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Chapter 322: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 322 Xuan Zhao’s Vanity (1)

After stepping on the escalator, Chuxue finally felt relieved, she had spent the whole morning with Zhao which was really annoying.

It was the first time for her to use such skill. Thus, only a few minutes later, Zhao could move. He rushed to the entrance of the mall but found no trace of Chuxue.

However, this time, he made up his mind to go for her. Compared with Chuxue, other women were unattractive at all.

After a busy morning, the inspection finally came to an end, thus Yiyao felt less worried, she would be totally relaxed when those officers left.

Minister and his wife were biding a farewell to the officials in Sky City. Unsurprisingly, Yiyao saw Jingyan’s figure in the crowd. And Minister even chatted with him when they shook hands.

Originally, Jingyan was not qualified to attend such an occasion, but the senior provincial officials knew that Minister liked this young man, so they called him over on purpose. In addition to that, there were several medias as well.

Yiyao escorted Madam to the car first, just as she opened the door, a faint light dazzled her eyes. Then she turned back with her intuition and was shocked by what she had seen. She quickly stood behind Madam and the next second, she was shot.


Yiyao took a step forward and grabbed the car door with one hand in order to protect Madam. After sensing this, Madam looked back with surprise, but only heard Yiyao saying, “Get in quickly.” Then Yiyao contained the pain and said to the person through headset, “Eagle, be alert, there is a gun round four o’clock .”

“Copy that.”

However the atmosphere was still hot there, Minister was still giving his final speech, so no one knew what was happening over here. Besides, Yiyao was wearing a black suit that normal people couldn’t noticed the blood, except for Jingyan.

She was injured? Jingyan was nervous. He couldn’t restrain himself any longer and hugged her from behind. When she was about to struggle, a bullet came from behind.

Jingyan’s sudden move stunned many people there, he held Yiyao in case she would fall down. Then he said kindly, “Minister, she is my fiancée, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, can I send you to the airport?”

After looking him for a while, Minister replied calmly, “Yes.” Then he waved at everyone and quickly got into his car.

Then the motorcade set off.

“Yiyao, how do you feel? Can you endure that?” Madam asked anxiously.

“Madam, I’m fine.” Yiyao clenched her teeth and replied.

“I’ll drive you to the hospital first.”

Yiyao shook her head, “No, just go to the airport.”

“What are you talking about? Both of you are injured, you have to go to the hospital.”

Yiyao’s was stubborn and said, “No, I can bear that, the hospital is very dangerous, you have to leave Sky City right now.”

“Yiyao is right, your safety should be placed on the priority, go to the airport first.” While saying this, Jingyan crawled to the back seat from the passenger seat and then started to take off Yiyao’s jacket.

At this time, Minister’s voice came from car in the front, “Ying, are they still fine?”

Ying was Madam’s nickname. Since she had experienced many things, she was quite calm and answered, “They are both shot and keep bleeding. They refuse my suggestion of going to the hospital first.”

Although Yiyao felt painful at this moment, she answered stubbornly, “Minister, we can beat it, we’ll go to the hospital after you board the plane.”

“Well, hold on please, I’ll ask the ambulance from the military hospital waiting at the airport.”

“Copy that.”

At this moment, the overall situation was more important, if the the news of this attack were spread out, then the whole world would struck in panic.

“Hold on please. I’ll help you stop the bleeding.” Jingyan took off his suit and then his shirt, which was also stained by his blood. He was also injured, however, he acted normal as if he didn’t feel it at all. He just pressed his hand on her wound and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt your heart.”

Seeing that he was nervous, Yiyao smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I can bear this. Let me have a look of your wound.”

“Well, I’m fine.” Jingyan clenched his teeth, the wound was really painful. Yiyao said with tears on her face, “You are so stupid, why do you do this?” Then Jingyan wiped her tears and said, “I won’t let you die.”

“Well, even that happens, this is my destiny.”

