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Chapter 326: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 326 Follow Your Heart to Love Someone (1)

He was nervous. He just mentioned a question and then she got angry. How dare he tell her that explosive news? He would definitely be kicked out by her.

During the evening meal, Jingyan saw that she was still a bit sullen. In order to make her happy, he said, “Let me tell you a joke from my school days.”

Yiyao Duan drank her soup listlessly and said yes.

“When I was a sophomore, I started a game company. Because I was often outside the school, I didn’t take some elective courses. Once I went to the exam for ideological and moral cultivation, I went early to take a seat, and saw a guy sitting next to me. I said, “Hey bro, can you give me a copy for the exam later? He turned around and looked at me, but did not speak. I took this as a yes. A few minutes later the bell rang, this guy went straight to the podium ……”

At this point, Jingyan stopped. Yiyao was interested and asked: “What for?”

Jingyan smiled bitterly, “handing out papers. He is our teacher.”

“Lol.” Yiyao laughed aloud, with her gloomy mood swept away, “And then what?”

“I didn’t pass the exam,” Jingyan was helpless, “that was the only time I didn’t passed the exam for all the study. And that day, he was sitting next to me. Even though I wanted to use the phone to check, I couldn’t. That experience is really memorable.”

“I didn’t expect you to have such moments.”

“I also did not expect him to be a teacher, since he looked quite young.” Seeing her to be happy, he also cheered up, and gave her a bowl of soup and said, “Drink some more. I specially asked my families to cook for you. It is good for girls to nourish the blood and qi.”

“I’ve already drunk a big bowl.” Yiyao beamed, couldn’t help but show the loveliness of a girl.

“Well, drink some more. It will be better for your injury.”

Yiyao blushed, so she buried her head and continued to drink.

Jingyan finally smiled.

Under Jingyan’s attentive care, Yiyao recovered rapidly, and her pale face also became ruddy. And Jingyan was already walking like a normal person.

This afternoon, Jingyan came up with two bags and knocked on the door, but there was no sound inside.

“The boss is taking a nap. Do you want something?” Azure Dragon appeared from nowhere.

Jingyan shook the bags, “I brought her a few clothes, since she can’t always wear a hospital gown.”

“Oh, go in, but keep your voice down.” After saying that, Azure Dragon turned around and went into another ward.

The curtains were lit, so the ward was gloomy. The girl was lying on her side under the covers sleeping flat. She used to lie low, but with injuries on her back, she could only keep such a posture which she had only recently become accustomed to.

Jingyan put his clothes on the sofa, went to the bed and sat down, quietly looking at her.

Her face was much rounder than the other day, and she frowned for something she was dreaming of.

Jingyan leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, and when he got up, he found that she had opened her eyes and had the gun in her hand against his heart.

“Why you made no sound when you came in.” Yiyao threw the gun casually into the quilt and asked in a soft tone.

“Azure Dragon said you were sleeping, so I didn’t want to disturb you,” Jingyan’s expression didn’t change a bit, but instead he was heartbroken that she was sleeping restlessly.

Yiyao rubbed her eyes and smiled, “I didn’t scare you, right?”

Jingyan gently ruffled the thin bangs in front of her forehead and said in a soft voice, “What I fear most in this world is that you would leave me. Apart from that, I’m not afraid of anything else.”

Yiyao’s eyes were tinged with warmth, and she shrank back inside the quilt, murmuring, “I still want to sleep.”

“Just sleep, and I’ll stay here with you.”

Yiyao hesitated for a moment, patted the other half of the bed and said, “Are you sleepy? Sleep with me for a while.”

Jingyan was surprised for two seconds, then took off his jacket and took off his shoes, nimbly got into the quilt, lay down face to face with her. Looking at the girl’s blushing face, he said in a voice that two people could hear, “It just happens that I’m also sleepy.”

Yiyao closed her eyes, with her long eyelashes moving, and smile that could not be pressed.

Perhaps the distance was too close, so close that they could hear each other’s wild heartbeats. Jingyan was attracted by the scent of her body, looking straight at her lips, and asked with his voice full of temptation, “Yiyao, I want to kiss you.”

Yiyao fiercely opened her eye with protest. Before she just wanted to say “no”, she was kissed by Jingyan.

The kiss was like a feather crossing the heart and turned out to be very comfortable. Yiyao looked at the pair of strange eyes, which reflected her own shadow, then she obediently closed her eyes.

Seeing that she didn’t refuse, Jingyan went further. He missed her so much that he wanted more. His tongue slipped into her mouth and open her mouth, and tangled with her tongue. He was so eager to taste the taste that belongs to her ……

Two of them are adults, and love each other. When touching each other, the fire immediately turned on.

