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Chapter 324: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 324 Jingyan Ye Woke Up(1)

Only when the sound of the car disappeared into the rain, did Xuan Zhao ask the maid, “Did Miss Ye say where she will go?”


Xuan thought: What happened on earth? Everyone in the family went out, and Jingyan Ye even has not come to work today, could it be that something happened to him?

The thought of this made Xuan feel nervous, she thought: He can’t really be in trouble, right?

Should I call Venus Mu and ask her?

After thinking about it for a long time, she still thought that she should ask Venus. After all, the host was not at home, so it was polite to ask her the reason as a guest. Then Xuan dialed Venus’s phone number again.

“Hello? Auntie, it’s Xuan.”

“I know, is something wrong?”

Xuan deliberately asked worriedly, “I saw that Ruyi went out in a hurry just now, and I didn’t have time to ask her the reason. Did something happen? Can I help you with anything?”

Venus hesitated for a moment and said, “It’s not a big deal, it’s just that Jingyan had a car accident and we have to take care of him in the hospital for the next few days.”

Xuan asked nervously, “A car accident? Is it serious? Can I go and see him?”

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to come. You’re pregnant and it is not convenient for you to come here. You take care of yourself at home these days.”

“I’d better……”

“Well, Xuan, I’m a little busy right now and I’ll hang up first.”

Then she hung up and Xuan was completely froze, there was only one thing in her mind: Jingyan has a car accident. No wonder he hadn’t show up since yesterday afternoon and Kerry Ye also looked so bad.

But she knew nothing about how the car accident happened and which hospital he was in. From the attitude of Chuxue Ye and Venus, it seemed that they did not want to tell her about it and did not want her to see him. After all, it was because Jingyan didn’t like her.

Even if she pretended to be kind and peaceable, and even if she was pregnant with his child, he still did not like her.

Then Xuan thought: He likes that soldier that much?

Xuan was so anxious and full of anger that her stomach began to ache, so she sat down and breathed deeply for a while to calm herself down.

No, she must find out which hospital Jingyan was in, only when she knew it, could she decide what to do next.

In the hospital.

Venus hung up the phone in guilt and Henry smiled and said: “Ms. Ye, you’re not getting any better at lying.”

She said helplessly, “I have no other way. It is not a good time for Xuan to come, because her coming to the hospital will only make things become more complicated.”

“You’d better eat first, the food will get cold later.”

Venus pointed to the chair opposite and said, “You sit down and eat too, you haven’t rested from yesterday until now as well.”

“I’m fine, I’ll wait for Mr. Ye to come back and eat with him.”

“Then I’ll wait for him too. I have no appetite if I eat alone now.”

Everyone was hoping that Jingyan would wake up at night. However, not only did he not wake up, but he also had a fever, and it took the attending doctor and the entire medical staff of ICU more than two hours to get his temperature under control.

Another day had passed, Jingyan still did not wake up. However, Yiyao Duan was much better, who could speak much more clearly, and all the tubes on her body were removed.

“Nurse, does Jingyan downstairs wake up?” This was the eighth time in a day that Yiyao asked the same question.

The nurse who was changing her medicine bottle said, “Not yet.”

Yiyao was disappointed at once. She wanted to see him, but now she couldn’t even stand up.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door of the ward, and after the nurse said “Come in”, a beauty appeared at the door. When Yiyao saw her, she smiled at once.

“Miss Duan, I’ve come to see you.” Chuxue walked in with a smile on her face.

“How’s your brother?” Yiyao asked her at once.

Chuxue sat on the chair beside her bed and sighed, “He hasn’t woken up yet.”

Yiyao was about to cry after hearing her words: “Is he ……badly hurt?”

“You can rest assured, he will be fine.” Chuxue smiled and comforted her. She always believed in her brother and knew that his willpower was stronger than anyone else’s, so he would definitely wake up. Besides, if something really happened, she would feel it.

Yiyao was a little suspicious, “Are you all lying to me? Now that I’ve already woken up for two days, why hasn’t he woken up yet?”

