Chapter 323 – 324: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 323: Fail everyone in the world

“You must be very curious, why should I use little child to culture the Deadliest Insect, right?”


No, Kris didn’t curious at all, he just felt it was cruel.

How can Shengyuan Yao kill such a small child?

Seeing his silence, Shengyuan Yao sneered coldly: “Do you think I’m too cruel? You’re being stubborn!”

“Do you know how many deformed and mentally handicapped children born in the Seventy-Two Villages and One-O-Eight Caves in the South? They are born monsters and suffer humiliation in this world. I just help them get rid of that as soon as possible.”

“There are several villages that are made up of traitors from the Five Poisons Sect. They are afraid of being found by us, so they never contact the outside world or marry outsiders. So cousinsmarry cousins, the vast majority of their children are deformed.”

“I’m not wrong to do that, it is the six major schools! They have more blood on their hands than me! And I’m just using the waste. Why do you want to stop me? As long as the Supreme Deadliest Insect grows the eighth wing, I can get my dear wife back.”

Shengyuan’s eyes were full of resentment, but Kris really couldn’t agree with him.

“Even if they are deformed or mentally disabled, they have the right to live.”

“I would rather fail everyone in the world! As long as I can get my wife back, I would kill for her.”

Shengyuan Yao yelled at Kris, but soon, a big mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth: “Chan(name of his wife), I’m sorry, I… I’m going to die, wait me, I will be with you soon!”

Till now Shengyuan Yao had not fallen to the ground, he was completely supported by faith.

“It’s yours.” As he said, he took out a silkworm pupa from his arms, it was the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings which had swallowed other several King of Deadliest Insects.

Kris was taken aback, he actually gave Kris the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings!

“Take it, it was breed with the King of Deadliest Insect, and it has been raised by my followers with hard work before. Although I don’t know why it is with you, it is very close to you.” Shengyuan Yao pass the silkworm pupa to Kris: “Don’t resist, it is very clean!”

In the yellow silkworm pupa, red shadows can be seen faintly surging inside, the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings was husking. When it comes out, its fifth wing should grow out.

“This is too valuable, I can’t take it!”

There is no free lunch, Shengyuan Yao must be up to something.

Shengyuan Yao gave him so much information, and even the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings, what was he up to?

Shengyuan Yao seemed to understand what Kris was thinking, he smiled faintly: “Don’t worry, I don’t have any schemes. As the saying goes, people talk nice when they are about to die. What’s more, Yinyin has already secretly marry you, You don’t want to give up on her, do you?”

“What? God Father Yao, no…”

“I’m going to die, the only thing I worry about is my daughter, Yinyin. She has been very well protected by me. If I die, there will be no space for her in this huge Five Poisons Sect. So, I hope you stay here to protect her until she grows up, one day she would be the God Father of the Five Poisons Sect. This is not forcing, if you agree, I can give this to you!”


Trembling, Shengyuan Yao took out an ancient book from his pocket, with two words written on the cover: Scripture of Deadliest Insect.

“This is the classic of Five Poisons Sect. Although I failed to attack the Black Miao, I have also completed this inheritance of Five Poisons Sect.”

“Take it.”

“I can’t.”

Kris shook his head, he already had the inheritance of the Tianmo School. He cannot be too greedy, and he still didn’t like Deadliest Insect.

“You… are you trying to reject me?”

“You should give these things to Yinyin, I don’t need it.”

Shengyuan Yao was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed angrily: “Are you still hating me for torturing you?”

Kris sighed and said with a wry smile: “If I still hate you, I won’t help you at all, and I won’t come here with you.”

“Then why?”

“I just don’t like it!”

Don’t like it?

Shengyuan Yao was completely stunned. He can’t believe that Kris actually rejected him just because he doesn’t like it?

If this was known by other people, they must feel pity for Kris. It was the dream of all Southern People to own a King of Deadliest Insect, and more importantly, this one was still growing.

“If you don’t want it, it’s useless for me to give Yinyin.” Shengyuan Yao didn’t know what to say, why Kris refuse such precious things?

“Our Practitioner in the South will breed the King of Deadliest Insect from birth. Once the King of Deadliest Insect was confirmed, it cannot be replaced for life. Yinyin’s natal Deadliest Insect is the most docile Ice Cicada. She can’t control this fierce one!”

