Chapter 331 – 332: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 331: Give him a message

“Well, that’s good,” Xianhua Lu said.

Xianhua calmly put the bank card into his pocket and said, “OK, I’ll call my brother-in-law.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lu.”

“Don’t bother sucking up. Wait here.” Xianhua said.

Then he stood up and went to the door.

When Xianhua got to the door, he saw Kris Chen and Mary Su. “What are you doing here?” Xianhua frowned and said.

Oh, what a beautiful woman she is!

Xianhua’s eyes lit up. The woman brought by that man just now was nothing compared to her.

“Beauty, are you here to rent an office?” Xianhua looked Mary up and down and asked.

When Xianhua saw Kris standing next to Mary, he looked scornful.

“Yes.” Mary nodded and said.

“I’m sorry, but all the offices here have been rented out.” Xianhua said with a smile.

All rented out?”

“Honey, forget it. Let’s go to other commercial buildings.” Mary said to Kris.

Just as Mary entered the door and saw the smoky Property Management Office, she had a bad impression of Huanyu Building. When she heard that all the offices had been rented out, she didn’t want to stay there anymore.

The smell of smoke was too much for her nose.

“Hey, beauty, don’t rush off.” Xianhua said.

Seeing Mary wanted to leave, Xianhua was anxious. “If you want to rent the office, I can unilaterally force them to stop the contract and then you can move in.” Xianhua said.

Mary was stunned. How could he unilaterally terminate the contract during the term of the contract?

What a tone! Who gave you the right?

Kris’s face clouded. He was surprised to see how the staff work.

The Property Management Office of Huangyu Group is so bully that those who don’t know about Huangyu Group will think it is a social gang.

Kris sneered and said, “If I remember correctly, the 56th and 57th floors are vacant.”

“Don’t you understand what I said?” Xianhua said.

Xianhua took a look at Kris and said with his mouth twitched, “They used to be vacant, but now they’re rented.”


They’re rented?

Kris was stunned. The two floors are reserved for Huangyu Group and it’s impossible to rent out.

Did someone take the liberty of renting them out during his absence?

“When did they rent out?” Kris asked.

“Why do you ask so much?” Xianhua said impatiently.

At that moment, the man and woman walked over, saying, “Mr. Lu, what’s going on? Have you communicated with you brother-in-law?”

“Why are you rushing me? Don’t you see I’m talking to others? If you say one more word, I won’t rent them to you.” Xianhua glared at the man and said.

The man was very embarrassed. But remembering the order the boss gave him, he said with a smile, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lu, we are too anxious.”


With a snort, Xianhua pulled out his phone and made a call in front of Kris.

“Hello, brother-in-law, I’m Xianhua. There are a man and a woman here who are going to rent the 56th and 57th floors. What? No? But I’ve already taken the deposit. What? Return the deposit.” Xianhua said with a bad look.

“Hello, brother-in-law…brother-in-law…”

After hanging up the phone, Xianhua’s face clouded. “My brother-in-law said no, but I took the money. What’s more, the woman was still here. No, I must rent them out.” Xianhua thought.

At the thought of that, Xianhua turned to the man and woman, saying, “You two come over here. My brother-in-law said the rent for the two floors would go up by 10 percent. If you agree that, I will draw up the contract for you. If not, forget it.”

Go up by 10 percent?

The man and woman looked at each other. After three seconds, the man nodded and said, “OK, let’s sign the contract.”

Do they agree?

Xianhua was surprised, but more pleased.

Don’t you agree to rent them out?

Then I would increase the rent by 10 percent and you would say nothing.

At that thought of that, Xianhua went to a cabinet on the side and took out a lease agreement stamped with the official seal of the Huanyu Group.

“Here, put the official seal of your company.” Xianhua said.

According to the regulations of Huanyu Group, offices in Huanyu Building are not leased to individuals, so the lease agreement can only be signed with the official seal.

The man nodded and put the seal on the agreement.

When the man tried to put the seal on the second agreement, Kris walked over and snatched the agreement away.

