Chapter 329: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 329 I Want You to Marry Me (1)

Jingyan hugged her, regardless of what people would think of him. He looked a bit shocked.

“Are we losing our child?” Xuan Zhao asked and a drop of tear came down from he face. She was in deep agony, because she truly loved this baby.

Jingyan’s voice sounded dry. He tried to comforted her, “Don’t think too much. We’ll get to the hospital soon.”

His brain seemed to have stopped working. He couldn’t believe he pushed Xuan Zhao dowwn with his own hands.

Xuan was crying harder and harder, “I really like our baby. I really do…”

Jingyan felt someone had stabbed him in the heart. All he felt was a heartache.

He didn’t like Xuan, nor did he like the baby. But it was his baby after all. How felt upset that it happened.

When they got to the hospital. The doctor and nurses were already waiting for them. As soon as they arrived, Xuan was taken inside by the nurses.

“What happened?” the doctor asked Jingyan.

“She’s two months pregnant and just fell from the stairs.”

“Why is she so careless?” the doctor complained then wen inside the patient room too.

Jingyan was waiting by the door of the emergency room. He suddenly felt something wet on his hands, then he looked down and saw his hands full of blood…

I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Jingyan said in his heart but he was not sure who he was talking to.

Kerry Ye and Venus Mu heard the news and came. Seeing her son standing there stupidly, Venus came up and asked, “Where’s Xuan Zhao?”

Jingyan moved his lips but couldn’t make a sound. After quite a while he said, “I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just didn’t want to drink the coffee she made, and I pushed her, then she…I didn’t meant to kill the baby…”

Venus stared at her son angrily. She was both angry and upset. She scolded him directly, “You have always disliked the child. Now you are happy! It’s gone!”

“He didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t be too hard on him,” Kerry was trying to defend his son, “You see, he’s quite sad too.”

“Is being sad useful? Will that bring back my grandson?” Venus was really furious. She really wanted to beat her son.

Kerry hugged her and kept comforting her, “Alright, alright, don’t get angry. Let’s kick his ass when we get back. It’s in the hospital.”

“He would do anything for Yiyao Duan! Ask him! Are you happy now? Now you can go to find her huh? You even don’t care about your own baby’s life! You knew…” Venus was getting more and more emotional. Afraid that she might say something hurtful, he hurriedly took her out of the emergency hall.

“Why are you stopping me! I’ve been wanting to teach him a lesson for so long! He’s old enough, but why he’s so immature!” Venus was yelling at her husband.

“Yes, yes. It’s indeed his mistake this time. Don’t get mad.”

Venus was so mad that she even started to blame her husband, “It’s all your fault! You spoiled him! You never disciplined him!”

“Okay, okay, it’s all my fault, alright? Come on, cheer up,” Kerry waited until his wife calmed down, then he added, “Look at Pingan, obviously he’s frightened. Your words will make Pingan blame himself for the rest of his life. Do you want Pingan to live with guilt?”

“I…” Venus’s eyes got red and she almost cried, “But he’s too much this time! Instead of facing the consequences caused by his own mistakes, he treated Xuan so rudely! I feel pity for Xuan!”

“Venus, you are just too kind-hearted. You don’t know about her,” Kerry sounded like he’s hinting something.

“What do you mean?” Venus looked at her husband cautiously and stopped crying.

Kerry held her on the shoulder and said, “She’s not that innocent as you think. It was her plan that she went to the military hospital. When I went to the hospital to see our son last time, I saw her following Pingan. I didn’t pay much attention because she didn’t do anything harmful to Pingan. It turned out that she was there for Yiyao.”

“So? What does it mean?” Venus said, “Even if she’s there for Pingan, it’s understandable!”

Seeing that his wife was still angry, Kerry realized she didn’t take in any word he said. So he compromised, “Okay, let’s not talk about this any more. Let’s go inside and see Pingan. We need to comfort him, too.”

Of course Venus cared about her son more, even if he made such a terrible mistake. She was still worried about Pingan’s mental status.

“Do not scold him any more.”

“I know.”

Jingyan remained where he had been. He hadn’t moved at all. He look dull and no one knew what he was thinking about. Kerry went up and patted him on the shoulder, “Go wash your hands first.”

