Chapter 325 – 326: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 325: I Will Show You How Wilful I Can Be

“Why are you telling me this?”

Kris said sorrowfully: “Because I don’t want to lie to you.”

Kris knew he was being very mean and cruel. They were having so much fun a few minutes ago, but suddenly, he exposed Yinyin to the harsh realities of life by telling her that he is married. But Kris knew he couldn’t keep it as a secret all the time, he couldn’t lie, and he didn’t want to lie.

“Yinyin, I’m so sorry.” Kris didn’t know what to do when he saw Yinyin weeping so bitterly.

“I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.” He wiped her eyes and apologized.

All of a sudden, Yinyin bit into Kris’s shoulder. Her sharp teeth pierced Kris’s skin, and blood was oozing out of her mouth.

Kris was overwhelmed by agonizing pain, and he broke out in a cold sweet. But he didn’t move at all. He remained motionless because he knew since he got Tianmo Body, his strength is increased greatly and if he moved, her teeth would likely be knocked off.

So he just let her bite him.

“You are so bad! I bite you!” Yinyin muttered. She was still biting Kris.

Then, she released him. When she saw the wound, tears were again rolling down her face.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have bitten you. I was too scared” Panic was written all over her face, and her eyes were full of fear.

“Mom is gone. Dad is gone. And now you are also abandoning me. I have no one left.” She said.

She curled herself into a ball, like a little cat that was hurt. And she was shivering nonstop.

This scene pierced Kris’s heart. He said: “Don’t worry. I’ll never abandon you. When I finished my business, I’ll come back and see you. Is that okay?” Kris held her tightly in his arms.


“Yes.” Kris answered seriously.

“You are not lying.”

“I swear.”

A beautiful smile spread across her face when she heard this.

“If you lie to me, I’ll cut you!”

Kris felt a stab of fear. Because he knew the girl was being very serious.

“I will never lie to you.” Kris laughed dryly.

“Does it hurt?” Yinyin got on top of Kris and began blowing onto the wound to ease his pain.

“Is it better?”

“Yeah, much…”

Before Kris finished, Yinyin stopped blowing and licked his wound gently.

Kris gasped. It was painful, but the pain didn’t last long. It was like being struck by electricity.

Yinyin looked up. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. There was still blood at the corner of her mouth.

This scene fueled Kris’ desires. Yinyin felt something was getting hard below her. She smiled, and sat down slowly.

Then they were kissing hungrily, sweating profusely, and they didn’t stop until the dawn broke. Kris fell sleep, holding Yinyin tightly, who was wet all over.


It was in the police station, Westriver City.

After being interrogated for seven days, Hualong Liao was finally released from the police station. He wanted to cry when he thought of everything that had happened to him these days. And he was determined to find the person who put him in jail.

He bought a train ticket and went to the South. And then he toiled through a bumpy road and got back to the village of Five Poisons Sect.

When he got back, he saw the walls were all covered by white cloth. He was shocked.

“Who died?” He thought to himself.

He then walked into the village after telling a guard who he is. Then he was even more shocked by what he saw. There was cock all over the ground. He didn’t know what happened. But it looked like Five Poisons Sect was robbed.

“Hey, you, come here!” Hualong called out to a man. “What happened when I was not here? What’s with the white cloth on the wall and the coke on the ground?”

Hualong is Shengyuan Yao’s trusted subordinate, or Shengyuan wouldn’t give the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings to him to raise.

“Good to see you, sir!” That man recognized Hualong in an instant.

“No need to be so polite.” Huolong waved his hand proudly.

“Maybe you still don’t know. God Father has passed away.”

“What? God Father is dead?” Huolong’s mind went blank. “Tell me what happened!”

“Yes Sir!”

And then he told Hualong what had happened when he was away.

Hualong slapped his leg regretfully, because if he was present, the new God Father, Yinyin, would at least appoint him as a Wizard King.

Then his hatred for the person who threw him into prison got even more bitter.

“Fine. You can go now.”

When that man walked away, Hualong rubbed his eyes until his eyes were red. Then he squeezed out some tears and wailed: “God Father!!! When don’t you even wait for me!!!”

He wailed and walked towards the council chamber.

At that time, Kris was lounging on a chair. His head was on Yinyin’s lap. Yinyin was peeling grapes, and then she feed Kris the grapes with her mouth.

They were enjoying themselves very much when they heard someone’s high-pitched wail.

“Who is it? Why is he crying so hard.” Yinyin arched her brow.

“God Father! Director Liao is here.” A man reported to her.

Yinyin had no idea who he was talking about.

Then, Hualong walked into the chamber. And he said: “I’m Hualong Liao. It’s a great honor of mine to meet God……”

Before he finished, he saw Kris was lying on Yinyin’s lap, and he was cut short.

