Chapter 329 – 330: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 329: Leave the Chen Family

“Sister, stop pushing me too hard!” said Sisi Mu with lips bitten tightly. “Anyway, I won’t stay,” added she as her face was tortured with distress.

“What have we done to you?” asked Jie Liang in a snort of disgust. “Why are you in such a hurry to leave? Can it be that you want to take the baby to its natural father


All people present were casting their eyes onto Sisi.

“You are a shameless bitch.”

“What a whore!”

Even Tianzong Chen looked at Sisi in doubt, “You are going to Kris Chen, aren’t you?”


She denied while she was shaking her head painfully, “You’ve all gotten me wrong. How could I turn to him?”

Qingyuan rushed to stand up and said, “I’ve promised to old Mr. Chen that I will kill Kris by myself. So, you can be confident in me that I will surely fulfill my promise.”

“As for Sisi, it would be better for her to find and allure him out because after all, I’m still afraid that he won’t appear in the public.”

“I will never give my child to all of you; for her, I don’t even fear for death. If you force me to leave her here, then we will die together,” said Sisi firmly.

She had already thought everything over. Anyway, she wouldn’t live alone without her daughter.

What she had said was an apparent threat to Chen Family.

“Sisi, are you serious about what you said?”

“Please let me go, or I don’t know what I dare to do next.”

Hearing this, all people present began to feel nervous.

“Let them go.”

Tianzong said in discontent.

Then, people volunteered to stand apart to make way for her. Sisi went directly to the back yard to pack up all her belongings and then left Chen Family under the escort of her followers.

“Miss Mu, you must know something that threats them, otherwise, what is that makes them so fear you?”

Since the day when Quan Chen had come to rob her baby, she has realized the abnormal.

However, she was too weak to make everything clear after giving birth to a baby.

Chen Family was about to take actions tonight, but they finally release her due to what she had said.

If Chen Family feared the Emei School, they can take actions, because seen from the moral principle, Emei School had no advantage over this issue.

It was only because of the pity for Sisi and her baby that Emei School rushed to help her out.

When hearing this, Sisi paused even though she wanted to explain.

The words finally turned into a sigh.

No matter how Chen Family treated her, she still couldn’t betray them.

Because it was a matter of life and death for all the Chens, she wasn’t cruel enough to watch them be killed by the six major schools.

Considering Sisi’s secret sorrow, Yi Fang didn’t ask too much and said, “Miss Mu, you can tell me whenever you think it clearly.”

“Thank you so much, master Yi Fang!” said Sisi.

Yi Fang smiled without a word.

At the same time in the room of God Father of Five Poisons Sect.

The battle of passion has just stopped.

With sweat sweeping along her graceful body, Yinyin laid against Kris Chen’s body, even unable to lift her fingers.

They didn’t know how many times they had experienced the passion from the daytime till now. She even wished she could eat him up.

Kris was fierce and powerful in this aspect after he had succeeded in reaching the Tianmo Body.

She tamed the little wild cat into a gentle pussycat.

“Don’t you dare to blow up with me?”

“No. I won’t,” said Yinyin delicately.

She didn’t know how many times she had been sent into heaven by Kris, but now she did have no strength left.

“I have a gift for you.”

“My love, what is it?”

“You will see soon.”

Kris picked her up, and a golden bug flew over to them as he waved.

It was the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings.

But the King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings has successfully grown the fifth wing after its shelling. And even the small sprouts of the sixth wing began to grow and would probably grow out soon.

By that time, the little insect would have been an authentic Supreme Deadliest Insect.

Yinyin recognized the insect at once, and asked joyfully, “Is it my dad’s King of Deadliest Insect with Four Wings? Why is it in your hands?”

“I got it from your dad as a gift.”

Kris Chen also told her what Shengyuan Yao had told him before his death, of course including the reason why he had tried to culturing Deadliest Insects on living people.

Yinyin burst into tears on hearing what Kris had said.

“Why did he be so stupid…”

Kris consoled her on the silky-smooth back and said, “Your dad was not stupid. He just became too extreme after your mother’s death.”

“Kris, I decide to defeat Black Miao to revenge for my mom and fulfill my dad’s wish.”

“It’s not so urgent.”

“Your dad was not a competitor to Black Miao. You should improve yourself first after all you’re now too weak.”


Yinyin answered determinedly as she nodded her head. “Kris, please keep this insect. I won’t take it now.”

“You must take it now.”

“I’ve negotiated with it before. It will protect you when I’m not with you.”


“Of course.”

“Kris, you’re so nice to me.”

While speaking, she kissed him in the lips, and pushed him onto the bed and then jumped into his arms. “Kris…”

It was not until the sky was gray that they fell asleep.

Yinyin was too tired from last.

By the time she woke up, it had been already in the afternoon.