Jingyan turned around and saw his father. His eyes were still dull. He said, “Dad.”

“I know you are in pain. But it has already happened. Try your best to make up for it.”

Jingyan was a bit surprised. Then he turned around and walked to the bathroom.

More than an hour later, the door of the emergency room opened.

The doctor came out and said, “We lost the child. We have done the curettage operation on the patient. She might be emotional when she wakes up. You need to be with her all the time and try to make her feel better.”

“Thank you doctor.”

“Will she stay in hospital or go home? She’ll only need anti-inflammatory injection and injections of nutrients everyday,” the doctor said.

Venus looked at her husband and her son, then she said, “She’ll go home.”

“Then wait for the patient to wake up. She can go home in twenty minutes.”

“Thank you doctor.”

When Xuan woke up and saw Jingyan who was standing by the bed, she asked, “Where’s our child?”

Jingyan felt a pain in his heart. Looking at those eyes full of hope, he said, “I am sorry.”

Tears fell down from Xuan’s eyes then dropped into her hair, “My baby is gone.”

Seeing her so sad, Venus felt sad too and her eyes turned red again. She held her cold tiny hands and said, “Xuan, we Ye Family have failed you. We’ll be responsible for you.”

Chapter 329 I Want You to Marry Me (2)

“But I only want my child back! It’s almost three months! I talked to him and told him stories…” Xuan Zhao was crying, and the scene made everyone sad.

“Don’t cry any more, my good girl. Too much crying is bad for the eyes, especially after abortion,” Venus Mu wiped the tears on her face with the tissue, “You are still young. You will have many more kids in the future.”

Xuan’s sound of sob touched Jingyan Ye. For the first time he felt guilty for avoiding and ignoring her this whole time.

If he had held more love for this baby, maybe the tragedy could have been avoided.

“It’s okay; let’s go home,” Venus touch the hair on Xuan’s forehead and said with kindness.

Jingyan held her up in his arms and took her out of the emergency room, then he put her into the ambulance.

It was a dark night and there was no wind. The moon was hiding behind the dark clouds. On such a dark night, of course, no one had noticed the camera hidden nearby that was blinking.

Xuan felt extremely exhausted so she went to bed as soon as she arrived the Ye’s House, with tears on her face.

Chuxue Ye arrived home around ten in the evening. She had been waiting anxiously since she heard the news from Henry Zhang.

“Now let’s talk about it. What’s next?” Venus asked first.

The rest of the three did not say a word, because they knew it all would depend on Jingyan’s attitude.

“Come, why not say something?” Venus looked around and finally her eyes were fixed upon her son, “Pingan, what’s your plan?”

Not wanting to hear his son say something he would regret later on, Kerry Ye hurriedly interrupted them, “What about this, everyone,we are all tired tonight, so why don’t we just have a good night’s sleep and talk about it tomorrow? We have to take Xuan’s opinion into consideration, right?”

Chuxue is a great supporter of her dad. She raised her hand immediately, “I agree! Never make decisions at night. People are emotionally vulnerable at night. Let’s wait for tomorrow.”

Venus eyeballed her husband, “You are really good at making things worse.”

Kerry laughed, “Ruyi’s got the point. It’s indeed a bad time for decision making. It’s almost twelve o’clock now. Time for bed!”

“Fine, tomorrow it is,” Venus compromised.

“Goodnight mom and dad,” Chuxue greeted her parents politely. Kerry gave her a tricky look and Chuxue nodded and made an Okay gesture with her fingers.

As soon as her parents left the living room, Chuxue came to her brother and said seriously, “Brother, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can say yes to whatever conditions she may ask for, but there’s just one thing-you can’t marry her!”

Jingyan sat on the sofa and stared at the giant crystal lights on the ceiling with no expression on his face.

“Brother, I am talking to you! Do you hear me?” Chuxue shook Jingyan’s shoulder, “Do not risk your whole life in this. It’s not worth it. Do you know that?”

After quite a while, Jingyan finally started to talk, “Ruyi, would you please get me a glass of water? I’m thirsty.”

“Oh, okay,” Chuxue went to get a glass of water for him.

