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Chapter 325: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 325 I will Take Care of Her for the Rest of My Life (1)

“Sure, I’ll go now,” Chuxue Ye ran out for a few steps and then turned back to tease Yiyao Duan, “Yiyao, you are my brother’s panacea. Look, he woke up as soon as you came here.” After saying that, she ran out immediately.

Yiyao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She just got the point. And she was no match at all fighting against her.

“Don’t be angry. Chuxue has been like this since she was young. She only shows the real her when she’s with someone intimate.” Jingyan worried that Yiyao was angry and explained for her sister.

“I know. She has a good character, and I like her very much.” Yiyao said with a smile.

Jingyan looked straight at her and said heartily, “You are much thinner.”

“One must lose weight after a major surgery. Just like me, you’ve also lost a lot of weight.”

As soon as she said that, the door was opened and Venus Mu entered with concerns.

Jingyan looked at his mother and said with guilt, “Mom, sorry for worrying you.”

Venus wiped the tears and said in smile, “It’s good to hear that you’re awake.”

“Mom, I will get better.”

“Mom knows that. Mom is so happy that you wake up,” Venus took out her cell phone to call her husband, “I informed your father. He is in charge of the company for you these days, and looked forward for your waking up every day.”

Jingyan laughed, “Of course, when I wake up, he can be relieved.”

Soon the doctor came in in a hurry. He greeted Yiyao and began to check Jingyan’s health contidition.

“I’m staying upstairs with you. Check your body first, and I’ll come down to see you when I’m free.” Yiyao whispered, signaling him to let go of her hand.

Jingyan did not want to let her go, but had to let her go, “Move slowly and be careful of the wound.”

“I know,” Yiyao got up holding Chuxue’s arm and slowly went out of the ward under Jingyan’s gaze.

I got to get better hurriedly, Jingyan said secretly in his heart, so he could go and take care of her. Seeing her expression of sorrow, he was heartbroken.

After the check, the doctor was surprised. In the morning he was still quite weak, and how would all indicators become close to normal values now?

Several doctors discussed and said, “We can transfer him to the general ward, since he is fine now.”

Venus did not raise any objection to this decision because she knew too well this ability of quick recovery inherited in the Ye family.

“Mom, Jingyan is fine, so you and dad don’t need to stay here tonight. Go home and take a good rest.” Chuxue saw that her mother had lost much weight, and showed her concerns.

“It is not convenient for you to stay her. I will ask your father stay ……”

“No. Later the little divine mascot will come here.”

Jingyan also did not want his parents to be tired, so he followed by his sister’s words, “Mom, later when dad comes, you guys go back. You can’t sleep well here. Come back tomorrow.”

Venus couldn’t fight against to them, so she had to agree.

After going upstairs, Yiyao was in a much better mood, and when she reminded of Jingyan’s confession, she couldn’t help but lay down under the covers and smile. Since she said she would start relationship with him, she naturally wouldn’t bother him with the bad things that had happened to him before.

Just go forward.

Hope they will have a happy ending.

In the Ye family’s villa.

Xuan Zhao was eating listlessly when she suddenly heard the sound of the car engine. She stretched her neck to take a look, and found it was the car that Kerry Ye drove these days. She was happy, and hurriedly put down her chopsticks and walked out.

Sure enough, Venus and Kerry came out from the car, looking extremely tired.

“Uncle and Auntie, finally you’re back. How is it Jingyan’s going?” Xuan asked worriedly.

Venus said as she walked towards the house, “Much better. He just needs some time to recuperate.”

“That’s good. I am so worried.” Xuan patted her chest.

Seeing that her baby had grown a bit bigger, Venus didn’t know whether to rejoice or feel bad ……

“Are you feeling well these days?”

Xuan smiled and said, “The baby is fine. Don’t worry. You and uncle haven’t eaten yet, right? The rice is just served now. Just take some.”

Venus waved her hand, “Sorry, I’m exhausted from the past few days, I’m going up to rest first.”

Kerry of course followed his wife, “You can eat by yourself, and we don’t want to eat.”

Xuan nodded and said “good night, auntie and uncle.

This night, everyone slept tight after such a time of chaos.

The next day, a large number of doctors and nurses came to check Jingyan’s health. When seeing Jingyan in the ward holding the wall to move, everyone was shocked.

“Didn’t you …… just wake up yesterday? How can you get out of bed and move around so quickly?” The doctor stuttered.

Jingyan stood and explained with a faint smile, “My recovery ability has been very good since I was a child.”

“That’s too fast. Come on. Sit on the bed first, and I’ll check your health condition.”