“What are you doing? Give the agreement back to me.” Xianhua roared to Kris.

The man was also worried. He looked at Kris and said, “What do you want?”

What do I want?

Kris smiled grimly and opened the agreement. There are several small characters- World Entertainment Company in the round seal affixed to the column of Party B.

The man and the woman are the men of Jian Zhen.

“Honey, give the agreement back to them.” Mary was startled and said.

“Do you know they are from World Entertainment Company?” Kris said.

“I don’t care who they are. I can rent them if I want. It’s up to me.” Xianhua said.

Xianhua patted the table and said, “If you don’t put the agreement down, I will give you a lesson.”

As soon as Xianhua said that, the big men stopped playing cards and gathered over, staring covetously at Kris.

Mary was worried and said, “Honey, give the agreement back to them”

Mary didn’t know why Kris robbed other’s agreement.

“Give me a lesson? I’d like to see who dares to give me a lesson in Huangyu Building.” Kris said. Then Kris called Xue Mi, saying, “Ask Shiwei Zou to see me. By the way, ask the head of the company’s Inspection Department to see me too.”

Shiwei Zou?

This guy knows my brother-in-law?

“Who are you scaring? If you are sensible, put the agreement down quickly, or they will give you a good beating.” Xianhua said.

As soon as Xianhua said that, the big men rushed to Kris.

You’re courting your death.

Kris snorted and a powerful momentum was spread form his body.


Several big men lied on the ground immediately and were unable to move.


The woman in the low-cut dress gave a scream and the bald-headed man next to her looked at Kris in horror.

Xianhua was even more shocked.

Who is this guy?

It’s unbelievable.

Xianhua felt his legs begin to go weak.

Kris’s face clouded. These men are so arrogant that they dared to fight him.

Mary looked at Kris with a puzzled look. She wondered why her husband was so angry.

“Honey, what’s wrong with you?” Mary said.

As soon as Mary said that, there was a sound of rapid footsteps outside the door.


The door of Property Management Office opened. Xue Mi walked in with Shiwei Zou and a woman in gold wire-rimmed glasses.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, president.” Xue Mi said.

Xue Mi walked to Kris and bowed respectfully.

Shiwei Zou and Haihong Wang, director of the company’s Inspection Department, broke out in a cold sweat.



This guy is the president?

Xianhua was dumbfounded, as if he was struck by lightning.

The men on the ground would like to hide into the cracks.

What did they do?

How could they attack the president? Were they courting their death?

The woman in low-cut dress and the bald-headed man were scared.

They didn’t expect the man in plain clothes is the president of Huanyu Group.

“Shiwei Zou, why don’t you give me an explanation? What’s going on?” Kris slapped the agreement in his hand in front of Shiwei and said.

Shiwei gave a shiver of fright. He opened the agreement and he almost vomited blood when he read the terms of the agreement.

“Brother-in-law, I…”Xianhua said.

“I fuck you. Don’t call me brother-in-law.” Shiwei said.

Shiwei’s face was red of anger and he walked to Xianhua to slap him in the face. “What did I tell you? Didn’t I say no? Where does the agreement come?” Shiwei said.

“I just want to make money for the company, brother-in-law.” Xianhua said.

Xianhua covered his face and said with reverence and awe, “I increased the rent by 10 percent and they agreed.”

“Damn you,” Shiwei said.

Shiwei kicked Xianhua over. “Does the company care about the 10 percent rent? I don’t even have the right to rent them out. Who gives you right to take the liberty of renting them out ?” Shiwei said.

Shiwei was still angry and gave Xianhua another two kicks.

“Are you from Inspection Department?” Kris asked.

Haihong quickly stepped forward and said, “Yes, president. I’m Haihong Wang, director of Inspection Department.”

“Ho, ho..”

Kris said with a cold smile, “Look at this smoky office. Do you know what were they doing when I came in?”