Jingyan was both gentle and fierce.

Jingyan clasped her waist, seemingly wanting to integrate hers in his own body. His hands could not help but reach into her clothes, feeling her delicacy and temperature ……

It wasn’t until Yiyao felt something against the root of her thighs that she snapped out of her confusion and pinched someone’s hot ears, panting lightly, “Stop.”

Jingyan was kissing her collarbone. When hearing her voice, he also stopped, raised his head with hot eyes looking at the girl with her watery eyes, and kissed the lips again. After those, he took her into his arms.

“Yiyao, Yiyao ……” he whispered beside her ear, as if to shout into her soul. At that moment, Yiyao almost gave up.

“Are you having a hard time?” Yiyao asked in a muffled voice.

Jingyan didn’t know what she was going to do, so he pretended to be pitiful and said, “Well, it’s hard, but I won’t force you if you don’t want to.”

Yiyao was silent for a while and said in a murmur, “I think we’re moving too fast.”

“I know. I can wait.” Jingyan tide her short hair and used his willpower to bring down the fire in his body, “Well, sleep.”

Yiyao fell asleep for the first time in this way, but inexplicably she fell asleep quickly, probably at ease with him by her side.

Jingyan laughed silently when he heard her steady breathing.

He originally just wanted to come up and give her clothes, but he didn’t expect to get such a benefit, so he was very satisfied with it.

In the quiet afternoon, the two lied in a bed and took the most wonderful nap.

The next day, after the doctor had check Jingyan’s health condition, he said calmly, “Mr. Ye, you can be discharged from the hospital.”

“What? So soon?” Jingyan showed his surprise.

“You have completely recovered and are completely ready to be discharged.” After days of blows, the doctor was used to his ability to heal so quickly.

He knew his body well, so of course Jingyan could feel that he was well, but Yiyao was not well, so he said: “Doctor, can I stay for two more days?”

The doctor didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Mr. Ye, I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t want to be discharged. Sorry, the amount of our hospital beds is limited, so you’d better give it to someone who needs it.”

“When will Yiyao be discharged?”

“Captain Duan may need a few more days.”

Jingyan thought for a moment and said, “Then can she go out to convalesce?”

Chapter 326 Follow Your Heart to Love Someone (2)

“No, the commander Duan has given instructions before leaving that she is not allowed to step out of the hospital without a complete recovery. And it’s not convenient to conduct the treatment or anything.”

Jingyan Ye gave up this idea and asked again, “I really can’t stay for two more days?”

“No, you should know by asking at the nurse’s guidance area that how many patients are waiting for a bed.”

Jingyan said with frustration, “Okay, I’ll go and do the discharging procedures later.”

“You don’t have to pay, because all the expenses are covered by our hospital.”

To this, Jingyan didn’t say anything. It should be the chief who gave the order, “Get it.”

After the doctor left, Jingyan called his sister and asked her to come pick him up and discharge him. And by the way, he went upstairs to talk to Yiyao Duan.

“Go. Remember to bring me something delicious.” Yiyao was lying on the bed playing a game in the clothes he brought yesterday. She had no feeling anything about his discharge, because he would come often anyway after he was discharged.

“Call me when you have something you want to eat.”

“Got it.”

“Then I’m leaving.” Jingyan was reluctant to give up, but Yiyao was playing game and she couldn’t put her attention on him. Jingyan had an impulse to go up and raise her chin and kiss her hard on the lips before letting go.

Yiyao was confused for two seconds, heard the “KO” sound from the phone and screamed, “Oh, it’s all your fault.”

“You ignore me first” Jingyan was indignant.

Yiyao has no awareness of the role as a girlfriend, and said in puzzlement, “You will come again, so you still let me see you leaving?”

Jingyan was depressed, “Okay. Play your game. I’m leaving.”

“Wait,” Yiyao saw that he was a bit grumpy, hooked her finger and said, “Come here.”

Jingyan obeyed and leaned down. Yiyao wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed him back on the lips for a moment and let go, “Tomorrow I want to drink chicken soup.”

Jingyan came over and nibbled on her moist lips and said in a low voice, “Yes, Sir.”

On the way home, Jingyan kept reminiscing about the kiss. The girl he liked was sometimes very gentle, and sometimes very fierce. No matter what she is like, he likes them all.

When the car was almost at the villa, Jingyan realized that this was not the way to the apartment, so he turned his head to gaze at Chuxue Ye and asked, “Why are you driving home?”

“By the order of the mother. She ordered that I must get you home. How dare I to disobey her order?” Chuxue said playfully.

“I’m not going home. Park the car here, and I’ll go back to the apartment by myself.”