“No, as long as I am here, I won’t let such things happen.” While saying this, Jingyan coughed and then a mouthful of blood spurted out.

Seeing this, Yiyao quickly hugged him and cried even harder, “Stop talking please.”

Jingyan replied with a smile, “Yiyao, every time you go on a mission, I want to be with you so that I can protect you. Now I finally protect you, although not in a cool manner. I’m really very happy.”

“You are such a mad man. Do you know that you are dangerous now?” Yiyao scolded him with tears on her face.

“Nothing scares me as long as I can be with you.” Jingyan’s tone grew weaker and weaker, “Yiyao, you are my only lover.”

“I know.” The girl cried loudly, she found that Jingyan’s wound was on the heart and he kept bleeding.

“I’m sorry for what happened last time.”

“Stop talking now, do you really want to die?” Yiyao used her hand to cover his wound, but was all in vain.

This was the first time that she felt panic. She was really afraid that the blood in Jingyan’s body would run out.

Jingyan felt dizzy and his face turned more pale like a sheet of paper, but he still pressed her wound tightly, he could not let her die.

They were like a pair of swans, embracing each other with red blood.

Seeing this, Madam was shocked and then she became worried, she asked the driver to speed up.

Finally they arrived the private airport where guards could be seen everywhere. Even a fly can’t be found.

Chapter 322 Xuan Zhao’s Vanity (2)

Two better-equipped military ambulances were waiting at the airport, as soon as the car stopped, several male nurses came up to carry Jingyan and Yiyao.

At this moment, the car was like a sea of blood, and Jingyan had already fainted with his hands still pressed on Yiyao’s wound.

Yiyao was put on the stretcher, when seeing Eagle, she asked weakly, “Do you catch the murder?”


“That’s good.” Before she was sent into the ambulance, she took a glimpse of Jingyan and blessed in her heart, “Please hold on, you promise to cook for me.”

Just when they were having a surgery, a massive investigation was conducted secretly in Sky City. The entire city was covered with a tense atmosphere which made the public feel nervous.

“What?” Hearing the news, Kerry quickly stood up form the sofa.

“It’s true, I just get the news from the military hospital, they want you and Mrs. Ye to go there quickly.”

Hearing this, Venus was very frightened and almost fell on the ground. Kerry quickly held her and said, “Just have a rest at home, I’ll go to the hospital now.”

“No, I want to take a look of Jingyan.” Venus struggled to stand up and tottered out. The car was heading to the hospital with a fast speed. Kerry was very worried and asked, “What else did they say?”

“They only told me that Young Master was injured.” Henry answered while driving.

Kerry frowned, “Didn’t he go to work? How could he be injured? He shouldn’t be sent to the military hospital.”

“I’m not sure either.”

Kerry clutched Venus’s hands and comforted her. After cast a glimpse of outside, he was shocked, “There are so many police cars in the street. What happened? I remembered that Minister had already gone this noon.”

“Yes, it’s too weird.”

Those police car suddenly reminded Kerry something and then he made a phone call, “Secretary Wang? It’s me.”

“Hello President Ye.”

“Tell me about Jingyan’s arrangements in the morning.”

Then Secretary Wang replied respectfully, “He had a meeting this morning, and then received a phone call and went out. I know nothing more.”

“Well, I know.” Then Kerry became serious, could Jingyan has any connection with the Minister? That was impossible, Jingyan was only a young fellow, how could he know such a noble person?

In Yehuang Group.

After hanging up the phone, Secretary Wang felt happy. Since Kerry resigned, he hadn’t met him for a long time. He didn’t expect Kerry to have his number, which really surprised him.

Then he walked out of the office with some documents in his hands. He gave it Xuan and said, “I want 15 copies of this.”

Xuan was reluctant to stand up and then said in a shy manner, “Manager Wang, you’d better ask others to do this.”

Hearing this, Secretary Wang frowned, “What do you mean? So you don’t listen to my words now?”