When the check was finished, the doctor looked at him with amazement, “I’ve been a doctor for so many years, but I’ve never seen a patient with such a good self-healing ability. If everyone was like you, hospitals would have to close down.”

Jingyan laughed and didn’t say anything. He couldn’t wait to be able to walk as fast as he could today so he could go to take care of Yiyao.

Around eight o’clock, Venus and Kerry came, with two boxes of food. Seeing that his son looked much better, Kerry said with great relief, “Not bad. You recover so quickly.”

“When the doctors came to check my health condition just now, they seemed like they were looking at an alien,” Jingyan shook his head helplessly, and despising such a group of ignorant humans.

Venus opened a box of food, and the aroma instantly wafted throughout the ward, “This is the soup I had the cook to cook for three or four hours. Drink it while it’s warm, since it nourishes the qi and blood.”

Jingyan took a sip with a spoon, but he looked at another box of food and asked with a smile, “Mom, what’s the other one?”

“This one is for Yi Yao,”

“Mom, you are so kind.” Jingyan looked like a child now.

Venus teased him, “I am afraid that my silly son will give away his soup, so it’s better to cook more. Don’t you think so?”

“Mother knows her children well!” Jingyan gave her a thumbs up and put down the spoon and immediately said, “I’ll send it up to her.”

“Drink the soup, and I’ll send it to her.” Venus said seriously, “You just woke up yesterday. Don’t move around.”

“Mom, the doctor encouraged me to move around more, I’ll go, and come down for soup later.”

Venus also wanted to stop him, but was stopped by her husband, “Let him go. Or how would that matter pass?”

That matter, of course, refers to Xuan’s pregnancy.

When she thought about it, Venus thought it was right and urged her son, “Walk slowly.”

“I know.”

At this moment, Yiyao was eating breakfast on her hospital bed, including porridge, an egg, and two buns.

Chapter 325 I Will Take Care of Her for the Rest of My Life (2)

When she heard a knock on the door, she said “Come in”, and when she saw the person who appeared in front of her, she dropped the bun on the dining table.

Jingyan Ye looked at the breakfast on her table and said with a frown, “You eat such a light diet? They are not so nutrient.”

“Wait, how can you get out of bed?” Yiyao Duan couldn’t believe her eyes.

Jingyan looked at her tenderly, “In order to be able to take care of you.”

“Speak the truth.” Yiyao was a little uncomfortable with him speaking erotic words anytime and anywhere.

Jingyan sat by the hospital bed, opened the box of food, and said softly, “It is because of the genes in our family. We get healed by ourselves quickly.”

Yiyao suddenly remembered his secrets. He is not only able to fly through the wall and keep floating, he also possesses such amazing ability. This is simply the dream constituent that every soldier dream to have.

“Let it go. Come on, and drink the soup. My parents brought it from home.” Jingyan fed her with a spoon.

Yiyao came back to her mind and awkwardly tried to take the spoon and drink it herself, but he refused, “Don’t refuse me. Drink quickly.”

Yiyao had to open her mouth and drank it. It was so fragrant and delicious.

“Did you drink it?” Yiyao took another sip with his hand.

Jingyan’s expression was serious, like he was doing a very important job, “No, I’ll go back and drink it later.”

“Then don’t feed me, and I can drink it myself,” Yiyao took the spoon from his hand forcefully and muttered in a small voice, “It’s not like I can’t move my hands.”

Jingyan didn’t say anything, just looked at her and smiled. The girl he likes is beautiful and lovely anyway, especially when she just woke up, with fluffy hair, like a kitten.

Under his deep gaze, Yiyao’s heartbeat accelerated. She even couldn’t hold the spoon. She reached out her hands and pushed his shoulder, “What are you laughing at? Go and eat your breakfast.”

“Then take your time to drink. I’ll come up later to get the box.”

Yiyao bowed her head and said yes, burying her red face in the bowl.

Only when she heard the sound of closing the door, Yiyao raised her head and let out a sigh of relief. His gaze was so affectionate.

For the next whole day, Jingyan almost showed in front of Yiyao. The two of them held each other to exercise. Henry sent the lunch for Jingyan to eat with Yiyao.

Venus sat in the car and lamented, “Others say that we raise a daughter for other families, but why do I think we raise our son for other families?”

“That’s fine. We can save a lot of work.” Kerry clasped her hand and said.

“How can we not worry? What about the one at home?” Venus asked annoyedly.

Kerry shook her hand and said, “Jingyan has grown up, and this is something he causes. Just let him to solve it himself. Do not stop anything he does later.”

Venus frowned, “What? What if he still forces Xuan Zhao to have an abortion?”

