Chapter 33 – 34: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 33: Meet ex-boyfriend again

Yiyao Mu was surprised by Kerry’s sudden action and she immediately got excited, not even caring that the door was open and there were people watching outside. She nodded, “Well, I’ll dance for you!”

Saying that, Kerry let her go. Yiyao stood up and started to shake her clothes, twisting her waist, hips and butts.

Just now, Venus Mu heard Kerry’s voice, but she changed her expression when she saw him hugging Yiyao and she naturally felt disgusted. She immediately left with a cold snort.

“Hmm… Kerry, do you like my dancing? Oh…there’s one more thing… “Yiyao shook her clothes and took them off, gasp moaning, and kept wiggling her ass.

“Mm, nice!” Kerry stared at the direction that Venus left, as if he was thinking about something. He actually didn’t pay any attention to Yiyao.

Yiyao was hot and she wanted to catch all Kerry’s attention. At first, she was dancing in front of him, but later, she was so bold that she sat on his lap to jump.

Her seduction had reached the extreme.

After Venus left, Kerry was realizing what was happening. A strong disgust was showed in his eyes and he rolled over to press Yiyao underneath him.

Yiyao stopped moving and she was incomparably excited. Just as she was waiting his next move, he directly got up.

“Kerry… “Yiyao was surprised, for she thought he was going to fuck with her.

And she was already naked, so how could he…?

Kerry tidied up the folds that she had messed up and subconsciously flicked the non-existent ash on the hem of his shirt, looking at the watch on his wrist, “It’s late and I need to work. Go downstairs.”

Saying that, without looking at Yiyao, he directly left the room.

Behind him, Yiyao was naked, sitting on the sofa and she was staring at him, gritting her teeth—next time, she would definitely take this man away from Venus!

Now, what’s Venus’s reaction?

Seeing that her husband and her sister were flirting in the room, although she didn’t love Kerry, she still had the feeling of swallowing a dead fly. She couldn’t swallow it or spit it out.

Damn it. what men thought about all day was how to fuck with women. Venus cursed inwardly, indignantly leaving the second floor.

As a result, as soon as she got downstairs, she saw someone she didn’t want to see at all—Zihang Lu!

With her hand on the banister, Venus stood at the top of the stairs, looking at each other. She was speechless, but his eyes were shining with excitement.

“Venus!!!” Zihang was sitting on the sofa, but when he saw Venus coming downstairs, he got so excited that he got up and rushed to her.

“Why are you here?” Staring at the man that she had been dating for a year and a half, Venus was a little puzzled.

She was already married and was not living here, so why would he come? Was he coming for Yiyao?

Then she thought the scene of him and Yiyao’ s fucking with each other once again. It was a thorn in her heart.

But Zihang obviously didn’t understand what she meant and he explained, “Venus, please believe me. It was her who seduced me! I couldn’t control myself. I was wrong and I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Give me another chance, I beg you!”

“Heh!” Venus sneered and she had just seen how shameless Yiyao was, but she didn’t expect another one to come so quickly.

Chapter 34: He happened to see all of this

“You want me to believe you? Well, just tell me, what are you doing here? You came here for Yiyao Mu, didn’t you?” Venus Mu smiled sarcastically, “Are you going to tell me you are seduced by her?”

“I…” Zihang Lu tried to explain. But the fact is true, he didn’t know what to say, because he did come here for Yiyao, it’s just… he didn’t expect he would bump into Venus.

Originally he thought Venus is nothing to him, but recently he always unconsciously thinks of her, even dreams of her. And it reminded of him how nice Venus is, but he failed to resist the temptation of Yiyao.

“Besides, Zihang, you said you felt sorry. But what you should feel sorry for is not you cheated on me, do you understand?” Venus said while tears streaming down her face. She didn’t want to cry, but she could not bear it.

Two weeks ago, she would never expect that the boyfriend she had been dating for a year and a half would sell her virgin body to a stranger.

And she was raped because of him.

Zihang’s heart trembled when he saw Venus cried in front of him. Like most other men, he was nervous and flustered. He hastily said, “Venus, it’s all my fault. You can beat me or scold me, but don’t cry, please.”

Zihang was apologizing and ingratiating. Subconsciously, he reached out his arms and took her in the arms.

Venus was in grievance when hugged by Zihang, she even forgot to struggle and push him away. However, at this moment, Kerry Ye just got out of Yiyao Mu’s room in the second floor, he happened to see all of this.

After a few seconds, Venus suddenly realized what was happening, she immediately stopped her tears and pushed Zihang away.

“Zihang, you are so disgusting, how dare you touch me!” Venus said and wiped the tears, she felt like being possessed just now. How could she cry and even hug this man who was mostly to blame.

She must have been crazy when she fell in love with this man.

“Ok, I won’t touch you, Venus. Don’t cry, as long as you stop crying, I can do anything…” Zihang immediately threw up his hands, his eyes showed his care, that’s when he suddenly realized that he still cared about Venus.

But right at the moment —

“Venus, what are you doing?” A thunderous roar came from the second floor.

Hearing the conversation of the two, Kerry couldn’t bear it anymore, he felt like being cheated, this damn woman is so restless!

How could she still entangle with her ex-boyfriend! And they even hugged each other.

Venus was stunned, A cold superstitious fear swept her. She could tell from the voice that the speaker must be Kerry.

But, isn’t he making out with Yiyao? How did it get done so quickly?

Venus was thinking when Kerry went downstairs.

As Kerry descended, he pulled Venus into his arms tightly. He wanted to prove that this woman belongs to him.

At the same time, Kerry sneered, he glanced at Zihang up and down. Then he said scornfully, “Venus, your taste is really terrible, even such a man can satisfy you…”

“You –” Zihang’s face froze awkwardly. Of course he knew who this man is.

Kerry, the most powerful man in Sky City, also the new husband of Venus. He’s a dangerous man to cross, but…

“Even so, we have been together for a year and a half. What about you? You just got married to her for three days. Do you know her as I do? Do you know what she really needs?” Zihang’s eyes were red, he’s trying to save his face.

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