Chapter 323: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 323 Disagreeable To The Eye (1)

Kerry didn’t respond for a moment and stammered, “do you mean she was assassinated?”

“Yes, fortunately she wasn’t hurt.”

“My God, but when I watched the news, nothing happened.”

Jun Duan, with a cold look, explained, “the news has been blocked. What you see has been edited. Moreover, the killer used a high-quality silencing sniper gun. Other people do not know what happened except the one who was shot.”

“So it is. How is the operation going now?” Kerry finally remembered to ask about his son.

“Both of them are still in the rescue. You can rest assured that the doctor will try his best to rescue them.”

Kerry, who hadn’t been so flustered and nervous for a long time, “I know, I know. Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I should thank Jingyan Ye. Without his feat today, she will not be able to leave.”

For a long time, Venus did not speak because she was completely shocked. However rich her imagination, she did not expect Jingyan to do such a thing.

Jun Duan finally told, “this matter is a state secret. I only told you that you have a special identity. Please don’t tell anyone, even your relatives.”

Kerry, knowing the stakes, nodded cautiously, “don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you very much.” Jun Duan looked at the pale face of Venus and said, ” you two can go there to have a rest, the operation only lasted three hours, it is estimated that there will be a long time.”

“Ok.” Kerry held his wife back to the rest area. Taking advantage of Jun Duan’s inattention, he took out his mobile phone and entered the “soldier, Jun Duan”. He froze at the result.

Damn it, he’s the commander of the C Army!

The son actually fell in love with the general’s daughter. The future in laws were too strong.

After a general search of his resume, Kerry’s admiration for Jun Duan came into being. He looked at Jun Duan with more respect.

After a long time, Venus finally came to her senses. The first thing she did was grab her husband’s arm and whispered, “Pingan has done such a great thing?”

“Yes, yes, keep your voice down,” said Kerry, comforting his wife with tears and laughter. “However, you should be worried about Pingan’s operation.”

“I’m worried about him, too, but I know members of the Ye family have nine lives, and he’ll be OK,” she said confidently.

When Jun Duan heard this, he looked back at her in surprise. If she were an ordinary woman, she would be worried to wipe her tears. Jingyan’s mother was strange to say such a word.

Kerry had a deep understanding of Venus.

How many injuries did he suffer? Gunshot wound, knife wound, drowning and amnesia, but he was fine in the end? Having seen these scenes, Venus naturally didn’t take a shot seriously.

Of course, she was worried about her son’s injury in the operating room, but she didn’t feel that the sky was going to fall.

Kerry smiled fondly and said, “you have such a good mental quality. When our son wakes up, would he be happy or sad if he knew you said that? “

“He’s been so successful these years that I suspect God forgot him. Now it seems that this is the beginning,” Venus clapped her husband’s hand and sighed. “We need to be prepared to meet the more cruel reality in the future.”

“I’m relieved to see you like that.”

Jun Duan was speechless. What kind of parents were they? Even though he was a soldier and used to death, he could not help worrying about his daughter. But they seemed very sure that their son would be OK.

Should he tell them that the doctor just came out and said that Jingyan’s situation was very dangerous, so he asked people to call for them?

After thinking about it, Jun Duan still gave up. They were still in the rescue. It’s inappropriate for him to say so.

It’s boring for them to wait in the operating room. Kerry wanted to help his son explore Jun Duan, so he came to him and chatted, “Mr. Duan, I think you know that the two children are in love. I don’t know what your opinion is?”

Chapter 323 Disagreeable To The Eye (2)

Jun Duan ‘s frosty face showed a trace of gentleness, “I always respect my daughter’s opinions, I will not object if she likes it.”

“Oh, what a coincidence. I have the same attitude as you,” said Kerry with a kind smile. “In fact, our biggest wish as parents is to keep our kids happy and safe. What we can do is to guide them, and leave the rest to themselves.”

“Yeah, it is indeed like that.”

Kerry smiled and was very pleased, but he completely forgot that he did not have such an attitude towards his own daughter when he said this. If Chuxue Ye heard about this, she would shoot herself.

They chatted about the changes of sky city in recent years, and the vibe was less embarrassing.

Time passed by, and soon night fell. Chuxue returned and saw no one at home. She drove out and called her mother by the way.

“Hospital? I’ll be right there.”

She hung up quickly and Venus didn’t have time to respond. Half an hour later, Chuxue came over in a rage, “Mom, Dad, what’s wrong with my brother? Why are you in the hospital? “

“There was an accident in the afternoon, no big deal.”

Chuxue glanced around and suddenly found an acquaintance, “eh? Why are you here? Are you hurt as well? “

Azure dragon was a bit embarrassed and nodded.