“I’m not lying to you. It’s true. If something really happened to my brother, how can I still run up here to chat and make joke with you?”

Yiyao looked at her without saying anything. She was making judgement.

“How about I go down and take a picture for you to see him?”

Yiyao shook her head, saying: “No, I’m afraid I’ll be sad if I look at his photo.”

Chuxue was slightly surprised at her words, thinking: So she will feel bad for my brother, judging from her words? She even wanted them to be completely isolated from each other all their lives several days ago, but now she seems to change her attitude! If my brother knows about it, he might be happy enough to jump up from the bed!

After the nurse finished changing the medicine and went out, Chuxue held her chin with both her hands and asked in a small and curious tone, “Miss Duan, what happened to you and my brother the day before yesterday? I have asked my mom and dad this question several times, but they refused to answer. Can you tell me about it?” This question had been lingering in Chuxue’s mind for the past two days, making her so curious that she kept wondered: Why don’t they tell me the reason for his injury on earth?

Yiyao smiled slightly, “Your name is Chuxue Ye, right?”

“Yes, you can just call me Ruyi, which is my nickname.” Chuxue said with a smile.

“Your parents named you after an idiom: In accord with one’s wishes, so they must love you very much, right?” Yiyao looked into her eyes and thought: Of course all the family will love this kind of daughter, who is so beautiful, lively, kind and lovely.

Chapter 324 Jingyan Ye Woke Up (2)

Chuxue Ye touched her face with some embarrassment, “Yeah, but they don’t treat me and my brother differently. By the way, my brother’s nickname is Pingan. I heard my mother say that my brother had encountered a lot of ups and downs after he was born, so he was given the nickname in the hope that he can live a peaceful life in the future.”

“Pingan…” Yiyao Duan muttered. What a common but warm name. She was a soldier and knew best the meaning of Pingan, or peace.

Chuxue Ye felt curious and said in a soft voice, “Please do not digress and tell me what had happened. Even a strong man like my brother has been hurt.”

Yiyao Duan turned her head to look at her and laughed, “Ruyi, there are some things you don’t need to know. The more you know, the more fearful you will feel in this world.”

“Is it that serious?” Chuxue Ye’s eyes widened in surprise. She then patted her chest, “It’s okay. I’m tough. There’s nothing that I can’t accept.”

“But I still can’t tell you. It’s our principle.”

“Ah…” Chuxue Ye wailed, “I don’t like it when you all know what happened except me.”

Yiyao Duan pressed her hand, “Well, when your brother wakes up, you can pester your brother. Maybe he will tell you.”

Chuxue Ye became confident again and seemed to emit a dazzling light, “Oh, right. He can’t stand me pestering him at all.”

Just then a person came in and Chuxue Ye immediately stood up from the stool and politely greeted him.

Jun Duan greeted her right back. He was wearing plain clothes, and looked more energetic, perhaps because he had rested for a few hours.

“Dad.” Yiyao Duan called him.

Jun Duan looked at his haggard daughter and felt bad, “How do you feel?”

“Much better, and the wound doesn’t hurt anymore.” Yiyao Duan comforted her dad.

“I have something to tell you.” Jun Duan glanced at Chuxue Ye who was standing next to her. Chuxue Ye quickly understood and said to them, “I’ll go see if my brother is awake. Excuse me for leaving for a while.”

Jun Duan nodded. After Chuxue Ye left the ward, he smiled and said, “That little girl is quite interesting.”

“Yes, she’s cute. Dad, what do you want to tell me?”

Jun Duan turned serious, “The investigation results of the attack came out.”

“Which force did it?” Yiyao Duan asked with sharp eyes.

“They belong to the same organization as those carrying biochemical weapons on the border. The Ministry of Public Security also captured three of his accomplices in Sky City. They got the news from somewhere that the chief was coming to Sky City for inspection, so they snuck into the city two months ago.”

Yiyao Duan clenched her fists, “What do those bastards want?”

