Chapter 333: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 333 Affectionate and Domineering Man

“Mr. Ye, may I ask how you are going to compensate Xuan Zhao?”

“How to compensate her depends on Xuan’s own intention. I will fully respect her opinions. As long as it was acceptable to me, I will satisfy her. After all, it is my fault from the beginning.”

Jingyan Ye was being frank. Although his behavior was a bit of scum, his attitude of admitting mistakes instead made people feel that he was a man who dared to do and dare to bear.

“What kind of conditions is that you could not accept? Money or something else?” The previous reporter continued to ask.

“In terms of the amount of money, we will talk and she will be satisfied, but I will definitely not agree to one of the conditions,” Jingyan looked direct into the camera opposite him and said solemnly, “That is, marriage. There’s only one woman I love, and there’s only one woman I’ll marry in my life. It’s the third party in the rumor, and I won’t consider anyone else.”

The females on the scene inhaled heavily. Which woman didn’t like such an affectionate and domineering man?

Xuan, who was lying in the bed and watching the live broadcast, was so angry that she almost threw her mobile phone out. This time, it was a miscalculation. Originally, she wanted to force Jingyan to marry her under the pressure of public opinion, and destroy Yiyao Duan’s reputation by the way. Unexpectedly, Jingyan did not care for his own reputation at all, even if he was criticized by media and public.

On the contrary, Yiyao in the hospital was inexplicably moved somewhat. She couldn’t believe that Jingyan clarified her name in front of the public. How many people would scold him for being cruel when he confessed to drunken promiscuity and admitted that Xuan had miscarriage after drinking. For a woman who had miscarried for him, how could he have the heart to say that he would not marry her.

“Mr. Ye, I just find out that the news about you has been deleted. Did you do it?”

“Yes,” Jingyan said bluntly, “Shouldn’t this kind of inaccurate news be deleted? What’s more, don’t you find that some online forums have started to post about this matter again? It is obvious that someone is operating in the back. Here, I also warn the person behind, stop your behavior, otherwise, the lawyer letter from our legal department will be sent to you as soon as possible.”

With absolute confidence and charm, Jingyan completely suppressed the arrogance of all the reporters present. Facing all the cameras, he asked, neither humbly nor arrogantly, “Is there anything else to?”

A female reporter asked weakly, “Mr. Ye, I heard that your girlfriend is a military soldier? Could you disclose more information?”

Referring to Yiyao, his expression obviously softened a lot, with a light smile appearing in the corner of his eyes, “She is a soldier, and she is an upright and noble person, and cannot be stigmatized by anyone. But I’m sorry, I can’t give you more details, and please don’t bother her. It will make her feel very uncomfortable and cause her a lot of trouble.”

The reporter still didn’t give up and kept asking, “You said you’ve liked her since you were a child, so are you childhood sweethearts?”

The smile on Jingyan’s face was obvious, “We met in kindergarten, but later we used letters to communicate with each other. Is this counted as childhood sweethearts?”

Completely conquered by Jingyan’s traditional view of love, the female reporter immediately nodded and said, “Yes, of course.”

“Thank you, then she is my childhood sweetheart.”

Yiyao, on the other end, made complaints, “I’m not your childhood sweetheart, I’m your boss.”

At the press conference, all necessary questions were asked and a lot of unnecessary questions were also asked. Finally, Jingyan said, “My personal affairs attracted so many attentions and became the talk material for people after dinner. This shows that we Ye Group still has importance in your hearts. I hope everyone can pay more attention to Ye’s latest products. Of course, there should be a lot of people reproaching me in front of TV screen now. I will bear all the accusations and reproaches, and I will also be responsible for all the consequences. However, please don’t disturb others. That’s my bottom line. Thank you.”

Jingyan’s concluding speech was unanimously applauded by Ye Group. He was indeed the boss. When clarifying the scandal, he did not forget to publicize for the company.

Because it was a live broadcast, half an hour after the press conference, all the posts on the Internet disappeared in a moment. People began to believe what Jingyan said, it was a man-made slander.

After sitting at home and watching the whole press conference, Kerry and Venus looked at each other and laughed, “Well, we don’t have to worry about our son any more. He is totally capable of taking care of himself.”