“Kris… Kris …”

As she stretched lazily, silky quilt slipped from her silky-smooth body, revealing delicate skin on the air.

At this moment, a maid opened the door and came in. As she fell on her knees, she said reverently, “God Father, the Great Wizard King has left.”


Sisi was completely sober on hearing this. “What did you say?”

“The Great Wizard King has left in the morning.”

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Kris arrived at the South airport.

He was in the departure lounge waiting for the plane after he had gotten himself a new suit and charged his phone.

His phone was filled with all kinds of WeChat messages and missed calls.

After he had switched on his phone, it kept vibrated for ten minutes.

Kris snorted in the heart. He has left Westriver City for ten days, so there must be a lot of things for him to deal with.

Clicking on the WeChat, a bunch of messages popped up.

“Kris, you stood me up again,” said Yanru Sima in a message.

“Master, why didn’t you answer my phone call. It’s urgent now. Please reply to me as soon as possible,” said Lin Li in a message.

“Kris, why haven’t you come to school for class these days?” said Rou Wen in a message.

“Kris, are you there?”

“Kris, can I have a minute?”

Xiaorou Xu has sent him almost three hundred messages, among which the latest one was sent in the morning, which read, “Are you so sick of me? Why didn’t you message me back?”

“Boss, please come back to the company. There’s something that needs you to decide,” said Xue Mi in a message.

“Kris, have you come back? The Martial Arts Meeting is going to begin. Don’t forget!” said Tianba Li in a message with a photo in it. It was an entry list for the meeting.

“Check those messages later,” thought Kris to himself. But he clicked the message from Mary Su. It read, “Kris, where are you now? Please answer my call or send me a message.”

“Kris, I’m so afraid without you by my side.”

“Kris, I miss you. I will be well even if you are not with me.”

After reading all the messages from Mary, Kris felt heartbroken.

Sometimes, he really thought himself a bastard.

After turning off WeChat, Kris looked at the missed calls and found that most of the calls were made by acquaintances.

However, one of them was made from a stranger. He didn’t recognize the phone number.

The stranger kept calling him almost every day, including this morning.

After seconds of deliberation, he called back.

Soon the call was connected, from the other side of the phone came a voice of a woman…” Mr. Chen, you finally called back.”

“You’re… Xinying Bao?” Kris recognized her voice. “Why did you change your phone number?” asked he.

Xinying was somehow embarrassed to speak, “You said you would come here for lunch, and I called because I wouldn’t wait for you. But your phone is off, so…”

Honestly speaking, she was desperate in waiting for Kris to call. She thought Kris had blocked her, after all, no one would keep the phone off for that long.

“I’m so sorry, but I’ve been on a business trip these days. My phone had been left home and I just switched it on just now,” explained Kris as he scratched his head in shyness.

When hearing what Kris had said, Xinying somehow felt joyful again. “Mr. Chen, when can you come for… dinner? I’ve learned a few new dishes recently and I’d like you to try them for me,” said she.

“Maybe several days later. I’m busy right now.”

“Well, ok,” answered she. Even if she was a little disappointed, she said nothing more. She knew men are always tired of persistent bothering. “You can call me anytime if you’ve finished your work,” added she.

After that, she ran up to the cupboard, from which she took out a black coat and just looked at it while smiling obsessively…

It was at eight o’clock at night when Kris landed on the National Airport of Westriver City.

After getting out of the airport, he hailed a taxi and couldn’t wait to get back to the Hejing Garden.

The time he came out of the taxi, he ran over to the place that he’d been dreaming of.

As soon as he pushed open the door, a scene came into his view, which made him choked up.

Mary was sitting beside the table, with both hands supporting the chin. She nearly fell asleep. But she still kept putting her hand on the plate to test the temperature of those dishes.

“My darling, I’m back,” said Kris with tears in his eyes.


Mary was so startled by the sound coming from behind her that she banged her head on the dining table.

“Honey, are you okay?”

While speaking, Kris rushed nervously to pull Mary into his embrace to blow her in the forehead and asked worriedly,” Is it hurt?”

Chapter 330: I want to run a company

Looking at Kris Chen’s nervous face, Mary Su was happy, excited and a little wronged.

There were tears in her eyes, and all she wanted to say fell into one sentence, “You’re back. I’ll fill a bowl of rice for you.”

Kris’s heart ached unspeakably as he looked at Mary, who was visibly thinner.

At that moment, Jane Tang heard the voice and came out of her bedroom.

“You are such a jerk. Why don’t come back for such a long time?” Jane said.

As soon as Jane saw Kris, she approached him in a huff, scolding, “Why don’t you stay outside until you are dead? Do you know how Mary is doing these days?”

Jane was very angry. In these days when Kris disappeared, Mary cried every day.

