Chapter 331: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 331 What an Affair (1)

When he left, Chuxue Ye quickly put on her clothes. Zhao Nangong was very thoughtful and he had prepared everything she needed.

This is a dangerous place and if she kept staying here, she would definitely suffer a lot. It was better for her to slip away. However, where were her phone and car keys?

After searching the bedroom and the living room, she didn’t find them. Zhao asked deliberately, “Where are you looking for? Your phone?”

“Give it to me.” Chuxue said to him while putting her hand out.

With hot rice porridge in hand, Zhao said, “I’ll give it to you after you eat this. There is no taxi outside my apartment. You can’t sneak away.”

Chuxue stamped and sat at the table, ready to eat.

“I save your life, don’t you remember? Eat with me, OK? I don’t think it’s a hard thing for you.” Zhao added two dishes to the dining table, one was mashed potatoes and the other was mushroom with vegetables. “I don’t cook very often, so there are very few vegetables in the refrigerator. That’s it.”

She didn’t feel hungry just now, but when she smelled the aroma of the food, her stomach growled, so she said awkwardly, “You know how to cook? You surprise me!”

“Is it strange if I know how to cook?” Zhao gave her a spoon.

Chuxue took a sip, which tasted good. “Anyway, you don’t make me feel that you can cook.”

“Can you?” Zhao suddenly asked.

Chuxue shrugged, “No, my father doesn’t allow me to learn it.”

Zhao raised his eyebrows and took a glance at her, “He is right. You don’t have to know I, cause I will do it for you.”

“Hey! Zhao, I literally don’t need you to do it for me, OK?” Chuxue stopped eating.

Zhao didn’t want to piss her off and he laughed, “It’s just a joke. Don’t be so serious.”

Strangely, Chuxue still got mad. She then said ironically, “Well, you are the most famous paly boy in Sky City. Of course you love joking, don’t you?”

Zhao froze and blamed himself inside. Why did he say that?

“I mean cooking for you was not a joke,” Zhao tried to make up for it.

Chuxue sneered, “It doesn’t matter. It’s none of my business, anyway.”

Zhao was sad to hear this. He gazed at her, “Chuxue, I am serious.”

“Zhao, how many girls have you said this to? I believe you don’t remember, right?” Chuxue said with “admiration”. “Take them home, cook for them, and then tell them that you like her. Are the girls greatly moved?”

“I have never taken any woman back, nor have I cooked for them. You are the first one.” Zhao explained seriously.

Chuxue didn’t expect this and muttered, “Hum, who knows?”

After all, everyone in Sky City knew he was a playboy.

From the look on her face, Zhao knew she did not believe him, so he said, “Since I met you, I have had no contact with other women. I can swear.”

It’s okay if he didn’t mention this. When he talked about this, Chuxue got mad again. She spread out her hand and asked, putting the porridge aside, “Where are my phone and keys?”

Zhao knew that he had pissed her off again. Why did he mention other women? He was really an idiot. How could he regard himself as a master of love? How did he become an idiot in front of Chuxue? He really didn’t know what he should say or not.

“The last time, my phone and keys, where are they?” Chuxue’ s face was cold, and she did not know why she got so angry.

Finding she was really angry, Zhao had to take out two things from his pocket and said, “Let me take you home.”

“No need.” Chuxue grabbed her things and walked to the door.

Zhao hurriedly took off his apron and followed her. When he got into the elevator, he found that both of them were wearing slippers.

The atmosphere in the elevator was very embarrassing. Chuxue turned her head away all the time and did not take a look at him. Until they got to the first floor, Zhao grabbed her wrist, “There is really no taxi here. Let me take you home.”

Chuxue did not shake off his hand while glaring at him, “Zhao, why are you so annoying?”

Zhao suddenly was not that worried. Because he thought when girls said this, this meant they already forgave him.

“Yes, yes, I’m annoying. It’s late, so let me send you back, OK?” Zhao gave her all his patience and gentleness in his life and he even did not know where his bottom line was.

Chuxue raised her eyebrows. “Are you not afraid that my father might break your leg?”