“Of course not, it’s just a little inconvenient for me to do that.” Xuan said softly.

Then Secretary Wang became impatient and asked, “What do you want to say? Just say it directly.”

Xuan pretended to be embarrassed, however, she wanted everyone to know this, “Manager Wang, I am pregnant, the radiation of the copier is harm to my body.”

Then the entire office became quiet. The two colleagues who had just eavesdropped all raised their heads in astonishment. Secretary Wang was even more surprised, “What did you say? You’re pregnant?”

“Yes.” Xuan nodded and caressed her belly in a shy manner,,”It’s been almost two months, we keep it a secret for President Ye don’t want others to know this.”

“Wait.” Secretary Wang seized the point and said, “Come to the office.”

All staff were surprised about her words, after she left here, they discussed excitedly, “What did she say? It’s President Ye’s child?”

“That’s what she said, but that’s impossible.”

“I don’t believe it. President Ye doesn’t care her at all. I’ll go to hear their conversation.” One of the female secretaries said, and the other also followed. They carefully stood beside the door. Then the voices came from inside.

“What do you mean? Who’s the father?” Secretary Wang asked incredulously.

Xuan felt very proud, but she pretended to be shy and answered, “President Ye.”

“Are you lying?” Secretary Wang was shocked by her words.

Xuan smiled faintly, “Manager Wang, how dare I to tell such lies? I’m living in Ye family and take their car to work these days.”

“But ……” Secretary Wang still did not believe it, “But President Ye doesn’t treat you nice.”

Of course Xuan knew this, Jingyan became even more indifferent. However, she found an excuse for herself and answered, “Well, I don’t want to make trouble for him, so I ask him to treat me like that.”

Hearing this, Secretary Wang was striding in his office, both of them kept silent.

“Manager Wang, Mrs. Ye really likes this child, and I don’t want to disappoint her. Could you please ask others to do such trial things?” Although Xuan said in an euphemistic manner, she acted very arrogant.

Secretary Wang stopped and answered much more polite, “Of course, I won’t assign you such work in the future.”

“Thank you, Manager Wang.”

“Well, you can leave now.”

Chapter 322 Xuan Zhao’s Vanity (3)

Xuan walked out proudly, as soon as she sat down, the two colleagues all stretched their heads and asked excitedly, “Xuan, is that real?”

Xuan raised her head and answered, “Of course, I’m not wearing high heels these days.”

Then a colleague said enviously, “God, you are so lucky, you can just enjoy your life and rest at home, why do you come to work?”

Xuan caressed her belly with a smile, “That’s also President Ye’s suggestion, but I think it’s boring to stay at home, I’d better work.”

“No wonder I saw you get off from a luxury car today, I think that you probably have rich boyfriend, you are going to be the president’s wife. Don’t forget us in the future.”

“Yes, at least we are working in the same department.”

Xuan was satisfied with their flattery, however, she still had to pretend to be modest and then she said, “I don’t want others to know this, please keep it a secret.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t tell others.” Then they asked curiously, “Tell us about your story.”

Hearing this, Xuan’s face turned red and she replied in a shy manner, “Well, I met him on my way home, and he was in bad mood and asked me to have a drink, then we were all drank. I guess you know what happened next.”

“Well, we get it.” All those colleagues felt jealous, “Since you have a baby now, when do you get married?”

Hearing this, Xuan was depressed and said indifferently, “Ye family is a prestigious family, wedding is a huge thing and Jingyan doesn’t want me to be tired. So we will get married when the baby is born.”

“That’s fine, good things always come in pairs.”


Although Xuan asked them to keep it a secret, actually her intention was just the opposite. Fortunately, they just did as she want and told this news to others quickly.

Gossip always spread fast in company, not to mention it was such a big news. So quickly, nearly all people in the company knew this.

Some people didn’t believe it because they thought that the woman President Ye loved couldn’t be Xuan, while others were very jealous, they complained that why such things couldn’t happen on them?