The next second, he stood up and shouted at Kris: “What are you doing there? Get down here! Who are you to sleep there!”

He thought Kris was bullying Yinyin, the new God Father, because the old God Father is dead.

Kris didn’t move. And Hualong’s anger flared up in an instant. He shouted: “Are you deaf? Move your ass! Right now!”

Yinyin’s face darkened. Kris was thrown into confusion. He didn’t see Hualong, and he was wondering where did the man get the courage to shout at him.

Kris then gazed at that person intently, and then he remembered. It was the man caught by Lan Yu. But Kris still didn’t know why was he here.

“Didn’t Lan Yu find anything out about him?” Kris thought to himself.

“What are you looking at! Move!!!” Then Hualong rolled up his sleeves and walked up to them.

Then, before Hualong could say anything, he received a slap from Yinyin.

Yinyin shouted in her tender voice: “Who the hell are you? How dare you to shout at Wizard King the Protector?”

It was a hard slap, and Hualong’s face swelled up quickly. He covered his face and looked at Kris in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that man is Wizard King the Protector.

“What are you doing? Apologize to Wizard King the Protector!!!”

Kris then sat up and looked at Hualong. He wore a half smile that might mean anything.

Hualong looked at Kris, and remembered what the man he just met told him. He was told that Wizard King the Protector is a murderous fanatic, and he was possessed by the devil. Wizard King Ming Zhu was killed exactly by him.

But Hualong couldn’t believe it. Because Kris doesn’t look like a man who can kill Ming Zhu. So he was highly doubtful.

Yinyin’s anger boiled up again when she saw Hualong was gaping at Kris. She walked to Hualong and delivered another slap on Hualong’s face.

Now, both sides of his face were swollen.

Hualong recollected himself after being slapped. His face crumpled. He said: “God Father, why are you hitting me? I’m the old God Father’s trusted subordinate. I just came back, and I was doing the mission the old God Father assigned me with. I was worried about your security, and that’s why….”

“You are my father’s trusted subordinate? How come I never knew that?” Yinyin gave a short laugh.

“It’s true. I am not lying. I had been keeping a low profile, and that’s why you didn’t hear about me. If you don’t trust me, you can ask the others. I’m ugly, but many people can still recognize me.”

Then Yinyin asked someone about it and was told that he was not lying. She then said: “You are not lying. But you insulted Wizard King the protector, and that is a deadly sin according to our rules. So….”

She looked up and shouted: “Drag him out and kill him!!!”

“Oh my God Father! I’m so loyal to you! You can’t be so unreasonable!”

“What? You said I am unreasonable? Good, now I have another reason to kill you.”

Huolong was terrified. He knelt on the ground and begged: “I’m sorry. I really didn’t know he is Wizard King the Protector! Please forgive me!”

“Stop explaining! Kill him!!” She shouted.

“Yes.” Then a few big men walked to Hualong and were about to drag him away.

Hualong was seized by regret. He wouldn’t have come back if he knew what was going to happen to him.

He dropped from the return-to-nature stage to the innate-power stage because he lost contact with the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings. Or he would surly escape.

“No, I can’t let them kill me just like this.” He thought to himself. Then he was prepared to escape.

But all of sudden, Kris stood up and said: “That’s enough. Go back.”

These big men walked away when they heard Kris’s order.

“Stand up. You didn’t know, so you are not guilty.” Kris looked at him smilingly.

“Really? Wizard King, are you sure?” Hualong couldn’t believe Wizard King the protector can be so nice.

“Sure.” Kris nodded. “You are trusted by the old God Father, and I can’t let you die like that.”

“Thank you my dear Wizard King! !” Hualong was in ecstasy.

“Okay, you can go now.” Kris waved his hand.

“Thank you. Thank you.”

Hualong walked out of the chamber. Then he remembered he wanted to ask God Father to give him the position of a Wizard King. Now, he didn’t get the position, and he offended God Father.

But he then thought that Wizard King the protector seemed to be a nice person, so maybe it would be a good idea to ask him about it.

Kris would never thought what was Hualong thinking.

“Why didn’t you kill him?” Yinyin pouted her mouth.

“He is nice, he is loyal, and he is powerful.So he can be very useful to us.”

“But he was so rude to you.”

Kris smiled. He held her in his arms and said: “You are now the God Father of Five Poisons Sect, and you can not so wilful, you know?”

“I want to be wilful.”

Then she pushed Kris down on a chair, and asked everyone in the chamber to leave and shut the gate. When they were alone, Yinyin licked her lips and said: “Now, I’ll show you how wilful I can be.”

Chapter 326: A newborn

Cries like sobs rang through the air.

With a female scream, silence fell in the hall.

“Kris Chen, will you stay will me for two more days?” Yinyin Yao said.

Yinyin lied on top of Kris. Her white fingers circled Kris’s chest.

