Chapter 327 – 328: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 327: They are coming to confront us

“Maybe next time, the junior fellow apprentices will patrol around here later.” Feng said and put on her pants.

Luckily, it was dark so that his awkwardness on the face wouldn’t be seen by Yuan Chen.

“Oh, alright!”

Yuan put on his pants sulkily and suddenly felt dull after the passion.

“By the way, Feng, I have a favor to ask.”

“Brother Yuan, I am listening.”

Ever since Yuan got her at hello, Feng had loved him with all her heart.

Yuan whispered a few words in Feng’s ears and she exclaimed, “What? You are asking me to steal a baby?”

“Keep your voice down!” Yuan covered her mouth, saying in a whisper, “Don’t worry, we won’t hurt the baby.”

“But, do you really think it a good idea?”

“Think about it. The baby is Kris Chen’s bastard who is destined to be spurned by the world. What a cruel thing for her! we shall send the girl away to some place where she can grow up happily; isn’t it a better choice?” Yuan persuaded patiently, “We shouldn’t let the girl bear the error of her parents. I am her uncle; I couldn’t bear to see the girl grow up in abuse.”

“Feng, I know you are kind and that’s what I like most about you. Just help me please, will you? As long as you help me, I shall ask Master Qingyuan for marriage with you once I send the girl away. Is that OK?”

Hearing these words, Feng felt both shy and surprised. She said,”Brother Yuan, do you mean it?”

“I won’t lie to you.”Yuan said seriously.

“Oh…alright, I will do it right now.”

Feng was head over heels for love at the moment so she promised it firmly.

“Well, I can’t be seen by people. Text me after you get it.”

“Ok, just wait for the good news.”

After she left, Chris smiled and said, “What an innocent little girl, so easy to fool!”

Feng went to Sisi Mu’s bedroom. She listened at the door for a while before she pushed the door gently; then she tiptoed into the room.

At this moment, Sisi was sleeping with the baby.

Good chance!

She knocked Sisi into a coma with a tap on an acupuncture point around her neck, then picked up the sleeping baby and left the room quietly.

“I did it!”

Feng sent a message to Yuan, “Let us meet at the usual place!”

But what she did not know was that no sooner had she entered the room than she was marked.

Someone was following her and she did not notice at all.

After avoiding Mount Emei’s patrol team, Feng went to the front yard from the back yard, then stayed near a rockery.

This was the place where she and Yuan often met for trysts.

“Brother Yuan,are you here?”

Feng asked but no response.

He’s not here?

She was about to message Yuan when suddenly someone touched her from her back and hugged her suddenly.

“I am here!”

“Brother Yuan, you scared me.” Feng said with coquetry, “You are not serious at all!”

“Ha ha, I just want to surprise you.” Yuan said,”Give me the child.”

“Here you are.”

Yuan took the child, kissed Feng on the face excitedly, “You are really my baby girl.

“Brother Yuan, stop it; just take the child away. I need go back…”

However, an angry voice rose from her back,”You filthy rat!”

“Master, what are you doing here?”

Feng heard the familiar voice and she was petrified with fear.


Master Qingyuan?

Oh dear! The wrongdoing was brought to light.

Yuan felt a thrill of horror. Everyone in the family of Chen knew Master Qingyuan’s temper. If she found out that Yuan was hooking up with one of her disciples and stole Sisi Mu’s daughter, she would definitely kill him!

“Feng, stop you master. I have to go.”

Yuan then pushed Feng and was about to go away with the child. However, he was just at the Middle period of The acquired stage. It was impossible for him to escape from Master Qingyuan .

“Come back!”

Master Qingyuan just leaped in front of him.

Seeing her in front of him, an idea occurred to Yuan.He directly threw the baby backward.

Master Qingyuan was so angry to see that. She stopped chasing Yuan and went to catch the baby.

However, Yuan took advantage of this opportunity and escaped.


So dangerous!

Master Qingyuan was sweating. The baby almost fell on the ground!


The baby started to cry.


Feng knelt on the ground. She couldn’t help trembling. She felt both sad and scared.

“Follow me.”

Master Qingyuan went to the back yard silently with the child.

she pushed the door of Sisi Mu and put the baby next to her.

The baby cried loudly, but Sisi was still asleep. The Master Qingyuan felt strange and frowned. She tapped gently on her neck.


Sisi woke up. “When did I fall asleep? Oh the baby is crying!”

She got conscious right away. She held her baby and untie her clothes so that she could breast feed her.

Soon the baby stopped crying.

“Master Qingyuan, how come you are here?” Sisi looked at Qingyuan in surprise.

“You sneaky rat! Kneel and apologize to Miss Mu!” Master said to Feng angrily.