So this afternoon, the Secretariat was very busy, many people came to see Xuan. Knowing their purpose, Xuan deliberately put a bottle of folic acid on the table, and stretched out her legs so that everyone could see her flat shoes.

Soon, she became the focus of the company. People all wanted to know more about her and someone even said that she was grown up with President Ye. As for that female soldier, she was only President Ye’s most admirable woman, actually he didn’t like her at all. The only person he loved was Xuan.

Besides, Xuan had already lived in Ye family, she would soon be the female master in Ye family.

The gossip spread very quickly and most of people in Yuhuang Group were too excited to work the whole afternoon.

Xuan was satisfied with this, when she went into the elevator, everyone smiled to her. They even left a room for her so that she wouldn’t be squeezed.

“How are you going to leave later? Do you need me to send you?” A man in the elevator said.

Everyone kept quiet, Xuan pretended to be unaware of that and then refused politely, “Thank you, someone will drive me home.” Then the man stopped talking, when arriving at the first floor, Xuan directly walked out the elevator, after seeing that the car was already waiting there, she suddenly felt relieved.

She waved her hands to people while getting on the car, and then left. After that, people started to discuss, “This is really Ye family’s car, I’ve seen it before.”

“God, so she is telling the truth.”

“How could this happen? I like that female officer, she is much better than Xuan.” A little girl said pitifully.

Hearing this, someone said seriously, “Even if the female officer is good, she is very busy. No one can bear this. Of course President Ye will choose the one that is close to him.”

“You are right, distance is very important. Living separately is not suitable for everyone.” After saying this, they finally left.

Xuan was extremely happy today, if wasn’t for the driver, she would probably laughed out. What a pleasant day it was!

When she was still in the joy, the phone suddenly rang. She thought it was from Venus, however when seeing the caller, she suddenly became worried and directly hung up the phone. Then she sent a text message to him, “What’s wrong? It’s inconvenient for me to answer the phone.”

A minute later she received a message, “I want to invite you to dinner, are you free tonight?” Seeing this, Xuan directly refused him and wrote, “I’m very busy, don’t contact me any more.” Nobody would interrupt her plan at such a critical moment.

A few minutes later, he replied a single word “Fine”.

Fortunately, her ex-boyfriend was a nice man, since they had broken up, he never came to her. However, she also treat him nice. When the baby was born, he would live a rich life with the best living environment. It was much better than living with a budget father.

After returning to Ye family, Xuan found that all people had gone out except the servant.

“Where are Uncle and Auntie?” Xuan asked the cook.

The woman was cooking and simply answered, “I don’t know.”

They must go out to attend the party, Xuan guessed. When could she do that, she just needed to hold one more year and then Jingyan would marry her.

While she was dreaming for the future, Jingyan was experiencing a great challenge.

When Kerry and Venus arrived at the operation room, a middle-aged man in military uniform was already there. He must be a high-rank officer for his uniform had already expressed this. Besides, there were two officers standing next to him.

Hearing the voice, the middle-aged man turned back. He looked very serious with a solemn face. When Venus got closer, he asked, “Are you Jingyan’s parents?”

Kerry was surprised by his words and stretched his hands, then he said, “I am Jingyan’s father, Kerry, and this is his mother.”

“Well, I’m Yiyao’s father, Jun Duan.” Jun shook his hand.

Kerry and Venus looked at each other, it turned out that he was Yiyao’s father, but why did he come here?

“What happened to our son?” Kerry asked.

Jun was indifferent and after a while, he answered, “It’s a top secret, but since you are Jingyan’s parents, I will tell you. Please come here.”

Hearing this, Kerry felt worried and he held Venus to the window.

“This noon, an attack happened when Minister and his wife was about to leave Sky City. Yiyao and Jingyan were shot in order to protect them. Of course, Jingyan might be shot for saving Yiyao.” What Jun had said was like a bomb which really shocked Kerry and Venus.

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