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Chapter 327: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 327 I Don’t Mean to Hide This from You (1)

Jingyan Ye patted Azure Dragon’s shoulder and said, ”I’m leaving.”

He went downstairs and left, not seeing in his haste that a woman walked out from the end of the hallway.

Yiyao Duan enjoyed the chicken soup, while Azure Dragon feasted on the dumplings.

After Jingyan left for a moment, they heard someone coming this way, and then that person stood at the door of the ward.

Azure Dragon put down the dumplings, pulled out the pistol on his waist, and nimbly walked behind the door. He waited patiently and the person outside did not knock the door.

Eventually the knocking sounded.

Azure Dragon stood behind the door and opened it. As soon as the person took a step into the room, he aimed his gun right at the person’s temple.

Xuan Zhao screamed in fear and almost fell to the floor.

“Who are you?” Azure Dragon questioned in a cold voice.

Xuan leaned against the wall and trembled, covering her belly and saying warily, “I ….. I’m Jingyan Ye’s secretary.”

Then Azure Dragon put away his gun.

“He just left.” Azure Dragon said coldly.

Xuan was in shock. It was the first time she had ever been pointed at a gun.

“I’m not here to find him.” said Xuan.

“Then who are you looking for?”

Xuan pointed inside the ward, “I’m looking for Miss Duan.”

Azure Dragon frowned.

“There is a woman. She said she was here to see you.” Azure Dragon said to Yiyao who was inside.

“Let her in.” Yiyao’s voice came over.

“You can go to see her now.” Azure Dragon said coldly. He felt that this woman was here to cause trouble.

Xuan took a deep breath, and then walked inside. Yiyao was currently eating breakfast.

Yiyao was not the least bit surprised to see her.

“You go out first, and take all these dumplings away.” She said to Azure Dragon.

Then Azure Drago reluctantly went out.

Yiyao glanced at the woman. She had seen her before. She noticed that she was quite good-looking, but she was much fatter than before.

“Please take a seat.” Yiyao said as she pointed to the opposite chair.

Xuan didn’t expect her to be so calm when she saw her.

“Why do you want to see me?” Yiyao asked coldly.

“Miss Duan, can you break up with Jingyan?” Xuan said in a soft voice.

Yiyao sneered. This woman was straight to the point.

“Don’t you think it’s boring to say this?” said Yiyao.

“I’ve been pregnant for more than two months. The baby’s father is Jingyan.” said Xuan. Then she pretended to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Yiyao froze and her mind went blank.

“She’s pregnant? Why didn’t Jingyan mention anything about it?” Yiyao thought.

Xuan looked at her expression and knew she didn’t know the news yet, and then contiued, “My parents divorced when I was very young, so I grew up with my mother. I didn’t want my child to be born without a father. You are beautiful and capable. You will surely find a man who is right for you. Please don’t compete with me for Jingyan, okay? I really can’t live without him.”

After hearing her words, Yiyao felt she could barely breathe, yet she couldn’t act too weak in front of the woman, so she tried to stay calm. She was now so angry that she wanted to kill Jingyan.

She put her hands around her chest and didn’t say a word.

“Jingyan likes this baby very much, and he wants me to have it, but he feels sorry for you. I don’t want him suffer that pain, so I can only come and talk to you.” She continued.

“If …… if you don’t want to leave Jingyan, I just hope ……” her tears kept falling as she said, “I just hope after you marry Jingyan, you can be good to my child.”

With anger suppressed in her heart, Yiyao said, “I’ll think about it.”

Knowing that the purpose had been achieved, Xuan got up and said, “I’m sorry to disturb your breakfast. Goodbye.”

When Xuan left, Yiyao could no longer suppress the anger in her heart. She looked at the food on the table, and directly overturned the table. Chopsticks and lunch boxes fell to the floor.

Azure Dragon heard the noise and ran in, seeing the mess. Yiyao was even more furious, gasping for breath.

“What’s wrong?” asked he.

Yiyao’s heart ached. She felt her legs go weak and took two steps backwards. Azure Dragon hurriedly held her up, “What happened?”

Chapter 327 I Don’t Mean to Hide This from You (2)

Yiyao Duan took a deep breath, then said, “I’m fine, I ……” Before she could finish her sentence, then she fainted.

“Yiyao,” Azure Dragon exclaimed. He ran to the hallway and yelled, “Doctor, doctor ……”

Several people ran out of the doctor’s office and rushed over to push open the ICU door. The attending doctor asked, “What happened to her?”

“She suddenly fainted.” Azure Dragon said uneasily.

The doctor rushed to examine her body

At Yehuang Group, Jingyan’s arrival motivated the workers. The employees of the company seemed to like the new president Jingyan more than Kerry.

As soon as he arrived at the company, Jingyan told Secretary Wang to inform all the senior management of the meeting.