The reason why Shengyuan Yao was able to control the King Insect was because he had the Supreme Insect.

In addition, he is also in the Back-to-self stage, and a King Insect was a piece of cake for him.

But it was different for Yinyin. Her natal Insect was Ice Cicada, which can be said to be the most docile of all Deadliest Insect.

Her own cultivation was only in the middle period of the innate-power stage), and it was bad for her to have the King Insect.


Kris said with a bitter face, “Well, then I will accept it, but I don’t want that book.”

Shengyuan Yao was speechless. If he hadn’t been up to something, he would have killed this guy who had been reluctant.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely help Yinyin.” After thinking about it, Kris said again.

Shengyuan Yao nodded. After this battle, most of the people who could threaten Kris died, and he controlled the rest with poison, which was not to be feared.

“Help me out.”

Kris nodded, walked to him, and helped Shengyuan Yao up.

The two people left the secret room, and the sky was already bright.

But there was choking smoke in the village.

“Put out the fire!”

Thousands of people kept watering with buckets in their hands, and finally, with the unremitting efforts of everyone, the last flame was extinguished.

Finally they put out the fire.

The people present couldn’t help jumping up and cheering.

Half an hour later, in the meeting hall.

Shengyuan Yao sat in the upper seat, Kris and Yinyin stood on either side, and underneath stood the disciples of the Five Poisons Sect with dirty faces and hands.

“God Father!”

Qifeng Zhang, Hu Wang, Ming Zhu, and Meixin Ha stood at the forefront, everyone was kowtowing.

“Long live my God Father.”

The ordinary disciples behind also kowtow to the ground.

Shengyuan Yao didn’t talk too much, he took Yinyin’s hand and announced: “From now on, Yinyin is the new God Father!”


As soon as the voice fell, everyone was shocked.

Especially Qifeng and others were even more shocked, Shengyuan Yao has actually abdicated!

How could him…

“Dad, what are you talking about?”

Yinyin was also dumbfounded!

Without answering her question, Shengyuan Yao pressed her into the upper seat.

Then he stood up and said again: “I declare that Kris will be the Wizard King of Protection from now on, second only to God Father!”


Everyone looked at Kris.

What the hell is this?

Kris also scratched his head, he became the Wizard King of Protection?

He was now both the Saint of the Sun and Moon Holy Cult and the leader of the Holy Dragon Cult. This time he came to the South and became the Wizard King of Protection of Five Poison Sect.

However, he did not refuse. What’s the difference of having one more identity?

“What? Didn’t you hear what I said?” Shengyuan Yao’s eyes widened, Qifeng and others hurriedly crawled to the ground, shouting loudly in their mouths: “God Father, long live my God Father.”

After everyone showed their respect, Shengyuan Yao took Yinyin to the back hall, leaving behind everyone with a confusing look.

What the hell?

They didn’t dare to ask anything, they could only kneel on the ground honestly.

Kris stood there, wandering.

When everyone’s feet were numb, Yinyin walked out from the back hall with red eyes, sniffed and said, “My father has gone!”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone kneeling on the ground began to cry: “God Father, why…”

“Oh, God Father…”

Hearing the cry, Yao Yinyin couldn’t help it anymore and burst into tears.

Shengyuan Yao died, but before he died, he used his King Insect to swallowed Yinyin’s Ice Cicada, and also passed the little remaining power to her by way of initiating.

However, during the half an hour, Yinyin was promoted three levels in succession, breaking directly from the middle period of the innate-power stage to the early stage of the return-to-nature stage.

He told Yinyin that after he died, he should not be buried, but sent his body to the secret room of the study, so that he can stay with his beloved wife forever.

When Yinyin was six years old, her mother was gone, and now she was nineteen, her father was gone.

She has no relatives in this world.

The only one she can rely on was Kris.

“Brother, my father told me that you will protect me in the future, right?” Yao Yinyin looked at Kris with tears.

“Well, I will protect you.” Kris hugged Yinyin and comforted.

The next day, Yinyin dug a burial mound for Shengyuan Yao and buried him with his mother.

Yinyin, dressed in a white coat, looked around, and the powerful momentum of the return-to-nature stage swept through.

