken place on his face in the twinkling. “Are you OK? Shall I take you to the hospital?”

“No thanks, I’m fine.” Replied Chuxue indifferently.

“Your face looked pale, you’d better go to the hospital to have a check.”

Chuxue took out a credit card from the bag on the passenger seat and handed it out of the window, “It should be enough for fixing your car.”

“You don’t need to worry about it, come on, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“You’re too annoyed, Zhao Nangong, I’ve said I’m fine.”

The person standing outside of the car was exactly Zhao who was on his way to work.

Zhao stared at her grazed jade-like knee out of which the glaring scarlet blood was oozing because of the violent impact.

At this moment, the traffic lights turned green and people behind them began to honk their horns.

Gentle was he in the face of Chuxue, though, Zhao didn’t give his time of day to others and thundered, “What are you honking for? Don’t you notice the accidence here?”

The honking abated at his words and the cars behind them turned to another lane.

Chuxue drew a deep breath while finding the wound on her knee, as she was about to take some tissues to wipe the blood, the door was opened, then Zhao reached out to untie her seat belt and carried her out of the car with her bag.

“What are you doing? Let go of me.” Chuxue was totally thrown into confusion.

The man clammed up, kicked the door shut, carried the girl into his car on the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt, and then he agilely jumped into the driver’s seat and pressed the unlock key right before she managed to get out of the car.

“What do you want to do?” Questioned Chuxue angrily, staring at him with her pretty eyebrows running right together, that gorgeous look was quite familiar to him.

“Take you to the hospital for a checkup.” Zhao started the car and looked ahead.

“Are you deaf or something? I said I’m fine. Let go of me.” Said she with her teeth bare.

“Well, only the doctor has the final say.”

“I’m busy.” Chuxue just managed to hold back her impulse to give him a good blow.

“There’s nothing that could be more important than your health.” Replied Zhao without any hesitation.

Chuxue was stunned for a while, feeling a part of her heart softened together with her tone calmed, “Stop, Zhao, I’m really busy.”

“What’s so important? At least you should dress the wound.”

“I’m going to bring breakfast to my brother.”

Zhao, feeling flamed with deep jealousy at her words, had his engine at full throttle, “What’s wrong with his poor legs? Can’t he just go take breakfast by himself?”

Chuxue looked curiously at the guy with perceivable fury, “What does it matter to you? It’s my business.”

Zhao didn’t say anything, though, she could sense his rage and couldn’t help but also get angry. What’s wrong with this self-asserted guy who got her into the car and now made it look like it was her fault?

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. “I’m going to say it one last time, stop the car.” Said Chuxue coldly.

“No way. I will kiss you if one more word is spitted out of your lovely lips.” Threatened Zhao.


A sharp turn of the steering wheel brought a sudden halt to the car at the side of the road. Feeling dizzy and disoriented by the inertial forces, Chuxue was about to twist her head back to question him furiously, then a warm kiss fell on her lips and turned more aggressive while noticing she was still in a complete daze.

She didn’t expect that he was so audacious, struggling to push him away, but unfortunately failing while her hands were in his tight grip.

The soft tongue, just like the toughest weapon which easily broke her strong defense, grabbed the last bit of energy away from her.

Zhao was a good kisser as well as an experienced lady-killer, how could an innocent girl like her who has never been in love be his match? Gradually, her limper and limper body could not support her weight any longer and she rightly leaned against the chair.

The girl had occupied his mind for a long while. He knew from the very first sight of her that he could never escape her charm, and now he felt his admiration towards her just getting deeper. The supple body, the sweet smell, all of these reminded him of the wonderful night they had had together.

At this moment, a growing thrill caused by the kiss ran through him and he just wanted to get this kiss deeper.

As the lingering kiss finished, Zhao was still not satisfied and continued to press his lips on her ear from the corner of the lips, gently sucking her delicate pink earlobe ……

“Hmmm ……”

Noticing her sweet groan, Chuxue instantly came back to her senses, pushed him away hard with her cheek flamed with shyness, and said angrily, “Get off me you bastard.”

Unfortunately, her soft voice turned the deterrent words less powerful, sounding like a purr, making Zhao feel nothing but pleasure.

“You’re right, I’m a bastard, but only to you.” Zhao looked at her with a smile, still intoxicating in her mysterious allure and thinking that she was pretty even when she put on that annoyed expression.

Chuxue pouted her red and swollen mouth, she was still glaring at the man with her sparkling purple eyes, which was obviously in a less deterrent manner, and had to allow the man to start the car again and drive her to the hospital.
Chapter 321 The Pattern of Chat-Up Lines (2)

The atmosphere in the car was warmed up by the lingering bits of passion. Chuxue Ye turned to look out the window and stopped talking, yielding to Zhao Nangong the crazy man. The man, however, looked quite cheerful that he could not even hide the broad grin.