Before going to the meeting room, Jingyan sent a text message to Yiyao, but didn’t receive any reply. Then Jingyan turned his phone to silent mode, looked for some documents in his office and went downstairs for the meeting.

When he passed by, he ran into Xuan Zhao who came in in a hurry.

“Mr. Ye, I……” Xuan said, looking at him expectantly. Before she finished her sentence, Jingyan walked straight to the elevator.

Secretary Wang felt a little surprised to see the president directly ignoring ZXuan, “Did they have a fight?”

Xuan returned to the office with some embarrassment. She had gone to see Yiyao in the morning, so she was a little worried that Jingyan would know that. However, after she thought about the child in her belly, she was less worried.

The meeting didn’t end until lunch time.

Jingyan looked at the phone on the table, but still had not received a reply message. He was slightly disappointed. After a moment of hesitation, he dialed Yiyao’s cell phone.

However, the phone was never answered. Jingyan frowned. “What is she doing? Why isn’t she answering my calls?”

At this moment, Secretary Wang walked in. “Mr. Ye, should I have the hotel deliver the noon meal, or will you eat at the company’s cafeteria?”

“I’ll just eat at the company.” said he. He wanted to finish his meal quickly and then go to the hospital as soon as possible after finishing the day’s business.

Although this was the staff canteen, the food here was as good as the high-end restaurants outside. Jingyan took his lunch and headed for the window seat.

Xuan was sitting with a few of her colleagues. She didn’t dare to take the initiative to sit with Jingyan for lunch. She was afraid that her identity as Mr. Ye’s girlfriend would be revealed and she would become the laughing stock of everyone.

“Why don’t you sit with Mr. Ye?” Her colleague asked.

Xuan smiled, and then said, “I want to sit and eat with you guys now. You don’t want me to sit here?”

“You are my boss’s future wife. Of course we want to eat with you.” said her colleague.

Xuan laughed, stopped talking, and lowered her head to eat.

Jingyan felt a lot of people were looking at him while he was eating. He thought they were looking at him because they hadn’t seen him for a long time, but he didn’t know that they were just curious about why he wasn’t sitting with Xuan at lunch.

The rooftop of Yehuang Group is where many employees go for a walk after dinner. Jingyan came to the rooftop alone after lunch and called Yiyao, but there was no answer.

He was about to call Henry and ask him if he had brought Yiyao lunch when he overheard some female colleagues talking.

“This is too strange. I can’t see that Mr. Ye likes Xuan.”

“Is it true that she’s pregnant? If she’s really pregnant with Mr. Ye’s child, she should be at Ye’s house, but why is she going to work every day like us?”

“I thought so too. But the car she takes to and from work every day is indeed the Ye family’s.”

“I’m so jealous that Xuan can be Mr. Ye’s girlfriend.” The female colleagues’ tone was filled with envy.

Jingyan was on fire as he knew that his employees knew Xuan’s pregnancy. He knew that this news must have been told to them by Xuan. If she hadn’t said it herself, no one in the company would have known she was pregnant.

“Xuan Zhao, you are trying to let the whole world know that you are pregnant with my child, right?” Jingyan snorted coldly.

A female colleague noticed Jingyan. “Mr. Ye, why are you ……” she said nervously.

Jingyan didn’t say anything and walked towards the door.

“We didn’t say anything bad about Mr. Ye just now, did we?” one female colleague asked nervously.

“No, what we said was about Xuan.”


Then Jingyan went to find Xuan in a rage.

“You come to my office now.” said JIngyan loudly.

When she heard that Jingyan wanted to see her alone, Xuan was happy for a moment, but when she saw his cold look, she became uneasy again.

Jingyan kicked over the chair in front of his desk, scaring Xuan who had just entered the door.

“What do you want? Why did you tell the whole company about your pregnancy? Did you think I would marry you just because you did that?” Jingyan shouted angrily at her.

Xuan closed the door. She looked at him calmly, “I just want to keep this child.”

“Isn’t the baby in your belly?”

Xuan’s eyes instantly turned red, “I can’t protect him at all. I know you hate this child. I am so afraid that one day you will force me to abort this child. I simply don’t have the other ways to protect him, so I can only use this method.”

“If you want money, I’ll give you as much as you want, but why do you want to use the child as a bargaining chip? Do you really love this child?” Jingyan shouted.

“I really love him. I will give him all my love.” Xuan retorted.

Jingyan stared at her, his eyes full of anger, “But I won’t love him, and I won’t marry you.”

ZXuan was dumbfounded, tears flowing down, “He is also your child. How can you be so cruel to him?”

“A child should be the fruit of love, not an accident. I want you to think clearly about this and then abort the child.” Jingyan said.

Xuan took a step backward, “No. I won’t abort the child.” After saying that, Xuan pulled open the door and left his office. In the afternoon she took a taxi directly back to the Ye family.


