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Chapter 330: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 330 Please Stop Being Angry (1)

“Xuan Zhao……”

“Please stop talking.” Xuan interrupted. She looked away from Venus and said: “I think I need to be alone for a while.”

Venus heaved a sigh and answered: “Fine. The servants are right outside your room. If you need anything, just tell them.”

“Thank you.”

Venus then left Xuan alone in the room. Xuan could finally stop pretending to be a nice lady and just be who she truly is. She grabbed her phone and sent a message to a person.

“Jingyan, don’t blame me for doing this! This is what you deserve! And Yiyao, I am not letting you get away with it this time!”

Yiyao was at that time in the military hospital. She looked at the pouring rain outside the window, and her expression was grim. She wasn’t worried about Jingyan. Instead, she was thinking about her father who had gone abroad for many days. She hadn’t got a single message from him since he left. And she wondered how did everything go with their mission. Have they wiped out the terrorist groups?

At that time, someone called her and her train of thoughts was interrupted. She looked at her phone, and found it was Madam. She picked it up and said: “Hello, Madam.”

“Yiyao, are you feeling better?” the madam said in a gentle voice.

“I’m much better. Thank you for asking.”

“I’m so glad to hear that. What about that young man? I heard he is also severely injured.”

“He is out of danger.” Yiyao said.

“That’s good.” The madam said. Her voice was cheerful. “I know someone who is very suitable for you, and I wanted to introduce him to you. But then your father told me that you are dating someone and your boyfriend is an amazing person. Anyway, don’t forget to tell me when will you get married. I can’t attend your wedding ceremony but I have to send my gifts to you.”

Yiyao bit her lips and said in a soft voice: “Thank you, Madam. It’s my honor.” Although she wasn’t even sure whether she would actually get married.

“Okay, take care of yourself. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” Yiyao hung up the phone. She looked outside the window again with a heavy heart.

The rain kept on pouring down and Sky City was almost flooded. There was no costumer the whole day, so Chuxue closed her sweet shop and wanted to drive home.

On the way back, Yulin Xiao called her and they shared their thoughts with each other about what had been going on between Jingyan and Xuan.

“Will Jingyan really marry that woman? I don’t like her. She is a total bitch!” Chuxue complained.

Yulin laughed and said: “He is not that stupid. He likes that woman in the military.”

“I know. But Xuan is in the middle of their relationship. Now the baby is gone, and the matter is even more complicated. I’m really worried about them…Damn….Oh…no.”

Yulin heard something was wrong and asked nervously: “What happened? Are you alright?”

Chuxue’s car bumped against something and stopped suddenly. Chuxue looked ahead and said angrily: “I’m okay. I think a wheel just got stuck in a drain.”

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

“No, you don’t need to come. The rain is too heavy. Besides, you are too far away from me. I’ll get a taxi.”

“Okay. Be careful.”

“I know.” Chuxue then hung up the phone and threw her Bluetooth headphones on the passenger seat. The moment she opened the door and got off, a car zoomed past her at full speed and she was splashed with water and mud. The rain was still pouring, so within a few seconds, she was totally drenched.

She wiped her face and shouted at that car: “Damn you! Are you trying to kill yourself?”

She then walked to the front of the car and checked. A wheel was indeed stuck in a drain because the grate was missing. The water on the ground was ankle-deep, and it was flowing to the drain.

“Damn! Why is there no one to find the grate back? It is so dangerous!” Chuxue complained. She looked up, and found there was no one around and she couldn’t find one taxi. She wished she had asked Yulin to come and pike her up.

She was about to get back into the car, but suddenly, she noticed another car was running towards her at a very fast speed. She didn’t want to get splashed again so she took a step backward. However, she accidentally stepped into a hole on the ground and her foot got stuck. Chuxue felt so hopeless. It was must one of her worst days. She thought. “Did I do anything wrong? Am I punished by the lord? I knew I shouldn’t go to work this morning!”

The rain was too heavy. Chuxue’s foot was stuck in the hole that was full of mud so she couldn’t see how was her foot stuck. She tried to pull her leg out by force but she failed. She stood in the pouring rain helplessly and she felt she was abandoned by the whole world. If one man could appear at that moment and save her, she would be willing to marry him. She thought to herself. As long as that man is not way too ugly.

Ten minutes passed. Chuxue felt her legs were getting weak and she was in despair. Suddenly, she felt the rain stopped. She looked up, and found there was an umbrella above her head.

“What are you doing here?” A man said from behind.

Chuxue froze when she heard this voice. Because it couldn’t be more familiar. It was Zhao Nangong.

“Is your foot stuck?”Zhao asked.

Chuxue looked back at him, and she felt disappointed. “Why does it have to be this guy!” She thought to herself.

“You look pale. How long have you been standing here?” Zhao quickly took off his coat and put it on Chuxue. He touched her hand and frowned. He said: “Your hand is so cold.”

Chuxue didn’t know what to say. After standing in the rain for so long, her mind was no longer working properly.

Zhao took her hands into his and rubbed them. When Chuxue’s hands were warm enough, he passed the umbrella to her and said: “Take it. I will get your foot out.”

Chuxue took the umbrella. Zhao crouched down. His back was soon drenched by the rain and Chuxue moved the umbrella to his side. But he only said: “Don’t worry about me. Put the umbrella above your head.”

Chuxue did what he said.

She could feel his hands on her foot, which would soon lose feeling. He then grabbed her foot and tried to pull it out, but Chuxue gasped with pain. Zhao stopped immediately and said: “You sprained your foot. It’s gonna hurt. Hold it.”

