Chapter 333 – 334: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 333: Quan Mu is Here

At that time, Jian Zhen ran amok in the Director Office of World Entertainment Company. He destroyed everything that he could see, and screamed: “Useless, everyone is so freaking useless!!”

His assistant was greatly terrified and she was shivering nonstop.

Jian was mad. He wanted to destroy Kris when he thought of the humiliation he was subjected to on Jiangnan TV.

At first, he wanted to open a branch office near Huanyu Group, and then gobble it up gradually.

But now he realized that strategy would take too much time, so he shouted at his assistant: “Tell our people that we are starting an all-out war against Huanyu Group. I will make Huanyu Group know who is the boss in entertainment business.”

“Yes, director.” She nodded, and then ran out of the office.

Jian was still angry. He summoned an obscure actress in his company to his office and transformed his anger to sexual desire and then released it on the actress.

It only took two minutes. Jian then lounged on a chair satisfactorily, and asked the actress to clean up the mess.

“Director Zhen, you are getting better. You rocked my world just now.”

“Aren’t you sweet! I would love to rock your world again, but I have something to deal with later.” Jian replied.

What she said boosted Jian’s confidence.

The actress smiled. But she thought to herself: “I guess you couldn’t even last a minute, loser.”

“Fine. You can go now. A few days later we will shoot a new show, and I can give you an important role to play.”

“Thank you director Zhen. Thank you so much.”

The actress was satisfied. When she opened the door and was about to leave, a tall woman walked in.

“Miss Ji, good to see you.” The actress said.

The woman is Qingqing Ji. She is only twenty years old, but she is already the most popular actress in World Entertainment Company. And she also enjoys a very high position in the company due to her popularity.

“Good to see you.” Qingqing said casually. She didn’t even look at the actress, and walked directly into the office.

“Director Zhen, what’s the matter?”

“Take a seat.” Jian smiled when he saw Qingqing, and he said: “I have something to discuss with you.”

“Director Zhen. Just tell me what is it. I have a show to do later.”

Qingqing is a very direct person, and Jian was already used to her directness. Besides, her show was also making money for him, so he didn’t blame her.

“Watch this video first.”

Jian played a video on his phone.

In the video, a man and three women were quarreling with each other. And the women were Qingqing and her assistants, and the man was Kris, director of Huanyu Group.

Qingqing remembered it was a conflict occurred when they were doing a show for Mid-Autumn Festival on Jiangnan TV. But she didn’t know why does Jian have the video.

“Director Zhen, why are you showing me this video?”

“Watch the video first.” Jian wore a mysterious smile.

QingQing had to be patient and watch the video, which was only three minutes long.

It was not long, but it presented Kris as an arrogant and insolent maniac, and if someone only watches this video, he will believe that it was Kris who bumped into Qingqing and started this conflict. And Kris also seemed to touch Qingqing’s private parts on purpose in this video.

“Is this video edited? Qingqing asked. She was pretty sure it was not the original video.

“Nonsense. I got this video directly from Jiangnan TV’s surveillance camera. How is it edited.”

Jian smiled. He took his phone back and said: “I need you to do an act with me.”


It was in the hall of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult. Weiwu Zhao, Yong Sheng, Changkong Yin were all kneeling on the ground.

“Long Live Madam Mu.”

“Stand up.”

Quan Mu smiled, and asked gently: “Where is Saint? Why isn’t he here?”

“Madam, I forgot to inform Saint.” Weiwu scratched his head. Kris didn’t meet him recently. He and Yong had been living in a presidential suite, and they had been leading a very relaxing life, doing nothing but eating, sleeping and playing.

“Call him now. Let’s see what is he doing.”

“Yes, Madam.” Changkong called Kris in front of everyone .

Kris was cooking dinner at that time. He was slightly annoyed when his phone rang. He picked it up, and asked: “What’s the matter now?”

“Saint, madam is here.” Changkong knew he couldn’t call Kris Branch Leader when everyone was around.

“Madam? You mean our leader’s wife? You mean Quan Mu ?”

Then he lowered his voice. He didn’t want to be heard by Mary. He asked in a low voice: “Why is she here?”

Changkong was embarrassed. Because his phone was on speaker, so everyone could hear Kris clearly.

“Saint, madam is right in the hall. Please come now.”

“No. I haven’t had my dinner yet.”

Changkong got nervous. He wanted to tell Kris that madam was right beside him, listening, but Quan opened her mouth at that time. She said: “Kris, I’ll give you half an hour to get here, or I’ll ask Lean Monk to catch you here.”

“What? Madam is right beside?”

Kris cursed Changkong inwardly for not telling him about it earlier.

Kris wasn’t afraid of Lean Monk at all. Because he had elevated himself from the innate-power stage to the fulfilled period of the return-to-nature stage within a month.

