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Chapter 332: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 332 She Was Not The Other Woman (1)

After pondering for a while, Jingyan said, “Xuan had a miscarriage last night.”

“What?” Yiyao was surprised, she didn’t expect to hear this, “What happened?”

Jingyan briefly told her about this. The more Yiyao listened, the more sullen she got, after Jingyan finished his words, she glared at him, “How could you do that?”

“I didn’t mean to do it.” Jingyan explained with a pale face, then he sighed and said, “Well, it was indeed my fault, I can give her whatever she wants, except for the marriage.”

Seeing his frown and red eyes, Yiyao knew he was telling the truth, so she didn’t blame him and asked, “Is there anything to do with me?”

“Here’s the problem,” Jingyan flipped out the gossip news on his phone, “Just have a look.”

Yiyao would know this sooner or later, so he’d probably tell her now.

After seeing the news, Yiyao felt speechless, then she threw the phone and said, “Shit! How could they say that?”

Hearing this, Jingyan said firmly, “You are my only lover, someone wants to frame me, so they choose you as the target, I’m sorry.”

Then Yiyao finally understood, “No wonder several nurses looked at me weirdly tonight, it turned out this is the reason, I thought my face was dirty.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know someone would do such dirty things. Actually, I don’t care about those comments, what I worried most is you.” Jingyan felt very depressed, he loved Yiyao very much, how could those people say that?

It was the first time for Yiyao to meet such things, she actually didn’t know her feelings, so she said, “Well, I’ve always been a popular people of our army’s internal publications, I didn’t expect that I could be a character in the gossip news.”

“Aren’t you angry?” Jingyan was a little surprised.

“Of course I’m angry.” Yiyao pointed to the headline and said, “It is a smear for soldiers. Our relationship with the public would be affected as well.”

Hearing this, Jingyan was stunned, he didn’t expect her to think like that.

“I’ve sent someone to find the owner of this news company, this article will be withdrawn soon.”

Yiyao frowned, “Then why are you coming here tonight? You can just tell me on the phone.”

“I ……” Jingyan was speechless and then he said slowly, “I want explain it to you myself, I’m worried that you may think too much.”

“Well, I know this, you can leave now.” Yiyao directly drove him away.

However, Jingyan still sat there with no sign of leaving at all.

“What do you mean?” Yiyao asked coldly.

“Yiyao, I haven’t slept for two days.” Jingyan said pitifully.

Hearing this, Yiyao felt nervous, “So what? What does it have to do with me?”

“Can I sleep here for just one night?” Seeing that she was about to object, Jingyan quickly pointed to the sofa and said, “I’ll just sleep on the sofa.”

“Aren’t you afraid of those reporters? If they know this, nobody would listen to my explanation.” Yiyao was still a bit angry and sneered.

“You’re not a mistress, and there’s no mistress at all. I will hold a press conference tomorrow to make this matter clear.”

Yiyao glared at him and picked up the book to read, it seemed that he wouldn’t leave tonight.

Jingyan acted normally, he directly walked into the bathroom to wash his face, then he lied on the sofa in a comfortable position. However, he was tall and the sofa was not long enough, so he could only curl up his legs.

Perhaps because he was relieved, Jingyan quickly fell asleep.

Hearing the soft breathing, Yiyao turned to look at Jingyan, he seemed to be more haggard with scruff on his face. The T-shirt he worn was also creased. She felt sorrow for him, now a small matter was totally out of control.

She could forgive him, but just felt unpleasant. When thinking of that child, Yiyao felt that she was the indirect killer.

If she hadn’t returned to the hotel and didn’t contact Jingyan, he might still be with Xuan, then the child would still be alive.

She knew Jingyan well, he wouldn’t push Xuan downstairs.

The cool breeze blew inside, even though it was summer, Yiyao still felt a sense of coldness. So she sent a message to Azure Dragon and asked him to bring a thin blanket and a pillow here.

“Are you cold?” Azure Dragon came in with a thin blanket in his hands.

“Keep your voice down,” Yiyao said, “Cover him with the blanket.”

After seeing Jingyan, Azure Dragon was shocked and said, “When did he come here?”

“Only a few minutes before, I failed to drive him away.” Yiyao was speechless.

Hearing this, Azure Dragon felt strange, he threw the blanket and the pillow on the bed, and said, “Just do it yourself, it’s weird for me to do that.”

“Stop right there.” Yiyao was a bit angry, “All your partners are male.”

“Well, I haven’t done that in the army. Just do it yourself, I have to play the game.” After saying that, he quickly ran away before Yiyao could finish her words. Although he didn’t know what happened between them, he knew that Jingyan really liked her and so did Yiyao. They must have some misunderstandings.

Yiyao was speechless, then she covered the blanket on Jingyan and had him sleep on the pillow, it was then she felt better. After doing this, she continued reading and didn’t see the smile on Jingyan’s face.

Although, the sofa was a bit short for Jingyan, he slept very well this night.

“Be careful about those reporters.” Jingyan reminded her as he left.

Yiyao picked up a bun and said, “Well, they can just try. Those safeguards are very powerful, besides, Azure Dragon is just living beside.”

“Well, that’s fine, then I have to go the company, call me if something happens. I’ll come back soon.”