Chuxue refused and said: “Jingyan, we are almost here. Just go in and turn around. You wouldn’t lose anything. And, I can send you out again. You get to let me finish the task, right?”

Jingyan glared at her and did not speak.

Chuxue smiled, “You can’t blame me, but you should blame yourself. All the way home, you are thinking about Yiyao, and didn’t know I took another road.”

Reminding Yiyao, Jingyan’s anger was mostly gone, “Why are you uniting with mom? Aren’t you supporting me?”

“Of course I support you, but the mother is the boss of the family. She gave the order and I dare not disobey,” said Chuxue when glancing at his brother, and continued, “In addition, Xuan is pregnant now. Not seeing her doesn’t mean that this thing did not happen? Jingyan, this is a cover-up.”

Jingyan leaned back in his chair and said sullenly, “Then what can I do? No matter what she did she had to give birth to this child, and mom was protecting her, so I could only do nothing about it.”

“Have you told Yiyao about this?”

“Not yet. I don’t know how to ask.” This is the biggest problem during this period of time.

Chuxue, like an older sister, advised him, “Jingyan, you should do it quickly. The sooner Yiyao knows, the less harm she will suffer.”

“What if she refuses to forgive me?”

“But this matter can’t be covered up. Even though you do not say, she will finally know. The more you say, the more odds you will have.”

Jingyan fell into silence. He understood all these reasons, but he just did not dare.

He was very decisive about everything, except for those related to Yiyao.

Wait until she is getting a little bit better again, and wait for a good time.

However, if he knew that something like that would happen behind him, he would definitely tell her himself tomorrow.

At the entrance of the villa, Venus Mu was waiting, and next to her stood an equally excited Xuan Zhao.

When Chuxue’s car stopped, Venus saw the person on the passenger side before a smile appeared on her face, “You’re out of the hospital.”

“Mom.” Jingyan got out of the car and called out, without looking at Xuan.

“Henry He, have someone to take out the luggage from the car.” Venus said happily. She was just worried that Chuxue wouldn’t be able to take him back.

Jingyan looked calm and stopped Henry, “Uncle Zhang, there is no need to fetch it, since I will leave later.”

“Leave? Where are you going?” The smile on Venus’s face disappeared abruptly.

“I’m going to stay at the apartment.”

Venus was irritated, “There’s nothing in your apartment. I didn’t stop you when you went to live some time ago, but now you get injured, then who will cook for you?”

Jingyan’s tone was always very calm, “I can do it myself.”

“Wow! You can cook by yourself? What about making soup? You don’t work anymore? Did you forget that there are some other person?” Venus referred to someone else. The woman was calm, but her heart was clenched by a hand.

He really hates her so much that he refuses to even look at her?

Jingyan was silent for a long time and said to Henry, “Uncle Zhang, bring down the luggage.” For the sake of Yiyao’s diet, he might as well hold back for a while.

Hearing these words, the people present let out a sigh of relief.

Chapter 326 Follow Your Heart to Love Someone (3)

In the evening, Jingyan Ye sat in the living room reading files, Xuan Zhao slowly walked over and sat down next to him, Jingyan got up without a word and sat down on the opposite.

When you hate someone to such an extent, you wouldn’t even want to smell he scent.

Xuan clenched her hands suppressed her anger and said softly: “Jingyan, I have got pregnant for over two months. And the doctor said everything is fine.”

Jingyan kept looking at the files in his hands, as if he had not heard her words.

“Don’t you want to touch him?” Xuan got up and came to him, bent her legs and squatted down, tilted her head and looked at him pitifully, trying to impress him with the child.

Bringing up this matter, Jingyan happened to have something to ask her.

“Let me ask you. Last time at the hotel, was it you who sent a text message to tell Yiyao the hotel address and room number?”

Xuan’s face turned pale and she kept shaking her head, “It wasn’t me.”

“You should stop acting. If it wasn’t you, was it me?” Jingyan sneered, “I slept so deeply that I didn’t even know if I had touched you so how could I tell Yiyao clearly where I was?”

Xuan naturally didn’t dare to admit all this and argued, “Jingyan, even though you don’t like me and don’t want this child, you can’t slander me. How would I know your phone password?”

“Couldn’t you have tried it one by one with my fingers?”

Jingyan just knew her. Xuan was extremely nervous, “I …… I can’t even think of this, and, and Yiyao is a female officer. Isn’t it easy for her to check any information? How can you blame this matter on me?”

Jingyan looked at her with disgust, “Well! You think she’s that boring, right? I have already asked her. In that morning, someone did send her a text message with the detailed address. And at that time, there were only you and me in the room. It is obvious.”

