Chapter 33: Being Held In Custody – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Mingdong Wei pleaded guilty!

The police who surrounded outside handcuffed him and took him into the police car. He would be brought to justice.

Lan Yu walked towards Kris Chen. To be honest, she had been a police officer for so many years, but it was the first time for her to see such a courageous man like Kris Chen.

“Officer, is there anything else I can help you with?” Kris Chen asked.

“Hello, Mr. Chen, I am the captain of the Criminal Investigation Team of the City Public security bureau, Lan Yu, is it convenient for you to go to the police station with me and give a statement?” Lan Yu asked.

All that happened today also made him understand and he figured out that he didn’t want to go back to the Su family, his items there weren’t worth much, he didn’t want it.

“I’m sorry I have something else to do. Can I go another time?” Kris Chen smiled. It wasn’t that he really had something to do. He was just tired.

He planned to buy a house near the company and managed Huanyu Group properly, also tried his best to make it a superb entertainment company in the country.

Noticing Kris Chen’s tired, Lan Yu didn’t force him but said, “Okay, we’ll contact you then, and I hope that Mr. Chen can take the time to come over.”

“Thank you, Officer Yu!” Kris Chen nodded with a smile, then he turned around and left.

Three days later, the manor of Su Family.

Today, Mary Su finally agreed to go to negotiate with the Huanyu Group.

As soon as she showed up, Huanyu Group quickly agreed to let the Su Family package, Rui Liu.

This was a big project, so the old lady gathered the family’s elites to discuss how to package Rui Liu exactly.

“Grandmother, I think we can let Rui Liu take part in a variety show first!” Hai Su pondered for a while and said, “Isn’t the show I’m a Big Star a hit right now? It can be her variety show debut.”

“Hai is right, you can do the variety show,” A Su family elite agreed.

Everyone gathered around to make their comments, only Mary Su was absent-minded. She couldn’t understand why Huanyu Group only asks for her. It was so strange that she hadn’t even seen the president of Huanyu Group in person.

Also, who the hell sent her the Heavenly City?

She’s never been so messed up like this moment!

Plus Kris Chen, he hadn’t been seen for three days. He had neither come home nor being heard any news these days as if he had vanished.

All she could think about was that day when Kris Chen being taken hostage for her!

How’s he doing now?

She shook her head and forced herself to stop thinking about him, but it was like she got possessed, and she couldn’t stop it.

“All of your proposals are good, why don’t we ask Mary’s opinion.” The old lady looked at Mary Su, “Mary, what do you think?”


“Ah, Grandma…” Mary Su came back to her senses and realized that everyone was looking at her.

“Mary, are you okay? You look like you’re absent-minded!” The old lady asked.

“Grandma, I’m fine!” Mary Su faked a smile and said.

At the same time, Huanyu Group.

Kris Chen had Huanyu Group’s revenue financial report for last year in his hand.

To his surprise, Huanyu Group’s net profit last year was only 1.5 billion.

This number was too abnormal for the Huanyu Group.

A company like Huanyu Group, which’s ranked as one of the top entertainment companies in the country, couldn’t profit less than one billion dollars a year, so Huanyu Group must have some problems.

In the past three days, he has also done adequate research on Huanyu Group and concluded some problems.

The biggest problem was the unreasonable management system adopted by his cousin when he took over the company, and the second was the lax financial management. And it’s not standard that a three-day business trip for an average employee could actually cost tens of thousands of dollars. This was unthinkable!

So during the three days, he reorganized the company with irresistible force, fired some corrupt officials, revised the company’s unreasonable system, which made the system became more humanize. And then perfected the expense claims system, avoiding employees to abuse invoices and enjoying kickbacks!

At the same time, in order to stabilize employees, it was announced that all the employees who stayed could receive a 15% salary raise.

This time, Kris Chen had not only established his authority but also wormed his way in.

It did increase the work efficiency of the company’s employees!

After reorganized the company’s affairs, Kris Chen began to think of how to utilize the company’s resources perfectly to maximize the company’s profits.

So, he set the target on packaging Rui Liu.