Mary cooked meals every day and waited for Kris to come back. She didn’t eat comfortably at all.

In just 10 days, Mary was much thinner.

“Mother, I’m sorry. I was wrong.” Kris said.

This time Kris was scolded without complaint. It’s his fault and it’s a natural thing that his mother-in-law was angry.

“Mother, stop talking and let’s have dinner.” Mary said.

Mary wiped her tears and smiled, saying, “The food will get cold otherwise.”

“Come on, sit down you both. I will fill a bowl of rice for you each.” Kris said.

Kris hurried to the kitchen and filled two bowls of rice.

“Honey, let me feed you.” Kris said.

“OK.” Mary said.

Mary nodded in a well-behaved way.

During Kris’s absence, Mary has lost her backbone.

Mary realized how much she loved Kris and wanted to be with Kris all the time.

Jane’s anger subsided a bit. “Kris, I tell you, it’s your good fortune to have Mary as your wife. If you do that again, I will ask Mary to divorce you no matter what Mary says.” Jane said.

Kris nodded and said, “Mom, don’t worry. It won’t happen again.”

Kris’ mother-in-law’s attitude to him had improved markedly and her words were not as harsh as before.

Kris could sense that his mother-in-law was trying to accept him.

After dinner, Kris lay in bed with Mary in his arms. Neither of them spoke. They just felt each other’s heartbeat quietly.

After a long time, Kris broke the silence, saying, “Honey, I will tell you in advance before I go out for a long trip.”

“OK.” Mary said.

Without saying much, Mary hugged Kris tightly to show her trust.

Kris was deeply touched. He stroked Mary’s temples, forehead, eyebrows, nose and the outline of her face.

Mary enjoyed Kris’s fondle very much. Perhaps it was too comfortable, and soon she was asleep on top of Kris.

It’s been a hard time for Mary.

Kris hardly closed his eyes that night. He just gazed at Mary’s serene features quietly.

Mary woke up the next morning.

Last night supposed to be the most comfortable night she had slept recently and all her exhaustion was swept away.

Mary stretched lazily and reached out her hand unconsciously. But there was no one beside her.


Mary immediately sat up in bed and walked out of the bedroom with bare feet.

“Husband, where are you?” Mary said.

When Mary saw Kris was in an apron and cooking breakfast in the kitchen, she stopped.

Hearing Mary’s voice, Kris looked back, saying, “How can you come out with so little clothes on? Why don’t you even wear shoes?”

Kris quickly turned down the fire and ran over to pick Mary up. “It’s cold. What if you catch a cold. Go back and get dressed.” Kris said.

Kris went back to the bedroom with Mary in his arms. And then he hurried to the kitchen to check the poached eggs in the pan.

Ha, ha.

Mary couldn’t help laughing as she saw Kris was flurried.

It’s really reassuring to have Kris around.

Kris didn’t go anywhere that day. He stayed quietly at home with Mary.

They went to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping and then made a big lunch.

In the afternoon, they stayed in bed.

They just lied in the bed.

Mary told Kris everything that had happened over the past ten days.

Kris listened carefully.

Mary’s life is simple and pure. When she was in Su family, she was preoccupied with work.

After being chased out by Su family, she began to broadcast.

It didn’t take long for her platform to be shut down.

She didn’t pay much attention to The Academy of Six Major Schools. She spent most of the time at home with Jane recently.

In Kris’s absence, she thought a lot and finally came to a conclusion, that is, one can’t be too idle.

“Husband, I want to run a company.” Mary said.

Mary thought for a while and decided to tell it to Kris. Women still need to have their own careers. What if Kris goes bankrupt one day?

Although 1 billion is a large amount of money, it will be used up one day.

“Yeah. I’m behind you in whatever you want to do.” Kris said.

Kris knew Mary is the kind of person with a strong career ambition. It was a torture to Mary that she had nothing to do recently.

Kris wanted to let Mary to operate Huanyu Group, but he still had misgivings before the affairs of Chen family were resolved.

“Thank you, honey.” Mary said. Then she kissed Kris.

“What company are you going to start?” Kris asked.

Mary thought for a moment and said, “I think new media is good. How about starting a media company?”

A media company?

It’s good.

Kris nodded. In the next few years new media will certainly have great development.

“I think it’s good. Do you need me to help you build a team?” Kris asked.

Kris can do that just by a phone call. Huanyu Group has a strong human resources and a team can be built within a few minutes.

“I will do it by myself.” Mary said.

“There’s a big difference between you do that for me and I do that for myself.” Mary said with a smile.

“Yeah. Let’s open a big company. The registered capital should be a hundred million dollars.” Kris nodded and said.

Kris’s philosophy is that he should operate the best company once he starts a company.

“Isn’t it too much?” Mary said.