“Well, I can figure that.” Yiyao said in an arrogant manner, that was her style, she wouldn’t bother others if she could handle it. However, Jingyan misunderstood her, he thought that she didn’t need any protection.

After hesitating for a while, he said, “Then I’m leaving.”

Yiyao kept eating the porridge and remained quiet.

Seeing this, Jingyan sighed helplessly and then left.

When Azure Dragon came over for breakfast, Yiyao said indifferently, “I’ll go out for a while.”

“What’s wrong?” Azure Dragon was confused.

“The security of the hospital is too bad, it’s time to strengthen it.” Hearing this, Azure Dragon said, “Well.”

On the way to the company, Jingyan received a message, “Boss, the news has been withdrawn, but we haven’t found the tipster.”

“Keep searching.” Jingyan said lightly.

“Copy that.” After hesitating for a while, the man continued, “But boss, we just found that those news had been posted on blogs.”

“Fuck!” Jingyan cursed, and then said angrily, “I know, find the tipster as quickly as possible.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jingyan threw the headset fiercely on the passenger seat. He looked very angry with gloom eyes. He would definitely give that man a lesson.

Chapter 332 She Was Not The Other Woman (2)

Before arriving at the company, Jingyan saw several reporters waiting at the entrance, some even stopped the employee to ask about the matter.

However, this was the boss’s private business, if they dared to say something, they would be fired.

The car drove directly to the underground park, then Jingyan took the private elevator to the president’s office, and immediately called Secretary Wang and the Manager of the Publicity Department to his office.

When they came, Jingyan said, “Invite all those reporters, provide them with food and tea, I’ll hold a press conference at ten o’clock.”

Hearing this, they were all stunned, President Ye was really a brave man.

“What are you waiting for?”

The Manager of Publicity Department was a bit confused and asked, “President Ye, we can just ignore this, they will forget this quickly, there is no need to ……”

“What?” Jingyan raised his eyebrows, “They say Yiyao is a mistress, do you think I can still keep quiet?”

Hearing this, they quickly answered, “Copy that, we’ll do as you said.”

After leaving the president’s office, Secretary Wang whispered, “Well, it seems that President Ye really likes that female officer.”

“You are right, I didn’t expect him to be so angry.” The Manager suddenly admired President Ye, “He is as spoony as his father.”


Twenty to thirty reporters downstairs were quickly invited into the company’s conference room, the Manager asked someone to serve them tea and bread, then he said, “Thank you for concerning about President Ye, since you’ve waited for such a long time, eat some food first, he is dealing with an urgent document, we’ll hold a press conference at ten o’clock.”

“May I ask if the things reported on the Internet are true? Did Xuan really has a miscarriage?” A reporter asked hurriedly.

Hearing this, the Manager smiled and said, “Please wait, President Ye will answer your questions later.”

Those reporters were discussing about this, they felt a bit weird for Yehuang Group acted polite this time. A reporter who had some connections with the Manager asked, “Mr. He, the news had just broken out yesterday, and now you hold a press conference, do you do it on purpose?”

Even though the Manager wanted to curse, he still forced a smile and said, “Well, we really don’t know how to deal this, if we keep silent, you blame us for acted negatively, now we want to explain this, you say that we have other intentions. What about you teaching us how to deal this?”

Then, the reporter kept quiet.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward, so the Manager smiled and said, “Well, our intention is simple. First, we want to thank you for your concerns. Second, we also want to stop those rumors.”

“You are right.” Someone echoed.

Today, all the members of Yehuang Group had no thought of working, they found different online streaming platforms to see the press conference.

At ten o’clock. The door of the meeting room was pushed open by Secretary Wang, Then Jingyan walked in, he was wearing a light blue casual suit with a white shirt inside. After shaving the beard, he looked quite energetic.

“Please sit down.” Secretary Wang calmed those excited reporters, “Please ask one by one.”

Jingyan sat in the middle. He looked calm and intelligent, like a king.

“President Ye, could you please tell us whether the news is true or not? Did you really have an external affair? Is this the reason for your girlfriend’s miscarriage?”

Hearing their questions, Jingyan answered calmly, “First, Xuan is not my girlfriend, we had a one-night-stand, the baby was an accident. I’m sorry for that. Second, there’s no mistress, the mistress you reported is actually the girl I love. I love her for more than twenty years, nobody can compare to her in my heart. This is why I hold the press conference, I don’t want her to be slandered. Third, Xuan did have a miscarriage, this is a fact.”

Jingyan’s words were like a bomb that shocked them all, then someone asked, “President Ye, since you like that officer, why do have an one-night-stand with Xuan?”

Hearing this, Jingyan stretched his hands and answered, “Well, I was drunk and knew nothing at all. So I didn’t know how it happened. You may probably think I’m a bad guy, that’s also my thought.”

“President Ye, someone said that you dislike Xuan and the baby, and this is just your plan. Is it true?”

Then the whole room became quiet, only the sound of those cameras could be heard.

Jingyan looked at that man and then said, “Frankly speaking, I think that the child is the result of love, although, he came to this world by accident, I have my principles, so I wouldn’t do such things. I’m really sorry for Xuan, but it is just an accident. “

Then the room was quite again, people all thought that the man was reckless to ask such a question. However, those who watched the live streaming felt satisfied, they liked such frank questions. It was better than excuses.

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