“Just two days, OK?”Yinyin said.

Kris smiled wryly and couldn’t resist the way Yinyin pleaded, saying, “The last two days!”

“Really?” Yinyin said.

Yinyin was on cloud nine.

“Come on, Kris. Let’s move on. We’re running out of time…”Yinyin said.

As soon as she said that, she sat on Kris again.

“You have to give me a break…”

Before Kris finished what he wanted to say, Yinyin kissed him…

At the same time, disciples of Emei School were completely flurried in the backyard in Chen’s Manor.

“Come on, Ms. Mu’s water broke. Call an ambulance.” Yi Fang said immediately.

“No, it’s too late.”

At that moment, Sisi Mu was near fainting. Yi Fang asked some disciples to carry Sisi to bed.

“What are you doing?”

“Ms. Mu was too weak to wait for the ambulance.” Yi Fang said.

“Qingyuan, put your Inner Energy into her body. I will deliver her.” Yi Fang said.

“No, I don’t agree.” Qingyuan said.

It had been kind of her to take Sisi in. It made her feel very suffering to think that she would to help deliver Kris’s child.

In a daze, Sisi grabbed Yi Fang’s hand, saying, “Master, please help me. Please save my baby.”

Yi Fang was moved by Sisi’s maternal nature. “Don’t worry, Ms. Mu. I’ll do my best.” Yi Fang nodded and said.

“Go and get some hot water and find something to feed Ms. Mu.” Yi Fang said.

As she commanded her disciples, she put her Inner Energy into Sisi.

Feeling a warm energy was put into her body, Sisi sobered up.

“Harder, Ms. Mu.” Yi Fang said.


Sisi’s face twisted with pain. The veins in her hands were bulging as she clenched the quilt.

“Come on, the baby’s head is out.”


Another shrill cry came.

Qingyuan couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I will put my Inner Energy into her. You to deliver her.” Qingyuan said.

Then Qingyuan went over to Sisi and put her hands on Sisi’s shoulder.

“OK.” Yi Fang said.

“Ms. Mu, take a break. Let’s give birth to the baby at one fling.” Yi Fang said.

Most of the disciples of Emei School were born on Mount Emei. Although Yi Fang has never had a baby, she has seen how midwife deliver babies.

Sisi gasped. She was dripping with sweat and her mouth was white.


Finally, with a cry, the baby was born.

“It’s a pretty girl.”

Yi Fang placed the child next to Sisi. Looking at the baby, a feeling of kinship came to Sisi.

“Yi Fang, let’s go and get Mr. Chen. Now that the baby is born, it’s not appropriate for her to stay here.” Qiangyuan said with a cold face.



Yi Fang and Sisi said at the same time.

Sisi cried and pleaded, “Master Qingyuan, please don’t do that. They’re gonna take my kid.”

Qingyuan frowned and said, “Mr. Chen won’t do that, will he?”

When Qingyuan was saying that, there was a rumbling of feet outside the door, which sounded like a lot of people came.

Someone was coming.

Yi Fang and Qingyuan looked at the door.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

There were knocks on the door. “Master Qingyuan, Master Yi Fang, may I come in?” Quan Chen shouted from outside.

“Please come in, Mr. Chen.”

The door opened. Quan Chen, together with Jie Liang and Yuan Chen and dozens of disciples of Chen family entered the room.

The smell of blood filled the room, and everyone could not help covering their mouths and noses.

“The babe was born?”

Quan Chen smiled. His face beamed with joy. He said to Qingyuan, “Master, thank you for taking care of my sister-in-law.

Qingyuan didn’t say anything but made a bow with hands folded in front.

Jie Liang stepped forward and went to the bed. She smiled as she looked at the sleeping baby in swaddle. “Sisi, thanks for your hard work. We are here today to pick you up.”

“No, I’m not coming back with you.” Sisi said.

Sisi held the child tightly and shook her head, saying, “You will hurt my child.”

After hearing what Sisi said, Jie Liang’s face froze immediately. Then she said with a wry smile, “Sisi, what are you talking about? We are your family. How could we hurt your baby?”

“Sisi, don’t worry. We promise we won’t hurt the baby.”

“Yes, sister-in-law. We are the uncles of the baby. How could we hurt her?”

Disciples of Chen family comforted Sisi one after another.

But after what had happened, Sisi didn’t believe a word they said.

“No, I won’t go. I’ll stay here and wait Lei Chen to pick me up.” Sisi said resolutely.


Quan Chen went to Jie Liang’s side and looked at Sisi sincerely, saying, “Sisi, it’s cruel for me to say this, but I have to tell you that Lei Chen is dead. Don’t have any illusions. It was our thoughtlessness that hurt you before, but know we know we were wrong. Give us a chance to make amends, will you?”