“They want to provoke conflicts between our country and other countries, thus plunging us into war,” Jun Duan added after a pause, “Tomorrow I’m going to the capital for a meeting. We can’t let them do whatever they want anymore. We’re going to eradicate this organization. They’re too much of a threat to us. “

Yiyao Duan was fevered, “Dad, let me go. I want to blow up their base by myself.”

“You rest here to get well first. Our country is full of people who excel at fighting and you don’t have to participate.” Jun Duan refused her request.

Yiyao Duan said anxiously, “My wound will heal in a week. It won’t be a problem.”

Jun Duan said firmly, “We can’t wait that long. The foreign minister of the country where this organization is located has been invited to come here today. We will act as soon as we work out the battle plan tomorrow.”

Yiyao Duan instantly became dejected. They would take actions so fast, and she indeed couldn’t make it.

Jun Duan understood his daughter’s character and softened his tone to soothe her, “I’ve already told the dean and he will arrange for someone to take care of you while I’m away.”


Jun Duan said gently, “Yiyao, you are an excellent soldier. You have turned from a junior soldier into a colonel with your own efforts. I’m proud of you, but in private, I hope you can be safe. Our country has raised so many excellent men and it’s time for them to fight for the country.”

“Dad, I’ll obey the order.” Yiyao Duan looked stern.

Jun Duan was relieved and ruffled her forehead hair. Yiyao Duan’s character was similar to her mother’s, both of whom were stubborn, otherwise he would have persuaded her to retire from the army.

In Yehuang company, when it was time to knock off, Xuan Zhao left carrying a bag after informing Secretary Wang. She was now in a special position, so Secretary Wang couldn’t do anything to her.

She had already told the driver of Ye Family not to pick her up in the afternoon, so she bought some things and took a ride home by herself. She hired a car when she arrived at the place where all cars driven from the company had to pass by.

At six o’clock, Kerry’s car passed by Xuan Zhao’s black car, and she said to the driver, “Follow the car in front.”

The driver started the engine to follow Kerry’s car. When he saw Xuan Zhao’s nervous look in the rearview mirror, he asked with a smile, “Madam, you’re not going to catch your husband’s mistress, are you?”

Xuan Zhao was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t correct the driver but affirmed his guess,”Yes, to catch the mistress.”

The driver thought that he had guessed correctly, so he continued talking to her, “You should be pregnant, right? Your husband is too unethical. How can he cheat on you when you are pregnant?”

“Maybe… Men are just not trustworthy”

The driver hastened to defend, “You should not tar men with the same brush. There are good men and there are also bad women.”

Xuan Zhao did not bother to talk to him. She pointed to the luxury car in front and said, “Please help me follow it closely. Don’t lose track of it.”

The driver was smug, “Don’t worry. We won’t lose track of it. This kind of thing happens to me three or four times a month. I get experience. Your family should be very rich. Your husband’s car costs at least several million.”

“Kind of.” But the money wasn’t hers.

The driver sensed that she was not interested in chatting, so he also shut up.

After driving for three or four streets, Kerry’s driver said, “Boss, there is a car following us behind.”

Kerry smiled coldly, “Never mind. When arriving at the hospital, you go and find out who is following us.”

“Yes, sir.”

Having gotten where he was today, Kerry no longer needed to watch out for anyone in Sky City, but he should still be cautious. After all, Yiyao Duan was in the hospital and her identity is too special.

The limousine had been driven into the military hospital and the car behind it stopped as well. Xuan Zhao was a little surprised. Jingyan Ye was actually hospitalized here? Was he seriously injured?

“Madam, don’t you want to get off and see for yourself?” The driver teased her.

“No, let’s go.”

Now that she found out where Jingyan Ye was, she could take her time. She didn’t have to follow Kerry into the hospital at once, otherwise she would be easily discovered.

Jingyan Ye was now in a stable condition, but strangely enough, he hadn’t woke up, which inevitably made Kerry and Venus a little anxious.