Rui Liu is a gorgeous girl with a sweet voice, and she’s that kind of girl who men would fall in love with her at first sight. As long as the company packaged her well, to become a celebrity is only a matter of time.

Although he has left the Su family, he still has feelings for Mary Su.

So concerned about his feelings for Mary, Kris still gave the job of packaging Rui Liu to Mary. He regarded it as the last thing he had done for her.


At the manor of the Su family. After everyone’s discussion, they all agreed that the most suitable variety show for Rui Liu to take part in was I’m a Big Star.

To be frank, this show’s a talent show, just like The Voice of America.

The investor behind this show was also Huanyu Group, so the right place and time were all accounted for.

This project was finally sent to Kris for a look.

“Hmm… What a good plan!” Kris smiled. Su family really scrimped that they made use of resources from the Huanyu Group to profit for themselves. The Su family do pluck up the feathers of the wild goose whenever it passes by.

But Kris didn’t say anything. He had such good resources in his own company, why not use it for his own artists? Otherwise, he would be silly!

I’m a Big Star is a show that invested billion dollars! After its launch, it was widely acclaimed and became a phenomenal show.

Normally, a phenomenal program could get the money back by collects advertising fees, but Huanyu Group’s business attraction and operation were so stupid that it didn’t even recoup its cost.

That’s why the company’s revenue last year was only 1.5 billion. It’s just a pain in the ass.

Moreover, the exclusive sponsor of this program last year only offered 300 million, Kris wanted to cuss. Such a hot program still has the nerve to bid without a billion sponsorship?

In desperation, Kris leaked some information and started a new round of sponsorship bidding.

He understood that now that the show’s reputation and traffic had been formed, he could raise the price.

In the end, Mercedes-Benz Cars successfully took the title sponsorship with 1.2 billion dollars.

The 1.2 billion also broke the entertainment industry’s sponsorship record once again, exploding the entire country. I am a Big Star season 2 has not aired yet, but successfully broke the internet. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz also ushered in a new peak of car purchases.

With the sponsorship of other advertisers, I am a Big Star generated a total of 1.8 billion dollars in advertising revenue, which once again broke the record of the country’s variety shows record.

After attracted business, Kris finally felt relieved. Follow this positive trend, the company’s net profit this year would be at least one billion dollars!

On this day, Kris Chen rode his little scooter to work, but he didn’t feel right. As a president, he still rides a scooter to work every day, isn’t it funny?

After parked the car, he decided to go to buy a car at noon after work.

Soon a morning passed, Kris rode his scooter and went straight to the Mercedes 4S shop after work. He thought Mercedes was the exclusive sponsor of I am a Big Star, so he wanted to return the favor and buy Benz.

It took Kris half an hour to ride from Huanyu Group to the Motor City.

After stopping the scooter, Kris walked into the Mercedes Benz 4S shop.

Looking at the hall filled with various styles of Benz cars, he felt difficult that he didn’t know what kind of car he wanted to buy.

He looked around and couldn’t figure out which one to buy.

“Right, why don’t I ask someone.” Kris shouted, “Excuse me, can someone help me introduce the car here?”

After that, no one paid any attention to him!

“Excuse me, can anyone help me, I’d like to buy a car…”

“Why are you yelling here? Can’t you see we’re on a lunch break?”

At this time, a woman in a professional attire walked towards Kris and said with a frown!

“Lunch break?” Kris looked around and pointed at those customers, “Then why are they being served when they want to buy a car?”

The woman looked at him, impatiently. She was certain that the person in front of her was a factory worker nearby who ran to the 4S shop during the lunch break to take pictures of the beautiful female employees in the shop. These kinds of people are truly disgusting!

“Sorry sir, it’s our lunch break. And all the cars we have here are quite expensive, none of them worth less than 300 thousand dollars. Even if you buy them in installments, the down payment and tax insurance together will cost you over a hundred thousand dollars. Are you sure you want to buy a car?” The woman said and continued, “Sir, if you can’t buy it, please leave!”

Am I being asked to get out?

As he was about to speak, he saw a man and a woman walk side by side.

When he saw the person clearly, Kris’s face changed instantly.

Mary Su?!

Hmm, he didn’t think she’d have other men around her after he left only a few days!

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