“That’s right. After this, I think we can rest assured to hand over Ye Group to him. We’d better consider which country to travel to.”

“I want to go to Iceland to see the aurora,” Venus said immediately. “Ask my brother if he and his wife want to go too, if they do, we’ll go together.”

“Darling, I listened to you.” Kerry put his arm around her shoulder. If he was younger, he only wanted to go with his wife only. Now that he was older, it was better to enjoy life with family and friends.

In the hospital.

Yiyao, with her head resting on her arms, looked straight at the ceiling. She vaguely felt that she wanted to forgive Jingyan, but what he did was totally inconsistent with her values.

“Boss, something happened.” Azure Dragon pushed the door in, face looking very serious.

Yiyao straightened up, “What’s the matter?”

“Our men were caught while on duty.”

“What?” Yiyao was stunned, “Who were caught? Where are they?”

“On the border with Myanmar, Zhuque and Xuanwu got caught. We didn’t predict the situation clearly. A large number of mercenaries came from the other side…”

Yiyao said as she put on her shoes, “I’ll ask the management to send a helicopter to pick them.

Gather the team at once.”

“Boss, your injury is not well yet.”

“What’s so much nonsense? My injury is nothing.”

Azure Dragon was still worried, “But there is no arrangement from above for us to go.”

Yiyao yelled at him angrily, “I will immediately report to above. Zhuque and Xuanwu are our men. We need to rescue them right away.”

Solemnly, Azure Dragon said with an upright military salute, “Yes Madam!”

“You clean up first, I’ll go to the dean.” Yiyao went out with her mobile phone and contacted the helicopter while hurrying to the dean’s office.

Of course, the dean didn’t want to let her go, but Yiyao’s personality was notoriously stubborn. It was hard for her to change the decision she already made. The dean could only ask the doctor to prescribe sufficient medicines for her in case of any accident.

An hour later, the helicopter arrived at the military hospital. Yiyao changed into her camouflage suit and stood in front of the window. After pondering for a long time, she called Jingyan, because after this farewell, she didn’t know whether she could see him again.

The bell rang only once, and then it was connected. Jingyan’s soft and deep voice came from the other end, “Yiyao.”

Yiyao said after a long while, “I’m leaving and I’m telling you now.”

From the phone came the sound of broken cup, followed by the sound of rapid footsteps, “When? Your injury is not recovered yet.”

“In an hour. You don’t have to come. This mission is urgent…”

“One hour is enough. Wait for me. I’ll be there in a minute.” Jingyan then hung up. He was afraid that she would refuse his request.

Yiyao sighed heavily and began to regret making this call. In fact, it was better to cut off the relationship clean and neat. Why couldn’t she just put it down?

It was rush hour at noon, and the road was in a mess. Jingyan was so anxious that he wanted to fly over with wings. After honking countless times, he could not see the car in front of him moving an inch.

As time went by, Jingyan could not wait any longer. He got out of the car and ran in the direction of the hospital.

Twenty minutes, forty minutes…Seeing that it was too late, Jingyan took a turn and hid in a deserted alley. The next second, he disappeared.

Where his superpowers were stronger than Kerry was that he could control the location of his next appearance. As a result, few people could find his presence or absence. Even if someone saw him, the other person would feel that eyes were dizzy.

After three passes, Jingyan finally arrived at the gate of the military hospital. At this time, the roar of military helicopters came from the distance.

Was this to pick up Yiyao?

Jingyan was worried and ran into the hospital building.

Yiyao heard the sound of the helicopter and came to the rooftop with Azure Dragon. When the helicopter landed, she looked in the direction of Sky City and stepped up the ladder.

“Yiyao -” came Jingyan’s voice in the huge wind. Yiyao looked back, Jingyan running to her way.

Yiyao gestured to the people inside and returned to the platform. Jingyan held onto her tightly as soon as she came up, with a strong reluctance to let her go.

“Is your wound better now? Have you brought enough medicine? ” Jingyan closed to her ear.

Yiyao’s body was a little stiff, nodding and saying, “Yes.”

“Be safe, I’ll wait for you here.” Jingyan held her face and engraved her in his heart with his eyes.e

“You…” Before Yiyao could finish her words, her lips were blocked by Jingyan’s lips. He didn’t want to hear what she said “you don’t need to wait for me” etc.