“You don’t know? They were drinking wine, playing finger guessing game, rolling dices and gambling. This is a company, not a charity. Do I keep you here to play? You pack your things and get out of here. Besides, I don’t know how much money Xianhua gave you. But just give it all out, or I will show no mercy.” Kris said.

After hearing what Kris said, Haihong’s legs went soft with fear. “President, please forgive me. I did that in a moment of aberration. Please don’t call the police. I will tell you everything.” Haihong said.

As Haihong confessed, Kris’s face clouded. Xue Mi and Shiwei’s face was pale of fear.

Xianhua put on a dead look. Everything was finished…

They forced tenants to move out of Huanyu Building and unilaterally terminated the contract if they didn’t agree. They increased the rent from 50 dollars per square meter to 80 dollars per square meter. The extra 30 dollars per square meter was in their pockets.

“Ho, ho, very good. It seems that there are other people involved in it. That’s how you tricked me when I wasn’t in the company.” Kris said with a cold smile.

The colder Kris’s face, the angrier he was.

Xue Mi was too frightened to speak. She knew the president’s temper very well.

She was angry at the same time. The president has raised their pay several times. They are ungrateful persons.

Xianhua knelt on the ground and kowtowed, saying, “President, please have mercy on me. I didn’t mean it.”

What Haihong said would bring serious consequences to him. If the case went on, he was sure to be imprisoned for ten years.

Shiwei was regretful. If he’d known this would happen, he shouldn’t let Xianhua work here.

But Shiwei was also responsible for this matter. He roughly knew what Xianhua did, but he didn’t expect that Shiwei was so bold.

The reality was that Xianhua dared to ask his men to fight with the president.

“Xue Mi, handle it according to company policies. Don’t let go of any of them.” Kris said.

“Yes, president.” Xue Mi said.

The man and the woman wanted to slip away, but they were spotted by Kris when they had taken only two steps. “You go back and give Jian Zhen a message. If he doesn’t come to see me and explain it to me within two days, I will show no mercy,” Kris said.

Chapter 332: A showdown

After the man and the woman left, Kris Chen came to the President’s Office with Mary Su, who was shocked.

After closing the door, Kris said with a wry smile, “Well, it’s time for a showdown. I am the president of Huanyu Group.”

“Are you going to keep it from me forever if I don’t come here today?” Mary said.

“No, absolutely not.” Kris said.

“I didn’t tell you before because I was afraid of shocking you.” Kris swore.

Well, Mary was shocked.

Mary sat awkwardly on the sofa. It was surprising enough when she knew Kris has 1 billion dollars, not to mention that Kris told her he is the president of Huanyu Group.

Seeing that Mary was agitated, Kris offered her a glass of water and said, “Honey, calm down.”

After drinking the water and taking a few minutes’ rest, Mary said, “No wonder Huanyu Group appointed me to work with them. Wasn’t it your idea?”

Kris nodded. He walked over to put his arms around Mary’s waist and said, “You are my wife. Of course I should help you.”

“But why you didn’t tell me before?” Mary said.


Kris sighed and said, “Just think about our relationship at that time. Do you think it’s appropriate for me to tell it to you? Would you believe me if I told you I am the president of Huanyu Group?”

A few months ago, Kris was a lowly and easily bullied live-in son-in-law.

If he told others that he is the president of Huanyu Group, people would laugh at him.

Mary was speechless. She knew Kris was telling the truth.

After all, even she thought Kris was a jerk beck then. If Kris told her he was the president of Huanyu Group, she would have thought he was delusional.

“Did you give a hand about the matter of Yang Ding?” Mary asked.

“Yes, a few years ago I invested in Lieyang Technology. I am a shareholder of it also. Xiaojie did a good job. I always treat him as my brother.” Kris said with a smile.


Kris is also a shareholder of Lieyang Technology?

Mary’s heart was shaking violently. Lieyang Technology is the leading enterprise of high-tech companies in the country, with an estimated value of 80 billion dollars.

If Lieyang Technology were to list, its value would have exploded at least tenfold.

