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Chapter 33 – 34: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 33: Typhoon

Flora Lewis glared at Colin Ward and said, “It’s all because of you!”

“Me?” Colin was confused.

Seeing the expression of his, Flora was getting angrier, “Don’t pretend to be innocent! Doris asked Barr Martin for help so that your stupid could be free, do you understand? If it wasn’t because of you, she would never agree to be that bastard’s female companion!”

She paused to gasp and the continued.

“Now that everyone knows Doris will attend the banquet with Barr Martin, do you have any idea how they judge her!? You know nothing!”

“Barr Martin?” Colin narrowed his eyes slightly, “He’ll pay for this.”

“You?” Flora snorted.

While Colin did not defend himself, “Thanks again, Flora.” Then he helped Doris into the cab before turning head to her, “He will pay.”

Looking at the cab getting away, Flora felt complex.

To be honest, she always despised Colin Ward, but since the last time he bought Doris Lee her car, the feeling he brought to her started to change.

When Colin repeated his words, Flora almost believed him for no reason…

It was about fifteen minutes later that Colin brought Flora home. He took her to the bed and stared at her flushing face with caring eyes.

Doris was beautiful, and not to mention her fascinating body. She lied there with both hands above her head and the cute mouth of hers opened slightly, showing her delicate collarbone.

The night was silent, and the only sound Colin could hear right now was the heavy breathing of her, together with the intermittent m0an.

He was turned on.

Colin reached out to the upper arm and touched her skin with his whole palm.


Then he slid his hand down, all the way to her armpit and the protruding, soft part at her c.hest…

All of a sudden, Doris moved her head subconsciously.

Colin was startled. He jumped into his feet in a hurry and stared at her face.

She was still asleep, and Colin breathed a sigh of relief.

Would Doris blame him if he took her body when she was drunk?

Thinking of that, Colin finally shook the desire out of his head after a long-time struggle.

He covered her body with the quilt and then k!ssed on her forehead before opening his mouth, “I’ll protect you, Doris.”

“I’ll attend the anniversary of the Martin group in person.” Colin texted Nina White the message before leaving Doris’ room to his own.

The next day, when Doris got up from the bed, she could only felt a headache but could not remember what happened last night, so naturally, she thought Flora took her home yesterday.

She turned on the TV before going to the kitchen to make breakfast.

“Breaking news. The typhoon code-named Martha will land on the southern coast of our country in the near future. The local government is evacuating citizens urgently and all recreational facilities on the beach are closed by now…”

Buzz buzz…

Colin Ward was wakened up by his phone. He glanced at the screen but then suddenly got up from the bed, “Typhoon is arriving!”

He went downstairs at once and found Doris in the kitchen, “Doris? You awoke. Do you have a headache? Any paink!ller?”

Hearing his words, Doris glanced at Colin and answered: “I’m fine.”

Colin was going to say something more, but seeing her reaction, he knew Doris did not feel like to talk, so he just stood there and watch her cooking silently.

“Don’t you have your own thing to do?” Doris felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

“Sure.” Colin replied to her with a smiling face.

After the breakfast, Colin left to his company, and when he arrived, he saw the stunned face of Nina White.

“Something wrong?” Colin asked.

“Those unmarketable goods we purchased days ago…the sales growing…by h.uge amounts…”

While Colin Ward just smiled slightly, “That meets my expectation.”

“Your expectation?” Nina asked him with her eyes wide-opened.

Did he stock up those goods on purpose?

Instead of an explanation, Colin just gave the direct order, “Tell sales department to raise the price 10% today, and another 5% more tomorrow.”

“Huh? You sure about that, Mr. Ward?” Nina asked.

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“I’m certain.”

Hearing his answer, Nina had no way but to follow his decision, while by noon, she was urged by the sales department that the supply ran out.


In the meantime, Abe Ward who was reading a report was shocked as well, “So I did the wrong thing?”

It was he who offered a much higher price and bought the company that was nearly sold to Colin.

He thought he was stopping Colin from throwing money, but now it seemed that he was actually in Colin’s way.

There was only one day left before the anniversary of the Martin group, but Nina White told Colin that Belle Moore was coming.

“She invited me to dinner? Why?” Colin asked Nina.

“The investment of ours saved her company, so she wants to express her thanks to you.”

Collin nodded his head and then asked, “Does she know my position in the company?”

“No, she doesn’t.”

“Good. You tell her to attend the anniversary tomorrow, representing the Marquis group, and I’ll show up as the general manager.”

On the morning of the next day, Doris Lee and Colin Ward walked out of their bedrooms at the same time.

“You dressed up. Where are you going today, Doris?” Colin asked on purpose.

Wearing a long, white dress, Doris answered in embarrassment, “To a banquet.”

“I’m going to a banquet, too, but I need a female companion. So…may I have the honor?”

Chapter 34: The Martin Hotel

“A female companion?” Doris Lee was taken back.

“Yeah,” Colin Ward nodded his head, “Like, you know, those people attend to a banquet would usually have a companion. I have a beautiful wife like you, so of course, I will bring you.”

Hearing his words, Doris got the expression on her face angry. She was suspecting that Colin might already know that she was going to the banquet with Barr Martin, so he was saying this on purpose to embarrass her.

“Colin Ward!” Doris was so angry that she could not help shaking her body, “Did you say this on purpose?”