When they finally arrived at the hospital, Zhao parked the car, went round to the passenger seat to carry the girl out, but was refused.

“I don’t want you to carry me, I can walk by myself.”

Obviously, he was not the sheepish type, so he insisted on carrying her out regardless of her blow while whispering in her ear, “Don’t be naughty, or I will kiss you in public.”

“How could you be such a dick?”

“You’re right, I am.”

On entering the emergency center, Zhao’s fair countenance turned himself the focus of attention. Fearing that people might recognize her, Chuxue hastened to buried her face in his chest.

The smile on the corners of the man’s mouth went even wider when he noticed her gesture.

Zhao’s embrace was warm, dry, and good-smelling with a hint of cigar.

Smells good? My God, Chuxue Ye, what are you thinking about? This is Zhao Nangong, nothing but a dickhead! She kept murmuring “this is just an illusion” inwardly and tried to get rid of the horrible thought.

“What’s wrong with her?” A doctor came up and asked as soon as they went into the emergency center.

“She got bruises on her knee by the car accident and felt dizzy.” Zhao replied.

“No, I’m not dizzy now.” Chuxue turned her face around and added.

Stunned by her amazing beauty, the doctor cleared his throat and asked, “Was it a serious car accident?”

“No, I was wearing my seatbelt then and I wasn’t hit on the steering wheel.”

“Alright, you just need to dress your wound on the knees. Follow me.”

The doctor walked ahead, Zhao followed with the girl in his arms and heard her whispering annoyingly, “Put me down right now, don’t you think it’s too embarrassing?”

“I like it.” Zhao, the loyal follower of cheeky-ism, refused her demand. How could he give up this hard-won opportunity?

Chuxue was furious, twisted him on the waist and didn’t let go until she saw his face turn pale.

“Having taken out your frustration?” Asked Zhao in a doting tone.

“Not at all!” Scolded Chuxue in a low voice.

After entering a ward, Zhao placed her on the bed and said with a smile, “Well, as you wish, I put you down now.”

“What a rat!” Said she.

“Please stay here and wait for a while, I’m going to ask the nurse to treat your wound.” The doctor who had ignored their game playing along the way said indifferently.

The atmosphere was inexplicably a bit awkward as only them were left in the ward. Noticing the man stepped forward, she reflexively leaned back and said seriously, “What do you want to do? I will not be polite to you if you dare to touch a hair over my head.”

Zhao just smiled, pointing her shoulder, and said, “Your clothes are wrinkled.”

She looked down and found that the collar was folded inside at some point. “It’s none of your business, shut up.” Said she while straightening her clothes.

“Wow, quite a sharp tongue,” Zhao suddenly stepped forward and landed his hands beside her legs, leaving no room for her to escape, and said in a deep voice, “But it tastes rather sweet.”

As she had never been teased like this before, her face turned red in the twinkling and her enraging eyes locked on the man before her, “Zhao Nangong, I will definitely give you a good punch and send you a free trip to the operation room, do you believe it?”

“Of course I do, but I’m fine even if you want to beat me.”

“You ……” Chuxue just managed to hold back her aspiration to slap him on his face, “I haven’t seen anyone cheekier than you, Zhao, do you have the notion of shame?”

“I know, but I like you, I can’t control myself.” He confessed.

“En…enough! Keep it for your lovers, I don’t need it.” Stammered she under the burning glare from him.

“I have dropped them all since we’re together.”

“Wait, who are with you together?” Frowned Chuxue.

“You. On my own decision of course.”

“You’d better go see a doctor.” Chuxue rolled up her eyes.

“What for? You are my medicine anyway.”

Chuxue was amused while rage still occupied her chest, but she couldn’t laugh at the current situation, so she just gave up and said, “Okay, I surrender. I’m in the hospital, can you leave now?”

“No, you got an injury on your legs, I can’t just leave you here.”

“I don’t need your concerns, okay? You know what, you are the biggest danger to me. If my parents know that we’ve met again, they would punish me by whipping rather than kneeling for hours, so could you please leave me alone?”

Zhao’s face darkened at her words. He was clear that the content of the punishment had been exaggerated, but punishment itself was true.

“I won’t get you in trouble. I will send you back after your wound is dressed, and then I will leave.”

As Chuxue was just about to refuse, the door was open and the nurse was stunned at the sight of the good-looking couple staying on the same bed, quite a wonderful scene if it didn’t show in the ward.