Xuan refused to admit it, “Why don’t you believe me? I really did not do anything.”

“Believe you? Xuan, now I really regret that I saved you more than twenty years ago, and even saved you some time ago.” After saying that, Jingyan threw the files on the coffee table and got up angrily and left the living room.

Xuan looked at his back, feeling like her heart had been stabbed. The moment she got out of the car until now, he didn’t even look at herself.

The reason for this is because of that woman and he is willing to stay in the villa because he has to send all kinds of soup to that woman in the hospital every day, right?

“Xuan, why are you squatting on the ground? Get up quickly.” The voice of Venus came from behind. Xuan was upset and shed tears.

“Auntie.” Xuan’s voice was gloomy as she stood up holding the sofa.

Seeing that she was crying, Venus quickly asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Xuan wiped her tears and shook her head, “Nothing.”

Venus looked at the files on the coffee table and knew that her son had said something harsh again, and sighed in her heart to comfort her, “You are pregnant now, and you can’t cry all the time, since it’s not good for the baby.”

“Well, I know.” Xuan never mentioned Jingyan, but she knew that with Venus’s intelligence, she would be able to guess who had caused her to cry.

“Well, don’t cry. Sit and rest for a while, I’ll go talk to Jingyan. It’s not the real him.”

Xuan pulled her arm, “Auntie, don’t blame Jingyan. He didn’t like this child in the first place, so it makes sense that he treats me badly.”

Venus patted the back of her hand and said, “No matter what, the child is innocent. Just sit here.”

“Auntie, don’t make it hard for Jingyan, or he’ll hate me even more.” Xuan said, with more tears again.

“Don’t worry, I won’t give him a hard time.” Venus let go of her hand and walked towards the door.

During the time she had spent with Xuan, she felt that this girl was both considerate and gentle, polite, and spoke at every turn to defend Jingyan. Why did Jingyan hate such a nice girl so much?

When she found his son at the lake, Venus sat next to him and didn’t mention what had just happened, but instead asked him, “What soup do you want to bring to Yiyao tomorrow morning? I’ll have the cook to prepare the ingredients in the evening.”

Jingyan looked at his mother in surprise. He thought his mother had come to blame him.

“Mom knows you’re having a hard time and doesn’t want to add to your worries,” Venus raised her hand and touched the back of his head, “Time really flies. You’re already an adult. You’ve been a smart and kind child since you were little. Mom believes you’ll handle it well this time too.”

“Mom, it’s really hard.” Jingyan told the truth and buried his face in his hands, “I know it’s not right for me to treat Xuan like this, but I really can’t let go of Yiyao, I’ve loved her for over twenty years, she’s half of my life. Without her, what does the world mean for me?”

Venus had the same experience so she understood her son’s feelings. She had also thought about this when Kerry fell into the sea and disappeared. Caressing her son’s back, she said, “Follow your heart. Follow it if you like, but don’t hurt the innocent. If you are destined to love each other, even if you are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, you will come together in the end.”

In the distance, Xuan looked at the mother and son by the lake with a winning smile.

She still can control Venus.

In the evening, Kerry Ye came back and the first thing he said when he saw his son was, “Go to work tomorrow. I need to rest, as I’m exhausted.”

“Dad, you don’t give me a little more time to slow down either.” Jingyan deliberately flirted with him.

“How long have you been slowing down? Don’t play soft for me. I’m still conscious about your healing ability.”

“Oh, I know.” Jingyan’s plan to show weakness failed.

Early the next morning, Jingyan brought a breakfast of boiled chicken soup, millet congee and shrimp dumplings and sped all the way to the hospital, when Yiyao was washing up in her room.

“You have to drink the chicken soup. The millet congee is good for your stomach, so you should drink more.” Jingyan put the food on the table. Without wearing a formal dress, he was very much like a man doing housework.

Yiyao finished washing her face and brushing her teeth, and went next door to call Azure Dragon to come over for breakfast.

“Enjoy yourself. I have someone to send food here at noon. Since the company is too far away from here, and it will take me two hours to get back and forth, I will come over after work this afternoon.” Jingyan gazed at her as he reported his schedule.

Yiyao nodded and said, “You don’t need to run all the time. It’s too troublesome. Just come over every morning.”

“No, it’s the car running and not me running. I know the importance clearly. Eat, and I’m going to work first.”

“Go. Keep safe.”

Jingyan gave her a kiss on the cheek, just as Azure Dragon came in and turned around with an “ouch” and yelled, “I didn’t see anything. You guys can continue.”

Yiyao blushed slightly, but still had to maintain the authority of a boss, smiling and scolding, “Continue what? Sit down and eat.”

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