Chapter 330 Please Stop Being Angry (2)

Chuxue nodded. Zhao’s shirt was totally drenched and it plastered against his back. Chuxue could see his muscular body through his shirt. And at that moment, she felt he was not that annoying.

The rain beat out a rhythm on the umbrella. Chuxue felt they were the only two people in the world.

Zhao tried very hard, and Chuxue’s foot was finally freed, although it was swollen.

“I’ll take you to the hospital. We also need to get some medicine.” Zhao frowned as he looked at her swollen foot.

Chuxue agreed. She said: “I’ll get my key and phone.”

“Stand still. I’ll get it for you.”

Zhao rushed into the rain, took the stuff and locked her car. He then walked back to her, held her up in his arms and walked back to his car.

“Are you cold? I’ll turn on the heater.” Zhao started the car.

Chuxue wanted to say that she wasn’t feeling cold, but before she said anything, she sneezed. And she put her arms around herself and shuddered.

Zhao looked very worried. He turned on the heater and drove to a hospital nearby. Chuxue noticed his hands were scrapped, and blood was oozing out.

“Your hands……” Chuxue said. She was feeling very guilty about it.

“Don’t worry. I’ll use a band-aid.” Zhao said casually.

Chuxue was feeling rather sulky. It is like every time they meet, something bad is bound to happen.

They arrived at the hospital. Zhao helped her to register. He then took her to get an X-ray, and then he paid the bill for her. Chuxue felt rather awkward. He really doesn’t need to do so much. Chuxue thought.

“Can you drive me home?” Chuxue asked when they were back in the car. After a moment’s silence, she said: “Thank you.”

Zhao was surprised to hear her saying thank you. He froze for a few seconds, then he smiled and said: “Don’t worry. It’s my pleasure.”

Chuxue looked outside the window to avoid his kind eyes. She felt very tired, and the temperature in the car made her feel even more dizzy, so she fell asleep in no time.

Zhao looked at her face when she was sleeping, and he felt a surge of adoration for her.

The rain finally ceased. Zhao drove back to his apartment and carried her out of the car. Her face was crimson. He touched her forehead and found she was having a fever. He then carried her back to his apartment.

Chuxue was still sleeping. She felt she was put into a nice and hot tub. She thought she was home, and she said: “Mom, I’m so thirsty.”

Soon, she felt a spoon was in front of her mouth. She licked it and frowned. “It’s so bitter.”

“This is medicine. You are having a fever.”

Chuxue then opened her mouth and swallowed the liquid. She then fell back into a heavy sleep.

When she woke up again, she found the rain stopped. She looked outside the window and found it was already dark. How long did I sleep? She thought.

She rubbed her eyes and looked around, and finally found she was not in her room. She felt frightened. What is this place? She shouted. She then threw the quilt away, and found she was dressed in a big white t-shirt. Her bra and pantie were missing.

“Damn!” Chuxue patted her forehead. “What the hell is going on?”

She remembered she was in the car, and she asked Zhao to send her back home. Obviously, Zhao didn’t do what she asked him to do.

“Did he do something to me when I was sleeping?” She thought. Anger surged through her, and all her good feelings about Zhao disappeared in an instant.

She heard someone was in the kitchen, and she shouted: “Zhao Nangong!”

Then, she heard hurried footsteps. Zhao appeared in the room quickly and asked: “What happened?” He was wearing an apron, and he was holding a big spoon in one hand and a lid in the other.

Chuxue never knew Zhao could cook, so she was very surprised to see him like this. She looked into his eyes and asked: “Didn’t I ask you to send me back home?” Her heart was beating violently from anger.

Zhao smiled and said: “I’m afraid your parents would be angry with you if I sent you back.”

“Then, how could you…Where are my clothes?” Chuxue blushed with embarrassment.

Zhao said: “You had a fever. Your clothes are all wet.”

Chuxue covered herself under the quilt and glared at him. “Did you ask a woman to change my clothes?”

“This is my apartment. Where do you think I can find a woman?”

“But…but…” Chuxue’s eyes brimmed with tears.

Zhao walked to her and said: “Don’t cry. I didn’t do anything. I only bathed you and changed your clothes.”

“What? You bathed me?” Chuxue’s eyes widened in disbelief. She blushed scarlet at the thought.

“I just put you in a tub. That’s all.”

Chuxue was so angry. She punched on his chest randomly and shouted: “You jerk! How could you do this to me!”

Zhao didn’t move away. She isn’t strong enough to hurt him. When she stopped, he said: “Do you feel better?”

Chuxue snorted and looked away.

“Please stop being angry. I have asked someone to bring you some new clothes. Put them on. And it’s time for dinner.” Zhao stared at her fleshy lips, and he found her charm impossible to resist. “I am willing to do anything to please her.” He thought to himself.

“Are you still angry? I’ll kiss you if you keep being angry.” Zhao said.

Chuxue glared at him and asked: “Where are my clothes?”

Zhao pointed at the sofa in the living room and said: “It’s over there. I’ll get them for you.”

“That’s not necessary.” Chuxue said. She then crooked her finger at the clothes, and the clothes flew directly towards her.

Zhao was numb with shock. He recovered himself a few seconds later and asked: “Are you a fairy?”

Chuxue burst into laughter. The atmosphere between the two of them was now relaxed. She said: “I am not a fairy. I am a ghost.” She looked at him, and her purple eyes were sparkling.

Zhao stared at her unblinkingly and said: “Even though you are a ghost, you are the most beautiful ghost I have ever seen.”

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Not at all.” Zhao said. He then lifted up her chin and kissed on her lips hungrily.

Suddenly, a strong burning smell wafted through the room. Chuxue pushed him away and said: “Something is burnt!”

Zhao stood up and said in an annoyed tone: “Damn it! Why now!?”

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