Feng knelt on the floor and wept, “Miss Mu, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have stolen your baby. I am sorry…”


Stole my baby?

Sisi was puzzled. What’s going on?”

“Tell her every detail about what happened just now! Or I will annihilate you!” Master Qingyuan said coldly and strictly.

Feng was trembling hard. She knew her Master too well. She would really annihilate her as she said!

So she told everything in detail, including what Yuan told her.

Sisi was shivering. She almost lost her child!

“Sorry Miss Mu! I failed to discipline my apprentice. Master Qingyuan then turned to Feng and said angrily, “You have embarrassed me! You are having an affair with a man! Today, I shall…”

Then she gather her genuine energy in her palm and waved her palm toward Feng.


Right at this moment, Yi Fang arrived.

“Yi, do not stop me! I must cripple this filthy rat today!”

“Calm down!”

Yi stopped her, looked at Feng and said, “Tell her that you are wrong!”

“Master, I am wrong! Please forgive me this time!” Feng knelt on the floor and her kowtow was loud.

At the moment, what was happening in Sisi Mu’s room had woken everyone.

Everyone gathered at the door.

“Master, please have mercy and forgive her this time. She’s naive.”

“Master, she knows she’s wrong, please!”

A group of apprentices knelt on the floor and begged.

“You, how are you?” Qingyuan was too angry to say a word.

“Come on! The thing already happened and it’s no use punishing Feng.” Yi added, “let’s see what Miss Mu is going to do about this.”

Then she looked at Sisi and said, “Miss Mu, I apologize to you for Feng. Please forgive her1”

“She stole my baby and you are asking me to forgive her?” Sisi laughed coldly, “You want me and my baby die? Fine, as you wish!”

Then she took out a stagger from under her pillow and stabbed herself in the heart.


Many female apprentice got scared and screamed.


Yi’s face got pale and took away her stagger immediately.

“Don’t you want me to die? Then why are you stopping me?”

The stagger was put under the pillow by Sisi, just in case Quan Chen came back for the baby.

If they really came, she would die together with them, using this stagger.

“Miss Mu, if you die, what will happen to the baby?” Yi took away the stagger rapidly. She sat by the bed and comforted her gently, “It’s OK, we won’t hurt you, and the baby will be with you.”

“It’s unbelievable that the Chen Family should do this after Master Chen died.” Looking at Sisi, Qingyuan said, “Miss Mu, don’t worry. I’ll support you on this matter.”

Then she eyeballed Feng and said, “Come with me, you filthy rat!”

Yi also smiled at Sisi and said gently, “Miss Mu, please come along, too.”

She had a good temper but she had a bottom line.

Qingyuan had a hot temper but she had her principle.

Feelings between men and women happened all the time, and no one would say anything about it.

But sneaking around right under her nose was a disrespectful move.

The apprentices of E’Mei are known to be loyal. If Yuan really loved Feng, how could he make her do such a filthy thing?

Yuan had broke the rule, humiliated Qingyuan, deceived Feng and attempted to steal Sisi Mu’s baby.

Yi had to ask for a decent explanation from the Chen Family, or she and Qingyuan would be too shameful.

They came to the front yard.

Yuan was hiding in the secret room with fright in his heart. Tianzong Chen, Quan Chen and Jie Liang looked worried, too.

“How could you be so careless!”

Tianzong said in a low voice, “How did Qingyuan find out?”

“I…I’ve no idea!”

Yuan answered with a crying face. He was scared to death.

“Dad, Yuan was just trying to help.”

Right at that moment, someone knocked at the door of the secret room. A voice came in, “Master! Qingyuan with her apprentices is coming to confront!”


The tea bowl in Tianzong’s hand fell on the floor.

She really came!

Hearing this, Yuan was shaking even more heavily, “Master, please help me!”


Tianzong sighed. If only the Old Master had been alive! He wouldn’t have known what to do.

The Old Master was the one who dealt with them before. Tianzong had no idea how to communicate with them at all!

“Dad, it’s Chen Family here; we are the boss!”

“Yes, they are in the Chen Family now and it’s out family matter. They shouldn’t meddle with our family matter!”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of! Let’s just fight! We didn’t do anything wrong!”

Chapter 328: A dispute

Chen family’s hall.

Qingyuan and Yi Fang brought dozens of Emei disciples to confront the Chen’s disciples.

“Hand over Yuan Chen.” Qingyuan shouted harshly.

“Qingyuan, why are you so angry?”

At this time, Tianzong Chen walked out of the back hall with Quan Chen and others.