But Kris didn’t want to tell them about his real power, only because it would cause him too much trouble. Besides, there is a guy called Shentong Wang in Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and that guy is already in the back-to-self stage.

“Fine. I’ll be there soon.” Kris undid his apron, and put off the fire.

He said: “Mary, I need to go out now. Don’t wait for me. You can have dinner first. ”

“What is it? Why don’t you have dinner first?”

“It will take some time. Have dinner with mom.”

Then he put on his shoes and went downstairs.

“Kris is now so mysterious. Mary, you must be careful, and learn some lesson from my experiences. Now he is rich, and you must keep an eye on him, or he will surly change.”

Jane also noticed Kris’s change. At first Kris gave her ten million yuan, and then Bob was so humble when he met Kris at the bar. These things confused her a lot.

“Mary, I’m just curious. Do you know who is Kris with these days? I feel many people are afraid of him.”

Mary laughed dryly and said: “Mom, you are thinking too much. It was must his boss calling him.”

Mary and Kris had decided not to tell Jane the truth for the time being.

Thirty minutes later, Kris arrived at the Sun-Moon Holy Cult in his Benz, which was covered in dust.

He got off the car, looked at the time, and found he was ten minutes late. He took a deep breath, and walked into the hall.

“Long Live my Saint!” All the followers of the cult knelt on the ground when they saw Kris.

“Get up.”

Kris walked into the hall, and saw Quan Mu was seated in her seat, and Lean Monk, Weiwu, Yong, and Changkong were all satnding beside her.

“It’s an honor to meet you my madam. May you live forever, and may you stay forever young.” Kris went down on one knee.

“Stand up.”

“Thank you madam.”

Kris stood up smilingly. Quan glared at Kris for still being so flippant.

“All of you can go now. Branch Leader Yin, take me and Saint to the chamber. I have something important to talk with Saint.

Changkong nodded and said: “Madam, Saint, please follow me.”

A few minutes later, they arrived at the chamber.

Quan asked the guards of the chamber to walk away, and said: “Don’t get near to this room, until I ask you to.”

“Yes, madam.”

“Come in.” Quan looked at Kris and walked into the room. Kris followed close behind.

The stone door of the chamber closed behind them. Changkong said to himself: “Kris is indeed valued by both the leader and madam.”

The chamber was well lit. And this is the place where the Sun-Moon Holy Scripture was hidden. There were bookcases in the room, and also some herbs. In the middle of the chamber there was a pot used for making medicines, and beside it there was a bed made from stone, and a tiger’s skin was placed upon it.

“Madam, why are you in Westriver City all of a sudden?”

Quan glanced at him and said: “What? Am I not welcome here?”

“How is that possible?” Kris smiled, grabbed her hand and rubbed gently and said: “I want you to stay here for a few days more.”

“Knock it off! Be serious. I have something important to tell you.” Quan poked Kris’s head gently. She then slapped Kris’s hand away and said: “Have you heard about the Star Lord Competition held by our cult?”

“Yes. Isn’t it three days later?” Kris said.

“It’s good that you know.” Quan nodded, and her face got serious. She said: “Our leader is in training, and he doesn’t have any time to deal with the competition. That’s why I am going to supervise this competition. You are the saint, and you must supervise it together with me.”

Kris was taken aback. He was unwilling to do so because he didn’t want to be recognized and he didn’t want his real identity to be revealed.

“Why do you look so sad?”

“Madam, I don’t want to go.” Kris’s face crumpled.

“Didn’t I tell you? Don’t call me Madam when no one is around.” Quan pinched Kris.

Kris’s face contorted and he said: “I know, I know, my dear Quan.”

Last time they spend a few days alone on the Ice-Fire Island, and at that time Quan told Kris not to call her Madam when they are alone.

Quan was happy when Kris changed the way he addresses her. She said: “You really want me to supervise this all by my self? What if I am in danger?”

“How is that possible? Aren’t Lean Monk and Weiwu gonna be there as well?”

“You jerk! What if I got caught by someone from six major schools? You really think our leader is in training? He is too afraid to come.”

“What? He doesn’t dare to come?”

Chapter 334: News

“Bishop hasn’t recovered. There is Star-Lord Competition, The tournament of six major schools, and auction of Holy Dragon Cult. Then there will be many people. If dispute arises, The Sun-Moon Holy Cult is the first to be affected.” Quan Mu said.

“The Holy Dragon Cult defeated six major schools and secured its place as the first cult in the world. Neither the Holy Dragon Cult nor six major schools can be matched by us. So to make the Star Lord Competition run smoothly, it is to be held in Beihai city, not Westriver.” Quan Mu added.

Kris Chen knew what’s going on. Shentong Wang was clearly scared.

“If you don’t want to go there, forget it. What will you do if I’ll be taken?” Quan Mu said.