After Zhao got up with that poker face, the nurse asked with her cheek flamed with shyness, “You bruised your knees?”

“Yeah, but not a serious one.”

The nurse ran a glance over her wound, and then began to prepare medical alcohol for disinfection, “Hold on, that may hurt a little bit.”

When the sponge touched the wound, Chuxue shrank back instantly with her face wrinkled up.

“Could you please be gentler?” Said Zhao standing aside and watching, seeming like he was the one who hurt a lot.

“I’ve tried my best.” The nurse was speechless.

“Let me take it.” Zhao took the tweezers directly and said, “I will dress her wound, you can leave now.”

Exacerbated by the tough guy and the delicate young lady, the nurse dropped down the medical stuff and turned around, getting out of their sights.

“No, no, no, please don’t go!” Failing to call back the nurse, Chuxue turned around to stare at him crossly, “Are you play pranks on me?”

Zhao knelt on one knee, regardless of his expensive black western trousers, blew on her wound gently with an unusually focused expression, “Certainly not……Hold on, We’re almost done here.”

As the icy cotton ball pecked on her skin, somehow she literally felt less painful, her twisting eyebrows were thus unraveled and her gaze moved from his hands to his face.

Chapter 321 The Pattern of Chat-Up Lines (3)

There was no denying that he was a man of striking features. Chuxue Ye had to admit that, in all conscientious, Zhao Nangong could be pegged as the top among all the handsome men she’d ever seen. This face was like a piece of art, the long eyelashes, the limped and wide eyes that were rarely seen, the straight nose, and the slightly pressing lips that looked like harboring numerous chat-up lines.

Such a man would be by all means dazzling at any time, but of course, compared to her brother and the little guy, he was still a little bit inferior.

As she was putting her mind to read his features, the man suddenly looked up and met her gaze with a bright smile, “How’s that? Are you satisfied with my appearance?”

She was quite embarrassed by being caught on the spot, so she shifted her gaze to elsewhere, cleared her throat, and asked, “What do you mean?”

“My looks, is it attractive to you?”

Chuxue went the extra mile to suppress the stirring in her chest and pretended to be indifferent, “My father told my brother that men should pay too much attention to their looks, no matter how good looking they are, without being capable, it is of no use. Now, word for word.”

“Okay, I know, I’ll work harder.”

Does it have anything to do with me whether you work hard or not? Murmured she inwardly.

At this moment, her phone rang, she took it out and saw that it was from her brother Jingyan Ye.

“Keep quiet.” Chuxue warned him, and then she cleared her throat and picked up the phone, “What’s up, brother?”

“Dad said you will bring me breakfast, where are you?” Jingyan’s voice sounded a little bit hoarse.

Chuxue rolled her eyes, picking a poor excuse, “I met an acquaintance on the way and we talked for a while, so the delivery got delayed, where are you?”

“I am just about to go to the office …… Ruyi, did you literally meet an acquaintance?”

Chuxue looked at the man, answering with a reluctant expression, “Yeah.”

“Oh, fine, I thought you’ve encountered an accident.”

“What?” Chuxue exclaimed, tensing, “What made you think so?”

“Well, I just saw a red sports car which is quite similar to yours parked in the middle of the road, so I thought you had rear-ended someone.”

“Nah, I am such a good driver, how could I rear-end someone?” Smiled Chuxue, trying to cover the tense in her tight voice.

Hearing that, Zhao, who was bounding up the wound with gauze for her, put on a significant smile.

“Good to hear that you’re fine. By the way, you don’t need to bring me breakfast, I’m no hungry, and there is an important meeting on the way.”

As it just went as her wish, she nodded and replied, “Okay.”


Chuxue hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief while the wound on her knee was perfectly bounded up.

Zhao stood up, “Be careful not to soak the wound for the next two days, the doctor will prescribe some medicine for you later, if you don’t want your family to know about your injury, you can change the gauze by yourself, it’s an easy job.”

Chuxue almost blurted out “thank you” for his detailed instruction.

She jumped off the bed, took a few steps forward, and really felt better.

“You can rest here for a while and I go fetch you a doctor.”

Chuxue lowered her head and didn’t say anything. It was she who caused the car accident, but she just got a stiff neck and failed to say “sorry” and “thank you”.

If he wasn’t Hao Nangong’s son, she might not have been so hostile towards him and might have even been his friend.

Unfortunately, he was from that Nangong family.

After all procedures were carried out, Zhao came in with several medicines, picked up her bag with one hand and held her arm with the other just like a qualified boyfriend and said, “Let’s go. Where are you going now? I’ll take you there.”