In the hospital, Yiyao finally woke up from her coma

Chapter 327 I Don’t Mean to Hide This from You (3)

“Thank God, you finally wake up.” Azure Dragon stood by the bed.

“What the hell happened? What did that woman say to you?” Azure Dragon kept asking questions.

Yiyao stared straight up at the ceiling, her head filled with Xuan Zhao’s words before she fainted. She suddenly felt that she was the other woman that was affecting other people’s happiness.

She didn’t say anything. Azure Dragon was worried about her.

“I’ll go find her.” said he.

“Don’t go to find that woman.” Yiyao called out. Azure Dragon, who had already reached the door, stopped in his tracks.

“I want to be alone for a while. You go out first.” Yiyao said softly.

Azure Dragon angrily walked out of the ward.

She was angry with Jingyan that he didn’t tell her that he had a child with someone else. She understood his intentions, but couldn’t forgive him for doing so.

She could care less about Xuan, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the baby. She can’t ruin a woman’s happiness just for the sake of her own happiness. All she had to guard in this life was the happiness of ordinary people. She couldn’t let leave a child without a family.

She sighed. She was sure that she loved Jingyan, but the price of this love was too great for her to bear.

At the thought of leaving him, Yiyao’s tears rolled down the corners of her eyes. “Damn, why does it change every time I think I can have happiness?”

At noon, Henry Zhang brought lunch to Yiyao, but he didn’t see her. Then he gave the lunch straight to Azure Dragon and left, so he didn’t know what happened.

In the evening, Jingyan arrived at the hospital with food from a fancy restaurant and a few delicate dishes. As soon as he pushed open the door of the hospital room, he froze. The hospital bed had been cleaned up and Yiyao was not there.

“Yiyao?” Jingyan called out, but no one answered him.

That was when Jingyan felt something was wrong. There was nothing on the table that was usually filled with fruits, and he could smell disinfectant water in the room.

A bad thought came to his mind. He put the food on the table and ran into the bathroom to find that all her toiletries were gone.

“Where did she go?” Jingyan thought nervously. “She …… went away?”

He flew out the door to Azure Dragon’s ward, but he did not see Azure Dragon.

Jingyan’s heart was in his mouth, and he came to find the nurse in a panic, “Where did Yiyao go? Why is she not in the ward?”

The nurse was writing the medical record and said flatly, “She’s in the ICU.”

Jingyan rejoiced for a few seconds, and then was nervous. “Why is she in ICU? Has her condition worsened?”

Then he ran all the way to the ICU and just pushed open the door, but he bumped into Azure Dragon. And then he was pushed straight out by Azure Dragon.

“What’s wrong with Yiyao? Why is she in the ICU?” Jingyan grabbed Azure Dragon’s arm and asked.

Azure Dragon had been holding back his anger all day. Now he finally found someone to vent his anger. He pushed Jingyan right up against the wall and pressed his neck with his arm, “That’s what I want to ask you.”

“Me?” Jingyan was confused, not knowing what he meant.

“Your secretary came to see Yiyao early in the morning. Then Yiyao fainted.” Azure Dragon said angrily.

“Yiyao fainted? How is she now?” Jingyan asked with concern.

“This has nothing to do with you. Don’t appear in front of her.” After saying that, Azure Dragon let go of him and roared, “Get out of here.”

Jingyan took a deep breath and then said, “I will explain this to Yiyao. Please let me go in and see her, okay?”

“Get out! She doesn’t want to see you right now.” Azure Dragon wouldn’t let him in and shouted.

“Please, I have to see Yiyao today.”

“With me here, you won’t set foot in the room today.”

Jingyan was in a hurry. Suddenly he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“What just happened? Why did he suddenly disappear?” said Azure Dragon, puzzled.

He came to the ward and saw Yiyao lying on his side with her eyes tightly closed. He was sad in his heart.

“Yiyao, are you okay?” Jingyan asked softly.

Yiyao’s eyelashes moved. she rolled over and turned her back to him.

Jingya walked around the bed and came to her. He got down on one knee and tried to touch her hand. But just as he touched her hand, she put it under the covers.

“Yiyao, I’m …… sorry. I shouldn’t have hidden the matter from you about Xuan Zhao,” Jingyan said with remorse. He regretted that he should have told Yiyao about Xuan’s pregnancy earlier.

“Our relationship has just become better. I was afraid that after I told you about Xuan’s pregnancy, you would break up with me. I am so afraid that you will leave me.”

Yiyao opened her eyes. “Do you think that by avoiding this matter, it won’t exist? How long do you want to cheat me?” she said.

“I …… I originally wanted to wait until you were better before telling you about this.” Jingyan said. “I don’t mean to hide this from you..”

“Now I know it. What are you going to do?” asked Yiyao.

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