Jingyan drank the water up and felt he could think more clearly. He wiped his mouth and said, “I know. They are two different things.”

Chuxue took a deep breath with relief. She patted her chest and said, “It’s best you know. Dad just hinted me, asking me to persuade you, so that you won’t say anything stupid.”

“I am not that silly. Alright, go to sleep,” Jingyan patted her on the head, like when they were young.

“Don’t stay up too late, and it’s midnight now.”

“I know.”

Chuxue jumped off the sofa and watched her brother disappearing in the air.

Jingyan felt so exhausted that he even didn’t have much strength to move his fingers. He closed his eyes and all he could see was the previous scene on the stairs and his hands that were full of blood.

It all happened too fast for him to react.

If only he could freeze time! Then he would have been able to save the baby. But that was only a beautiful wish…

It started to get windy at midnight and by dawn it began to rain dogs and cats outside.

Henry woke up and saw Jingyan curling up on the sofa. He was concerned about him and put a blanket on him.

Jingyan is a light sleeper. He was awaken by the small noise and opened his eyes dreamily. When he saw Henry, he said with a hoarse voice, “Uncle Henry.”

Henry said lightly, “It’s still early. Sleep.”

“Is it raining outside?” Jingyan heard the sound outside and asked. The scene reminded him of the time when he was young – it was uncle Henry who accompanied him on such rainy nights while his parents were away.

“Yes, it’s raining.”

“Uncle Henry, please have someone send breakfast for two to the hospital when the sun rises,” it’s really not proper for him to meet Yiyao Duan today.

Henry nodded and tucked him in, “Okay, don’t worry.”

Jingyan closed his eyes again. He felt all his energy had been drained out.

An hour later, Venus came downstairs to see her son, by which time her angry had already gone.

He must feel so bad too. His face was strained and gaunt.

“What are you…”

“Shoo…” Venus hinted her husband to be quiet. She pointed her son who was curling up on the sofa and said, “Be quiet. Pingan is still asleep.”

“He must have stayed up all night. It’s raining so heavily outside. Hope he doesn’t catch a cold,” Kerry frowned and said.

Venus started to blame herself, “I was pushing too hard last night.”

“It’s okay. Stop blaming yourself. After all, it’s his fault. Let’s go. Let him sleep. We can have breakfast first.”

Jingyan didn’t wake up until it’s nine in the morning and by now, the doctor had already put on a drip for Xuan.

Jingxuan went to his bedroom to clean himself up first, then he decided to talk with Xuan. He stood by her door for quite a while before he knocked at the door and went in.

Xuan turned around and when she saw him, her eyes were glittering – he’s finally here.

Venus was also in the room talking to her.

“I’ll leave you two alone.”

“No need, mom. You can stay and hear,” Jingyan stopped his mom from leaving.

He chose a place that was the furthest to Xuan and sat down. With an emotionless face and a cold voice, he said, “it was my fault last night. You can ask for anything you want and I won’t say no.”

Xuan seemed to be in a daze and just looked at him. It’s exactly what she wanted to hear. Then she thought about it and said, “Anything?”

“No, except one thing,” Jingyan looked her straight in the eyes, feeling fearless for the blame that’s coming soon.

“What is it?” Xuan tried to hide his guilty conscience and asked.

“To marry you.” JIngyan said lightly, “Anything is okay but this one.”

Xuan showed a bitter smile and said sarcastically, “Well, that’s all I am asking for, to marry you.”

“Name another one,” Jingyan said directly.

“I lost my baby because of you! What’s so hard about marrying me? You can even divorce me after two years of marriage!”

Jingyan looked serious and firm like it was a negotiation, “No way. Marriage is a scared thing to me and I will not treat it with disrespect and dishonesty. I don’t want to lie to you. Please forgive me.”

Xuan showed a cold smile, “Fine. Since you turned down my only request, I will think it over what I really should ask for. I shall let you know tomorrow.”

“Thanks,” Jingyan said coldly and got up and left.

Venus had been silent this whole time. She’s not surprised at all that Xuan asked Jingyan to marry her, nor was she surprised that Jingyan said no. She had expected it all.

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