You know what, the registered capital of Su’s Group is only 80 million dollars.

“I think it is too little. You just do it and I don’t care even if you lose all that a billion dollars.” Kris hugged Mary and said.

In fact, there was no difference in Kris’s eyes between a few hundred dollars and a few billion dollars.

Mary didn’t know Kris’s real power and thought that 1 billion dollars was all he had.

“No, if I can’t do that, I will stop immediately.” Mary said.

Then she got out of the bed and sat down on the dresser to put on make-up.

“Honey, why are you putting on make-up? We are at home.” Kris asked curiously.

“Get up. Let’s go and see if there are any suitable venues.” Mary said.

May is the type that takes action. She will do things immediately as soon as she thinks about them.

It’s boring to stay in bed anyway.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, they went to Huanyu Building.

“Honey, why did you bring me to Huanyu Building?” Kris asked.

Kris was stunned.

“Sixty percent of Westriver City’s media companies are here. Both the working atmosphere and environment here are better than other places.” Mary said.

In fact, the most important thing is that Huanyu Group is here. Mary met Xue Mi, the assistant president of Huanyu Group, when she cooperated with Huanyu Group on behalf of Su family.

Just as the saying goes, you can enjoy a good shade by leaning your back against a big tree. Huanyu Group is the no. 1 entertainment group in Westriver City and the top 10 entertainment group in the country. Anyone company that has relationship with Huanyu Group is sure to have a promising future.

“You’re right.” Kris nodded and said.

Developed by Huanyu Group, Huanyu Building is a landmark building of Westriver City. Many media companies moved into Huanyu Building for the reason that Huanyu Group is there.

More than 50 percent of the media companies have partnered with Huanyu Group. In short, they live off Huanyu Group.

Kris and Mary went into the building arm in arm.

Fortunately, it’s office time. If it’s time to go and from work, Kris would surely be recognized by the staff of Huanyu Group.

There are 60 floors in total on Huanyu Building. Huanyu Group occupied three floors of the top five floors and the rest two floors are vacant.

Most of the remaining floors were rented out.

After sending a text message to Xue Mi, Kris went to the Property Management Office of Huanyu Building with Mary.

The things related to rental are all operated by the Property Management Office.

There are so many departments of Huanyu Group. Property Management Office is probably the idlest and the easiest one to reap profits.

If Kris didn’t mistook, the one who in charge of Property Management Office is Shiwei Zou.

As soon as Kris went into Property Management Office, he frowned.

The whole office was smoky and cigarette butts were all over the floor. The management staff sat on the sofa with their legs crossed and did nothing.

There were several people gathered together to play cards and smoke. Their shouts grew louder and louder.

A man in a suit leaned back in a chair and put his feet on the desk. Beside him stood a man and a woman.

“Mr. Lu, this is a little token of my affection. I will trouble you about the venue.” The man said.

The man handed the bag, which contained several wads of money, to Xianhua Lu.

Xianhua took the bag and weight it by his hand. He knew there is 70000 or 80000 dollars in the bag.

Xianhua nodded with satisfaction and said to the man, “You’re lucky this time. If you ask someone else, they’ll tell you there’s no room to rent. But I tell you, there are still two floors left, which is reserved for our own group. But it’s just a piece of cake. As long as I say it to my brother-in-law, there will be no problem.”

The man held Xianhua’s hand and said, “Thank you very much, Mr. Lu.”

“Do you want 56th floor or 57th floor?” Xianhua asked.

“Ho, ho, well, I’d like to rent both the floors. What do you think of that, Mr. Lu?” The man said with a smile.

“You want both? No.” Xianhua said.

Xianhua shook his head like a rattle-drum.

“Mr. Lu, please help me.” The woman said.

The woman took Xianhua’s hand to shake. Her breasts trembled so violently that they were almost to jump out of her low-cut dress.

After seeing that, Xianhua’s mouth parched and tongue scorched.

“Mr. Lu, I beg you…”

Then the woman leaned forward. Her deep ravine in her chest made Xianhua lost his mind. Xianhua nodded and said, “OK.”

“I knew you’d say yes, Mr. Lu.”

“Ho, ho…”

There was a greedy look in Xianhua’s eyes when he looked at the woman. The woman looks pretty and is as beautiful as some artists of Huanyu Group. It’s cool to have close contact with her.

“But if you want to rent both the floors, the money isn’t enough. There is a leader above my brother-in law. If you want to get her agreement, I’m afraid…”Xianhua said.

Xianhua lit a cigarette.

“I know.” The man said.

Then he took a bank card out of his pocket and said, “Mr. Lu, there are 100000 dollars. As long as you can help me rent both the floors and sign a three-year contract, I will give you more.”

Then he leaned forward and whispered to Xianhua, “I’ll let her keep your accompany…”

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