Some disciples of the innate-power stage and the acquired stage couldn’t resist the powerful aura and knelt down.

“From now on, I am the God Father of Five Poisons Sect. Any questions?” Yinyin looked at everyone coldly.

“I don’t agree!”

Hu Wang was the first to disagree. He sneered and said: “You’re too young to be the God Father, according to the rules of Five Poisons Sect, the God Father must win the respect of everyone. That is how Shengyuan Yao stepped up back then. If you want to be the God Father, you must follow the rules, otherwise I will not agree!”

“Yes, he is right!”

Qifeng looked at Yinyin and said, “Miss Yao, don’t blame us for saying that. If you want to be the God Father, it might not be so easy. Every generation of the God Father, they all need to fight in tournament, rather than recommended by the previous God Father. This is the tradition.”

When two people started, the others also yelled: “Yeah, We don’t accept it!”

“Fight in tournament! Or we don’t agree!”

At this time, Ming Zhu and Meixin Ha looked at each other, and stood up and said, “Yeah, fight in tournament!”

As soon as the voice fell, Yinyin’s face became cold.

“I knew I should have let my father kill you all yesterday.”

“You are too young to say that.” Hu Wang said with disdain: “If Shengyuan Yao were still there, we would naturally not dare to say such a thing. Now that Shengyuan Yao is dead, You know you are nobody now. You better obediently give us the antidote. If you hand it over, we may let you go untouched.”

“Yeah, If you are set in your way, I’m afraid you can’t get out of this room today!”

“Not necessarily,” said Yinyin.

Chapter 324: Suppression

Kris sneered, he looked at them ferociously, “You have three seconds to re-organize your language.”


After he said that, people in the hall all laughed.

Hu Wang held his belly and laughed, “Kid, you’re not afraid of bite your tongue when you are bluffing, you’re quite good, but there are so many of us here and that we can drown you with a mouthful of spittle from each person.”

“You are in the return-to-nature stage, so are we!” Qifeng Zhang said indifferently, “Although your stage is higher than all of us, but many hands make light work, not to mention that you are not someone powerful, you are at most a guard dog.”


Everyone laughed again.


Yinyin Yao couldn’t bear any more and snapped, “How dare you.”

“Yinyin, for the sake of knowing you for many years, Aunt Meixin and I won’t make things difficult for you.” Ming Zhu smiled and said, “You hand over the antidote, I’m sure God Father gave you the antidote before he died. Then you hand over the position of God Father, and we promise not to bother you, if anyone doesn’t let you go, we’ll deal with him.”

Listening to their words, Kris shrugged his shoulders and smiled, “I’m sorry guys, I gave you the chance, but unfortunately you didn’t take it.”


After his words were spoken, a white shadow rushed towards them.

“Jiyang Palm!”

In the blink of an eye, Kris had already arrived in front of Hu Wang who was a little overwhelmed, then he was slapped away by Kris when he hadn’t even made a stance.


He opened his mouth to vomit blood, but the blood was evaporated by the ruthless Genuine Energy before it spat out of his mouth.

One second, two seconds, three seconds.

In just three seconds, Hu Wang’s whole body became red like a boiled prawn.

Good effect!

Kris grinned, “Who’s next?”


Seeing this, the crowd retreated altogether!

Hu wang who was in the return-to-nature stage at middle period could be actually killed instantly, even though his Natal Deadliest Insect was devoured and his stage fell to the early period of the return-to-nature stage, but he wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t even withstand a single attack.

At that moment, they suddenly remembered that yesterday, Kris had also killed Gong Wu in a strike with his palm.

But they all thought that was because of Kris’s sneak attack, if Gong Wu had prepared for his attack, maybe it’s Kris who died.

“Despicable villain, you used sneak attack!”

“Everyone pay attention, be careful of him.”

At this moment, everyone put a fighting stance and looked at Kris ferociously.

Would that work?


During this period of time, Kris couldn’t even count how many magical pills he had taken.

Although some medicinal use have been consumed by blood, 90% of the medicinal use was deposited in his body.

Last night, Kris was surprised to discover that he had made a small success in practicing Tianmo Body.

According to the Tianmo Book, after a small success was made in practicing Tianmo Body, your physical fitness, energy and blood circulation will increase tenfold.