“Mr. Chen.” Qingyuan resisted her anger and said, “you Chen’s disciples broke into my backyard in the middle of the night and secretly met with my Emei disciples, which ruined my Emei disciples ‘ unspotted reputation. I need you to give me an explanation


Just as Tianzong was about to speak, Jie Liang stepped out from the side and said, ” Qingyuan, I don’t agree with your words.”

“What’s breaking into the backyard?” Jie Liang smiled coldly: “This is our Chen’s territory, When the old leader was alive, he cared about the friendship of The Emei school and the Wudang School and did not charge you a penny to stay here. Is this how you treat us Chens?”

“Is this your Emei’s social morality? I’ve seen a lot today. How dare you treat the master with such humiliating words? Do you think you are the host? Or do you and your disciples intend to occupy this place? “

“What a glib woman.”

Qingyuan is not easy to provoke. She pulls Feng out and tears off her sleeve said: “This is my shameless disciple. She has a relationship with Yuan Chen of the Chens. She is no longer a perfect woman. Although Emei is pure minded and has few desires, it does not extinguish people’s desire. I just attach great importance to the reputation of my disciples. The disappearance of the color on her hand to verify her virginity is the best proof.

“It is well known that my Emei disciples are ready to die to preserve theirs’ chastity. If someone likes my disciple, he can come to propose and marry her. What’s the difference between doing things in a sneaky way and being a shameless thief? ” “Qingyuan shouted,” Hand over Yuan Chen and give me an explanation. Bad my Emei disciples’ reputation, deluded my disciples to steal Miss Mu’s daughter, this is what you Chen’s disciple have done.

“Qingyuan, I respect you as an excellent person of Emei, and repeatedly give in. Sisi is the daughter-in-law of my Chen family. Aren’t you being too lenient?” Jie Liang said mercilessly.

“My Emei disciples love to help others and are dedicated to fighting injustice. If we encounter problems but do not ask, what’s the use of this sword?”

My sister-in-law,will your conscience hurt? “

At this time, Sisi came forward. She had just given birth during the day, and she was indescribably weak at this time.

But in order to get justice, she insisted on following.

“If Lei comes back and knows that you have done this to me, how can you let him face you?”

As soon as she had said these words, the Chen family burst into laughter.

“Stop it, Lei is dead. He will never come back. “

“Stop daydreaming, Lei is dead, wake up.”

Hearing the ridicule of the crowd, Sisi’s face turned pale and her daughter in her arms began to cry.

“Miss Mu , you step aside, If they don’t give me an explanation, I will solve it myself. “

At this time, Qingyuan turned her hand and a sword appeared.

“What do you want to do, Qingyuan?” Jie Liang bit her teeth and subconsciously stepped back two steps.

” Abbess, some things can be discussed!”

Seeing the situation getting worse, Tianzong immediately stood up and said: “My daughter-in-law speaks horribly, don’t be angry.”

“It’s the fault of my Chen family. I’m here to apologize for Yuan Chen.”

After hearing Tianzong ‘s words, Qingyuan looked a little better.

As long as Tianzong can distinguish between right and wrong, it shows that the Chen family has not reached the point of hopeless.

However, after hearing Tianzong ‘s words, the others in the Chen family expressed disagreement.

“Patriarch, we are right. Why should we apologize?”

“That’s right, this is my Chen family’s affair, why do they interfere?”

“Don’t apologize, we don’t agree!”

“Shut up, all of you!” Tianzong snapped: “this is Xiaoyuan’s fault. There is no need to argue about it. Somebody, go and get Xiao Yuan. “


“What are you waiting for? Go!”

The disciples of the Chen family were angry. They couldn’t understand why the patriarch was so humble and why these men needed to give in to these women.

But due to the identity of Tianzong, he had to go to the chamber of Secrets to bring Yuan Chen.

Soon, Yuan Chen went out with his back hooked, unspeakable panic in his eyes.

“Asshole, knelt down and apologize to the abbess”

“Patriarch, I…”

“Kneel down!” Tianzong kicked directly on his leg.


Yuan Chen knelt on the ground: “abbess, I’m sorry, I know I’m wrong, please forgive me.”

“Qingyuan, as the saying goes, it is better to tear down ten temples than to destroy a marriage. It’s because they like each other that they come together.”

” Abbess, how about you forgiving them and letting the two children become husband and wife?”


It’s hard for Qingyuan to decide

“Don’t worry, we will not lack the courtesy we should have. We Chen’s family will certainly marry your disciple in a fair and honest way

Tianzong laughed and said, “My Chen family and Emei have always been close to each other. There is really no need to hurt our friendship because of these things.”

“I think you think the same as me, abbess.”

“Yi Fang…”

Qingyuan couldn’t help but look at Yi Fang. Tianzong’s move was so powerful that she was in a dilemma.

“Chieftain Chen is right.”