“Lei Chen isn’t dead. He must come back to pick me up.” Sisi said.

“Why can’t you listen to what we said?” Quan Chen said. Quan Chen was annoyed, but as Yi Fang and Qingyuan were there, he dared not to lose his temper.

“Sisi, are you determined not to go with us?” Jie Liang said with a clouded face.

“I won’t leave here unless Lei Chen comes to pick me up.” Sisi said.

“Sister-in-law, why are you so stubborn and naive? You have perturbed Master Qingyuna and Master Yi Fang for a long time. Aren’t you feel it’s shameful?” Yuan Chen said.

“Yes, why are you immune to both soft and hard tactics?”

“People will think we mistreat you if you insist that.”

Disciples of Chen family began to blame Sisi immediately.

Sisi sneered in her heart. Such is the nature of people of Chen family.

“Do you need me to tell you what Lei Chen is doing?” Sisi said.

As soon as Sisi said that, Quan Chen and those who came with him were all stunned. Then everyone’s face clouded.

“Okay, stop it. If you don’t want to come back with us, we will not force you to do that. I hope you can conduct yourself well.” Quan Chen said to Sisi.

Then he turned and left.

Yuan Chen and others followed Quan Chen and left in disgrace.

“Ah, we are of the same root, why slaughter each other frightfully?”

Jie Liang said falsely and left.

They walked out of the backyard and went to the adytum where the old man of Chen family practiced.

They didn’t expect that Sis would threat them with that.

It’s a gross miscalculation.

Sisi knew that Chen family joined Holy Dragon Cult. If she tells this to Master, Chen family will be destroyed.

“Let’s not act rashly to stimulate her, or she will go crazy. What if she really talks about it?”

Tianzong Chen was very worried. “I shouldn’t have indulged Lei Chen. If Sisi had an abortion, there are no such worries now.” Tianzong thought.

“As far as I am concerned, why not …”

Yuan Chen made an action of throat cut.

“No. Do you think those people of Emei School are all fools? They will enforce justice on behalf of Heaven if they know we kill Sisi.” Jie Liang said immediately.


Yuan Chen scratched his head and looked embarrassed.

“Then what should we do? As long as the child lives, we can’t hold up our heads.”

“Yes, the baby must be killed!”

“Stop talking. If you’re so capable, go and kill her.” Quan Chen roared impatiently.

After Quan Chen said that, everyone was silent.


“If only grandpa didn’t ask us to join Holy Dragon Cult.”

“Yes, the old man is getting old and confused.”

“I regret having done that. I should have opposed it.”

At that moment, someone said that and everyone followed up.

Tianzong agreed with what they said. If fact, when the old man let them join Holy Dragon Cult, he didn’t agree.

But the old man has so much prestige and it’s useless for him to object.

Tianzong had a stern face and pretended to do what an elder should do, saying, “Stop it. How can you say that? I will show no mercy if I hear any of you speak ill of the old man.”

When they saw the elder was angry, they all shut up.

“Ah, I’ve got a good idea!” Yuan Chen said.

Everyone looked at Yuan Chen and said, “What’s in your mind?”

“Yuan Chen, tell us.” Quan Chen said hurriedly.

In fact, Quan Chen was more worried than anyone else. If he allowed the baby to grow up, sooner or later others would find out the truth.

By that time, he would be reviled and despised by all.

Everything he has would be taken from him.

It’s impossible for him to be the elder of Chen family.

“After Lei Chen’s death, Sisi’s mental state is not very good. Now the child is her only hope. If we steal the baby, won’t she break down and be crazy?” Yuan Chen said.

“What if she destroy herself and us together?” Someone asked worriedly.

“Then let her do that. If she is crazy, who will believe what she says?”

“Yes, as long as we insist that she is crazy, disciples of Emei School will not believe what she says.”

After hearing that, Quan Chen was very happy. Quan Chen couldn’t help patting Yuan Chen’s shoulder, saying, “Good for you.”

“But there are so many disciples of Emei School in the backyard. It’s difficult to be close to there and how can we steal the baby?”


Many people were discouraged.

Yuan Chen smiled and said, “I know how to do that.”

At ten o’clock in the evening, a man in black came to the junction of the backyard and foreyard.

“Xiaofeng, Xiaofeng.”

The man in black said in a low voice.

“Yuan Chen!”

With a gust of fragrant, Xiaofeng rushed into the arms Yuan Chen.

“Xiaofeng, I miss you very much.” Yuan Chen said.

“Yuan Chen, I also miss you.” Xiaofeng said.

“Stop talking nonsense. Let me check your body first.” Yuan Chen said.

A minute later, Yuan Chen lied on the body of Xiaofeng and gasped after a shiver.

“Yuan Chen, are you ready?” Xiaofeng asked.

“No, wait for a moment. I’m trying my best!” Yuan Chen said.

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