Quan Mu was clearly teasing Kris. She is a practitioner in the middle period of the return-to-nature stage. As long as those who hit her are not practitioners in the back-to-self stage, she will be fine.

Besides, Lean Monk, Weiwu Zhao and Yong Sheng would be there, so the Star Lord Competition would be in a success.

“Sister Quan, don’t worry. I won’t let you alone.” Kris said.

The tournament of six major schools, the auction of Holy Dragon Cult and Star Lord Competition of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult all last three days.

If Kris couldn’t find time to join the three all, he would abstain from the tournament. Anyway, Tianba Li signed up The innate-power stage group for Kris. It’s not fair for Kris, a practitioner in Fulfilled period, to fight with those who are in The innate-power stage.

Xiaolong Tan would make arrangements for the auction of Holy Dragon Cult and Kris didn’t have to worry about that.

“You still have a conscience.” Quan Mu said.

Quan Mu put her arms around Kris’s neck and breathed out, saying, “Dear brother, do you miss me?”

Fuck, what a demon!

Quan Mu hinted it so clearly and Kris couldn’t bear it anymore.

“I’ll let you beg for mercy and call me brother.” Kris said.

“Come on…”Quan Mu said.

Kris could bear it no longer and enjoyed having sex with her.

They finished an hour later.

Quan Mu lied on the body of Kris in sweat. She was soft as water.

Quan Mu looked up into Kris’s firm face, saying, “Brat, you have no compassion for womanhood. I’m dying. How do I fell you’re stronger than you’ve ever been before and I’m about to fall apart.”

“Really?” Kris said.

Kris smiled and thought it might due to Tianmo Body.

They rested until the flushing had faded.

Then Quan Mu began to dress. From where Kris was, Quan Mu was really beautiful.

“Sister, you’re so beautiful.” Kris praised.

“So what? I’ve been scourged by you.” Quan Mu said.

Every time with Quan Mu, Kris can fully stimulate his own inner desire. There’s nothing like that sense of conquest.

What Quan Mu said stirred Kris.

“Bad brother, you still want more? Don’t forget they are still waiting outside.” Quan Mu said.

What Quan Mu said cooled him down like a pot of cold water was poured directly over the head.

How could I forget that!

Kris quickly dressed himself and used his Inner Energy to calm his breath, but he couldn’t dispel the fragrance of his body.

Kris followed Quan Mu to walk out of the adytum. Others suspected nothing and thought Quan Mu and Kris discussed something confidential.

But all were under the illusion that Quan Mu had become more beautiful. She was radiant from the inside out.

“Madam, if it’s all right, shall I leave now?” Kris said.

“Yes. Remember to get Taiji Secret as soon as possible.” Quan Mu said.

“Yes, madam.” Kris said.

Then Kris left. As soon as Kris got into the car and started it, a dark figure darted into the assistant driver seat.

Kris was startled.

Kris looked intently and found it was Lean Monk.

“It’s you. What can I do for you?” Kris said.

“Saint, how’s it going with the people I asked you to investigate? Is there a sign of a positive outcome?” Lean Monk asked directly.

“Well, it will take some time.” Kris said.

Kris’s heart did a flip. If it hadn’t been for a hint from Lean Monk, he would have forgotten all about it.

“And you gave me too little information. There are thousands of students in The Academy of Six Major Schools. It needs a lot of time if I investigate them one by one.” Kris said.

Lean Monk nodded and said, “Don’t be nervous, I just casually ask. By the way, I have a picture there that may help you.”

As he spoke, he took a faded photo from his breast pocket.

There is a little girl with a flower on her head and a doll in her hand on the photo.

The little girl is about four or five years old.

Kris took the photo and looked at it closely.

The girl looks a little blurry because the photo had been stored next to the skin for a long time and been soaked with sweat.

But Kris could see vaguely that she is a lovely girl.

“It’s too vague. Today’s technology should be able to recover it.” Kris frowned and said.


Lean Monk was very happy and said, “Can it really be recovered?”

“Yes.” Kris said.

“I’ll take the photo and have someone recover it.” Kris nodded and said.

“Thank you, Saint…”Lean Monk said.

Lean Monk had spent too much time on Ice to know nothing about photo recovery. But since Kris said yes, it’s should be true.

“You’re welcome. That’s what I promised you.” Kris waved his hand and said.

“As long as you can help me find her, you can ask me to do anything.” Lean Monk said.

“All right, I get it. You’d better go back to madam.” Kris smiled and said.

Lean Monk nodded and said, “I’m waiting for the good news.”

Then Lean Monk opened the door and was about to get out the car. But before getting off, he said something that made Kris sweat, “But you’d better get rid of the scent before you go home.”

Then he smiled mysteriously and got out of the car.