“I don’t think so. I’ll ask him what he’s going to do some day when he’s getting better.”

At this time, Xuan was thinking about how to go to the hospital to find Jingyan. she was really worried about Jingyan. Without seeing him, she would keep being worried. In addition to this, if she can let him change his attitude towards her by taking care of him, that would be even better.

Jingyan helped Yiyao walk along the brick path for a while, and seeing that she was a bit tired, he proposed to sat on the bench next to them for a rest.

“Are you tired?” Jingyan used his sleeve to wipe the sweat on her forehead, Yiyao subconsciously avoided it.

Jingyan was helpless, “Why do you keep avoiding me?”

Yiyao was embarrassed, “I’m not used to it.”

Jingyan came close to her ear and whispered, “Then you should get used to it as soon as possible, otherwise you would blush when I say affectionate words in the future.”

Yiyao moved away a little bit and blushed, “Then you should talk properly.”

“I’ll try my best,” Jingyan lowered his eyes to admire her shy expression. If not for the fact that both of them were now injured, he would have taken her into his arms.

Yiyao lost her imposing manner of a captain, but completely became a little girl immersed in love. She would also blush, and will be at a loss.

At the hospital entrance, a pregnant woman who is slim came down from a cab. She is Xuan.

She went to the guidance area first and asked which department was responsible for admitting patients after accidents. The nurse told her that it might be the orthopedic department, and after searching for a long time to find the orthopedic department, she asked the nurse if there was a patient named Jingyan. And the nurse shook her head.

Xuan was not satisfied and went to every ward in the inpatient department to look for him. After all the laborious work, she was out of breath, but she still found nothing.

Had he been transferred to another hospital?

Impossible. This is the best hospital in Sky City. Since he was here before, it is impossible to transfer him to another hospital.

Xuan stood in front of the window pondering, and suddenly saw a familiar figure on the wide exercise field downstairs. He wore a hospital gown and supported another sick woman for a walk.

Is he Jingyan? Xuan was surprised, and after careful identification, she affirmed her guess.

She went downstairs quickly with enormous joy. This travel is fruitful.

Although there are many people in the exercise field, with all patients and their families. Some are also jogging. However, Xuan could find him within so many people.

After several days, he loses much weight with the gown loosely put on his body and can not walk well.

But, who is the woman next to him?

Is it a hospital acquaintance? He held her arm intimately, waited for her and turned his head to talk to her occasionally. This is the warmth that she wants for a long time.

No! She framed a woman officer before and she could not stand him being grabbed by others.

Xuan knew that Jingyan wouldn’t want her here, but she couldn’t stand it. She needed to tell the woman that she has his baby.

The woman’s skin is a little pale, her face is angular, and she has a handful of short hair stuck to her face, which was gently lifted behind to her ears by Jingyan. However, she was glaring at him, while Jingyan had a doting smile on his face.

Xuan was shocked. How could it be her? Why would it be her?

She had left a long time ago, hadn’t she? Why was she hospitalized with Jingyan?

Suddenly she reminded of the attitude of Venus. She proposed several times to visit Jingyan in the hospital, but was refused by her for various reasons. It turned out that this female officer was the real reason.

The Ye family didn’t want her to appear in front of the female officer. so they still felt that the female officer was more important than her who was already pregnant.

Yiyao was keenly aware of a pair of eyes staring at her, so she turned around, but found nothing.

Xuan turned around the moment she looked over She bit her mouth, with both hands clenching the bag, and with cynicism and anger showing in her eyes.

Jingyan, why not me? I have your baby. Why would you not look at me? And Yiyao, I would not let you to take away my things. Just wait.

“What are you looking at?” Jingyan looked at her with a serious face.

Yiyao turned her head, “It feels like someone was looking at me just now. Maybe I’m too sensitive.”

“You’re too nervous.” Jingyan also looked back and didn’t find anything unusual, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Yiyao was deeply suspicious of his latter statement. He couldn’t even protect himself now.

After another round of walking, the two sat on a bench to rest and sunbathe. Time elapsed. Jingyan and her held each other’s hands. They just wanted that time would stop here.

Chapter 325 I Will Take Care of Her for the Rest of My Life (3)

Azure Dragon came over from afar, holding Yiyao Duan’s cell phone in his hand.

“Boss, the chief called just now.” Azure Dragon whispered next to her ear, and took the time to glance at Jingyan. How dare him grab his boss again?

Yiyao called her father back and got through after only a while, “Dad, anything wrong?”

“How’s your body?” Jun Duan’s voice was deep.

“Quite well. I’m moving around down there.”

“I heard that Jingyan has also woken up?”