Chapter 324 Jingyan Ye Woke Up (3)

On her fourth day in hospital, Yiyao Duan couldn’t stand lying on the bed anymore. She was tired of hearing “He hasn’t woken up yet”. She wanted to see Jingyan Ye for herself.

“Colonel, why don’t you go in a wheelchair?” The kind nurse suggested.

“No, I’m OK.” Yiyao Duan said in spite of her pain, “I want to move around. Didn’t the doctor suggest me to do more exercise? Please help me get out of bed.”


Yiyao Duan’s limbs were not injured, so walking was not an obstacle. But because she was too weak, she sweated a lot after taking a few steps.

When she went down to the fifth floor in the elevator, Chuxue Ye who was taking the medicine at the nurses’ station came up to her in surprise upon seeing her, “Yiyao, you can get out of bed now?”

Yiyao Duan smiled broadly, “I came to see your brother.”

Chuxue Ye held her another hand and said with concern, “You are still too weak. You should lie on the bed.”

“I’m worried about him.”

The nurse and Chuxue Ye slowly helped Yiyao Duan walk to the ICU. When Venus looked up and saw Yiyao Duan, she was stunned for a moment, but she hurriedly walk to her, “Why did you come down? You haven’t recovered yet.”

“I’m fine.” Yiyao Duan said with a faint smile.

Venus saw that she was tired and sweaty, so she asked the nurse and Chuxue Ye to help her onto the bench, “Ruyi, go inside and get a coat for Yiyao. She is sweaty and it’s easy to catch a cold.”

“Okay.” Chuxue Ye left jumping up and down. She knew her mother was deeply conscious of righteousness, and wouldn’t blame Yiyao Duan.

Yiyao Duan looked up at Venus who had clear and smooth skin. There were few wrinkles around her eyes, but probably because she was too tired these days, her eyes were bloodshot. Yiyao Duan thought, if her mother was still alive, she should be as kind as Venus.

“Thank you.” Yiyao Duan felt sore in her nose.

Venus looked at Yiyao’s tearful eyes and felt pain in her heart, “Silly girl, thank me for what?”

“Don’t you blame me?” Yiyao Duan asked.

“I don’t blame you. This is Pingan’s own choice. He likes you and wants to do something for you. I will not oppose, let alone blame you for this matter. Besides, you’ve done a good thing. I’m proud of you.”

Yiyao Duan turned to look at the person on the hospital bed, and the tears in her eyes finally rolled down.

On the bed, Jingyan Ye looked so haggard, completely devoid of his old vigor and energy. His cheeks were much thinner, and the lines of his face looked even more rigid.

Venus gave her some tissue to wipe her tears, “Good girl, don’t cry.”

“Thank you.” Yiyao Duan choked up.

Chuxue Ye brought a light blue coat, and said while helping Yiyao Duan put it on, “This is my coat. I’ve only worn it once, but they’re clean. Hope you don’t mind.”

Yiyao Duan was feeling sad, but hearing Chuxue Ye’s words, her tears stopped rolling down, “Of course not. Ruyi, those who doesn’t like you may mind but I’m sure there are few people in this world who dislike you.”

“Really?” Chuxue Ye tilted her head with eyes glowing. She smugly said, “I think so, too. But there will always be someone who dislikes me. After all, I am not money. But I do not need everyone to like me, as long as those I like like me back.” She didn’t like Xuan Zhao, so it didn’t matter if Xuan Zhao liked her or not. She even wanted that woman to hate her.

Yiyao Duan didn’t expect such a young girl would have deep insights, “I always thought that if I had a younger sister, she would be very lively and cute. Unfortunately, my mother died when I was very young, and my father raised me as a boy, so I grew up with a bunch of boys. And the army in the military school are also males. suddenly a cute girl like you appeared, and it feels so novel.”

Chuxue Ye snuggled up to her, “Then you can treat me as your sister. I only have three brothers, and I also want an older sister.”

“Sure.” Yiyao Duan readily agreed.