Kris quickly sniffed on his clothes and found that there was indeed a fragrance.

Did Lean Monk know something?

No, even if Lean Monk knew what happened between I and Quan Mu, he would saying nothing.

After all, he still wanted something from me.

Most of all, he probably knew something long ago.

Kris knew Lean Monk was reminding him.

Fuck, it looks like I’m going to have to be careful and not to be so blatant.

After reminding himself, Kris drove to Huanyu Building. He took a shower in the president’s office to wash off all the scent. Then he changed his clothes and went home.

By the time he got home, it was twelve o’clock at night.

At that time, Jane Tang and Mary Su were already asleep. Kris gently pushed open the door of the bedroom and then undressed to get into bed.

Kris hugged Mary’s soft body and fell asleep quickly.

The next day, Kris was fast asleep when Mary woke him up.

“Honey, wake up. It’s almost nine o’clock and we have to get to the company before ten.” Mary said.

Mary took a large pile of clothes out of the closet and put them on the bed. “Come on, help me pick out some clothes.” Mary said to Kris.

Kris rubbed his sleepy eyes. He was amused at Mary’s tangled look. “Silly wife, you look good in every clothes.” Kris said.

Mary picked up a skirt and shook her head, “No, it’s too flirty.”

“This dress is so old-fashioned. Will they think I’m old-fashioned when they see me wear it?”

“This dress is too revealing. It’s too informal.”

Kris got out of the bed and picked out a beige suit and a shirt trimmed with lace embroidery.

Then he picked out a pair of red heels for Mary. He stepped aside and took out the “Hold Your Hand” bracelet from the jewelry box. Then he wore Venus’ Blessing on her ring finger.

After looking Mary up and down, Kris still felt something was missing. Then he took a pair of diamond earrings out of the jewelry box.

“Honey, you go put on this dress and the earrings.” Kris said.

After Mary putting on the clothes and light makeup, Kris’s eyes lit up.

She looks like a adroit, cool, neat and beautiful elite.

This outfit is stylish and formal, noble and approachable.

But Mary thought the sapphire diamond ring and bracelet are too dazzling and ostentatious.

“Honey, is this ring and bracelet too much?” Mary said.

“No, if you aren’t wearing a shirt that is inappropriate for a necklace, I’d already given you Heavenly City.” Kris said.

After hearing that, Mary nearly fainted.

How generous is my husband! The bracelet and diamond ring add up to hundreds of millions of dollars. She could open a jewelry fair with Heavenly City.

At 9:50 a.m., they arrived at Huanyu Building.

They took the elevator for the president to the top floor.

As soon as they entered the president’s office, Xue Mi came in in a hurry, saying, “President, something bad had happened.”

Kris frowned and said, “What’s that? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“President, look at today’s entertainment headline.” Xue Mi said.

“What’s wrong with that?” Mary said. Mary opened the news software on the phone and clicked the entertainment headline: The president of Huanyu Group stretched out the hand of sin to a domestic female star.

Below the headline is a three-minute video.

At the beginning of the video, Kris bumped into Qingqing Ji and Qingqing ’s assistant demanded an apology. But Kris refused to admit his mistake and said something very nasty.

“What? I’m the president of Huanyu Group. Who are you?”

“If it weren’t for your beauty, I wouldn’t touch you” or whatever.

Soon the video was over. “There is also a reporter’s interview with Qingqing.” Xue Mi said anxiously.

Mary slid down and found there is a video of a reporter from World Entertainment Company interviewing Qingqing. After clicking “Play”, Qingqing said to the reporter in tears, “I beg everybody to give me a justice. At the same time, I also hope the president of Huanyu Group, Kris Chen, can apologize to me in public.”

The comment section has been bombarded by Qingqing ’s fans, who all asked Huanyu Group to make an apology.

The incident that the president of Huanyu Group assaulted the rising female star of World Entertainment Company quickly exploded in the entertainment industry.

At the same time, there was an invisible force in the control of the media. Huanyu Group was the target of all the blame.

Countless people came to the Huanyu Group’s official website to leave messages, demanding an apology from Kris, or they would boycott all the programs and artists of Huanyu Group.

At the beginning they were able to delete the comments, but there were so many comments that they were forced to shut the website down and claimed it’s under maintenance.

Xue Mi’s phone was ringing off the hook by the outside media.

“Honey, what’s going on here?” Mary asked.

What else could it be?

The video is edited. Qingqing blamed on others while herself was to be blamed.

Good, very good.

With a cold smile, Kris stepped aside and made a few calls.

After the calls, it was exactly ten o’clock.

“Xue Mi, you go and tell everyone to meet in the conference room,” Krid said.


Xue Mi was stunned. A meeting at this hour?

Shouldn’t we go to the PR and media to keep this down?

“What are you waiting for? Go,” Kris said.

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