Chapter 334: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 334 I’m not Serious

Xuan Zhao understands the character of her ex-boyfriend more or less, although he earns little money, but he’s a good man. If he knew that she’s pregnant with his child, and she had lost the baby, he would certainly come to question her. At that time, the cat would be out of the bag.

At the doorway, Jingyan heard what she had said, he doubted, who was she talking to? What did she mean by just for fun?

Usually, having fun means get laid ……

But he asked someone to investigate Xuan Zhao’s background, she didn’t have other mates other than an ex-boyfriend.

Could it be that he thought too much?

As he was wondering, the door was suddenly pulled open from the inside, Xuan Zhao was so shock to see him standing here that even her face went pale.

“You …… why are you standing here?” Xuan Zhao stammered and asked.

Jingyan observed her expression and said in an indifferent voice, “I came to talk about what I said yesterday.”

Xuan Zhao tried to calm down and recalled what she had just said quickly, and she thought that she didn’t say critical information, so she let out a sigh of relief secretly, “Where?”

“Where are you going to just then?”

“Oh, it’s too stuffy here, I’m going out for some air.”

Jingyan said plainly, “Then let’s talk tomorrow.”

Xuan Zhao changed her attitude, “Right, tomorrow, call your lawyer, you don’t want to delay this matter any longer, right? After the talk, we can hand over formalities directly.”

The suspicion in Jingyan’s heart grew, “Why are you in such a hurry?”

Xuan Zhao smiled coldy, “Now I have lost my baby, can I continue to stay at Ye family so brazenly? You all dislike me long ago, why should I still live under your roof.”

“Good, I’m free tomorrow afternoon, I will bring the lawyer back home.”

Jingyan turned around and went downstairs. Xuan Zhao leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. She must win the largest compensation since she didn’t have the baby to force him, and the sooner the better, because the truth would finally see the light of the day. Once she signed the contract and grabbed the share and money, Jingyan couldn’t do anything to her, and she felt she had done enough for her baby.

At dinner, Kerry and Venus came back, both in low spirits.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Chuxue Ye asked worriedly.

Venus sighed and said, “The old man of Xiao family, he’s not in a good condition again, you can visit him tomorrow when you’re free, maybe it’s the last time.”

“I thought he was basically cured at the military hospital, wasn’t he?” Jingyan asked.

Venus was sad and helpless, “When you’re old and the time comes, you are just hanging on to life with medicine.”

Kerry patted the back of her hand and said, “You’ve been depressed for so long, everyone has to experience this day, you can see that since how many emperors and generals at ancient times, how many celebrities and aspirants returned to the dust.”

“But I can’t help that, I have feelings.” Said Venus sitting at the table without any appetite.

Kerry shuffled away and asked his son who was also depressed, “What’s wrong with you, you’re sullen.”

“Oh, nothing.” Jingyan poked at his bowl and spoke feebly.

“Nothing? Look at yourself!” Kerry didn’t believe it obviously.

Chuxue explained for her brother, “Sister Yiyao left today.”

Kerry was startled, “Is she alright? What about her wounds?”

“Not well, but she had an urgent mission and left.”

Kerry said after a moment of silence, “Compared to this girl, we are all considered to be living a happy life.”

When Jingyan heard this, he felt even more uncomfortable, he put down his chopsticks and said, “I don’t have an appetite, I don’t want to eat.”

“I don’t have an appetite either,” said Venus, who also put down her chopsticks.

“I see that everyone is not much in the mood to eat tonight, so why not ……” At this moment, his cell phone rang, it was Tianye Mu who’s calling, Kerry has a bad feeling in his heart, he picked up the phone. “Hey, brother …… okay, we’ll come over right now.”

Hang up the phone, Kerry said anxiously, “Hurry up, the old man… maybe it’s tonight.”

After he finished speaking, strength left Venus that she even couldn’t stand up, Kerry held her up quickly, “Be strong, you have to comfort sister-in-law later.”

Venus was on the verge of tears, “I know, I know ……”

Henry drove a slightly larger SUV for the family, Jingyan sat on the passenger’s seat, Kerry hugged his wife who was weeping silently, next to Chuxue who was also red-eyed.

Kerry and Venus have no elder relatives, so they treat the old man and lady of Xiao family as their biological parents, the two elders also love their children, especially Chuxue as the only girl in their family.