The kiss was full of bitterness and deep affection, which was telling his endless reluctance and love in his heart.

“Don’t say anything,” Jingyan released her and stroked her face with his fingers, “When you forgive me, come back to me. No matter how long, as long as you look back, I’ll be here waiting for you.”

Yiyao’s heart trembled in the wind. An impulse came up and she nodded, “I’m going.” Maybe she would break through the tangle in her heart and forgive him when she came back this time.

“Take care of yourself.” Jingyan helped with fixing her short hair, which was disturbed by the wind, but just after it was fixed, it was disturbed by the wind again.

“I’m going.” Yiyao turned around and walked to the helicopter without looking back. Her companion soldiers were still waiting for her. Staying for more moments would mean that their lives were put into more danger.

Jingyan watched her leaving. The propeller blew up the wind and made waves, but he stood still in the wind.

She left, taking away his last tenderness.

However, he did not know whether she would come back or not. At this time, he only hoped that she could be safe.

Returning to Ye’s villa in the evening, Jingyan was tired and threw himself on the sofa. His mind was full of Yiyao. He wondered where she was now and whether she had been dedicating to a fierce battle.

Chuxue Ye came over as gnawing an apple. Seeing his listlessness with no trace of vitality, she squatted in front of him and asked concerned, “What’s the matter with you?”

Jingyan turned his head to look at her smiling face and said in a low voice, “Why do some people live a simple and warm life, while some people have to fight hard in a barrage of bullets?”

Chuxue didn’t know what to say. She sat on the carpet and stretched her chin, “Yiyao is gone?”

It was a long time before Jingyan said “yes”.

“No wonder you seem losing your soul. Yiyao is a soldier. She has her own pursuit and belief, which is not something that people like us can understand. That’s why I like her so much. I think she is different from all women. She is like a female general who goes to battle to kill enemies in ancient times, while we are just ordinary people.” There was admiration in her tone.

Looking at the crystal ceiling over his head, Jingyan sighed, “If she had not been a soldier, she should have grown up healthy and happy like you. Then, she wouldn’t have to bear so many responsibilities?”

Jingyan didn’t understand why she wanted to be a soldier. If he knew why, he might feel more painful.

“Well, don’t think about it. You still have one important thing unfinished now.” Chuxue reminded him.

“What?” Jingyan’s brain was dull. All he thought about was Yiyao, no time for him to think about anything else.

Chuxue pointed to the third floor, “You forget that? There’s another one for you to deal with, come on, you can’t drag on the issue any longer.”

Oh right, Xuan Zhao was upstairs.

“You are being very decisive in the press conference today. All the female employees in our store become your fans.” Chuxue said with a smile.

Jingyan smiled bitterly. That was not the result he wanted.

Taking a breath, he went upstairs to negotiate with Xuan, which was a matter that should be done a long time ago. When he reached the door of the guest room, he heard a voice coming from inside, as if she was talking on the phone.

Out of a gentleman’s courtesy, he stopped knocking at the door.

“You had been ignoring me for a while. It turns out that you are focusing on the president of Ye Group. Xuan Zhao, you are good.” A familiar voice came from the phone.

“We used to be a couple, how can you talk so sarcasticly to me?” Xuan said plaintively.

“I’m not being sarcastic. I just want to congratulate you on jumping to the high branch. Although the child is gone, the Ye family must pay you a large amount of compensation. In this case, it is much better than being with me, a little white-collar worker.” Her ex-boyfriend’s tone was full of sarcasm.

Xuan clenched a corner of the quilt. “If you are calling to make fun of me, you have achieved your goal. Goodbye.”

“Wait…” Ex-boyfriend stopped her, “Xuan, what’s the hurry? I haven’t asked you something.”

Xuan’s heart startled, “What’s the matter?”

Her ex-boyfriend jokingly said, “I don’t understand. Since you had been with Ye long ago, why were you always calling for me? Just to sleep with me? Can’t Ye satisfy you?”

Xuan’s heart beat more and more disorderly. She was afraid that he might suspect something. She said in a hurry, “I was just playing with you. Don’t call me again. We’ve already broken up. Goodbye.”

With that, Xuan immediately hung up.

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