“Both of them are injured? Isn’t that a big deal? ” Chuxue was surprised. Seeing a middle-aged man who was wearing a military uniform and looked a little bit like Yiyao Duan, she immediately understood who he was. So he put away her rashness and politely asked, “is this uncle the father of little sister?”

The middle-aged man knew whom Chuxue was referring to and had a good impression on this lively and beautiful girl. “Yes, I’m Yiyao’s father.”

Chuxue bowed. “Hello, uncle. I’m Jingyan Ye’s sister. My name is Chuxue Ye.”


At that moment, the door of the operating room suddenly opened, and several people rushed in. “Commander , Yiyao’s operation has been completed. It is very successful. We transferred her to the ICU on the sixth floor for further observation.”

“Thank you. And what about the other one?”

“Another operation is still in progress, the patient is seriously injured. The bullet is very close to the heart, and there is too much blood loss. The doctors are trying their best.”

Jun Duan said sincerely, “please.”

The doctor nodded and shut the door of the operating room.

At this point, Venus was really worried and her hands began to shake.

Jun Duan was anxious to see her daughter, “he will be ok, the doctors need more time, spare me for a while I’m going to see Yiyao.”

“Sure, hurry.”

After several people left, Kerry realized that his wife’s hands were very cold and asked, “scared? Don’t worry. Like you said just now, Ye family are all lucky dogs, and Pingan will be OK as his name, Pingan(safe). “

Venus leaned on her husband and worried, “but what if…”

“Don’t worry, mom. There’s no what if.” Chuxue comforted her, “brother will be OK, he loves our family and likes the little sister so much, he will be OK.”

“Hope so.”

In the ICU intensive care unit downstairs, Yiyao laid quietly in the bed, her face was covered with an oxygen mask, and her body was covered with gauze. The equipment next to her showed her heart pulse, blood pressure and other data.

“Is there any news from the state police department?” Jun Duan asked the guard next to him.

“Not yet.”

Jun Duan cursed in a low voice, “a bunch of useless shit!”

Azure Dragon nodded. All those men were caught, but they got nothing from them. Moreover, the security was so careless and it seems that a large number of state and local officials will lose their jobs.”

“Commander , you haven’t eaten since noon. What would you like to eat? I’m going to the canteen and get you some. “

“No, not in the mood.”

The guard sighed soundlessly. Everyone said that commander Duan was too harsh on his daughter. But very few of them knew that he cares most about his daughter.

Yiyao’s chief surgeon changed his clothes and came over, “Commander , why don’t you go have some rest. The patient will wake up most likely by tomorrow.”

“How is she now?” Jun Duan asked anxiously.

The doctor said, “the operation was very successful. When she was carried to the ambulance, the wound was bandaged, there was not much blood loss, and the position of the bullet was not in the crucial point, so no life risk.”

Jun Duan was slightly surprised, “her wound had been bandaged?”

“Well, it was tied up with shirt pieces, and I heard from the nurse that she was carried out of the car, Jingyan was in a coma but somehow still kept his hand on her wound…”

Hearing the doctor’s description, Jun Duan started to admire Jingyan a lot. It seemed that the boy was sincere to his daughter. As long as he gets away from death and wakes up, he would support their relationship.

Outside the operating room, several people are anxiously waiting for Kerry. At Ye family’s villa, Xuan Zhao was also waiting.

It’s already ten o’clock in the evening. Kerry and Venus haven’t come home yet. Zhao Xuan is considering getting them a call.

After much deliberation, she called Venus.

“Oh, Xuan Zhao, you can go to bed first. We have some trouble here and will not return tonight.”

“Well, may I help you?”

“No, it’s alright.”

Without any extra word, the call was hung up. Zhao Xuan sat on the bed sulking, they won’t tell her anything. It seems that she is still an outsider to the family.

Chuxue sighed full of meaning, “Mom, as the saying goes, it’s easy to get someone home, but hard to send them away. How are you going to send this lady away?”

Venus hesitated, “but Xuan Zhao is already pregnant, how could we ignore her.”

Chuxue sprawled her hands and said, “I told you long ago. Since she wants to give birth, we should give her a house and get two or three maids to take care of her. Why do we have to keep her in our house? My brother doesn’t like her at all. All she wants is to take the child as a bargaining chip for my brother to marry her, simple as that, do you get it mom? “

“I know what she wants. I was thinking that your brother broke up with Yiyao, but Xuan Zhao likes your brother. What if they end up forever? and they even have a child, love could be a cultivating process. I didn’t expect…”

No one expected that Pingan, this dude, tried to sacrifice his life for Yiyao. It was getting complicated.

Chuxue sighed, “my brother likes this little sister for so many years, breaking up is not as easy as it sounds.”

“So what do we do?”

Chuxue got an idea, “let Xuan Zhao move out.”