In other words, if Kris could punch 50 kilograms before, then now he could punch 5 hundred kilograms.

He could kill a cow in one punch!

Let’s try the power of the Tianmo Body first.

“Brother, let me help you!”

Seeing that Kris was being sieged by the crowd, Yinyin was anxious and she wanted to go over, but she was stunned by what she saw in front of her.

She saw Kris fight in the crows with his bare hands, as if he was in a place without anyone.

He could defeat one ordinary disciple almost in one punch at a time.

Either a broken hand or a broken foot, the unlucky one was hit in the chest by his punches.

His chest was directly hollowed.

With ribs piercing through the lungs and heart, he was already unable to live.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hall seemed to have become a slaughterhouse with blood raining down.

The Tianmo body coupled with the Mayfly Power made Kris move like a ghost, they couldn’t even touch the corner of Kris’s clothes.

“Quick, everyone back off, we can’t let him come closer!

“Use poison, use poison now!”


All sorts of strange and bizarre poisons filled the entire hall.

But that was useless, poisons were all blocked by the purple Sturdy Energy wall.

“Try this move!”

“Demon’s Descent!”

Kris shouted as a purple figure formed behind him.

This figure had three heads and six arms, and had a hideous face.

Most importantly, their eyes were all closed.

“Open the eyes!”

As soon as his words were spoken, three heads opened their eyes together.

What kind of eyes?

Eyes filled with fury, gloom, and killing intent.

Looking at this virtual shadow, many people’s legs weakened in fear.

He was terrifying, this man was a devil!

However, what’s more terrifying was yet to come.

Only to see that Kris stretched out his hand and gently grabbed towards Ming Zhu.

The virtual shadow behind him then stretched out his hand and grabbed directly towards Ming Zhu.


The virtual shadow gently grabbed it, and Ming Zhu was instantly crushed.

God, the devil!

This man was a devil!

Mom, I want to go home. It’s horrible!

Seeing this horrifying scene, many people peed in fear, and some timid ones directly collapsed in fear.

The crushed and exploded flesh splattered on them, and Meixin Ha shivered in fear, then fell to her knees as her legs weakened.

Qifeng Zhang wasn’t much better.

He peed in his pants due to fear.

“A devil, he’s a devil!”

In the whole hall, nnly Yinyin looked at him with adoration.

So handsome, Brother was too powerful.

Her heart kept trembling and she felt she couldn’t walk.

Kris nodded his head when he stopped attacking, after the small success of the Tianmo Body, the power of Demon’s Descent was also much greater, but the consumption was not small as well.

Such a light grip actually consumed a third of his Genuine Energy.

It should be known that the Genuine Energy storage in his body was now ten times that of an ordinary practitioner.

It seemed that this move had to be used as the ace in the hole, otherwise it would be too consuming.

“Now whoever is still unconvinced, come out and speak to me!” Kris stood in the middle of the hall and looked around, nobody stood up.

“Convinced, we’re all convinced!”

“The Great Wizard King’s divine power is undefeatable, we’re all convinced!” Qifeng Zhang crawled over hastily from beside and kneeled in front of Kris, knocking his head with a thud.

“And me, I’m also convinced!”

Meixin Ha was scared to death, how could she still dare to disobey, she crawled in front of Kris and kept kissing the tip of his shoes.

As for the other disciples, let’s not talk about them.

This young man looked harmless was even more brutal and ruthless than Shengyuan Yao.

Looking at the broken limbs and legs all over the ground, all of which were his masterpieces, who could withstand his fists?

He should have done it earlier.

Kris smiled coldly, making himself bloodied and slimy.

But after this time, Kris has completely defeated them, and there was no chance for rebellion.

Yinyin was also considered to truly control the Five Poison Sect.

But Shengyuan Yao died, Five Major Wizard Kings now only left with Meixin Ha and one leader of the Zhang Family Village.

More than half leaders of the Seventy-Two Village and One-O-Eight Caves had also died.

The strength of the Five Poison Sect could be said to have fallen to the lowest point.

However, with the help of Kris, Yinyin has promoted three new Wizard Kings and a number of leaders.

She also formally decreed the abolition of blood pig feeding, and then banned consanguine marriage, violators would be dealt with according to the sect rules.