It’s surprising enough to know Kris is the president of Huanyu Group, not to mention he is also a shareholder of Lieyang Technology. They are both not listed companies, but the value of them two is more than 100 billion dollars.

One is a unicorn company and the other is a super unicorn company. Su family is unworthy of being mentioned in front of Huanyu Group and Lieyang Technology.

So the 10 billion dollars Mary’s mother saw at the bank is really Kris’s?

Mary was afraid to ask. She was really shocked.

Kris didn’t speak, but quietly hugged her.

Kris thought he’d better tell Mary that he also owns Dashun Real Estate Agency later, or it would really freak her out.

In fact, Kris has many other companies.

For example, Apollo Security Company, Golden Scale Society, the trillions of assets of the Holy Dragon Cult and Five Poisons Sect…Well, as Five Poisons Sect is in the Shiwan Mountain, there is no assets of it.

But that is only temporary. Although there are many poisonous insects on Shiwan Mountain, there are also many exotic flowers and herbs. There are also some precious medicinal materials in the mountain, which can only be found by people who live in the mountain all the year round.

If Shiwan Mountain is used properly, it will be a cornucopia.

All sorts of feelings well up in Kris’s mind when he thought what he had. It’s hard to predict what will happen in life.

In less than half a year, Kris had accumulated the wealth that the average person could never attain in ten or hundred lifetimes.

Kris’s status is also precious.

Of course, only he knew how hard it is. He risked his life to get what he wanted.

After half an hour, Mary gradually accepted this fact.

She ought to be happy.

In fact, she was in a very mixed mood. Excitement, disbelief, and untruthfulness were intertwined, and that was how she felt at that moment.

She was surprised to be dumb. She suddenly became the wife of a billionaire.

“Honey, you pinch my face to see if it will hurt.” Mary said dully.

Ha, ha, ha…

Kris couldn’t help laughing and gently pinched Mary’s cheek, saying, “Honey, this is all real, not a dream.”


Mary pinched her cheek and found it really hurt. It’s not a dream.

The next moment she couldn’t stand it anymore and began to cry. “Big bastard, why didn’t you tell me…” Mary said.

As Mary spoke, she beat Kris with her fists.

“Don’t cry, darling. You’re the president’s wife now. There are a lot of people in the company. What will they think if they hear you are crying?” Kris said.

Kris knew Mary cares much about her impression in the eyes of others. She is meticulous when she is in the company.

Sure enough, after hearing what Kris said, she stopped crying. But there was still a little complaint in her eyes. “You are a badass. Shall we start a media company then?” Mary said.

“No, our company is too busy.” Kris said.

Kris gave Mary a kiss on the cheek and Mary grumbled in a flirtish manner.

“We are in the company.” Mary said.

“Don’t worry. No one’s watching.” Kris said.

“Honey, I have an immature idea. Do you want to hear it?” Kris said.

“Go ahead.” Mary said.

“You saw what happened today. Because I am often away from the company and my control of the company isn’t strong enough, there are many staff play a double game and make money from the company. So I want you to be the president of the company.”


To be the president of the company?

Mary was stunned and then shook her head. “No, I can’t do it with such a big company.” Mary said.

The company that Su family let her in charge of is a small one with dozens of people. But there are thousands of people in Huanyu Group. She is not sure she can manage such a big company.

“I believe you can do it.” Kris said.

“Anyone who dares to say no will be fired. There are special people in charge of everything on the job. If you don’t understand, the assistant president will tell you. You just have to make decisions and manage finances.” Kris said.

“Can I really do that?” Mary said. Mary bit her lip. There was a time when she fantasized about her husband being a multimillionaire who runs a company of thousands of people.

But when the dream did come true, she was not confident.

“Of course you can. Besides, I am behind you. I have made the plan of the company for the next two years. As long as you follow the plan, there will be no problem.” Kris said.

What Kris said gave Mary confidence. “Then I will give it a try.” Mary said.

When Mary agreed, Kris was relieved. In fact, he had already planned to do so.