“I can’t just go to the store like this, my brother will definitely get to the bottom of this if he notices my injury, so firstly I need to go buy a pair of trousers and have a change.”

“There’s a clothes store in the street ahead. Slow down, be careful.” Zhao instructed her thoughtfully.

“Is your very thoughtful consideration that attracts so many girls?” Said Chuxue sarcastically.

Zhao didn’t catch her point, “What?”

“Why do you play the fool? You’ve got a lot of chat-up lines at your fingertips, not to mention other tricks like carrying the girls, taking bags for them, paying for them, and offering them a ride. Quite a perfect player dude, isn’t it?”

Zhao twisted his head back and stared at her, “Then have I successfully hooked you up?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve met too many men like you and I don’t want to give a shit about it.” Chuxue shrugged.

“I’ve never done this for other women before, I promise,” Explained Zhao frustratedly, “you’re the most unique one.”

“Fine, fine, I got it, I’m the first and will be the only one, right? Alright, you can shut up now. I’m clear about what you are going to say.”

A wry smile was put on his face. Indeed, that was what he wanted to tell her, but it was totally out of his sincerity. He could just stand there like a mannequin in the mall and then there would be countless girls coming to him like a swarm of bees, what was the need for the chat-up lines and other tricks?

When they arrived at the mall, Chuxue tried to get rid of him again, “Can you stop following me?”

“No.” Replied Zhao concisely.

Without any better solution, she had to allow his following and walked into a dress store for a pair of wide-legged trousers. She went to the fitting room to change into them, quite fit and comfortable, what’s more, it would not touch the wound.

“How much is it?” Chuxue asked the shop assistant.

“Your boyfriend has already paid for it.” The shop assistant said enthusiastically.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Chuxue’s voice cooled down instantly.

The shop assistant was rather embarrassed. Zhao wrapped tightly around her shoulders and took her out, “Come on, it’s just a pair of trousers, you can take it as a gift from me.”

“I don’t want your gift.” She was angry.

“I know you’re rich,” He soothed her, “you’re far richer than me, but since the shop assistant mistook me for your boyfriend if I don’t pay for it, she might make fun of you.”

Chuxue raised her eyebrows, “So I owe a debt of gratitude to you, right?”

“Of course not.”

“How much is it? I’ll pay you back, I don’t want to have anything to do with you.” Chuxue was about to take out her wallet.

Zhao gripped her hand hard and said, “If you really want to pay it back, you can buy me something of the same price.”

Chuxue looked up with a sarcastic smile curving on her lips, “Is it your another appealing game?”

“It’s not a game, but it’s appealing.” Without waiting for her answer, he pulled her into a clothing store for men besides.

Until now did she realize what did a clingy man look like, it really broadened her horizons.

“Does this look good?” Zhao picked up a delicate brooch and asked him with a smile.

“No.” She replied impatiently.

“What about this one?”


The following choices earned nothing but negative comments like “Ugly” and “Bad taste” from her, making the shop assistant’s face keep darkening. However, Zhao was patient, because it was enough as long as he could receive comments from Chuxue.

“I know you have good taste, just pick one of them for me.”

Chuxue was eager to get out of here as soon as possible, so she ran a glance around, pointing at a chic one causally, and said, “This one looks good.”

“Wrap it up, please.” Zhao said to the shop assistant.

Chuxue gave her the car, and the latter swiped it with great attempts to hold back her surprises and handed it over politely, saying, “Thank you, madam, it came to 16,000 yuan in total.”

“How much is it?” Chuxue was shocked.

The shop assistant smiled and explained, “16000 yuan, madam. This brooch is made of pure platinum and is inlaid with extremely precious black diamonds, so it’s more expensive.”

Chuxue put the card into her bag and left the store. Then she questioned him in an unkind tone, “How much did you pay for my trousers?”

“2000 yuan.” Zhao smiled.

“Fine, the extra 14000 yuan is the compensation for your broken car. Goodbye.”

Zhao stretched his long leg to block her way and asked in a low voice, “Are you angry?”

“No. It’s just 14000 yuan, what for?”

“But you have unhappiness written on your face.”

“That’s because my good temper has been worn out by you today, and I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.” Why shall we waste time and energy on a relationship which was destined to be fruitless?

Zhao conceded, “Fine, I’m gonna drive you back, and then I’ll send your car to the 4S shop for repairment.”

“No, I will fix it later.” As she passed by, she held his arm casually, “Stand here for a while, it doesn’t take too long.”

Then Zhao found that he couldn’t move his legs. He was shocked. Did she use her superpower?

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