Yiyao looked at the person next to her and her tone was much softer, “Yes, he’s awake.”

“That’s good, we’ve already had a battle plan on our side. I’m going to there. Take care of yourself at the hospital.”

Yiyao straightened her back when she heard that, “Dad, when are you guys leaving?”

“We’re leaving this evening.”

Yiyao was clear about the rules, so she didn’t ask again, but said with concerns, “Dad, you have to be careful.”

“I know. I still have to see you to get married and have children with my own eyes, so I won’t die so easily.”

When Yiyao heard her father’s tone, she knew that it was not easy to fight for this time. The more relaxed he seemed the, more dangerous the situation was known to be.

“Give the phone to Jingyan, and I’ll have a few words for him.”

Yiyao froze and gave the phone to the person next to her, “My father told you to listen to the phone.”

Jingyan’s heart was so nervous. This was his future father-in-law, so he had to go along well with him.

Taking the phone, he respectfully and politely said, “Hello uncle, I’m Jingyan.”

“Hello, although you have not met me, but I saw you when I left. This time I need to say thank you to you.”

Jingyan replied with respect: “This is all what I need to do.”

Jun’s voice was warm, “My daughter grew up in the military troop, so she is like a boy, with bad temper. If you get married in the future, you have to be more tolerant of her.”

Jingyan looked at Yiyao with a smile and said, “Uncle, Yiyao is fine. Don’t worry. I will take care of her.”

“I have no objection to your marriage, but there is one thing you must do.” Jun’s last sentence was serious.

Jingyan also got serious, “Please.”

“Since you decided to be with her, you absolutely can’t abandon her, or do anything messy. If you make my daughter sad, I will not let you go.”

Jingyan suddenly remembered the matter of Xuan, and became concerned, but still made a promise, “Uncle, as long as I am still alive, I will definitely not let Yiyao be sad.”

“Remember what you said.” Jun ended the call after this sentence.

Xuan took the phone from his hands and said with a slightly red face, “Why is it like that you guys are selling me out.”

“Uncle told me to take care of you.” Jingyan said with a smile, but deep in his heart, he was hesitating. How to tell her about Xuan’s pregnancy? The two of them had just eased their tension a little. In case she knew about it, would she turn away again after being mad? The news which might hurt her heart, would do no good for her recovery.

But he couldn’t help but say ……

“What are you thinking about?” Yiyao looked at him looking dumb and asked curiously.

Jingyan came back to his mind. Before confessing this matter, he still had one more thing to figure out, “Yiyao, I remembered one thing that I never had the chance to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Jingyan looked up at Azure Dragon who was standing aside, Azure Dragon bristled and went to run in disdain.

When Yiyao saw that he had sent away Azure Dragon, she knew that this matter was not simple and her expression became serious.

“Don’t get angry when I ask.” Jingyan gave her a warning.

Yiyao depised him, “If I was really that mean, how would I still sit and bathe in the sun with you?”

Jingyan smiled and said, “That morning, you came to the hotel to look for me. How did you know that I was in that hotel room?”

Yiyao tilted her head and thought for a moment, “Didn’t you send me a text message to tell me?”

“It couldn’t have been me,” Jingyan explained, “I slept until you came and woke up. I didn’t touch my phone at all, and with that kind of thing happening, how could I have texted you to come over and observe?”

“What?” Yiyao twisted her head to glare at him. What does he mean?

Jingyan quickly held her shoulders to explain, “Don’t be angry. What I want to express is that this incident did not happen when I was sober. I was also a victim.”

There were only two people in the room at that time. Since the text was not sent by him, it could only be sent by Xuan. Her purpose was simple, that was, to break up the relationship between him and Yiyao.

She did it and got pregnant successfully.

Jingyan instantly felt that he had been framed by this woman.

In fact, he had known that this woman had some affections for him long before, but he had already subtly rebuffed her, but he didn’t expect her to insist. It seems that he should have refused in person, so that he wouldn’t have gotten into this situation today.

“What you just meant was that the girl deliberately made me go to the hotel?” Yiyao understood.


Yiyao nodded, “I see. She likes you, right?”

“I saved her before. However, I didn’t expect her to repay me like this.” Jingyan said coldly.

Yiyao patted his shoulder and flirted, “It is always the story in TV? You saved the girl and the girl gave you her body. Very appropriate, right?”

“Yiyao ……”

“Okay, take your time to think about it, and I’ll turn around again.” Yiyao propped up his shoulders to get up. Although she said that she didn’t care anymore, in fact, it was hard for her the accept that.

Jingyan see her upset expression, he would not let her go alone, but grabbed her hand and didn’t let her go.

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