After all, as his status grew, he didn’t have much time to run the company.

If Mary could run the company, he could rest assured. The only worry was that she would put too much pressure on herself.

To relieve Mary’s pressure, Kris decided to play a game, such as pressing Mary on the sofa to kiss her.

After some frolic, Mary’s clothes were disheveled and her face flushed. “Honey, stop that now.” Kris said.

“Don’t worry, no one will come in.” Kris said.

But as a woman, Mary is not as strong as Kris. She had to let him do whatever he wanted.

“Dong! Dong!”

Just then there was a knock on the office door.

“President, may I come in?”

It’s Xue Mi. After hearing Xue Mi’s voice, Mary sat up quickly and buttoned up her disheveled clothes. Mary gave Kris a lovely contemptuous look and said, “Look at the things you’ve done.”

Kris chuckled. After helping Mary get dressed, Kris said, “Come in.”

As soon as Kris said that, Xue Mi opened the door and went in.

When Xue Mi saw the red-faced Mary, she couldn’t help but look at her twice. Xue Mi wondered who Mary is.

She’s never seen president bring a woman to the company. Is she the girlfriend of the president?

“Xue Mi, I will introduce you.” Kris said.

“This is my wife, Mary Su.” Kris said.


Mary Su? Wife?

Xue Mi was shocked? Isn’t she a member of Su family? How could she be the wife of the president?

Mary was in charge of packaging Rui Liu before, but Xue Mi had never met Mary.

No wonder the president insisted that Mary should take charge. So that’s it.

She was wondering then, but at that moment she understood.

“Hello, Xue Mi, I’ve heard of you for a long time.” Mary said.

Mary smiled and held out her hand.

“Hello, madam. My name is Xue Mi, the assistant to the president.” Xue Mi, said. Xue Mi hurriedly held Mary’s hand and said somewhat flattered, “Thank you, madam. I should have called on you when you were packaging Rui Liu.”

As Xue Mi spoke, she began to look Mary up and down. The file photo of Mary is very beautiful, but Mary is much more beautiful than the photo.

Beauty is Xue Mi’s first impression of Mary.

There is flattery in Mary’s eyes, which is not tacky. She looks like a fairy.

Besides, Mary’s voice is very pleasing to the ears. Even a girl like Xue Mi couldn’t help but want to look at her twice.

How beautiful is the wife of the president!

“She is a fairy.” Xue Mi said to herself.

Only a man like the president can match a woman like his wife.

As Xue Mi looked at Mary, Mary also looked at Xue Mi.

Xue Mi is fair, beautiful and quiet and looks like a pretty girl of humble birth.

But the neat uniform makes her look very attractive. There was an air of competence about her.

Xue Mi helped Mary a lot in the previous collaboration. Although they had never met, Mary had a good impression of Xue Mi.

“By the way, what did you do with the three men?” Kris said.

“President, Haihong Wang, Xinhua Lu and Shiwei Zou have been handed over to the police. There is also a self-examination of the group undergoing.” Xue Mi said.

Kris nodded and said, “Fire all those who are not faithful. People with serious problems must not be let go. It’s better to kill a thousand than let one go.”

“Yes, president.” Xue Mi said. Xue Mi wrote down Kris’s words in her notebook. There would be an overall renewal of the staff of Huanyu Group.

“By the way, make a notice that there will be a meeting at ten o’clock tomorrow morning. All the executives of the company should be present. I have something important to announce.” Kris said.

“I’ve wrote it down, president.” Xue Mi said.

“Well, there is nothing for you to do. You go to busy bar.” Kris said.

After Xue Mi left, Kris said, “Honey, let’s go home. We’ll come here at ten o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Yes.” Mary said.

Mary nodded. Since she has promised to be the president of Huanyu Group, she would not be melodramatic.

On the way back to home, Mary suddenly asked, “Honey, should we tell mom about this?”

Kris thought for a moment and said, “Not now. It won’t be too late to tell mom when she’s completely got over it.”

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