Venus refused such a proposal. “It makes Ye family look too merciless and it’s inappropriate. After all, she is pregnant with the bloodline of Ye family.”

“Ah~” Chuxue screamed sadly, “Mom, you are too kind. If you can’t do this, leave it to me, I’m a villain to her anyway. “

“Still inappropriate. The baby is not even three months old, it’s easy to miscarry. We should wait a bit longer.”

Chapter 323 Disagreeable To The Eye (3)

Chuxue Ye looked at her mother up and down, saying: “Mom, why are you so defensive for Xuan Zhao? Is it because that you are anxious to have a grandson?”

“Every mother is not easy, when you get pregnant and have a child later, you will be able to understand what I feel now.”

After hearing this, Chuxue did not know what to say to refute her mother. It seemed that it still was a mystery that whether her pitiful brother could be with Yiyao Duan as he wished.

It was cool in the Autumn night, and the bright moon hung high in the sky. The outside of the operating room was so quiet that Chuxue almost fell asleep as she waited for a long time.

“How come the operation is not over yet, did something bad happen?” Venus Mu became more and more worried.

Kerry Ye put his arm around her shoulder to comfort her, “If something bad happened, there would be no need to rescue him for so long. Don’t think too much.”

As soon as he finished his words, the door of the operating room was pushed open again, and Kerry and Venus hurried to come over, asking: “Doctor, how is my son?”

The doctor was full of fatigue and weariness, saying: “Are you Jingyan Ye’s family?”

“Yes, we are.”

The doctor’s voice sounded quite tired, “The operation is done, which is almost a success. But it’s up to the patient that if he can get through the dangerous period.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s been sent to the ICU on the fifth floor. Another doctor will tell you the precautions later.”

“Okay. Thank you, doctor.”

Then they took the elevator to the fifth floor, as Venus was about to push the door to go in, they were stopped by the nurse inside, “Sorry, the patient needs to be in the sterile environment and the family members are not allowed to come in.”

“Okay, okay……” Venus apologized repeatedly and she came back to the glass window of the monitoring room. As soon as she saw her son, she started to cry.

Jingyan’s body was filled with various tubes, and his face was as pale as a sheet of paper. He was lying there lifelessly and only the red and yellow lights that kept flashing next to him showed that he was still alive.

Since his childhood, Venus had never seen him like this. And she was heartbroken.

Kerry was still calm, “Do not cry, isn’t the operation successful!”

“I’m just sad that he got into this for a woman.”

Kerry then whispered by her ear because his daughter and Henry were there , “Your son does not get into this for one woman, but for two.”

Venus was stunned and she broke into laughter at once, thinking: Indeed, how can I forgot about this.

Jun Duan learned that Kerry and his family would not go back tonight, so he arranged two wards for them at the hospital to make it convenient for them to take care of Kerry.

“The patient’s current situation is still very dangerous, although the operation is done, it is difficult to tell whether he can wake up.” The main surgeon was professional and serious, and the ten-hour-long operation had left his eyes covered with blood.

Kerry’s eyelids twitched, saying: “Then what can we family members do?”

“You can’t do anything in 24 hours. When his physiological feature is stable after 24 hours, you can help him if he still doesn’t wake up.”

Kerry frowned his eyebrows, saying: “Thank you, doctor.”

The people of the Ye family and the Duan family could not sleep all night long, who were all worried about the two injured people. And the Commander even called to inquire the situation of them when they had operation, and instructed those people to notify him when they woke up.

The sea breeze blew for the whole night in the Sky City. The next day, the black clouds gathered overhead and it looked that a storm was coming.

At noon, Yiyao Duan woke up, and Jun finally was relieved.

“Yiyao, you’re awake.” Jun held his daughter’s hand, who wore asepsis take.

Yiyao’s face was covered by an oxygen mask, and she stammered a few words. But Jun didn’t hear her clearly, and he looked at his daughter’s worried eyes, saying softly, “Jingyan’s surgery is successful, don’t worry.”

She was delighted after hearing his words and fell asleep again after blinking her eyes for several times.

The doctor did a detailed examination after hearing that she woke up, then he said to Jun, “Commander, the patient’s condition is becoming better, and if there are no accidents, she will wake up in the afternoon, but by then her wound may be a bit painful.”

“I see, thanks.”

Just as what the main surgeon had said, Yiyao woke up again at around four o’clock in the afternoon, whose oxygen mask was replaced with an oxygen tube, and her face was still pale.

“You’re awake.” The nurse who took care of her smiled and said.

Yiyao rolled her eyes and looked at the ward. There was only her and the nurse.

The nurse was a smart girl, she smiled as she used a cotton swab to moisten Yiyao’s lips, “You can’t drink water now. The Commander hasn’t slept from yesterday to this afternoon, so the director of hospital asked him to rest just now.”