“I don’t care. I don’t want you to go back so late alone. It’s not safe.” Nangong gently shook her wrist. “Let’s go. My car is outside.”

Hesitating for a moment, she agreed.

It was indeed not safe to go back alone. She gave herself an excuse.

On the way back, Chuxue kept silence all the time. Zhao was afraid that he may say something wrong again, so he also chose to say nothing. Therefore, inside the car was very quiet.

Arriving at the gate of Ye’ s villa, Chuxue got off the car without hesitation. But Zhao stopped her by pressing down her hand.

“What?” Chuxue looked at him with caution.

Zhao felt a little awkward because of her such reaction and he said with concern, “Your foot hasn’t recovered yet. Remember to use ointment when you go home. You have a family doctor, don’t you?”


“OK. The doctor should have everything you need. Walk slowly and be careful.”

“OK.” Chuxue grumbled after getting off his car, “It’s none of your business.”

But Zhao heard this, making him a little sad. He had never thought that he would be so into Chuxue that he even changed into another person.

Seeing Chuxue going into the villa in the mist, Zhao was ready to leave when Chuxue was out of his sight.

What he didn’t see was that as soon as the car turned around, Chuxue turned back to look at him.

Walking into the villa, Chuxue thought that whether she was too harsh on him? At least Zhao saved her. The more she thought about it, the sorrier she felt. She stopped to take out her phone and sent him a message with only one simple word.

When she heard the beep, Chuxue regretted it immediately! Why should she thank him? How did she forget that this guy had seen her naked body?

“Ah!” Chuxue cried out and received a reply from him when she was blaming herself. She then read the massage with squinted eyes, only to see—For you, I would do anything.

“Psycho!” Chuxue then put her phone into her pocket, but didn’t find that she was actually smiling.

As soon as she stepped into the villa, Chuxue felt it was strange. His parents and brother were sitting on the sofa without saying a word and the looks on their faces were very serious.

What was going on again?

Chuxue limped to the living room and carefully asked Jingyan Ye, “Brother, what’s going on?”

Venus Mu gave her a stare, “Why do you come back so late?”

Chuxue got nervous. Had they already known that Zhao and herself…

No, no, no. She would never admit anything.

“Well…” Putting her hands behind, she explained, “Today…I…”

Chapter 331 What an Affair (2)

After she said that, Kerry Ye suddenly asked, “You didn’t wear this when you were out in the morning, right?”

Chuxue Ye was frightened but she smartly replied, “Dad, it’s like this. It’s raining hard today and the front wheel stuck into the sewer without a manhole cover. My foot also accidentally stuck in it. See, it’s swollen…”

Kerry and Venus Mu changed the look on their faces all of a sudden and Venus asked, “What? Stuck? Does it still hurt?”

“It hurts!” Chuxue wanted to take this opportunity to let her parents just ignore what was exactly going on, hoping that they wouldn’t blame her.


Venus held her hand and said, “You need to be careful, OK? Come here and sit down. I will bring some ointment for you later.”

Chuxue found that the situation didn’t seem to be what she had thought. Was she wrong?

Slowly sitting down on the sofa, Chuxue tentatively asked, “Mom, what happened?”

“Well…” Venus sighed, “You haven’t checked your phone, right?”

Chuxue shook her head, “No, I’ve been busy. What’s going on?”

“Just look at the tabloid stories and you’ll know.” Venus said with worry.

Chuxue then took out her phone. As soon as she opened an app and saw the news title on the top, she suddenly jumped up.

The headline was “Yehuang’ s new president caused his girlfriend to miscarry. Was he cheating on a soldier?”

“Fuck! It’s total nonsense!” Chuxue cursed, completely forgetting her parents sitting next to her.

“Ruyi, watch your mouth.” Kerry reminded her, although he had already cursed.

Chuxue angrily browsed the news, which reported that according to Yehuang Group insiders, Xuan Zhao is Jingyan’ s girlfriend, pregnant for more than two months, but Jingyan now falls in love with a soldier during his girlfriend’s pregnancy. For some reason, Xuan Zhao had an unexpected miscarriage…

At the bottom of the page, there were pictures of her entering Ye’ s villa, going to the hospital to have a pregnancy test and Jingyan’ s showing up at the military hospital. The last one was a GIF of Jingyan carrying her out of the emergency room last night.