Jingyan looked at the dim road, his heart was in turmoil, he was worried about the old man, worried about Yiyao, and also planned to have someone investigate Xuan Zhao’s ex-boyfriend again.

When he came to the manor of the Mu family, the lights were all on, the old man was still holding his breath, and when he saw them coming, his eyes showed a little glow, Chuxue went up and held his withered hand, tears rolling down her face.

“Grandpa.” Chuxue cried out.

The old man murmured several times, but they couldn’t hear clearly what he said. Then his hand fell off from Chuxue’s hands, he’s gone.

Xiran Xiao cried out loud in a second, kneeling in front of the bed, she felt her heart had broken, other people all kneeled down, they couldn’t help but cry.

The old lady was calm, she murmured while holding the old man’s hand, “It’s good that you’re gone, you don’t have to suffer anymore, old man, remember to wait for me over there, don’t forget me ……”

All of them were crying into tears due to sadness, even Kerry, who seldom cried, also shed his tears.

Because the old man has told them not to make a big deal of his funeral, just sent him away simply, so the next few days, the Mu and Ye families were busy for the old man’s funeral.

It took three days after the condolences, funeral, burial, and so on. Xiran Xiao has been downed for these days, Venus accompanied her every step of the way, she handed Xiran tissues when she was crying, let Xiran have a rest against her when she was tired due to crying.

It was not until she saw the blackened tombstone with her father’s name engraved on it that she finally realized her father had really left her and her mother.

At first Xuan Zhao didn’t know what had happened, she was wondering why the Ye family didn’t come home for several days, only when she saw the news did she know Xiran’s father had died.

It seemed that they would have to delay to sign contract of money and shares for a few more days again.

This afternoon, the SUV carried the family back, Xuan Zhao was acute enough to serve them tea and water, she also comforted Venus, “Auntie, don’t be too sad.”

Venus leaned on the sofa depressingly, then it suddenly occurred to her that Xuan Zhao had been living at their home for these days, she forced a smile and said, “I’ve been too busy these days, are you doing well?”

“I’m fine,” Xuan Zhao said in a good manner, “Tomorrow, I only have the last course of treatment to go.”

She really didn’t need to give Venus the impression of reverse without warning, every dog has its day, it is possible that one day, she would come to the Ye family again. It couldn’t be wrong to impress Venus.

Venus thanked her wearily, “That’s good, you can stay in our family for a few more days after the transfusion, and then recuperate, the consequence of a confinement can be very damaging.”

“No need,” Xuan Zhao refused her kindness, “I have disturbed you for too long, it’s time to go back.”

“Then …… you choose for yourself.” Venus wasn’t in a mood to settle her down, she rubbed her forehead and said, “I’m going to take a nap.”

“I’ll go with you.” Kerry accompanied his wife, he was so tired these days.

Chuxue was like a couch potato now, her purple eyes lost the luster, she looked at the chandelier and wondered what was going on.

Jingyan got up and said, “I have important things to do tomorrow, I’ll call my lawyer the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Although she couldn’t wait to do it today, it was obviously not the right time.

Jingyan nodded and kicked Chuxue’s leg as he passed by, “Go sleep in your room, it’s easy to catch a cold here.”

Chuxue casted a glance at him, she saw Xuan Zhao just as she wanted to use her superpowers to transfer to her bedroom, so she dismissed the idea instantly and reached out to her brother and said, “Give me a hand.”

Jingyan dragged her up, and the two were like rotten beggars holding each other as they walked toward the stairs.

Everyone was exhausted during these days, they could only sleep until two or three o’clock in the morning, so they were extremely lack of sleep that as soon as they fell into bed, they passed out.

However, just as Jingyan was sleeping, Yiyao Duan led her comrades go through the tropical rainforest at the border of China and Myanmar.

“Captain, the Mekong River is ahead, we need to find a shoal to cross.” Azure Dragon said as he crept next to her.

Yiyao tightened the bandage on her arm and said, “It’s too late, Zhuque and Xuanwu are seriously injured and they can’t walk far, those guys behind us are chasing closely, if there is no other way, we can only fight them here.”

“Good.” A murderous desire flashed in Azure Dragon’s eyes.

“Have you made contact with the troops?” Yiyao asked him.

“Two signal flares were released, but the forest is so deep and woods are dense, I don’t know if they can see it or not.”

Yiyao spit blood in her mouth, “Shit, I want to let them a way out, yet they have to seek for death, do they think we are cowards? Brothers, prepare for the battle.”