Colin was confused, “On purpose? What?”

He was asking Doris to be his female companion so she could dump Barr Martin, but the two of them just thought it in an opposite way.

Doris could not hold it anymore and said: “Did you know that I was going to be Barr Martin’s female companion, so you said those words deliberately to embarrass me?”

Colin was much more confused.

While seeing the tears lingered on the eyes of her, Colin explained in a hurry, “No! I mean I did know that Barr Martin asked you to be his female companion, but I said that because I wanted you to dump him. Nothing more, Doris.”


Doris did not expect this at all, while Colin kept on.

“I don’t want you to go with Barr Martin. I want you to be my companion, so leave that sc.umbag alone and come with me.”

She blinked her eyes and finally understood what he was saying, and her face blushed, “But…I already agreed to be his…”

“Doris,” Colin cut in, “That bastard didn’t help us at all. You saw me at home right after you came back, right? Didn’t it prove that he had nothing to do with it?”

That reminded her.

It seemed that she just asked for help, and then next second, Colin was released.

For the ability of Barr Martin, he definitely needed to get to the police station for this, but it was half an hour’s journey!

That night, she saw Colin was having fun with his friend while she was begging for help so she was so upset that she ignored the details.

“So, he didn’t help? You were released by someone else?” Doris looked at Colin and said.

Colin nodded his head, “No, nobody helped. The police checked the camera and found out I was innocent, so they set me free.”

“I’m sorry…” Doris felt guilty.

“Don’t say that Doris. I’m your husband!”

Hearing his words, Doris got her heart beating, and then she looked down shyly, “But if I don’t show up, what do we do about Barr Martin?”

Colin replied to her calmly, “Don’t worry. I got this.”

They ended the conversation and then hopped into the car driving to the Martin Hotel.

While when they just arrived and got out, Fox Lee was there.

Pain in the!

“Whoa, Doris. I guess Mr. Martin only needs you to be his female companion, not your husband, right?” Fox Lee sneered.

Doris glared at him, “Shut your mouth! Fox Lee!”

“You looking for trouble!?” Colin was even angrier, and then he turned to Doris, “Go, Doris. I’ll come later.”

“But…” Doris was worried.

“Trust me.”

Having no other way, Doris nodded his head and went inside.

Seeing this, Fox smirked and said: “Ha! You loser! Your wife is about to get laid with another man, while you did nothing but to drive her here!”

Colin was so pissed that he got his face turned into a smile, “You’re pathetic, Fox. You’re capable of nothing but being the pain in someone else’s a.ssh0le.”

“I’m gonna k!ll you, you bastard!” Fox glared at Colin and threatened.

“Fine,” Colin took out his phone and called the scarred face, “The Martin Hotel, now, and then you can have the rest fifty.”

“What did you do!” Fox was panicking.

Colin stared at him, “What? You afraid?”

Fox raised his voice, “I’m not!”

“Well, it won’t make much difference if you are not.” Colin shrugged and then walked into the hotel, ignoring Fox.

The same second Doris came in, Barr Martin found her.

“Doris, you came.” Barr walked to her with a satisfied smile.

While thinking of Colin’s words, Doris was disgruntled, “Barr Martin, you didn’t help me at all. Colin was released because the police found he was innocent!”

Barr did not expect this at all.

He paused a second to think and then said: “What are you talking about, Doris? If it was not me, Colin Ward would be there for days!”

“That’s not true! That night when I got home, Colin was already there! Are you tell me you’re able to set him free in ten minutes?”

Barr Martin: “…”

“Since you were not helping, there’s no need for me to be your companion. I appreciate your enthusiasm thought.”

“Doris!” Barr was gritting his teeth but on the surface, he still remained the smile, “You’re here and I need a companion, so please, do me a favor, and next time, I’ll try my best to help you.”

Doris shook her head, “I’m sorry, but I came here with my husband.”

“Colin Ward?” Barr laughed as he heard some funny joke, “I didn’t even invite that loser, Doris!”

His mock irritated her a bit, but on the other hand, she started to wonder, why did Colin attend the banquet if Barr Martin did not invite him?

Meanwhile, someone walked to them, and Barr took the chance to change the subject by introducing them to each other, “This is Xiao Rongtao. He runs the subsidiary of Martin group.”

Then he turned to Xiao Rongtao and said: “This is Doris Lee.”

Xiao then looked at Doris with surprising eyes, “Ain’t you…”

Both Doris and Barr were confused by his words, so Doris opened her mouth, “You knew me?”

Xiao Rongtao was good at observing, and he noticed Barr might be interested in Doris, “No, I’m not. Sorry, Miss Lee, I thought you were a celebrity I saw on TV.”

Hearing Xiao’s compliment, Barr was about to say something more to Doris, when another group of people came in and said hello to him. So Barr had Xiao to greet Doris and he went to them.

“So, you’re called Doris Lee.” Xiao smiled, “A pretty with a nice name, no wonder Mr. Martin like you.”

These words discomforted Doris, but Xiao just kept saying.

“You’re smart, Miss Lee, to abandon that loser husband of yours to Barr Martin.”

“You knew my husband?” Doris was surprised.

“Oh, don’t you remember the Jiuzhou Hotel, Miss Lee?”

That name, and together with the grin on his face, Doris Lee remembered him at once.

“It was you!”

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