Fortunately, there were no photos of Yiyao Duan, otherwise Jingyan would have already rushed to the news headquarter.

“The one who wrote this was standing by her side. Obviously, she did this.” Chuxue was arbitrary.

Venus frowned, “This is impossible.”

“Mom, why are you still speaking for her?”

“I am not. Think about this, if she did this, how would she know that she would have an accident yesterday and that she was so coincidentally photographed by reporters?”

Chuxue thought her mom was not wrong. No matter how well Xuan Zhao had planned, she would not risk her baby’ s life. Chuxue knows how much she values this child.”

“Then…that is who wants to muddy my brother up?” Chuxue asked nervously.

Kerry said with seriousness, “Over the years, Yehuang has grown so fast that we have made a hard time for many people. Now Pingan has just come to power but someone wants to take advantage of this to bring him down. It seems that the one was determined to do so.”

Chuxue was filled with indignation, “They are so disgusting. They can’t defeat us in the business world, so they want to use dirty tricks.”

Kerry snorted, “Since it’s about money, what can’t they do?”

“So, what can we do now? Someone who did this should make an apology to my brother and Yiyao.”

“I’ve already asked someone to look into it.” Jingyan’ s voice sounded as usual but Chuxue could sense his rage.

“Well, think about how to deal with the media tomorrow. Tomorrow will definitely be a tough day.”

“Good night and I’m going to the hospital,” said Jingyan, who got up and walked out.

Kerry shouted, “Stop! If you go there now, you will be caught by those reporters. It’s suicide, OK?”

“So what? Will things get worse than they are now?” Jingyan didn’t stop, “Do they think they can use such shitty trick to force me to give in? They don’t know me.”

Looking at her brother’s back, Chuxue suddenly felt that he was great.

“Dad, my brother is right. To be honest, this is just a playboy’ s affair. Though it does harm to my brother’ s reputation, as well as to the stock price, it can do nothing to our family.”

Hearing this, Kerry and Venus looked at each other in silence. It seemed that they were overreacted. Indeed, Ye family’s position today couldn’t be influenced by the scandal.

In that case, why did they need to worry so much? The worst was to lose few tens of millions.

“Let’s go. Go to sleep. Let Pingan do this on his own.” Kerry finally relaxed after worrying all night.

Venus nodded, “That’s right. We are fifties. And why do we care about this so much? Let’s go to bed and sleep.”

“Good night, mom and dad.” Chuxue said with a smile.

Venus turned around, “Ah, I forgot to bring you the ointment.”

“Mom, I can do it myself. Go to sleep before Dad blames me again.” It was not easy to divert their attention away from her, so she must seize this opportunity.

“Okay then, it’s in the medicine kit. Go get it.”

“Thank you, mom!”

When they went upstairs, Chuxue was completely relieved. Fortunately, they didn’t ask what had happened afterwards. Otherwise, she didn’t know how to answer.

On the way to the hospital, Jingyan drove fast. Soon, he lost the doggies following him. These guys were like the fucking sticky gum.

It had rained all day and the air was unusually humid, just like his heart.

After arriving at the hospital, Jingyan went straight to the sixth floor, where Yiyao had already returned to her former ward, with the light on.

Pushing open the door, Yiyao was surprised by his arrival, “Why are you here?”

“I missed you, so I come to see you.” Jingyan came to her bedside.

Yiyao was reading a book related to war. Seeing he was not looking good, she closed her book, “What has happened?”

Jingyan didn’t intend to hide it from her, so he told her everything after sitting down on the chair next to her, “Something did happen. I’m sorry I get you involved.”

“Me? What does it have to do with me?” Yiyao didn’t understand. After she entered the hospital, she didn’t even go out of the courtyard door.

Looking deeply into her eyes, he said calmly, “Don’t get so excited, OK?”

Yiyao laughed, “Heh, it’ s quite serious this time, right? Go ahead, I’m not afraid at all.”

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