“Yes, captain.”

“Zhuque, Xuanwu, don’t be reckless, hide yourself and don’t to be discovered by the enemy, then your task is completed.” Yiyao said while loading bullets into the gun.

Zhuque and Xuanwu were full of injuries, although they were reluctant, they knew that they couldn’t trouble their captain at this time, so they gritted their teeth and said, “We understand.”

“Everyone, spread out. Listen to my order, wait for our enemies to get closer before making a move, and don’t show any mercy.”

“Roger that.”

Originally, Yiyao planned to save her comrades and then retreat quickly, she didn’t want to cross into fire, but the enemy chased after them as if they had taken several tons of gold from them. Since this was the case, they shouldn’t be blamed for being ruthless.

Soon, more than a dozen people disappeared in the dense woods quietly, even the sound of the wind has stopped.

A few minutes later, they heard the leaves were shaking gently. Yiyao hidden in a large tree, keeping her eyes and ears open, finally, dozens of people appeared in her sight, all carried heavy machine guns in their hands. At the front of the group was the guide who followed Yiyao and her squad closely with his accumulated experience in the tropical rainforest.

Yiyao was fully concentrated on their moves and waited for them to walk into their ambush little by little, and then she made a sound like birds.

Immediately afterwards, incessant screams were heard in the woods, and when they looked back, their companions were either having their throats slit or their hearts pierced, but the killers were nowhere to be seen, so they were lost and panicked.

Getting the hardest part done first, Yiyao aimed at one of the leaders and pulled the trigger without hesitation, and with a bang, the leader fell to the ground with a gunshot in his forehead.

Although they were mercenaries, they were ranked in different level, but Yiyao had brought all the elite soldiers, with her order, more than thirty people fell down on the ground in a second.

When the battle was over, Yiyao jumped down from the tree, and all hidden comrades also showed up. Azure Dragon said disdainfully, “I thought they were so strong, they’ve been chasing us for two days, if I knew they were such a trash I should have solved them yesterday.”

“We’re not prophet, we can’t do the math.” Yiyao said to him, “Alright, let’s go, find a wide area and send another flare, Zhuque and Xuanwu are too badly injured, we couldn’t delay any longer.”


When Yiyao just turned around, she saw at the corner of her eyes that a black metal light was flashing, when she fixed her eyes, the man’s fingers have hooked on the ring ……

“Get down!” Yiyao shouted, then without thinking, she rushed to press Azure Dragon who was the closest to the grenade under her body ……

“Boom!” A huge explosion blew their ears, and it felt like the entire rainforest was trembling.

Two minutes later, everyone woke up from a brief coma, Azure Dragon rolled over to see that Yiyao closed her eyes tightly, and her ears were bleeding.

“Captain, Captain.” Azure Dragon shouted anxiously, several awakened comrades all gathered around, “Captain!”

Yiyao was awake by Azure Dragon’s shaking, she opened her eyes dazedly to see several mud-covered faces opened and closed their mouths one after another, however, she could only hear booming sound.

It should be her eardrums were broken, Yiyao thought to herself, then opened her mouth to say, “I’m fine”, and passed out again.

“Captain!” Azure Dragon yelled and put her on his back and said, “Come on, let’s go to the shoal.”

She didn’t know how long she had slept, but when Yiyao woke up again, she was in a hospital and she couldn’t hear anything.

Azure Dragon came closer to her excitedly and said something, but Yiyao just couldn’t hear it.

Shit, am I a deaf from now on? She thought to herself.

As soon as Azure Dragon spoke, a bunch of men swarmed in from outside, all of them were her comrades, including Zhuque and Xuanwu, all of them were talking and chattering. Yiyao was in a daze, she suddenly felt that it’s better if she’s deaf. Noisy.

Azure Dragon took out his cell phone and typed a few words, then held his phone in front of her eyes. Yiyao glanced at it and it said, “The doctor said you just can’t hear for a while, you will be fine in a few days.”

Yiyao nodded her head to indicate that she knew.

Azure Dragon wrote a few more words for her to read, “Captain, are you feeling well?”

Yiyao nodded her head.

When Azure Dragon saw her tiring face, he waved at brothers and said, “Okay, okay, go out, Captain wants to rest.”

The ward was empty again, only leaving Azure Dragon alone.

Yiyao turned her head and looked out the window, there was a cherry tree outside, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom at this time, it was very beautiful.

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