Yiyao looked at the white ceiling, and the pain in her body made her recall what had happened yesterday.

Such a fool. It was her duty even if she was really killed by the gun. Why should he display gallantry to protect her? Fortunately, his surgery was successful, if he had died yesterday, she would have owed him a lot for the rest of her life.

“Uh ……” Yiyao whimpered in pain, she was so painful, as if her flesh had been cut from her body.

The nurse put down the cotton swab and asked, “The wound hurts, doesn’t it? The doctor said that it will be painful after the anesthetic dissipates, and you have to endure it because you can not use medicine.”

Yiyao nodded gently and asked in a hoarse voice with difficulty, “The one……who was sent here……with me……”

The nurse understood and said, “Don’t worry, his surgery was successful, but because his injury is more serious than yours, he is not awake now.” As soon as she finished her words, she found that the heartbeat and blood pressure recorded on the monitor drifted upward, which made the nurse be frightened and she hurried to comfort Yiyao: “Don’t worry, it is very normal that he is not awake now. Maybe he will wake up this night. You must not be excited.”

Gradually, the numbers on the monitor returned to normal.

The nurse was relieved and said, “Colonel, if you want to see your boyfriend as soon as possible……he is your boyfriend, right? Then you should hurry up and get better.”

Yiyao became delighted, thinking: Boyfriend? Sounds good too.

It started to rain outside. This day, a series of changes had happened in the Sky City. First of all, the leader of the municipal Party Committee and the police commissioner were removed from office for misconduct. Second, the leaders involved in the security work were all demoted and punished, even the Director of the Public Security Department was also demoted by two levels, and the Secretary of a provincial Party Committee was demoted by one level. The reasons for the declaration for their demotion and dismission included malfeasance, administrative violations, as well as corruption and bribery and so on.

Those who were removed or demoted did not have any complaints because they knew that fortunately the first lady was not in trouble, otherwise the punishment would have been even severer and more people would have been involved.

In the UCU ward on the fifth floor, Jingyan did not have any signs of waking up.

Venus’s eyes were red, who should have secretly cried last night. Chuxue felt quite sorry when she saw her mother’s look, so she advised her to go home and rest.

“Your brother is still not awake, how can I go back now?” Venus looked at her son through the glass and was even more worried than yesterday.

Chuxue knew that her mother was sometimes stubborn, so she stopped persuading her, “Then what do you need? I’ll go home and get it for you.”

“Take two sets of clothes for change, and the skin care product for daily wash and skin care. Besides, take some of your brother’s clothes, and your father’s……”

After hearing that, Chuxue knew that her mother was ready to live in the hospital for a long time. That was alright, it still took some time for her brother to recover even after he woke up, and mother would definitely take care of him by herself. It was just because the military hospital did not allow cooking, otherwise her mother would have definitely moved the kitchen utensils here and cooked for him.

“I know, I’m going back then.” Chuxue then said to Henry before she left, “Uncle Zhang, you buy some dinner for my mother later, please. She didn’t eat much at noon, and my father may not come until after work because he has to deal with the business of the company.”

Henry nodded, saying: “Okay, I know. Be careful on the road.”

It was already dark when Chuxue drove home. She first went to her parents’ room to pack the clothes, then Xuan Zhao’s voice came from outside, “Auntie, are you back?”

As soon as Chuxue heard her voice, she became annoyed. Then she threw the clothes on the bed and walked out. When Xuan saw that it was Chuxue, she was stunned for a few seconds and said with a smile, “Ruyi, you are back.”

“Ruyi is the name which only can be called by my parents and brother, you’d better call me Chuxue, for we are not that close.” Chuxue said coldly.

Xuan became a little annoyed, but she still said with a smile, “Chuxue, why do you have to be so hostile to me? Did I do something wrong?”

But Chuxue still said without showing any respect to her: “There’s no reason. I just simply don’t like you.”

Xuan became embarrassed and aggrieved, showing a delicate look, “Then …… what can I do so that you won’t hate me?”

“It is simple, move out of my house.”

Xuan looked at her, being completely dumbfounded. Although she was quite angry in her heart, she still had to pretend to smile, saying: “Chuxue, I’m still carrying your Ye family’s child, how can you be so cruel to me as the aunt of the baby?”

“Aunt?” Chuxue sneered, “No, no. I have told you that we have nothing to do with each other. And I’m not interested in being the aunt of your child.” Then Chuxue turned around and continued to pack the clothes.

Xuan gritted her teeth and glared at her the view of her back, then she turned around and left as well.

After packing all the stuff, Chuxue asked the maid to carry them downstairs. Although she had noticed that Xuan was sitting in the living room and watching her, she didn’t say anything and left directly.

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