Venus didn’t expect Yiyao Duan’s life to be so pitiful, so she couldn’t help but have more pity for her, “That’s good, Yiyao. You can teach her to behave properly in the future. I think she is obedient to you.”

“Mom, I’ve always been obedient.”

“Is that so?” Venus raised her eyebrows.

Chuxue Ye felt discouraged, “All right, I can be disobedient sometimes.”

Venus poked her head, “Let’s go. Let Yiyao talk to your brother.”

“Right, he will definitely blame us if he knows we’re yakking over here, preventing Yiyao from spending time with him alone.”

Yiyao Duan’s face flushed red and she lowered her head. She rarely flushed. When the men in the army told dirty jokes, she was a little embarrassed at first, but after some time, she would occasionally tell a dirtier one. However, she was still very shy in front of Venus and Chuxue Ye.

There were only two people left in the ward. Yiyao Duan sat quietly for several minutes before she gently held Jingyan Ye’s hand. His hand was large with well-defined bones and long fingers. There was not a single scar on it and he was perfect enough to be a hand model. On the contrary, her palms are slightly rough, because she had held guns for years and the part of the hand between the thumb and the index finger had thick calluses. So compared with his hands, hers were more like a man’s hands.

Yiyao Duan sighed and said, “You fool, why can’t you just give up? You are deliberately trying to make me owe you… In fact, it’s not that I don’t like you. It’s just like we are not suitable for each other. Every time we meet, there’s always something going on. I feel very tired. But I am not an unreasonable person. I originally intended to never see you again, which is good for both you and me, but fate has allowed me to see you again and you’ve taken a bullet for me… Since you can sacrifice your life, I cannot be so hardhearted. So when you wake up, I will give you another chance.”

“Really?” A hoarse voice rang over her head. She jerked her head up and saw Jingyan Ye opened his eyes and was gazing at her with deep affection.

“You’ve woken up? When did you wake up?” Yiyao Duan was exceptionally surprised.

Jingyan Ye didn’t answer her question but asked again, “What you just said… is it true?”

“I’ve said so many words. Which sentence are you referring to? ” Yiyao Duan pretended she didn’t understand.

“When I wake up, you will give me another chance. You said it yourself.” Jingyan Ye didn’t dare to blink his eyes. He was afraid that once his eyes were closed, she would run away again.

Yiyao Duan was a little shy and said slightly blushing, “It’s true. Are you relieved now?”

Jingyan Ye was on the verge of tears, and he immediately felt that the bullet was well worth taking.

“Yiyao, I love you.” Jingyan Ye said in a hoarse voice. His gaze was so intent and warm that it seemed to be able to melt a thousand years’ cold ice.

Yiyao Duan was too embarrassed to look at him, her eyes wondering, only to feel her face hot and burning. She cleared her throat, “Uh, I’ll call the doctor to give you an examination.”

After saying that, she wanted to struggle from his grip, but it was too tight.

“Don’t go. I’m fine. You can call the doctor later,” Jingyan Ye gazed at her and asked with concern, “How is your injury? Does it still hurt?”

Considering he was a patient, Yiyao Duan continued to let him hold her, “My injury is less serious than yours. I woke up a few days ago and it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“That’s good. That’s good.” This was what concerned him most in his coma. Occasionally he could hear his mother and sister talking, but for some reason, he just couldn’t wake up. Until she held his hand just now, it was as if a powerful force had been injected into his body to help him wake up. This might be the power of love.

Yiyao Duan worried that he just woke up and too much concern was not good for his recovery, so she said, “I’ll ask the doctor to examine you so that you can recover sooner.” Jingyan Ye smiled sweetly, nodding his head.

“Ruyi, Ruyi…” Yiyao Duan turned her head to shout to the people outside the ward. Very soon, Chuxue Ye rushed in, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong… Ah! Pingan, you’re awake.”

Chuxue Ye jumped up with excitement, “My goodness, you’re finally awake. Mom was so worried…”

“Ruyi, go get the doctor to come over and give your brother a check.” Yiyao Duan interrupted her and instructed.

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