After several decrees were issued, Yinyin won the hearts and supports of the people.

People who were promoted were grateful and became her supporters.

In this way, she was able to secure her position as God Father.

At night, Yinyin’s bedroom!

Kris was soaking in a large bathtub and he felt extremely relaxed.

Behind him stood a graceful woman.

She wore a light gauze dress that was so transparent that one could see the bright red belly cover inside.

“Brother, am I doing okay?”


Kris nodded his head lightly.

Yinyin smiled, her delicate fingers slid down from his neck to his Adam’s apple as if she had found some funny toy, and kept shrugging.

Kris didn’t say anything, letting her play with it.

Slowly, her hand continued to touch downwards. Her hand kept spinning.

“Brother, do you feel inch?”

Her voice was so sweet, and her breath exhaled on Kris ears made his ears tickle.

He opened his eyes fiercely and wrapped his hand around her thin waist.


She let out a scream, water splashed in the bathtub and she fell into the water.

“Brother, you are cunning.”

The light, transparent gauze clung to her body, even her belly cover was wet.

Gradually, the outline of a great thing also became more and more obvious and looked very heavy.

Kris’s breathing instantly became rapid.

“Brother, close your eyes quickly.”

Yinyin was so shy that her ears were red, she covered his eyes with her hands hastily, “No peeking!”

“Fine, fine, I won’t look.”

Kris said that, yet a pair of thief’s hands quietly touched over.


A grunt.

Yinyin’s face blushed as if it’s going to drip blood.

The affection in the corners of her eyes was almost too much to be contained.

“Brother… How long has it been since you touched me last time?”


Hearing this, how could Kris still stand it, he was all over her directly.

Sobbing sound was being heard in the room instantly.

“No, brother…”

Said that, Yinyin jumped out of the bathtub and made a face at Kris.

“I’m not going to let you play your dirty trick!”

“Stoke up my fire and you want to run?”

With a cut smile, Kris jumped on her directly and pinned her to the edge of the bed.


“Will you listen to me?”


Yinyin trembled all over and couldn’t help but clench her legs.

She turned her head to look at Kris, enchanting eyes and a slightly open mouth made her so seductive.




With a grunt, her body went limp and her upper body was completely pressed down on the bed.

Hmm, you would break the roof when you hadn’t been disciplined for a few days!

Said that, Kris began to educate her harshly.

“Do you still dare to talk back?”

“Oh… Brother, I don’t…”

“Do you know why did you wrong?”

“I knew… Brother…”

This education has last for two hours.

After venting his anger completely, Kris withdrew his whip.

At this point, Yinyin had totally realized her mistake and didn’t dare to talk back anymore.

Lying on the bed, Kris was thinking about something when Yinyin clung to him.

“Brother, you seem to have something on your mind!”

Kris said, “Yinyin, I want to get out of here.”


Yinyin’s face changed instantly when she heard this, she hugged Kris tightly, “No, I won’t let you go!”


Kris sighed and said, “Yinyin, now that the Five Poison Sect has been integrated and you have a group of supporters, I won’t have any worries if I leave here.”

It had been ten days since he left Westriver, and he didn’t know how Mary and the others were doing.

“No, I won’t let you leave if I said so.” Yinyin said with a nervous face, “Brother, did Yinyin upset you?”


“Then is it that you dislike Yinyin?”

How could that possible?

At first, Kris did dislike Yinyin quite a bit, but after a few days of contacting with her, Kris understood that Yinyin wasn’t like what he had seen before.

She was cold-blooded because she had lived in the Five Poison Sect since she was a child, and although Shengyuan Yao knew that his wife was dead, he still deemed that he could save her by cultivating the Supreme Deadliest Insect stubbornly.

For the sake of his dead wife, he neglected his daughter and let her live with all kinds of poisonous insects for a long time. No friends, no communication, everyone was afraid of her.

If it were Kris, growing up in such an environment, his mind would be warped too.

“Then why did you leave?” Yinyin looked at Kris with puzzlement.

Kris didn’t know whether he should tell her or not, but his intuition told him that he shouldn’t hide it from her.

After thinking about it, Kris said, “Yinyin, I’m actually a married man, I have a wife and I love her very much.”

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