Yi Fang stood up and said , “but we have to eat one mouthful at a time and do everything at once. Yuan Chen defiled my Emei disciple first, then apologized. Look at his cowering look. He doesn’t mean to marry Feng at all. How can we seniors let her fall into tragedy?”

“Besides, it is an indisputable fact that he took advantage of Feng’s infatuation to steal Miss Mu’s daughter. Is he qualified to marry my Emei girl? “

In this sentence, everyone in the Chen family was speechless.

On the contrary, Emei’s disciples glared at the Chen family with wide-open eyes.

Quan Chen said impatiently, “abbess, are you not going to reconcile?”

This sentence makes the atmosphere that has just relaxed become tense again.

“Give you two choices.”

Abbess Qing Yuan said: “First, Chen Yuan died to compensate for Feng’s reputation. Second…”

“Abbess, needless to say, I choose the second one!” Yuan Chen was almost scared to urinate. Now he regrets very much. At that time, he only wanted to play with Emei disciples, but he didn’t know that it would take his life.

Qingyuan glanced at Yuan Chen, whose feet were shaking, and said with a sneer, “second, castrate him and follow me to Emei.”


Castrated… Castrated?

Yuan Chen immediately felt a cold between his legs, if a man without this thing, then what’s the point of living?

The Chens were stunned.

Soon, anger was on their faces.

“That’s going too far, isn’t this driving people to death?”

“Qingyuan, you are cruel.”

“We are not satisfied with the pressure of the Emei school.”

“Xiao Feng, help me quickly.” Chen Yuan looked at Feng and begged, “I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to be a eunuch either.”

Feng bit her lip tightly, her mental activity was violent, and she finally remembered what Chen Yuan had done to her in the past, she couldn’t help but said: “Master, Yuan and I are in love with each other, please help me!

Hearing these words, Emei’s disciples were all confused.

Ha ha ha…

The Chen family’s disciples all burst into laughter.

“Did you hear what your disciple said?”

“She doesn’t need what you’ve done. She just wants to be with our Yuan Chen.”

“This is really embarrassing.”

Yi Fang’s face also changed, and Qingyuan’s face turned black.

“Asshole, do you know what you’re talking about?”

“Master, I know you are good for me, but you are too harsh.” Feng said boldly: “No matter if Yuan is good or not, I just like him, I just want to be with him.”

“You do things that violate the teacher’s rules and ancestral training, what am I leaving you for?”

Qingyuan raised her hand and was about to hit Feng’s head.


Yi Fang’s face changed and she quickly stopped her, whispering in her ear: “I know you are angry, but we are here to get justice today. You have nothing to gain by killing Feng but to make the Chen family laugh.”

“Feng is young and inexperienced. Yuan Chen is by no means a good man. You see, sooner or later she will see his true purpose.”

Yi Fang said very reasonable. Qing Yuan retracted her hand, and she looked at Feng coldly, with indescribable heartache.

She is a disciple who has great hopes, but she is so rebellious.

“Since you don’t regard me as a master, that’s all right. Qing Yuan said coldly: “From today on, you are no longer my Emei disciple, and I will not allow you to cheat outside in the name of an Emei disciple.”

“Thank you, master!”

Feng was ecstatic, as long as she could be with the one she loved, she didn’t care if she was a disciple of Emei.

“Yuan, we can finally be together.” Feng ran to Yuan Chen ‘s side, her face full of fear.

Life went up and down too fast, it was only two hours from their discovery to her expulsion from the school.

“Ha ha, yes, we can finally be together.”

Yuan Chen said with a reluctantly smile.

Fuck, it was so scary, he slumped on the ground, knees hurting.

“We went back to pack up and left Chen’s house overnight.” Qingyuan swung her sleeve, looked at Sisi and said, “Miss Mu , if you don’t mind, come with us.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Sisi nodded.


Just when the Emei disciples were about to leave, Jie Liang stood up and said: “They can leave, but you Sisi cannot.”

“You can leave, but leave the child behind.”

“Yes, leave the child.”

“Leave the child behind.”

Chen’s disciples came up and surrounded them.

“What do you want to do?”

“Abbess, if you want to leave, no one will stop you, but Sisi is my Chen family’s child, Although you are an expert of Emei, we are not afraid of you. “

“We are not afraid of you.”

“We are not afraid!”

Jie Liang ‘s words were recognized by all the Chen family, which instantly aroused their anger.

They all looked at Qingyuan angrily.

“Ha ha, legs grow on her body, where she wants to go is her freedom.” Qingyuan waved her sword.


The blue light of a sword suddenly appeared, and the floor of the hall was cut a long, deep mark.

“I want to see who dares to stop her today.”

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